50 Cent Says Empire Is Like Glee

    50cent vs. Empire

    50 Cent said the television show Empire has a storyline that moves too fast and the show is little more than a Glee knockoff.

    Here’s what Fiddy told MTV:

    “It’s like Glee. It’s like Glee with a little Hip Hop music in it. 

    Cookie’s character moved fast. I was like, ‘Damn. What happened? What happened to the rest of the story?’ I don’t know what’s going on. It started moving real fast.

    I’m happy the show’s successful.”

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    1. Certain things about 50 cents makes me question his manhood.

      • Fifty I can’t role with you on that haterade! You are a lie and the truff aint in you! Grown up

      • I agree, 50’s words scream, “I like to hang out in the boys toilets a little longer than normal people”

      • nope, it’s not you, Fifty is a real gyal & a hater to boot, damn really Glee tho…? Empire is good and Power is better, there is room for all…Fifty losses more respect and credibility evry time he opens his stupid ass mouth… sounding like an ole bitter ass granny…SMH

      • Empire is a hip hop version of Glee. that show sucks, full of stereotypes and horrible music

    2. It’s a better show than power in the ratings. He’s a hater! He’s been hating since the beginning.

      • Exactly. 50`s hating, bitch ass sounds like a woman scorned. He should focus on his things that he’s got going on because, Empire is making power moves. Besides, I watched one episode of his corny ass show and was turned off by all of the non-acting. Fix your face 50.

      • @shay Empire will always have a higher ratings mark than Power because it’s on regular tv. If you don’t have Stars you will never see Power. Empire is kool, but Power is a far better show.

    3. he’s pissed that he never thought of it himself. why can’t black people praise one other instead of knocking each others hustle??

      • Lee Daniels knocks black people all the time…while making tons of money off the very stereotypes he knocks. Not sure anyone should be praising someone so hypocritical and pompous.

        • @Kevin

          your right, remember lee said he hates black people it’s interesting he’s making money from the race he hates!!

          he was the one who made Hallie berry get banged out by billy bob Thornton on monster’s ball

          • @Miss Baylis, I’m shocked about Hallie Berry. But I’m confused what Lee Daniels had to do with it. Can u explain?. Thnx

            • He produced Monster’s Ball and directed and produced Precious. That man has a very twisted mind to say the least…

              SIDENOTE: Check out The Woodsman. Another sick movie he produced.

              • But Daniels did not write the screenplays to those films. You don’t think that director’s agree with the all the actions of the characters in their films do you? Fiction folks, fiction.

          • It’s amazing how Lee say he hate blacks, but was hugged up on Diddy. Imma need for Lee to get shit and go send ass waaaaaaayyyy back to Getthef*ckouttahere, Mississippi for that oxymoron comment.

          • what do you mean its interesting. whites continue to make money off of blacks and they downright hate us.

        • I can’t stand Lee Daniels color struck black woman hating ass and I’m really getting tired of all these homosexual story lines. I like Power and will support it as I think it’s a better show, however personal feelings aside, 50 needs to stop publicly hatin on Lee Daniels because it’s coming of as jealousy. 50 needs to be confident in what he does and focus on his projects as he has nothing to be jealous of in regards to Empire.

    4. Lee Daniel’s hustle…anyway lets tune into Power and show some luv over there to…the more black tv..the better

      • hey, wait a minute, people. black love, unity and
        support, eh?! hmph, now that’s an ingenious concept…
        albeit, a bit ambitious, but groundbreaking nevertheless!!
        i’d say its worth a shot, considering…

        now if u can just persuade the rest of these scholars to ‘step off
        the boat’ you’d have yourself a formidable movement, my friend.

    5. power and empire have similar names also it’s black show.

      it’s about sex, money, and drugs which is very stereotypical towards the black community
      both power and empire is showing black people in negative light.

      while white people have positive shows

    6. Meow! Fifty you sound like a spoiled, spurned girl. Wish them well at ‘EMPIRE’ and maybe they’ll offer you a cameo.

      • Women shouldn’t be the example of jealous behavior no more than gays should be the example of being weak. 50 thinks by openly hating on Lee Daniels it will create free promo for his show Power. What 50 needs to realize is that he’s coming off as a jealous bully and with his existing reputation no one is taking his criticism seriously.

