L.A Reid Getting Death Threats For Leaving Bobby Shmurda Locked Up


Brooklyn journalist, Andrew Jerell Jones, hopped on twitter to slam Epic Records CEO, L.A. Reid, for failing to secure rapper Bobby Shmurda’s bond, to get out of jail.

Here’s what Andrew Jerell Jones put down:

“Thank you@LA_Reid for being a slime & leading your @EpicRecords in screwing over a kid not even 21 @BobbyShmurdaGS9. Real Proud moment 4 U.”


Here’s what’s reported:

“There’s a video circulating on social media that features an unknown rapper threatening to kill L.A. Reid.”


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  1. it all boils down to race and class

    if Bobby was rich white boy L.A Reid would of released Him from jail. but because Bobby is ghetto black boy L.A don’t give a f*ck!

    • It’s Bobby’s job to get himself out of jail. Cats are a dime a dozen who want to sign up with labels. It’s called being grown and handling your business. LA Reid is not Bobby’s daddy, he’s his boss.

      Ask your boss if he’d bail you out of jail. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

      • @Artistgirl

        listen honey don’t start shit here ok! Bobby is under L.A Reid’s care!!
        Bobby wrote the song while he was signed to L.A Reid’s record label. which means L.A Reid should pay!!!

        • L.A. Reid ain’t no mob boss. He runnin a business. This ain’t the wire where Monk tells Marlo ‘Yo Chris just got locked up by the popo’ and Marlo says ‘yeah call the bondsman’. Bobby SchMURDA was signed to sing rap and dance. Not to commit SHCMURDERS. Would Reid bail him out if he was white? Goddamn right cuz he a sell out! Thats why dumb a*s negroes should b even more careful

          • the only reason he signed that jamican trinidad n8ggah shmurda is because he is a sell out. he should have signed a civilized blk american rapper instead of this uncivilized shmurda who doesn’t understand how american business operate

            • bobby a Trini Jamaican?? oh that’s why!! Them people are just too damm savage to act in normal society. they come here going crazy acting like they never seen electricity real food clean water in their lives

            • Biggie was the best of all times and he was jamaican. The guy who invented hip hop…Kool Herc is jamaican. FOH!

            • I agree with you on the artist not understanding business. You can’t make music and the company money behind bars. Artist are more concerned with the process of making music (recording) than they are learning about the business of music. They also do not understand the concept of they are a commodity, you are only as good as what you give and you have to best that, that you gave when doing your next project. Business is not about directly giving a f*ck about a person personal situations to the tune of two million dollars if the odds are aganist being able to recoup that money because of the fact of not knowing if an artist will be freed from jail or weather they will have to spend time in jail for the charges they are facing? I am not defending L.A. Reid I don’t admire his business logic because of the fact knowing he did screw his artist sexually and in business pertaining to their intellectual rights of their works (music).

        • No it doesn’t and that boy is over the age of 18 which makes him an adult and responsible for himself. And not only that has he even made 2 million for the label? Black people need to stop looking for a hand outs and hand ups and take care of themselves. This lil dirty ass nigga right were he belongs in JAIL.

          • Who looking for a handout? I get tired of people saying that shit! This Bobbi situation why are you putting black people in the equation?

      • Absolutlely, LA REID is the Corporate Boss. Not Big Willy Big Bucks.
        This is another case of these fools not understanding the RECORD BUSINESS.

        You wrote a song, with a shelf life. When you do crazy shit. You are a LIABILITY.
        You are supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL.

        Your Boyz need to be passing The Hat, so. THEY can bet you out.
        Threatening the Record Label, is a sure was to get your ass, CUT OFF, and CONTRACT VOIDED.

        LA REID aint your Daddy, when have you ever heard of him, being anything other than a CORPORATE BOSS.
        he is not running a Day Care Center — these are GROWN FOLKS.

    • Gosh you really think this has to do with race. Okay I will spin it this way – this young thug who just got signed to a deal committed a crime and got caught for it. Why would a High Powered Executive send him a life boat again? He just signed the kid which I’m certain accompanied a sign on bonus and yet the Executive who is not related to this young thug is supposed to save him for himself? I guess some black folks will always think like a regressed negro. I’m not even going to waste my time mentioning other non-black ppl who are arrested and do jail time.

      • I asked the founder of our company if he’d bail me out of jail. THIS was his exact response:

        “You slap the terror out of one of the wise-mouthed executives who insults your very being (we have a few of those)…I’ll bail you out on that assult charge & have our lawyers handle it. You get caught running drugs &/or guns, you don’t bother to call me. There is NO excuse you could give me & I would have absolutely NO sympathy in my heart for you.”

        This came from a man who could buy & sale LA Reid a million times & still have millions leftover. Mr. Reid gets a pass on this one in my book.

    • Exactly! Boy oh boy theses topics are off the chain! If Bobby wouldn’t done what he had did, he wouldn’t be in jail as we speak.

      • SAY it TWICE…where is your responsibility for yourself.

        This is a clear indication of this mentality, you want grown up toys and money, but you want Momma to come save you when you do wrong.. MAN UP!

        The reason why your bail is $2 million is so you don’t get out.

