Marshawn Lynch Beleives In NFL Superbowl MVP Conspiracy


Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, revealed in an interview why he thinks he didn’t get the ball at the one yard line during this years Super Bowl. Know why? Because, Lynch said that, the NFL didn’t want him to be the MVP of the Super Bowl.

Here’s what Marshawn Lynch said:

“To be honest with you, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I was expecting the ball. Yes, I was expecting the ball. But in life, these things happen. Like I told a reporter after the game, it’s a team sport,” he said in the interview.

I had no problem with the decision of the play calling. I mean, you know, I think it was more of a … how do I say this? When you look at me, and you let me run that ball in, I am the face of the nation. You know, MVP of the Super Bowl, that’s pretty much the face of the nation at that point of time.

I don’t know what went into that call. I mean, maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t get the ball. I mean, you know, it cost us the Super Bowl. I mean, I have full … I have full confidence in my teammates to execute that plan because we’ve done it so many more times. But would I love to had the ball in? Yes, I would have. But the game is over, and I am in Turkey.”


  1. Yes Marshawn,the game was fixed to the tee. They didnt want a hood negro as MVP and when those reporters ask you a question…..wellllllll, you know how he does it!

    • You are so correct. Everyone can see that the game was fixed. I dont either bother to watch sports anymore because I know it is a racket.

    • That was the worse play in NFL history. Marshawn is so right they didnt want him to be MVP and they dont want to pay you. We all know Pete Carroll is a company boy thats why he left USC. He knew everything that was going on with Reggie Bush. Shiesty NFL oh well Coach Carroll will go down in history for the biggest scammer with the worst Super Bowl play in history.

      • Makes me wonder if someone has an off shore account that grew very fat at the end of the SuperBowl. I’ve been a fan of the game for a very long time. I know how boneheaded plays can happen but this one here was not a boneheaded play. It was a strategy already configured and if Lynch’s was not to score and be the hero. Simple as that. A savvy coach like Carroll does not let this happen and he gifted that game away.

        • To re-phrase

          It was a strategy already configured that Lynch was not to score and be the hero of their showpiece.

        • Did it ever occur to you that there were 100 ways far more slick and easily hidden to throw the game if that was the true goal of Carrol? The very nature of his last second call should be proof in itself that it was just a bone headed mistake. If losing was the mission, then there would have been small, less obvious mistakes made incrementally during the game.
          Now if you believe that Carrol wanted to win the biggest, most important game in the world of sports, but when he realized that it would propel Lynch into the position of game saving hero he said “oh hell naw”, no amount of reason will change your mind. That’s beyond idiotic.

  2. I hope Im around to see the day when my people are restored back to our rightful place on this planet…I am soo tierd of these people messing with us…enough is enough

      • For real! I just don’t know where in the hell what went wrong with us. But if we don’t get ourselves together like right now, ain’t no telling what the YT will think of next.

    • All I’m gonna say is….Jacob have I loved. But Esau have I hated. Someone’s decendents are DETERMINED that they level the playing field over that usurped birthright. They ain’t never going to stop because that shit is written, ok. Those of yall that know what it is,
      know what im talking about. I’m worn out over those people f*cking with us. Most don’t even realize the spiritual battle behind racism. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about . I’m waiting on that new planet too cause this one is about to be a wrap.

      • I am convinced there is a planet for every soul on Earth. Given there are quadrillion of stars in our galaxy and billions of galaxies, we should all each get our own planet.

        • i thank this would be the smartest thing for all exitance … than every one could be free to enjoy themself and there own world forever … peace for all … i am trying to get there so bad ,,, i am getting my own planet one way or another …

        • Blue Sky You sound like good Mormon material because that is what they believe as well.

  3. There are a lot of Lucious Lyons at the top of major businesses. Its nothing why do you believe that a thing such as a “confession booth” was created–go in confess your sin and it’s forgiven. The process allows for unforgivable behavior to be forgiven by GOD–really. White people have religiously given themselves a pass: lying, cheating, killing, abusing, stealing–all forgiven by GOD for confessing your sins in a booth to a man named a priest.

  4. We been knowing they set those games, sports ain’t what it used to be, all of its set for who they want to win, we know already

  5. Um….why they chose that pictures of him? Like trying to make him look crazy before you even read the story. Not fair. What he says actually makes a lot of sense. Where is NBA is fixed? I k ow some of yall on here have insight. I await your comments because I don’t think the young man is off. He’s making a pittance sense and if not biting the hand that feeds him , he seems to be politely criticising.

