Brownstone Singer Charmayne Maxwell Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances


Brownstone Singer Charmayne Maxwell Dead

Charmayne Maxwell, from the ’90s group Brownstone, died Friday night after falling and cutting her neck on glass.

Maxwell’s husband, music producer, Carsten Soulshock, reportedly came home and found his wife unconscious and bleeding.

Here’s what Charmayne Maxwell’s brother Brandon said:

“R.I.P my beautiful sister Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell ?????? I can’t even believe I’m typing this right now.. Bad things happened to the most innocent people. My sister died in the most terrible way and I’m in so much pain right now. I can’t stop shaking … I’d love to be with my nephew Nicolaj right now.. ???? I feel bad that he has to deal with the loss of his mother at such a young age.”


  1. I’m happy HSK posted it today instead of holding it for tomorrow morning.

    Undoubtedly there will be “more said & all sorts of theories” but it boils down to being a very sad situation nonetheless.

    Blessings to the family & friends she left behind & to all those who she touched through her music.

  2. Unless the media has more details then this story makes no sense.Other news outlets are saying she accidently fell and cut her neck .It still does not sound right .

    • Oh and also that is a strange comment she made on June 19,2013 on her Twitter page.There is a picture of her looking like she was crying and showing only one EYE.She made a comment about”after she watched RNB divas she wanted to crawl in a hole and die”.Now remember her former group singer was Nikki Gilbert from Brownstone .Check out her twitter i found that comment wierd and now this strange situation of her dying…may she RIP.

      • Nikki Gilbert was a cast member on RNB Divas what did Charmayne see to make her so upset to make such a comment ?It may have nothing to do with anything but things seem to happen in a strange order.

  3. She was beautiful. This is sad. RIP.
    The brothers comment is ambiguous. He would love to be with his nephew…but he poses it as a question. Very strange. It’s like he’s trying to say something without coming right out with it. Also, unless he does so in another tweet, he doesn’t even mention his brother in law.
    So far the only thing I have heard is that the husband is white, a music producer and not suspected of foul play at this point in time. In fact early reports seem to paint her as suicidal, but that could be media spin. Saying she wants to crawl in a hole and die could.indicate embarrasment over her portrayal on that reality show.I’m sure more details will surface. I’m glad Hsk writers decided to write up on this.

    • Thank you for explaining what she may have meant about crawling in a hole and wanting to die .That comment makes sense I just read Brownstone made a appearance on RNB diva and did not perform well.

  4. so she cut herself really? man why do everytime these celebs die it’s always suciude or overdose now don’t get me wrong these people do drugs to the max. this may be true but i’m not too sure about this story maybe she was a blood sacrifce offering for her husband or other members of the group who knows? i don’t trust media when comes wealthy people dying they say one thing but the autopsy says other.

  5. Oh man. I loved Brownstone, RIP Charmayne.
    NOW is the time to pull out the tin foil hats because this death is suspicious as hell.

  6. How in the hell she trip and cut her neck with a wine glass? Somebody explained that one to me!

  7. When I heard how she died I was skeptical. What are the odds of slipping and the shards from that wine glass hitting the exact artery in order to cause enough blood loss to kill her? Just doesn’t seem plausible. I need more people.

    • And get this, the wounds are on the BACK of her neck and NOT the front. So how you gonna slip and the wine glass manages to cut you from behind.

      Not only that, on discovering the horrific scene, the husband drives her to the hospital HIMSELF!!!???

      No nothing suspicious here…move along!

      • The hell! Its impossible to stab yourself in the back of your neck unless somebody is ther doing it.

        • I hear you my dear. And that’s not once but TWICE. The info is ‘TWO fatal puncture wounds at the back of her neck’ and that’s a quote.

          Sounding like dead prez Kennedys magic bullet is doing an encore!

          But child don’t let me say anything more because I know how people on here are like,’ not everything is suspicious, people die errday’. ‘People get stabbed in the back of the head twice when they fall down on wine glasses errday’

          Please remind me to stay away from innocuous household items. That’s tubs and wine glasses. (*side eyes the refrigerator)

  8. I don’t know if she was a sacrifice or not, but trust & believe this shit sounds very much suspect. I agree 100% w/ R NYC. You said that shit right on point.

  9. ooh ninja please..theres sth fishy down there. and IF her husband was black and not wealthy (hes a record producer), wouldnt police be investigating some kind of faul play?? im just sain’…how often u fall on a glass and cut your neck right away?

    • Uh-hum{clears throat} no, not if the husband were black would they investigate.. If the woman were white they would definitely look deeper into this.. It would be a CSI situation.


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