    7. Yeah I have to agree it does move fast, but it’s alright it gets interesting, I’m wondering if having it all is like that for real? because they’re cut’en each other throats left and right, and it’s due to having too much money, wow but it does need to slow up a bit, 50 quit hate’en mayne, we checked out your show its just as bad

    8. I’m still shocked that 50cent retracted his words about”Tatted Up Thotie”I meant Hollie.

      • BA,

        I’ve been so busy on this LV project I’m missing stuff. When you have a moment please explain this “retraction” you speak of. I missed this one but if I’m not mistaken “there was something more to it.”

        Fill me in when you have a moment!

    9. Oh 50 if it’s moving to fast for your maybe reconsider your comprehension skills. I support POWER also so I wish he would stop slick talking and simply support.

    10. he is jealous and thATS all there is to it. i like power but I may not watch that ever again if he keeps acting a fool. everyone can eat fiddy do not get ya draws in a bunch. I love the music on empire. I am waiting for power to return. ghost is the man..

    11. naw nigga it aint moving too fast you thinking too slow…ole booboo tha fool ass nicca 20 nickels

    12. Fifty is always giving his opinion on something. I don’t know why that bothers people, he’s entitled to not like something.

    13. You negroes will accept any trash white folks serve to you just because they give it to you with a black face.
      They serve you Lee Daniels a self hating black male bashing faggot and you negroes buy it.

      Lee Daniels a fag that gives you precious, the butler and monsters ball, these are some of the worst images of black folks on the silver screen that rival only gone with the wind and amos and andy. Wake up people wake up..

      • May get a lot of flack for this but we need to watch what we glorify.

        Kings pins, queen pins, gay “relationships” and living a truly gutter lifestyle is sending the WRONG MESSAGE to kids who ARE killing themselves in record numbers trying to emulate what they see on tv.

        A black man currently is the most powerful man in the free world…and look at how we’re still portrayed:

        – an educated mistress to a white president;

        – as weave wearing THOTS on reality shows whose only mission in life is to tout their bag and shoe collections;

        – as gangster drug dealers who use their “power” to build an “empire.”

        We love bullshit while the real world is plotting to put us right back where we were in the 50s.

        Devil sho’ is busy.

        • Truth and unfortunately, the real world gets a lot of help from us in the plot to destroy us.

        • I don’t care if Henry Kissinger visited Harlem and offered up $25K to every black male who would convert to homosexual for the rest of his life, it’s on the man to either accept it or reject it.

          • “accept or reject it”?? huh??

            well, trust me, its not a choice like picking out a brand of orange juice. whether you want to live a lie, now that is a choice.

        • I totally agree. I like the Maturity of Power. Its more realistic! Empire is too fake and moves too Fast! Plus! It is pushing the Gay agenda heavy and dat aint cool. To yall with kids… Dont let your young sons and daughters watch that shit! Why is that the main topic in the show being pushed? Ask yourself.. Another form of genocide for the black community. If all the men are gay then where does that leave the young women? This is the New world order taking place right before our face. Aint shit cool about being gay. Too men f*cking is GROSS! Do what you do but Homosexuality is Disgusting! Fuck if you dont agree!

          • I have not watched one episode, but, other folk are down like 4 flat tires. Empire is heavy on stereotypes of what constitutes behavior and thinking on our side. Hip-Hop is a global player in terms of moving cultures and people…The Aesthetics of swagger are what draw others to the music. Lee Daniels is a gay blackman, he’s gonna cheerlead for his kind…Understood! But, that’s not the main reason I boycott the show. I fell out of love with the music. Never will I allow outside interests to co-sign destructive tendencies within my brain. Don’t begrudge folk for enjoying the show, I can’t get into it like that…Sorry!

