Bobby Brown’s Family Shooting Reality Show Featuring Comatose Bobbi Kristina


    The families of Bobby Brown’s sisters, Leolah and Tina, are currently filming a reality show surrounding how they’re dealing with Bobbi Kristina’s comatose condition.

    A source is saying Bobby Brown’s two sisters, brother and their children are the cast members of the show.

    Here’s whats’s reported:

    “Bobby’s sisters have a history. Leolah is the one who went on the record blaming Ray J for Whitney Houston’s death, claiming he fatally fueled her cocaine habit.

    Tina is the one who did a sit-down interview and claimed she did crack with Whitney. Tina and Shayne are also the ones who fought at a hotel near the hospital. She hit her son Shayne with a bottle. It’s unclear if that will be on the show.

    It appears that they have not shot video in the hospital, but we’re told they have regular debriefs at home on camera where they talk about the tragedy.”

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    1. Hard to say how I really feel on one hand IDK about this reality show but on the other hand I will probably tune into a couple of episodes.

    2. man I got more respect for a woman on the block selling p*ssy than making a reality show featuring a woman in a coma.

      man they gotta do that just to make a dollar they could have did some interviews talking bout her condition they would have came out better saying they’re gonna whore for crack.

      • The f*cked up part is some trifling ninjas here will watch. I’m embarrassed to be black sometimes.

          • Hell Me Too.. Gotta Watch. That being said… I guess they decided to keep her alive and cash in that way instead of pulling the plug and letting her die the same day Whitney did. Boy I wouldn’t have no parts of the entertainment industry.. way too wicked for me.

          • I don’t. Not ever. Rachet reality tv doesn’t apply to me. And you can bet the white people that watch Jersey shore and Honey Boo Boo don’t feel ashamed or guilty by association either.

            • @8:28 Italians were pissed about Jersey Shore and Sopranos but I’m the say as you. I have no affiliation with the Brown family so their actions don’t shame me one bit.

          • I’m not personally ashamed, but I hate that black people are being seen by others in such a bad light. But I don’t think that most people generalize and lump everyone into the same basket.

      • This is beyond the pale, Ratchet is too tame of a word that best describes the sickness that we are witnessing. She never had a chance…What Family?

    3. You are shitting me!???
      This family of lowlifes really have no shame -the ones involved!! All their crocodile tears for the cameras. They are completely disgusting. Cashing in on this poor girls life AND death for they WILL surely pull the plug on camera and are rubbing their hands together at what will be a ‘sure fire ratings winner’ as I’m sure they are all cackling. PARASITES (yeah I’m shouting!!!)

      • Hey Ms Reg, how are you doing today?

        And where is the other female cousin that has something to with this. That’s a big ass dude on the right…damn!!!

        • Thats Leolah , a woman
          The only 1 who defended and took up for Whitney when she died
          She also was the only 1 who warned Bobbi Kris to be careful and not to trust anyone when when
          Whitney passed
          I kind of like Leolah”s candid outspokedness and I kind of wish she would”nt take this path

        • EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,

          Dude, I see I’m actually a day late on this but…it’s TOO damn early in the morning for YOU to make me “choke WITHOUT a hot beverage!”

          Another poster said it was Bobby’s sister Leolah. I’m guessing the snapshot caught her & her sister in an “off moment” is all.

          Huh…let me not wrap & tie up my hair at night. I’ll get up in the AM looking like Mufasa’s (Lion King) twin sister…
          Scaring the hell out of EVERYBODY!!!

        • Eddie I watched that YT video at the link you posted of the 2 dudes from Houston dancing in their front yard. I was like you in that I couldn’t help but admire the effort, but DAMN!!! That was the gayest sh*t I’ve seen since RuPaul’s Drag Race. I mean, do they even think that looks fly in a masculine way at all? I watched a bunch of their other vids as well and they seem to be into women, but I dunno….

    4. It has been clear that Bobby’s refusal to let BK pass with some dignity and peace was based in selfishness.
      But prior to this, I thought the selfishness was his not wanting to begin the grieving process which follows the death of a loved one.
      If this story is true, I was giving him way too much
      credit. Using her death as a means to place himself in the public eye is even uglier than I could have ever imagined. Does he not realize the public backlash he will provoke? Sure, people will tune in…but they will hate him for exploiting his little girl.

        • Say that, again! It’s called context clues, People…the article did not say “Bobby Brown” it said “Bobby Browns sisters”…Always starting shit!

          • THANK YOU.This is NOT about Bobby Brown. He can’t help that his family members are low lives.