  6. It wasn’t just the superbowl the was fixed, the playoffs were fixed too. And then the NFL tried to get people interested in that weak superbowl with some deflated balls conspiracy they weren’t going to do anything about. I still love my Steelers but I refuse to support the NFL.

    • I am a big steelers fan to but I dont care for the nfl amymore. Have you noticed say cheese that people didn’t even bother to get excited about the superbowl this year. It was dull and boring. no excitement.

      • @Tracy
        No one was excited for the superbowl or the halftime show but somehow the numbers show that it was one of the most watched in years. It was all lies and number manipulation. How dumb do they think we are?

        @TonyStark Loving a team and supporting the NFL are two different things for me. I don’t purchase NFL merchandise, I no longer watch football, and I will not pay to attend any games. My issue is not with j-s though, I feel there is too much marketing in sports and not enough substance. Just like everything else in entertainment.

        • Some teams get tremendous preferential treatment such as the Patriots. You can’t punish your boss who employs you. It’s a cesspool of muck.

    • Loving your Steelers is supporting the NFL. Most major sports teams are owned by Jhews. Jhews are trying to rule the world directly when people know it. As of now, they have to play the back or else people will get angry at the fact that they are cause of most people’s miseries. They fix sports like they fix politics, the news, racism, loan rates, the cost of living, etc.

      As long as people get paid millions to live well above the masses and in a SIMILAR (not where near the same!) live style as their Jhew masters, they will do whatever is asked – including throwing games, because they still get paid. They throw one game here (Spurs/Heat), then get rewarded next time (Spurs/Heat). It IS a game you know!

      • The Spurs / Heat was the strangest series yet. Sometimes it feels like the players are in on it.

        • That’s right. You cannot tell me that Ginobili was not on the take when the Spurs lost that first one. When the Spurs won the last one, they dominated the Heat to an unreal level. Now, the NBA seemed to help the Cavs get as many players as possible to help James win a title, and to help Gilbert (Jhew) out for having lost his boy before. Why would the KNicks and other teams give up key guys to help the Cavs?

    • Cheese I have one question for ya: do you have your own terrible towel??? hehehe

  7. All Sports are fixed. All politics are fixed. Once you stop participating in the great game you are free.

  8. People who think that all sports are fixed also believe that life is fixed to work against them.
    Marshawn Lynch isn’t wasn’t and would never be the face of the NFL. He isn’t even the face of the Seahawks. Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are the faces of the Seahawks.
    Lynch and his PR team have worked the whole season to get him in a position to become a recognized face in the league, and it worked. He has a copyright on his buzz phrase and he is doing commercials and ads for the first time. But face of the league? Since when has a RB ever been the face of the league?
    He would have never made this statement to the media in the US. I’m sure he didn’t think that it would ever be heard here. It was ill thought out, and it won’t help his campaign to become a recognizable face among many.

    • All major sports are fixed and/or manipulated. The reason is simple…Money, Power, Control over the viewing public.. If you don’t understand just go stick your head back in the sand. Marshawn can easily be the face of that entire franchise. He is an explosive superbly talented athlete who is well aware of the “game”. He does not want to comply therefore he does not get the ball. Wilson will comply and Sherman falls for the ego trap which helps hypnotize viewers into watching the NFL.

      • that still did not answer my question so is he lying or not? judging by your statement he is telling the truth then. LOL STUPID MF.

    • Those players for the Seahawks are still bothered by the call made by Carroll. He is a smart coach who has been at it forever. You don’t make a mistake like that and they all know it. It was the moment of truth and something happened that the Championship was handed to the Patriots. Lynch knows it and he is not playing the game. The man has issues talking to the press and something is wrong there. This oddity is now water under the bridge. Something stinks in Denmark.

      • His “issue” of not wanting to talk to the press was a creation of his agent and PR team. Isn’t it interesting that the one player at the Super Bowl who did not want to talk to the media became the one player every member of the media wanted to talk to? That was orchestrated and played like a Brahms concerto.

  9. Why do the football players That look so stupid on this page? Lynch got paid back for the dumb stunt he pulled at the Super Bowl press conference, He was dumb negro personified. If you act retarded thats how they treat you

    • He just does not want to participate in this theater call the NFL. He just wants to play sports and help his charity but he’s quickly realizing it’s all just theater. Everyone plays their part. Just ask the referees.


