Former NFL Star Hugh Douglas Mistress Is Taking Him To The Cleaners

Hugh Douglas Mistress

Former ESPN host and NFL great, Hugh Douglas, is currently being sued by his ex-mistress, Hope Davilia. Know why? Because, Douglas assaulted Davilia numerous times, including one incident at a Connecticut hotel last year when he picked up Davilia, by her neck and slammed her head into the hotel wall several times.

Here’s what Douglas said:

“She routinely invaded my privacy by examining my telephone and other electronic devices in an effort to learn of any other relationships I had with women.”

Here’s what reported:

“Davilia explains that Douglas has refused to hand over documents during the discovery phase of the legal battle. She demanded he turn over all communications he had with another person regarding the hotel incident, all names of people who have accused him of assault or battery, tax returns for the years 2011 – present and all documentspertaining to his termination from ESPN in 2013 — and she says this is a violation of the courts order to exchange discovery.

Davilia states that Douglas is also refusing to sit down for a deposition and cancelled one scheduled earlier this month. She is demanding he be sanctioned by the court and ordered to hand over the docs she requested.”


  1. What in the he’ll is wrong with these folks? Men doing the dumbest shit and the women going about getting proof. Hell if this man pick me up by the neck and slammed me into the wall, the first thing Imma do is call the police. What she is doing is so backwards till it’s pitiful!

    • Is the money and all the perks that come with it really worth it? Many amongst us continually push the notion that sports is a positive for us. Honestly Sis, my eyes deceive me. Everytime I turn on the TVs some dumb dumb is being accused of laying hands on a woman, rape, murder, drugs, alcohol, etc. Athletics has afforded these brothas money and a bridge to the other side, but the mindset hasn’t changed all that much. Respect is something I have no more to give…Tapped Out!

      • Good sir you can not blame atheletics. Unfortunately the pursuit of winning knows no costs. If you take a talented person with questionable life management skills, which most adolescents are, then give them their way from middle school to high school through college and if gifted enough even into the pros. Those life management skills have never been and most likely will not be addressed because these coaches and officials coddle these young men and grown men. Don’t misunderstand what i am saying these me screw up alot, but alot of them were screwing up all along even before sports, and only because they were or are good atheletes they have gotten a pass. We now live in a highly accessible tech society word travels fast secrets are a thing of the past and everyone carries a recording device now. So things atheletes have gotten away with earlier in history are now put out there. Everyone wants to be famous so everyone is talking.

  2. She is sure coming late to the game realizing there is money to be made. Were they married? Why is she demanding personal records. He sounds like another dumbass that never learned to avoid trash.

  3. hope is white so she will get shyt loads of cash!!

    you black men need to be careful white women are sneaky and cunning when it comes to money
    a black women probably would do the same thing but she won’t get sympathy as much as the white women will get

  4. Another dummy. When someone picks you up by the neck they are telling you that they don’t want to be with you

  5. I recently watched season 4 of the Boondocks so forgive my post. Thank you in wdvance for you understanding and not judging me

    ****Uncle Ruckus voice**** Oh you niggahs gon learn to stop puttin your monkey paws on them purty white womens. She couldn’t have wanted your gorilla lookin ass in da furse place. You lucky she didn’t file kidnapping charges cause there is no way this perfect specimen of a woman willingly went nowhere with you other than a shopping mall to spend yo money. You need to go to jail for just thinking about putting you twisted penis inside her pretty pink mounds of flesh. You monkeys ain’t never gon get away with puttin your hands on an American queen, if you don’t go to jail immediately, they gon take your money furse then send you black ass to jail, Just ask OJ. OJ stands for “oughta just” as in. I oughta just looked at this bitch a kept walking. Or I oughta just stayed home with my wife or I oughta just learned from OJ……..period.

      • Never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. It’s been going on since Jack Johnson. Gotta forget about em. I think they are programmed to keep that green white

  6. On the real, he might need help. He got fired from ESPN for trying to choke Michel C Smith.

  7. yup she a wyite one..stick a fork in this negro, he done! After going menace 2 society on Michael Smith, he shoulda known that coon was gon run and tell masa what u did. Majority of uncle toms of the black community are lightskinned, sorry but darkies are some sellouts too but i think we stick together more. too bad so sad u know u done hammed up snowflake u never work in jhew world again…better open up a rib shack negro

      • For once, I totally agree with you. And the most conscious brothas, ie Huey, are extremely light.

    • ^^^^^^That right there is a problem on so many levels. There are sell outs in every shade.

    • Yeah, Michael Smith is looking more and more like a punk to me. He argues a little to hard with that sister he is on that show with. Dont need to see sisters and brothers at eachother throat like that. More Willie Lynch ish. His feelings stay hurt tho….lol

  8. What kills me is that she is searching through his things looking for other women and she’s the side chick. Also..if she was beaten like that..most women would either leave running and never look back..or call the police charge him and never look back. If she was getting beat multiple times over a long period of time..why all of sudden sue him now. Clearly this is all about money.

  9. She should’nt be even be aload to sue..she is making a mockery of women who are truely abused.

  10. As you know, there is a federal task force surveilling all rappers (Hip hop Police). Guess what, any black person with millions of dollars is being watched by local and federal law enforcement. The justice system is going to make sure they financially break Hugh Douglass. This man has already been fired from ESPN, now the courts will further destroy this mans lifestyle. This is information that all rich black Americans need to know.

    • My father has been saying this exact thing since mid 90’s!

  11. Hey can anyone tell me when does Boondocks air on tv
    and the station? Based on the comments I am now interested in checking it out.

  12. This is all his fault. Cry me a river you’re married and the woman you stepped out of your married for is giving you problems. How do you avoid this??? Stay with your damn wife!!!

  13. I heard the interview and Byron sounds angry and very determined. I completely agree.I think it’s a shame to have to pay so much for cable then not have decent channels that represent..encourage or enlighten black people. I’m not suIreland if winning this will make such a huge difference regarding what actual positive content the black consumer will receive cause we all know that the agenda is in full effect even with our own kind but the fight will be intresting..I’m hoping for the best!

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