            He is NOT apart of this reality show. My question is, who/what company made them this offer? Somebody is trying to make Bobby Brown look bad in this situation.

            • Excuuuuuse me, but they are his family members.
              It is up to him to ORDER them to get the hell out of Decatur and away from BK and the hospital if they are going to engage in this foolishness. You can’t tell me that he doesn’t have the ability to keep them away from this soap opera. If he can keep Nick(her pseudo husband who she loved)away from her, he can damn sure keep those Brown hooligans away.

              • He ain’t the sheriff in a damn coyboy movie. He can’t order them out of anywhere. But he can forbid them from filming his comatose child and I’m sure he did. Ill believe there is a reality show when I see see in on Bounce at 2 am in the morning. Until then….lies! ( in my Tamar Braxton voice)

          • THANK YOU! @14:25
            Sheeple just dont understand the process in Hollywood
            Hollywood system is nothing like the ordinary regular world
            I wish people would just wake up out of their slumber and finally get it

    5. if the family do the reality show bobby’s gonna be in it.

      and yes if the family do the show why would bobby even want them to exploit his daughter like that.

      who are his relatives anyway these women his sisters never did nothing but smoke crack and sell a few stories to the tabloids.

      bobby needs all the publicity he can get right now.

    6. im not watching shame some families onl;y do a reality show when the most famous person dies.

      at least kris jenner hasd’nt stooped this low yet.

      did bruce sacrifice his penis yet.

    7. These people are gutter. No damn good. Since this tragity all we been hearing about is the Brown family and their trifling behavior. Apparently Bobby will not be on the show. If Bobby Brown does not approve of this and his family is going ahead with it anyway…he should publicly denounce and disown these people, ask the public not to watch, and ban his entire family from the hospital and anything else pertaining to Bobbi Kristina. I know I will not be watching to give these people any chance to make money off this young woman. May anything they try to do fail. I have not heard any of this tasteless behavior comming from the Houston family.

      • Bobby may love his daughter but do you really think that he dont miss those millions that he would have had if Whitney hadnt changed her will?
        Bobby have a new baby on the way
        He needs the bread also. He just dont want to look worst then he already have in the past

        • So what’s up? Are you saying he arranged for someone to drown his daughter cuz new baby needs diapers?

    8. Behavior like this makes you want someone to beat the pisss out of the Brown family.

    9. These people have hit an all new low..its no wonder they look so dirty…spit

    10. Of course you will watch this mess…your the type of mindless people that allow them to get away with promoting this crap.

    11. Hey all my African American friends , all who see and read this ,,, could you pass this story around , gofundme . com/mqlyc8

      this is a great guy , he sent around one time a petition for reparation for all african americans , he believe this was the

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    12. Well they look like section 8 housing, food stamp selling ghetto birds. And I won’t watch this like I didn’t watch the one after her mom died that was on OWN.

      • Damn, who sells food stamps though, lol. I’m with you, if this story is true I will not be watching.

        • That is very much in common in the South. When U get like $900 to $1500 worth of Food Stamps, hell yeah they sell them. This is nothing new in the South. And as far as Section 8, Yes I am on it, but I do not look like that, my spacious garden apartment have all the minorities that comes with it. Not all folks on Section 8 and Food Stamps look like that.

            • Where in the south do they provide 1500 worth of foodstamps. Hell, when Katrina hit some of them applied here in CALI and they would fly back and forth to get the checks until they caught up to them and cut them off. It was worth the plane fare because they receive so little aide in the south.

              • Sher, Right here in South Carolina. I know five women right now who get that much. The reason they get that much is how many kids they have. That’s how. These women breed kids like rabbits. So the more kids they have, the more Food Stamps they get. So with that, they spend some on their household and sell the rest.

              • OMG They flew from NO to Cali just for a welfare check? They can go to jail for that.
                DaR1 you are so right about SC, you know I used live in Augusta and I swear the only thing to do there was eat and screw. I was 30lbs heavier when I left, dammit.

              • @Daradiant.. Well you have hipped me to something I didn’t know. I thought that when Clinton was president they stopped adding to the award, that if you had more kids oh well, you better make it stretch. I know they stopped expanding the living arrangements. They used to provide a bigger apt if you had a girl and then a baby boy in order to keep the opposite sexes separate but they don’t care now. You best get a bunk bed and stack em’ up.

          • Oh I didn’t know people really did that. So what is the benefit of buying food stamps from a person when you still have to give them the same money you give the grocery store?