  10. when are people gonna understand these athlete’s are duping their fans!
    people are spending their hard earned money on these fake games. while athletes are getting paid
    big money to lose or win

    just like the Oscar’s, the Grammy MTV Awards the list goes on…….

    • Miss Baylis most will be shocked to learn and understand that most of their lives have been created through predictive programming.

      Just watch the Truman Show…Everything you need to know is there. Even clues are dropped as to who is controlling this matrix. It’s off planet…Cue the Twilight Zone creepy music.

  11. The NBA is fixed and so is the NFL. The NFL hates when black athletes are defiant towards their rules and regulations. If you don’t believe me, ask Jim Brown!

    • Yes, and I have so much sympathy for the poor victimized “slaves” who are plucked from the ghetto and installed in that “plantation.” They are forced to live in grand homes, fly private jet, stay in 5 star hotels, date the most beautiful and desired women and then the worst insult is when they move their mamas out of said ghetto and into nice neighborhood homes.
      Slavery is alive and evil!! GD the NFL abusing these poor men. If it wasn’t for football most of them would be climbing the corporate ladder at Apple or Microsoft right??? smh

  12. Fact: The NFL makes $10 billion dollars a year, yet they enjoy tax exempt status from the IRS. In other words, the NFL doesn’t pay taxes.

    Fact: The NFL does not pay property taxes on the footall stadiums.

    • That’s complete bullshit. The National Football League Office is tax exempt. The individual franchises pay Federal income tax the same as every other for profit corporation in the US.

      You diminish your credibility by posting half truths like this. Look, the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball are businesses. Their sole purpose is to make money. Sports are no different than Walmart, DuPont and Apple. They make profit driven choices and decisions which benefit the owners.
      If you do not approve, don’t watch. It’s just that simple. But the suggestion that the Seahawks threw the Super Bowl so that a black man would not be the hero is so inane and paranoid it isn’t worth discussing. For God’s sake, most of the “heroes” in the league ARE black. The exception to that being a handful of white QBs.
      Seriously y’all, use your brains.

      • It’s obvious Seahawks threw that game. You are on the 1 yard line with the most prolific running back in the league and you think PASS???? Keep in mind Pete Carrol is a smart coach. Please stick your head back in the sand.

      • I believe they made the wrong decision in passing because they thought Wilson was going to pull another one off. They didnt want Lynch to shine. Because clearly the Packers gave Seattle that game with that b.s Mccarthy was calling.

        • This is not multiple choice. They had an answer for the equation but chose all the above. They just threw the game. Some are so dependent on the slave matrix that they will fight tooth and nail to defend it.


  13. Fact: Eight football players from the 1994 San Diego Chargers are dead, including Junior Seau.

    • OOOOOOOH….The SD Chargers are secretly sacrificing their players for a Super Bowl trophy!! Alert the media!!

    • But the manners of death were so totally random. Had they all died of cancer, or ODed on drugs or even suffered brain injuries, that would be different.
      How can anyone draw an inference of anything nefarious when the deaths ranged from an airplane crash to a lightning strike, to a heart attack, to suicide???
      Even a lunatic paranoid schizophrenic would call this an unfortunate coincidence of timing.
      Or do you think that those big old scary boogie men in the Illuminati crashed a full DC9 loaded with passengers into the Everglades in order to kill one generic unheralded player?? Wouldn’t a more traditional mob hit spray of cyanide to the face have been a bit more prudent and economical?? lol And while I realize that TPTB are powerful, how did they convince God to unleash that bolt of lightning at just the right moment and geographical locale??
      T H I N K

      • You do know lightning can be created right! Actually all weather conditions can be created. Ive seen tornadoes lightning rainstorms created by man

  14. Fact: The average NFL salary is less than $1 million dollars.

    Fact: Paul Allen owns the Seattle Seahawks. He is worth $17 Billion dollars.

    • Fact: the average software engineer at Microsoft makes $300K per year.

      Fact: Bill Gates is worth 78 billion.

      What’s the difference?

  15. Just watched kids play football. No deals n the back rooms, no multimillion endorsement deals no ads. Love the game, turn off the big leagues. I have more fun watching non professional sports. People give thier all for the love of the game. Rewind the clock and get back to basics. Support your local team not the big leagues.

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