Ludacris & Eudoxie Expecting


Ludacris jumped on Instagram to announce that his wife, Eudoxie Agnan, is pregnant with the couples first child, the second child for Luda.


  1. Actually it is number three for Luda! I guess it suited her well to get knocked up too since the break baby gets more attention. This wont stop him from cheating or having a leash on him. Whatever!

    • Another dumb country n8ggah transferring his wealth and legacy out of the american black community. while our american beautiful black queens are lucky to get a rented car or a darn knock off purse from african black b8stards. this is what our american ancestors died for. so other’s can live and our community perish. what a damn fool

      • This site may be owned by a black man, but the comments are being written by white folk. Because it does not take a genius to know Ludacris’s wife is black. She is from the real motherland Africa! Girl plz

        • anon do you come here a lot?

          you ought to know that a certain element here do not look kindly on Africans

          • Well, she is a black women no matter how you may wrap her.Unfortunately, we can not please everyone, it just take too much unnecessary energy, in other words ” I gotta pee.”

  2. This is NO surprise. She FINALLY got him to legally marry her. Now she has to secure her future not to mention…show up other children’s mothers.

    Good for them. At least she’s a wife now. She was wise enough not to end up as “One of Ludacris’ Baby’s Mama’s” like…let’s say Lauren London did when she dropped a Lil Wayne baby. She in the “Baby Mama Line-up” with HOW MANY now?

    May they be blessed with a peaceful, happy pregnancy & a healthy beautiful baby!

      • Then again it would have been five if Karrine wouldn’t had that abortion two and a half years ago. And she was actually was pregnant by him when she was married to that Jamaican dude. It was on YouTube and I think she was six weeks pregnant at the time.

    • Well Exlax, or whatever her face is, has paid her dues, right. She has been with him a long time, I’m sure she always did want to be his wife. That’s why she put up with the cheating. Anyway there is such a bias against black women right now that when one of us gets married Im all for it. The media is now mostly pushing us as playthings for affluent white men which I find really f*cking offensive so the more intact black couples in the public eye, the.better.

      • Well damn 5:43! Done gave the Chile a new name! ExLax! Lmao! U just as bad as Cookie Lyon on Empire! Lmao! I had to stop rearranging my laundry detergent stockpile before a jug of Gain would have fell on my head just because I was laughing at how U done gave that girl a whole another name! Lmao!

  3. The photoshopping of the image is a bit much…making it appear regal like. Whatever the case good luck with that!

  4. ludacris nobody cares about your pregnant wife. it just proves he got married because his wife’s pregnant (how old fashion)

    many celebs get pregnant for a business idea, who knows he might be making some baby clothes! or coming out with some new milk for babies.

  5. Trust me, if you. Had a chance to suck Eudoxie’s titties, you would give her a baby too! That’s a bad ass sista!

  6. This nigga dodged one bullet by winning his custody case now he’s about to be hit by another in the near future with this abominable Eudoxie The Urine drinking Hamite.

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