            There is nothing wrong with living in section 8 housing, you take what you can afford. We keep trying to convince my cousin to sign up for section 8 housing. We just found out her son is special needs, my aunt and uncle can barely afford to keep a roof over their heads and baby daddy doesn’t pay her anything but for some reason she won’t do it. I don’t understand.

            • There is a big difference between Public Housing and Section 8. Public Housing is the projects whereas Section 8 she gets a voucher and look for a decent apartment or a rental house. U get to pick where U wanna live with Section 8. Here is the thing. They will give her 90 days to look for an apartment or a rental house. They will give her a list of properties to chose from. I rather for her to sign up for Section 8 like right now. She don’t want to live in public housing. I have on Section 8 for 9 years. I live in a nice apartment. Before that I was living in a townhouse with stairs on the inside of the apartment. Yep she needs all the help she can get.

            • Cheese when these women sell their food stamps this is how much they charge. $50 in cash in an exchange for $135 worth a food stamps. It depends how much money the women sell they food stamps for. That’s how they sell them. Its not the equal value for the exchange. Its the amount these women will charge U to use their card.

              • Oh that’s a good deal, I’d take it. I need to find someone to hook me up because groceries are expensive. Thanks for the explanation Da.

                Yeah my cousin needs to get on that quick but she’s so stubborn. My dad tried to sell his car to her for $150 but she said it was too old. So my parents sold the car for $2500 to some random guy while she’s stuck on the bus line. She’s so weird.

            • @ Say Cheese.. Well they get more stamps for the dollar. Like I would pay you ten for 20 or 10 for 15. They do it because Food Stamps are only good for purchasing food. You know they gotta get they wine, cigs, black and milds stuff like that.

        • Well , Damn! Trifflin all day long. My two cents is, its not just in the south. That ghetto mentality can occupation anywhere. This shameless hussy made the news I think it was in Pennsylvania. Won 1 million with a scratch off and then sued the state when her food stamps got cut, reason being , you ask? Well, because Miss Thing reasoned that if she had to spend 700 a month on food , her money would run put and a lottery win should not be considered income. Smdh. You cannot make this shit up!

    13. My understanding is that the show is going to be about their lives. EXCLUDING Bobby Brown. Also they would talk about Bobbi K. No filming of her in a coma.

      By the way how in the blue hell is this any different than what Pat, Cissy & the Houston’s did after Whitney died. Didn’t they have a reality show?

      • Yeah that was just as bad, worse if you ask me. No amount of money in the world would convince me to film a reality show months after my mothers death.

    14. These are low life, low end, low down, low rent, low context gutter trash people.

      Talk about being an embarrassment to Black folk.

      Bobby needs to ask the public to boycott this mess!

    15. This is white the Jhews put drugs out here. Fiends will do ANYTHING (including rape and kill their own mothers) for some get highs! It is a shame that his whole family are fiends though. It would be hard to feel bad for these people. I wonder if Bobbi was already dead…

      • The CIA put drugs on the street but Black people were dumb enough to fall for it. They knew exactly where to put it.
        The government put guns, drugs, welfare in our communities so we could do their work of destroying ourselves. We were dumb & fell right for it. You can either prove someone right or you can prove them wrong. Black people never have a clue about anything and always prove them right.

        • This is true.. don’t forget the hard liquor at every corner store. Cisco, Old E, Colt 45 and Thunderbird just to name a few.

    16. bobby family and whitney family are in on this but people refuse to believe it they gave this girl a knockout drug and placed her in the bathtub. now all of these “stories” are coming out. they going to make money off this girl and whitney houston like that um lifetime movie. people are celebrity loving fools will believe they say. everytime you hear the news bobbi kristina this and that don’t you guys see a pattern. magazine, newspapers, tmz, et news, etc now this?! you mean to tell bobby brown don’t want his cut? but clive davis will the biggest cut because he’s probably behind but hay, my “TIN HAT” is on too tight lol.

    17. Bobby released a statement because he isn’t involved. His trifling ass sisters haven’t denied their involvment. I’m waiting for those broke ass outta work opportunists to say it ain’t so.

      • Bobby and his sisters and WHOLE family is very close and tight knit. Believe me, they discuss EVERYTHING. Bobby has been in show business for over 25 years plus. Since he was around 13 – 14 years old
        He knew. He just know how to play the game in front of the media
        I still love him though. He needs money too and even though Bobbi K is very sick, bills still need to be paid while he is trying to help his daughter
        Im not trying to sound cold
        Just saying how things go in the real world

        • That’s real slick of you but He doesn’t have to pay for her medical bills. I’m sure she has insurable and what’s beyond that would likely be an authorized expense paid out of the income of her trust.
          Since you live him, lemme ask you this, you love him but you think he’s capable of drowning his kid for dollars? And is he’s such an excellent actor playing a media game , shouldn’t he.just call back those same mystery drowning super agents and have them disconnect her machines?