      • Sorry but Precious was a good movie and so was The Butler. The subject matter is sensitive but its realistic because these sort of things do happen.. The Butler was based on the life of a real black man. No times for black folks were not great back then due to racism and segregation but it did accurately reflect the real story of a man..who is still alive. Precious was even harsher subject matter because it dealt with the issues of illiteracy, incest/ abuse, teen pregnancy, and issues that are very real in the lives of many whether you want to discuss them or not.Its based on a book. The movies were well, produced, directed, cast and the actors were realistic in their roles. That is what made them good movies. Monsters ball I didn’t see and can’t speak on right now..the other 2 I did. Lee Daniels isn’t the only black director. There are others. I have seen many positive movies as well, and support those also.

        • These shows are the problem, just as in hip hop. If you have a full spectrum to of shows that exhibit the entirety of blacks then i’m all for power empire and all the other negative shows you mention in your post. Unfortunately there is no balance the is no smart black guy shows, now black chef shows no black entrepreneur shows where the boss is firing and hiring people. Whites enjoy seeing us playing in subservient roles, ignorant roles, negative roles. Look at the Oscars that blacks have won, a corrupt cop, a defecient mother a maid. Sydney Portiers oscar was the exception not the rule. Television is make believe they are making us what they believe us to be. Combative, criminals, bums cheats. Come on you have shows called “HOUSEWIVES OF” yet the vast majority of your casts are not married and have children out of wedlock. This is done purposely. We as a people think with a checkers mentality thinking it is just for “entertainment” while they are playing chess and they are “conditioning”. The same with rap so called r and b and sports.

          • I agree, let “Jerome” win the lottery somebody knows Jerome or his cousin or his aunt or brother. Man he only played like 5 dollars. So now the small community invests 10, 20, 50, 100s of thousand dollars chasing this pipe dream which pays like 1 in 100 million. So instead of investing that money in the things around us OUR INFRASTRUCTURE we give our capital away with no return at all on our investments. We are giving our money away and the difference between us doing it and them is ultimately they get their money back. Every conceivable thing to destroy us has been done but the easiest and most successful way to sell our destruction to ourselves is to put us as the salesmen. We fall for it every time. While we have been somewhat content with a blackman in the Whitehouse what strides have we made in the last eight years? How are we better off? Or have we just been destracted? Have we really just been watching a show hold our inerest get us to defend the Black dude that plays the president?

            • THIS!!

              We are conditioned. A television was a mandatory when receiving welfare in the 1960s and 1970s

    14. Aside from their being music involved I wanted say that it was like Glee. Its much more gritty and less peaches and cream. 50 is probably saying that sh*t because its surpassing his show POWER quickly in ratings and popularity.

    15. Empire is a show meant to entertain obviously. I’m just really shocked that its on FOX 5 of all networks.. I never cared for Fox.. too much

    16. Glee featured two men kissing, Empire featured two men kissing. 50 Cent is right. Empire is like Glee, both television shows work to serve the homo agenda!

      • NBA is fixed,

        You may want to say it again…
        I don’t think they heard you…
        But I damn sure did & I’m happy I don’t make time to tune in often.

        I have no problem with gay folks BUT…
        I do NOT want to see gay love/pride/sex & what have you EVERYTIME I turn on my TV. It was too much hederosexual sex on TV already but the gay agenda totally replaced all that now.

    17. I’m intelligent enough to know that Empire is a show,and that the characters on it don’t reflect all black people.Only narrow minded people think that all Cookie,Luscious and crew reflect all black people. The characters are who they are,and its a fictional show that features real life celebrities. If you want to see more positive shows on the air support them when they come on TV. Create them…

      • The problem is not “narrow-minded” people, the problem is that for a vast majority of white folks with little to no black friends or neighbors this the only portrayal of black ppl they have. This is NOT by coincidence it’s by design.

    18. If you feed black people a pile of shit covered with chocolate syrup, black people will eat it and ask for seconds. That is what you’re doing when you watch Empire and Real Housewives Of Atlanta!Those tv shows are shit for your brain. If you watch it long enough, you may have shit for brains! Don’t forget, Empire is financed by Fox. Fox and the Fox News Channel are owned by the racist white billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Empire is just as offensive and obscene as the movie Soul Plane! By the way, a fox news anchor in Cleveland said the word jiggaboo live on air. Still think the Fox Network loves you black people?