    • I say Bobby should stay in jail, since he seems to think that it is okay to shoot and kill another Black man! People are tired of this dum shit!

      • Bobby is corporate investment that made epic money over the span he was signed, in a sense reviving epic. Not saying epic should post the 2mil but show some concern for an investment. If booby is freed, they’ll want they’re employee back to work Tho. And the court system is big business, why is this young man bail 2 mil? Because he a rapper? Celebrity? Or black? He is by far not the worse criminal of all time and comes from a poverty stricken neighbor so why 2mil? If he’s charged off “conspiracy” of crimes committed before the fame. Somethings aren’t adding up!

      • Bobby also doesn’t think its cool to kill other black men he thinks it’s cool to kill period, meaning any ethnthicity that oppose him. So happens in live in a black neighborhood, so you kill where you live period.

        • L.A Reid should of coughed up the money already!!
          if Bobby wasn’t signed to L.A Reid label no one would of known about those murders! therefore L.A should pay!!

          is like working for a company, one day you hurt your back at work doing some heavy lifting
          and you sprained your back it really hurts. the doctor tells you, you need to take some time off from work, and you need an operation but you can’t afford it.

          in theory your boss should cough up the money for your operation because you injured yourself in their company while doing your work.

          so therefore they should pay for your operation and time off from work

          • Uhmmmm
            Did ya say nobody would known if la didn’t sign him? Lol ..foh.plz ,,

          • Miss Baylis IS AN IDIOT!!!..shes the type to blame someone else for her own stupid actions…

            That boy is responsible for himself
            Not LA REID!!

            again ask your Boss to bail you out when you get locked up

            Dont worry well wait…….

    • You swerved right into the fundamental problem with so-called hip-hop. Black rappers dumbed down a beautiful spoken-word form of poetry for access to now defunct record stores and labels…Whites Only Water Fountains! Check It…Whites and other folk are the most voracious consumers of Hood life, yet, black youth are dying left and right trying to imitate genocidal lyrics they preach. F**k Bobby Shmurda and LA Reid, both are killing our people with the bulls**t lyrics and mindframe. He is right where he belongs…In a Cage! This fool is being held on serious charges, Murder being the worst of them all. Remember, they target the young ones for a reason???

  2. Its not LA’s Job to be releasing people out of Jail. You do the crime you pay the time. Fruck that, there are lots of people hungry and wanting a deal and opportunities every day, these Bobby whatever you call him is expandable. You know daaam well you get ain opportunity you don’t freak it up, smh When are these young black men gonna learn, crime doesnt pay. Get your life together and focus on your music, cause all that shiit will come back to hurt you one day. SMH

    • Would LA have signed him if he was a facade ? No! .. Don’t exploit him for being authentic and then leave him out to dry and then if freed welcome him back with open arms or strongarm him to make you more money and not let him out his contract. If bobby is freed LA should let him walk away from epic if he choose to right?

  3. Uh did LA Reid do the shooting and drug dealing. Lil Bobbi should’ve thought of that before he snitched on himself in his songs.

    • THANK YOU.

      These are some stupid ass folks. This is a BUSINESS… If you aint making no money, what do they need you for? of they pay $2 million to get you out. Why? Will they get back that $2 million? At .99 cents a download.. They dont see themselves getting their money back anytime soon.

      Everyone was all sucked into Cash Money Records til we see all the details coming out. Even Lil Wayne aint getting his money.

      Since you aint scared to go to jail. Enjoy your vacation

      • You are quite foolish, the record labels get paid off very well,the artist doesn’t see a dime. If the Artist can’t receive a dime of the money earned at least house them, clothes them, feed them, nd in bobby case free them. The label such as cash money brought in hundreds of millions cause of Wayne yet Wayne’s see no money, that’s not bad contracts just shady business. How is the artist using pocket money to fund all their projects, so what’s the labels for? The labels cornered the disturbition market that’s about it.

        • Just a Thought, you clearly dont know how the music business works.

          Lets start with a contract. To perform: sing or write songs , to be created by the artist and dissemenated, via marketing and distriibution systems.
          Such as record stores, itunes, online websites, and streaming.

          The comtract says they will market Nd sale the products you create.

          I have yet to see. Contract that says they will house and feed you! If they do that its part of tge money called ::RECUPERABLES

          that means, they will front you $250,000 but as soon as your record drops, you have to pay all that RECUPERABLE MONEY, and studio and marketing, producers and collabs and all expenses back FIRST. Then you make .15 on the dollar $$$

          So…once you payback all the stiff they loaned….then you make .15 on the dollar.

          You make your money touring..why do you think BEYONCE WAS ON THE ROAD for 2 years?

          AND Dropped her own album on iTunes….notthing to payback, she gets to pays all the expenses and keeps more of the profit.

          • Traci,

            Not all our HSK Family understand how the contractual side of the music industry operates.

            Thank you for sharing a semi accurate breakdown of the process.

    • Shakir committed suicide but LA REID could have been a part of the reason but no he didn’t knock him off.

  4. Ilovemakonnen murdered somebody and all he did was house arrest. Gucci Mane did the same thing as well. Oh and let’s not forget serial killer Suge.