    18. Looking like a bunch of greedy azz gorillas who’d sell their own child for $200!

      • lmao hell yea these bitchs r ugly as f*ck lookin like damn gorillas I bet those hoes can fight 2 smdh I wish some 1 would give these triflin hoes some damn $

    19. Why are they filming a reality show? They must be desperate for money. Shame on Bobby and his family. I wonder what Cissy has to say about this. Nobody wants to see Bobbi Kris in a comatose state. I hope Oprah intervenes.

      • From all reports, Cissy isn’t in much better shape than BK. She barely knows what’s going on.

      • Spreading his azz back at his bungalow…. Laughing at this dysfunctional crackhead family!

        • Ugh. You just gave me a visual of the Crypt Keeper holding his butt cheeks apart. That quite put me off my lunch , so might as well do work until the queasiness subsides. Laters.

    20. Stephen…I hear what your saying. We know Clive is a devil but I really dont think he has anything to do with this…it would’nt even be chump change for him. As far as Bobby Brown is concerned…I dont think he has anything to do with it either. His family seems to be out of control and there’s nothing he can do about it right now because he is trying to focus on his daughter. No one is really intrested in the Brown family but because they are likely to talk about Bobbi Kristina…they are probably hoping that it might generate intrest in them.

      • i respect your thoughts and expressions. but something doesn’t seem right she ends in a tub like her mother but there is no foul play? really? truthfully she is dead their milking it for money.both families are twisted bobby probably “cares” for his daughter but not as much as you would like. the browns, the houstons are going to get cut of the money and clive davis is big pimpin because he owns whitney music. as soon as they annunoce her death watch and see so many whitney houston clothes, movies, unreleased music, and that old reality show bobby and whitney.

      • If Bobby was down with “Being Bobby Brown”, showing him high and Whitney talking about Bobby pulling a hard chunk of Feces out of her constipated ass, then he is down with this. Excuse me, I just like telling the truth.

        • Blech! I remember them talking about that on the show. That was some love and dedication right there.

            • Narcotics and opiates cause constipation. I guess simple laxatives don’t help.

          • Intimacy between husband and wife is a great thing, but when your husband is pulling turds out of your booty, the romance has gone. IJS

    21. I truly doubt if this show would hit the reality block. Bobby family is some gutter shameless ninjas who are trying to cash in on BK. Pathetic!

    22. @DaRadiant:

      Ain’t mad at ya we gotta get them reparations somehow, cuz they sure ain’t gonna willingly give it.

      • It’s ok.I’m on it because me and son and our disabilities. In a way I missed work, but then again I love retirement. I finally got my main wish a year ago.

            • I adore you Miss Radiant One for many reasons. You are open, sincere, helpful and always honest. You have a WIDE range of knowledge too. You’re always surprising me with an “out of nowhere” revelation about something I didn’t know. You are the true gem in the HSK crown boo.

              • Why thank you 11:44. Yeah I have to look at the overhead of a situation. There are two sides bit there is always an overhead.

      • I don’t. Why should Clive Davis take care of these clowns like children? Davis was a puppet master. He wanted her away from all that trash, healthy and making money. Thats what She could have put out many albums, many movies. Whitney pissed her life away.

        • Don’t nobody want to hear that, but Whitney alive and healthy into her old age would have made him way more money than her early death did. That’s why it makes no sense that he had any part in her death 3 years ago. It wasn’t like Tupac after he died and the albums kept coming and selling. When she died, that revenue stream for him died with her.
          He may not be anyone’s idea of a good caretaker, but he was the closest thing to a protector and guidance counselor she had. And I know for a fact that she loved him like family.

    23. I can’t stand Tommy Sotomayer self hatin’ ass. He can kick rocks. I could deal with him if he talked about all ratchet behavior but he only talks about black people. GTHOH

      • He hates white men too. Black women and white men.
        That’s why I don’t think he’s an Uncle Tom. He’s just a misogynist who hates his mother and has transferred that hate to all women who remind him of her.


    25. I heard that its not true, but if so I don’t see Bobby agreeing to be a part of this or allowing them to film his child in a coma. No Bobby B or Bobby show interest.

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