        • The owner/founder/CEO of a huge media conglomerate which includes Fox and FoxNews.

          • apparently google doesn’t work on some computers.

            all those reality shows, housewives, k.michelle, etc. are pure crap. why anyone wastes their time on that shit is beyond me.

    19. By the way, the Fox news anchor who said the word jiggaboo live on the air still works at the station. She didn’t get fired.

      • I have worked with Christi in the past she is a good person who made an unfortunate word choice. No need to fire her. Also its a local Fox channel not Fox News

        • Sorry, but the point is society is getting to comfortable with the use of racial slurs against black folk.

          • Just my opinion, but I think we need to concentrate less on the words which are spoken and more on the actual progress or lack of it we are making. I don’t like the fact that many white people see black people as terminally offended and over sensitive. White people insult each other all the time, and life goes on.
            And that lady could not have understood the meaning of the word jigaboo if she used it to describe Lady Gaga’s musical style.
            Is there anyone here who would call Lady Gaga a
            performer of jigaboo music?

            • I bet my next paycheck if Cristi Capel said the F word that’s offensive to gays or the K word that’s offensive to Jews, she would have fired immediately!

    20. So true NBA what airs on tv does matter…thats why The Cosby Show was a need in our community. Not everyone is as intelligent enough to differenciate Miss K…especially these young people comming up now.

    21. I’ve seen The Woodsman…it is indeed a sick flick. I enjoy both Power and Empire, both great shows with stereotypical story lines. I’ve never heard about LD snapping on us, however, 50 needs to sit his ass down and jingle his coins and be thankful he still has a series while it lasts… I am through with his haterism. He starting to have a bad business rep like Diddy and a Ca-ka mouth like Kanye.

    22. Open Letter:

      I’ve heard so many opinions about ‘Empire’ that I thought it was time for me to throw my two cents in too. Why are we STILL stuck on black… Black… BLACK?? I get it. Believe me, I do. But we are not the only ones DEPICTED IN MOVIES & TV. Plenty of white actors have been portrayed in these same type of shows and characters. It all falls down to “how does the audience RELATE” to the issues that the characters bring out?? I am a 40-year old, gay, successful, black man living in Chicago and my father is a very well known pastor. Behind the scenes he is a dad to me and loves me and accepts me, but in the pulpit and among his pastoral colleagues… it’s a “let’s not talk about it” situation. I can relate to Jamal, because I am powerful in very different ways in helping my father within his minstry, but yet, he allows pastors to downgrade and “misinterpret” things and use “personal attacks” about “the gays” from the pulpit. Clapping along and everything, but yet… behind the scenes… I’m one of the visionaries helping him in his ministry! OMG. ONE THE GAYS??? IN THE CHURCH??? IN MINISTRY??? NOOO!! But we’ve ALWAYS been there. So… anyway… I just think that on one hand we say we want movies and tv shows that “reflect” us… but yet, when Lee Daniels is given ONE HOUR a week to do that, he has to pull “all of us” into the show, through the character. Why do we love and hate Cookie at the same time? Because we ALL know SOMEBODY just like her. Now, am I lying?? And we all know SOMEBODY like Jamal… singing his ASSSSS off in the choir, because the church kids/gays put in overtime to win God’s love (I’m telling you what I know), and I don’t care what nobody say… ALL of us as black men, want to know what it’s like to be Lucious – we may not think it’s realistic, but it does feel good to see that in a character who to me, comes across very real. A lot of the conversations between Jamal and Lucious, are very similar to what those between my father and I. So, stop being so sensitive, maybe it’s just art imitating life. And the truth hurts. Yeah, we free, but we ain’t off the hook for our messes. White folks just as messy. Game of Thrones. Sopranos. MadMen. Californication. Breaking Bad. Dexter. But you don’t hear white folks tripping about that. “OMG… look at how it makes us look!!!” Empire is #1 – and ALL of those shows were #1 too. So what the f*ck is wrong with us? Sips tea, places down cup… steps away…

      • You were dead on with the analogy of the church and people of the same sex! I know what it’s like too. I don’t know what is wrong with us, as a people. That is a good question!