    • Snoop killed and was acquitted. And I’m wondering did this happen because Bobbi did interview stating he was tired of touring, people telling him what to do, and he was ready to just go home. Well he’s home now!

      • Lol, I know I shouldnt laugh but that was funny
        “he is home now”, lol, smh at myself 4 finding that funny 🙁

  5. The only problem I see with race is this picture. All those young thungs muggin’ like they got a shotgun. You know they think they aimin’ for another black person.

    Cuz they azz would never even think about doin’ it to someone else, like let’s say….the KKK.

    They glorify violence, when you arrive at lockup, enjoy your stay!

    • He’s not glorifying his situation just painting a reality picture, as did the KKJ their a group of pussies whom creep up on outnumbers black people, they artillary is top notch because their a bunch of politics and authority figures but would they go head up again the crips and bloods I beg to differ.

      • BS. Its pure stupidity. We trash our neighborhoods, with violence and grafitti.. We murder each other. Indians, Asians don’t act like we do. We get treated like sh!t because of the way we act. And we wonder why no other race wants to live around us. The KKK is mo excuse for us to act ret@rded. We just don’t care about nothing. Its not up to the White man to save us

        • The Indians live tax free on reservations and open casinos, the Asians come to our neighborhood and monopolize OUR hair industry so they have no reason to rob and steal from each other when the government gives them the greenlight to steal from us. Not defending Bobbi ijs its f*cked up how they put drugs and guns in our communities then these black’celebrities’ glorify all this material so that our children feel they have to strip, steal and kill to get what they are exposed to daily.

  6. If you want to live and glorify thug life..you accept all that goes with that! You can take some people out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of them. Some of these artist can’t leave the street alone and when it finally catches up with them they want someone to bail them out.LA Reid is running a record business, and contrary to belief he could easily replace this dude with someone more talent and less drama.

  7. That’s why R/B cats should never deal with these rappers in that capacity. There mentality is gutter. LA Ried is to classy for that. He should not even be associated with that genre of music.

  8. I dont think I have heard this boys music and if its as awful as it being described…our people dont need to hear anymore of that crap anyway

  9. bobby broke the law not la.

    whats so special about bobby this cat has a few dance tunes nothing more he ain’t no legend.

    not la’s fault bobby wanna play mafia.

    but doubt bobby try to even attempt to kill la or anybody else.

    if somebodsy gonna kill la reid it wont be no 2 bit rapper who has one step in the where are they now line.

  10. EVERYBODY wanna be a gangsta

    Just like NFL and the NBA..20 or 30 people waiting to take your place.

  11. Andrew Jerrell Jones the Journalist gets on twitter to say shame on you to LA Reid
    Cause this kid is not even 21.

    When you hard headed, and dont want to listen to nobody. Just cause he is not 21, he signed a grown mans WORK contract. Not his Guardian, not his Parents.

    Grown up life, Grown up world. Grown up consequences.

  12. Unfortunately another young black male who did the stereotypical and can”t act right. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  13. This culture glories ignorance and criminal activity and ridicules intelligence. Its like its a bad thing to be decent in this culture

  14. Ok, when he get out if he get out..come work my job for 1 day. Son, making doe. Wouldn’t that be reason enough to stay outta trouble. He don’t need all those guns…F hire MF’s that can legally carry. POPO

  15. stupid ass fools on facebook posing with guns and flashing all kinds of money.

    making comments bout we making that money, we bout that life out here I be in these streets paper chasing. yeah all these negative stuff folks on youtube shooting in the projects in daylight.

    these fools are trying like crazy to go to jail.


  16. So it seems this kid felt cocky in committing crimes because he thought he would be bailed out by the record company. It’s his fault. A lot of ppl wish they could be signed instead this kid focusing on his so called “talent” he chose street life….I have no sympathy for him he should’ve stayed away from trouble and focused on his music.

  17. My HSK Family,

    I’m very sorry to be the first to report the death of Charmayne Maxwell, memember of R&B singing group Brownstown. I sat on this for 4-5 hours hoping HSK would post it but they may not until tomorrow morning.

    I won’t discuss cause of death because I’ve heard TWO versions with one being most credible because it came from a family member. For now, I’ll simply say I thought those of you here who are old enough to know & appreciate the music of Brownstone would want to know.

    May God’s peace, blessings & Holy Spirit be with Charmayne Maxwell.

    • Yes I heard this on LSA. Tnx has it too, don’t knowq how credible their coverage is but there is a story that she had a freak accident that involved falling on a wine glass and severing an artery which caused her to bleed to death. Husband found her. Reports are conflicting as to whether or not she was alone at the time. Her son may have been there. She had a pulse when found but died en route to hospital. Another version of the story paints her as suicidal. I can’t find anymore details. Of course since she was black and husband isn’t, well we all know its only a matter of time before yet anothery theory starts…

      • Anonymous,

        EXACTLY. That’s why I “worded it the way I did” as so not invalidate what I told but to also not give any info on who told me.

        It is bound to be yet another version of events. I heard 2 from the gate so it’s no telling what it will turn into next.

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