Rich Homie Quan Creating New ATL Dance Craze?

Young Thugger’s husband, Rich Homie Quan, was showing off what he hopes is the newest dance craze out of Atlanta, at a Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association weekend party.

Let’s Go!



  2. My HSK Family,

    Sorry but I’m having one of those moments again. Seriously, I need for you all to explain to me what in the world is a “Rich Homie Queen” & was that it doing that queer looking dance to that awful sounding music blaring on that horrible sound equipment?

    The clip was real quick but I didn’t see ONE woman ANYWHERE except here > (*_*) <

    And, another damn thing…
    WTH does the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association have to do with this wretchedness? I don't get it…for real ! 0_o (I'm about to get my Riley voice ready)

    • You think that’s gay!?!?!? Watch this one here. I conflicted here because the dude reall got creative and put time an energy into this mess, nobody can steal or take credit for this………..BUT the shit is just too damn gay. I give the cat a E for effort!!! Fuck it I will give him the F and the G too. F and = f*cking Gay,…..enjoy…lol

      • EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

        I’m about to check this link out but…

        Seriously, thank YOU for “not being run off by the stupidty that takes place here now.” One of your comments made me feel a bit sad as you sounded as if you weren’t returning. We all “lay low” at times since REAL LIFE takes priority but…”Baby, don’t leave us. You all we got!” (In my Fred G. Sanford voice!!!)

        “A very wise friend of yours & mine reminded to STOP engaging in the vile stupidity & jealousy of others.” We know what our conversation levels are & we should bypass the rest.

        Thought you should know…

        • Yeah women to you bitch.. You engage in girl time with your other sista girls you don’t feel the least bitch made at this moment ??? F

      • Thanks Ms. Reg for the kind words and connection. There are some really good people here at HSK and that is what matters. Knowing how things in the word works is part of the battle of life. I know that where there is good, there is bad and This place is no different. We need the bad that happens around here, it’s needed because it helps the others that respect eachother to actually appreciate eachother more. I already know that there will be people doing race baiting and laughing behind the computer screen, I knew there will be crazy people, actual crazy people posting….lol. But taking my own advice, I have to remind myself that I can’t control nobody except myself, not that I’m trying to but it just reminds me that sometimes, it is what its is. The idiots actually make it fun, they provide a lot of laughs, so I will Be around as usual….Thanks again Ms reg.

        • Go try on a skirt cuz the last one got pulled … You and that attention white run to Hsk to whine like lil bitches … And don’t go getting all estrogenize either faggot . I kinda respect real
          Men not gossiping homo men who brag of having higher intellectual convo on a blog of no more than 10 actual posters ! The rest is the bitch with 80 handles !

        • EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

          That’s good to hear! Even on this you brought a “different perspective” I totally missed.

          Now, as for that ^^THAT fool in the video^^
          I just can’t comment. I’m STILL not over the pants!

        • Why are you trying to drag Eddie into it? You got called out for posting stale and Googled tea. Stop deflecting it off on other people. I have nothing but admiration for Eddie.(never seen him embellish a story). I’m not a troll just an observer, you had to know people would see through the facade.

  3. this is the very same reason why we need black men in the black community, because of shit like this
    black women is partly your fault (yes is true) black women are a deliberately pushing black men away
    because of child support payment.

    but then again there are some men who are gay and they have both parents in the home. so maybe it’s not just
    a single mothers thing.

    look at that pastor from thicker than water, both of his son’s are gay but their married to women!
    can’t get ever fruitier than that

    • Ooohh…I peeped the shade u threw in the last paragraph…Lmao…I said the same thing abt his two sons…they are def on the DL…

  4. Dam,
    Not trying to sound like a homophobic but this dance look very awkward and very feminine
    But u know some of these kneegrows in Atlanta is going to eat this dance up alive

  5. Why do have on those stretch pants? And their falling off him and he has a belt around his waist? That looks so stupid! And this dance he’s doing isn’t new and it only has one step its not even a whole routine, stop it, stop it, those pants looks stupid

  6. This generation of folk are complete ly lost. Our community is having a serious identity crisis. Such sadness and ignorance that lies within.

  7. LOL he is stupid just like his outfit and even more so than this stupid dance ICK!

  8. I guess they trynna destroy the black community by imposing the Gay Gansta style infiltration. smh Oh man I miss the 90s. Gay Thugs coming out trynna destroy your kids with these Gay life styles, wearing their pants in the open, dancing like fags etc…

  9. I dont know if he’s bi or full fledged gay but he definitely is not straight doing that prissy sissy walk/dance

  10. I guess I’m old but me and my homies never showed our underwear when we sagged. It wasn’t so serious are drawers are showing, and that was a sissy looking dance, I’m just saying.

  11. It look more like a Jamaican dance to me but the pants makes it Awfully gay to me.. Rich homie Quan needs to stay away from young thug and Birdman

  12. What the f*ck was the faggot ass shit. Dis nigga needs to be eliminated and if I see any body I know doing this, I shall go all in no filter.

  13. any man who lets another man call him husband is gay anyway.

    rich homie queen and gay thug and the rest of the gay atl rappers like miss future.

    jeezy’s bisexual ass since him and Gucci secretly lust for each other.

    all these dudes making 50 songs dissing each other for years swearing they gonna woop their asses and when I see you nigger I’m blasting.

    yeah you blasting alright straight in the bedroom.

    all these diss songs are undercover dl homosexual hints.

    ask 50 and game they still dissing each other and nobody even cares take it to the bedroom.

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