      • Stop being so sensitive? You are kidding right? You don’t hear white people complaining about prime time programming because there are plenty of positive depictions of their families and culture. White people are featured with in tact/ belnded heterosexual families. They are shown humorously flawed: Modern Family, The Middle, The Goldbergs, Blue Bloods. With the exception of the coonfest that is Blackish, I cannot even think of another black family currently on tv right now. You are a homosexual, so seeing yourself all over tv is fine for you. But the black Girl boy in House of cards is just sad to me and an example of how heterosexual black men are being phased right off of tv. It bothers me because it feels unnatural and forced. Yes some black men are gay. Not most, not all. Not every black woman wants an illicit sex fling with a white man. Programming is a very apt term because that’s exactly what is happening and I want no part of it. But to each his or her own I guess. But the anti black family pro gay agenda that I see being pushed is why I won’t support any of these shows . My choice.

    23. Hollywood isn’t in the entertainment business, Hollywood is in the mind control business! You think Hollywood spends billions of dollars trying to entertain you? Here is the process, produce a show that glamorizes drug dealing, thug life and criminals in a hip hop context. This will influence young black men and women to imitate what they see on thetelevision show. Once this takes place, the police will arrest them, then the justice system will sentence them to prison. To put it in layman terms, Hollywood and rap music is a tool used to fuel the prison industrial complex. In case you didn’t know, Wall Street corporations own hundreds of millions of dollars of stock in the private, for profit prison industry (Michael Jordan owns stock as well). The more black people go to prison, the more money Wall Street makes. Jacky has talked about this before, check the archives. If you can’t see this, you are either blind, deaf, dumb or all three!

      • You are only telling one side of the story NBA.
        It’s the advertisers who are shaping the minds of the viewers/consumers of television and films. And the Networks and producers spend a fortune so advertisers will spend their millions on ad space/commercial time/product placement. Why do you think demographics are everything when it comes to a show’s popularity? If a show has a huge audience, but they’re all over 55(like Faux News)no one wants to buy ad time. If a show has a small audience, but they are all in the golden demo of 18-36, that show is a hit. It’s all about selling stuff to the young and impressionable mind.
        But to imply that these shows are exercising mind control over political issues is a bit of a stretch.

        • No it isn’t. That’s exactly what’s going on. Think about it: is it a coincidence that most commercials feature the same scenarios being pushed on television? Thats advertising. And the teams behind it are pushing the same lifestyles and agendas so that they become palatable to the masses, then pet causes of policticians that are the puppet mouth pieces of the extremely wealthy few that are really controlling the worlds finances . It’s very interelated. And obvious, once you know

          • We had a “debate” about this in class years ago. Half of us felt (and I STILL do) that Hollywood jumps on whatever bandwagon is gonna make them big bucks at that time. Think about it…how would the upper percentile be able to even write/direct/produce/budget films without having some visual of that cultures reality? The black/white films if the 40’s and 50’s pushed cigarette smoking as “sexy” in its movies because (1) tobacco companies paid them quite well and (2) having smokes at that time was a treat to the average Joe. Hollywood didn’t make it cool to “do a bid” the hip hop videos did. Songs and street tales (and having numerous family members in and out) made young blacks somewhat comfortable incarcerated. As far as a cleaner representation of black families on television, while many woul watch-there are too many who wouldn’t and the result would be wasted time and a cancelled show. Let’s be real about it. Oprahs network began with positive and incite fil programming which NO ONE watched and she lost tons of money! Once she jumped on the reality gravy train, expose’s, and high profile interviews her ratings got better. Tyler Perry has bought several shows which folks faithfully watch. My point is that people enjoy seeing themselves(represented) on tv. It would be called fake, disingenuous, or unrealistic to expect the same success of ‘The Cosby Show’ these days. The most successful viewing demo is between 18-35 and they are the “keeping it real”, social media generation. While Hollywood has some impact on the world at large, it’s actually the stars themselves who people try to emulate. Hollywood watches the publics reaction and gauges the value.

    24. Oh… and another thing… back in the 90’s my father shook a bisquit in my face at a restaurant and told me to “marry that girl… and yaw’ll can deal with it together…” Just like Lucious told Jamal to marry Olivia (who showed up with the little girl last week). So like seriously… I think we are doing a disservice to the platform of Mr. Daniels gift and RESPONSIBILITY to show all spectrums. Because no matter how good we look on Sunday, when you get out of church and get in those cars, vans, and trucks… a lot of those SAME ISSUES in Empire… are happening right in our own homes. So how is “that show” portraying us in a different light? Just cause the Lyons got money, doesn’t mean that OUR ISSUES aren’t the same. And don’t Jay-Z, Diddy, Russell, and ‘nem got messy backgrounds and lives too?? So, we ain’t THAT squeeky clean. I love my people, but we gotta keep it 100. Now, you can chime in however you want to, but I’m good. Don’t need to follow-up. Yaw’ll be blessed. : )

      • He isn’t showing all spectrums. Does he show loving black couples raising black children? Not really, unless he taints it in some way. Lee Danish is a sick drug addled mofo. No respect for him…btw
        What was your daddys point with that biscuit? Marry something white ,flakey and crusty? I don’t get it.

    25. The Flintstones is too fast for Fiddy! He’s just jealous because Empire is doing well, and he’s jealous of Terrence Howard. That old-time slave mentality jealous rears its ugly head again!

    26. Seriously tho the WAYNES family already cooned erry thing about the black community. Not many movies in the 60’s to 80’s showed homosexuality seriously or in a comedic light. It was drugs sex hoes clothes bankroll pimps hitn licks etc

    27. Im impressed by alot of the comments by people who see and understand what has happened..is happenings and will happen to our people if we dont get it together. I recommend looking up some of our people who are trying to enlighten our people..look up Jewel Pookrum…Dr. Delbert Blair..Yaffa Bey…Dr. Afrika…there are many more but here is a start. Also the movie 500 years later is great for children, youth and adults to watch. It well put together and very intresting. You learn alot and it makes you want to go learn more.

    28. Omg…..we are our own worst critics. Yall will find any and everything wrong with something. Just change the channel and watch something else. All this bitching but no real input. Shut the hell up!

    29. haven’t you forget, fiddy called a black woman a black bytch!!!

      because she schooled him about the exodus movie being fake because there were no black people in it, and the Egyptians were black, but the movie had white people acting in it instead of black people. it all started when this coon
      posted a picture of him and christian bale posing together, and 50 uploaded it to his twitter account

      and he was really mean toward the black woman. that’s the reason why i bash black men
      because some of you black deserved being bashed

      • You sound kind of hypocritical. You dont like for black women to be bashed but you turn around and do the same to the brothas. Just stop, you are pathetic and pitiful.

        • @Anonymous

          difference between black women bashing black men, and black men bashing black women is
          black men bashing black women in front of white women

          nicca will chat shit about black women in front of white women, mocking black women
          these men need to understand is a black women birthed them! white women didn’t

          so you big lipped motherf*cker should bow down to black women, not these pasty bytches you like to lavish

          • Fuck Ms Baylis she s real piece of shit who came outta nowhere … Just skip this dumb slut!

            • @Anonymous

              i’m just telling the truth!! too bad you can’t handle the truth. grow some f*cking balls

              you black men love dissing black women in front of white women is a known fact!!

              that’s why white women try shit and give black women dirty looks and attitudes because black men
              lies about black women….

              listen i love black men. but sometime you nicca’s are like wet cardboard with no substance at all

              non black women only date black men for the lifestyle and the dick!! their the real gold diggers
              not black women

              • Bitch gtfoh you love coming here perpetrating a fraud …you hate blks troll you are a phony ass you love to create these bullshit characters .. You love white men like your other lame ass handles you bring in here you a troll Ho … And you can’t stand blk women ! Love you some divk on the net tho … Right Tippie you obvious jackass drunk!

              • @Anonymous

                oh please!!. i love black men so stf up!! the only reason i bash black men is because they can do better
                they need to stop this white women shyt and treat a black women right

                black women ain’t the enemy here! not all black women cuss and fight like dogs!!

              • You in one of your characters I see … Playing the strong blk woman foh…. You bash both blk men and women when your bi racial ass is getting your ass handed to you. Now you on a pro blk mission Ho plz go back to going what your known for a look for e dick on line you Ms Bogus .. not Ms Baylis you drunk boring ass bitch !

    30. 50 is one of the biggest babies I know. No wonder he and Mayweather were so tight..they both have girlie ass communication skills. He would say its like Glee. Yes, Empire has a music business theme…so your going to hear music. Don’t be a hater because Empire is hotter that POWER! Ugh…

    31. wish mayweather would give dis tired azz sissy some dick dat what fiddy needs some dick

    32. If is right on that moving too fast. They need to slow down and make it make some sense.

    33. Anonymous you are in Rare Form Today. But I’m Loving
      It. You are in one of those moods Today. But it’s all

    34. SUPERIOR!!! You took the words right from my mouth! Fiddy throws like a lil BITCH but wanna talk shit. CHILD SIT DOWN! I tried watching Power. But they lost me when ole boy started cheating on da sista…Empire I can relate to that better. Fiddy needs to grab his ankle and get da big dick in da back so he can calm his ass down. Nuts on da chin havin muthaf*cka.

    35. Whites are getting to comfortable AGAIN with using racial slurs against us. The use of these words are a problem along with everything else thats wrong. The fact is that words are powerful..they carry vibrations…frequencies that flow into the universe and manifest themselves into reality.when we use these words ag ourselves…it gets worse because we have a direct connection with the universe..thats how powerful we are..and they know that. Thats why they use this language to cast a spell and confused us. The native’s always said the white man speaks with a fork tongue. He says one thing and means another. Thats why you must be careful of what you say.

    36. We as black people need to re-watch Spike Lee’s movie Bamboozled! Shows like Empire, Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Blackish are modern day coon festivals. This is exactly what Spike Lee’s message was about in the movie. Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson’s characters in Empire act similar to the Bamboozled characters Mantan and Sleep And Eat (Minus the blackface). You can say the same thing for the 40 year old sluts on Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Tracee Ellis Ross on the tv show Blackish. All of the black people who watch these shows might as well put on blackface and start calling each other the N word just like the audience did in Bamboozled. Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch is laughing all the way to the bank just like Michael Rappaport’s character in Bamboozled. Black people just don’t get it. Rupert Murdoch is feeding you mental poison, and you consume it every Wednesday night. We have got to do better!

    37. Thanks for the info…can you tell me who tell me who Michael Rappaport and Ruperrt Murdoch is?

    38. I just want some more black people on TV shows. I don’t want these shows bringing each other down. White people shows don’t do that. Why can’t we have two shows with similar storylines? How many white police shows, detective shows, forensic shows, FRIENDS, witches, vampires, teenage drama shows are there? There are hundreds! Do black people shows have a quota or something? Why not be happy that we’re dominating TV rn?

      Empire is getting historic ratings, making the people upstairs take notice and think “Oh! If we have more black people, it can actually get good ratings!”. Maybe someday we can get black shows showing the good, and not just bad stereotypes.

      Still can’t deny. Many people can relate. I know a lot of Cookie Lyons hustling.

    39. 50 is always trying to put other people down. This dude is very insecure about a lot of things. He is a jealous, weak minded type dude. They say most little dick dudes are. They have to find ways to compensate for what they are lacking. I guess putting others down is how he does it. Pay attention yall, he is always in the media for something negative he says about others, because it damn sure ain’t for his whack ass music that most people ignore. He is bitter, hateful person. Clearly money don’t buy happiness. One day this coon is going to wake up and realize that he paid too much for what he got.

    40. Hey Jacky here’s the scoop? They’re both knockoff’s of a script I wrote in 2006. I know they’ve read my script, yet I haven’t seen any coin. Funny how that happens.

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