Kobe Bryant Blames Rape Case For Wife’s Miscarriage

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Miscarriage

Kobe Bryant said the stress of his rape case led his wife Vanessa to have a miscarriage, back in 2006 and he can’t forgive himself.

The Los Angeles Lakers star basketball player went on to say he believes the anxiety led his wife to lose what would been the couples second child.

Here’s what Kobe Bryant revealed:

“The rape case turned my world upside down. It’s a man’s job to look out for his family. In that aspect, I failed miserably.”

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  1. no kobe blame your dick for wanting to go up inside that good hot white p*ssy.

    whether he raped her or not is a matter of debate.

    most women are scared to come forward becaiuse most celebs have money and good ass lawyers to intimidate the women who come with stories.

    most like bill cosby’s situation dumb hos waited 30 years to discuss it yeah I met bill back on the set of the electric company he gave me some lsd in the jello pudding then I tripped out and next thing you know I was naked in the bed with my ass sticking out and this black guy with a hugh afro was ramming hgis cock in my ass singing the fat albert theme song.

  2. yeah I remember kobe raped me back in 1997 he made my ass bleed then he went and sucked shaq’s dick.

    he made me watch him eat shaq’s ass shaq liked it so much he made a song about it.

    • ^^Thank you!! This is so over and who knows they probably sacrificed that baby. Shetup Kobe.

  3. Now he this fool goes blaming everything else..didn’t feel sorry for him then and I dont feel sorry for now…get lost Kobe.

  4. Hey all my African American friends , all who see and read this ,,, could you pass this story around , gofundme . com/mqlyc8

    this is a great guy , he sent around one time a petition for reparation for all african americans , he believe this was the

    sart of his true hate in america and why he really got up … but no one and i mean no will help ,,, and after this

    incident he meet a lot of finicail wealth rich african americans , so would you pass this around help support this guy if

    you really love african americans like you act like you do ,,, please read story ,,, gofundme . com/mqlyc8 ……

    • He just released a special on HBO. It might be from that movie where he supposedly gets honest and real for the first time.

  5. The woman who claimed he raped her named Katelyn Faber has to be the ugliest most unattractive socalled whitewoman I’ve ever seen.This Coon risked his entire career for that?!SMH.

    • She wouldn’t be the first white trash that tried to bring down a black man. Just ask Tiger Woods.

      • Tiger Woods is not black and has stated this many times. It is so embarrassing how the black community wants to claim anyone with mixed heritage even after they make it clear they want to be considered multi racial smh!!

  6. if I’m not mistaken the women that accused Kobe of sexual assault was a white woman. after the case She went on a talk show acting cocky, she said she lied about it ?

    knowing how low and shady white women are it wouldn’t surprise me

    • But it always surprises black men like Kobe. He married one, so he, Tiger, the latest NFL fool being sued, none of them can complain. No sympathy here.

    • Miss Bayliss Katelyn never has done any media per the settlement/agreement with Kobe via his attorney.
      So you are mistaken.

  7. I dont feel no pity towards him or her whatsoever. He didnt think about that when he was raping that white conniving whore. Besides this is old news that he should bury.

  8. He should blame himself. He should blame the fact he couldn’t keep his penis in his pants. That woman was just one MANY, many women he screwed. He just got lucky their were multiple DNA samples in her privates/panties. These entitled fools think because they can catch/throw a ball they can do whatever they want & treat the women they love like garbage. (Rice)

    • Now THIS is the damn truth! If that chick hadn’t been a tramp, his azz would be in jail most likely.

  9. When are some and I said some now, some of these black men gonna realized that these white woman ain’t nothing but a white devil in disguised. Keep right on and those same ones is gonna end up being like OJ Simpson. Even he admitted he should have stayed with a black women before he met Nicole Brown Simpson and after his first wife Margurite Simpson.

      • Yep he sure snuff did. I remember after the his case, he and Margurite was talking about getting back together, but she changed her mind. So ended up in Florida. After he went to Florida with his two younger kids Sydney and Justin, he went to jail. Mind U now that her oldest daughter Arnelle was suppose to make the monthly mortgage payments. She didn’t pay the mortgage and OJ ending up losing his house. It was a nice house too.

        • Black women don’t squeeze their men until there’s nothing left, only white women do that.

          • The rest of my comment: and if the white woman don’t do it.. the judge will do it for them. They love awarding a white woman all of the black man’s money. Men need to wake the hell up.

    • But then why did he move on to a clone of Nicole? I don’t believe OJ would have taken up with a black woman unless all the white women were dead. Sorry but that’s my opinion. He hated his gay daddy who died of AIDS and so he turned that hate towards all things black…including himself.

  10. Most black men trade their black woman in once he becomes a success. Their stupid. Kevin Hart said that the Wayan’s told him that if he wanted to be successful in Hollywood that he would have to get rid of his wife and hook up with a white or near white woman. And of course he did it.




      SHAWN AND MARLON USED TO HUMP EACH OTHER ON THEIR SO Called sitcom and they used to kiss all the time and how many times marlon acted like a slutty whore on the show.

      jamie foxx will phukk anything man or woman.

      will smith’s bi ass him and alfonso acted like they were phukking each other and that damn butler acted faggish as hell.

      Geoffrey loved putting down uncle phil in front of his family made you wonder who was the head of the household.

      and tatyana acted like she wanted to phukk will when she was a little girl.

  11. The rest: This is when I stop supporting them. I don’t buy their music, their clothing line piecesm don’t attend their shows.. I give them no support at all. Black women aren’t good enough so let the whites root for you. John Legend, Kanye Mess, Kevin Hart and the rest.

  12. Darn! so much hate here for white women. Stop it and be fair now! Remember CEELO Green (whatever his name is) A black woman, who had been sleeping with him, sued his ass because he stopped paying attention to her. Claimed he put some drug in her drink. And he got a damn good lawyer too.
    PS Kobe Bryant had one of the best, top lawyers in USA. A White female. So stop the hate here for whites and latinos. It is not the way God wants us to be.
    I sure have had my share of racism here in midwest=hate for latinos, Even if born in USA college grad, working etc., One damn Dr did catarct surgery and within month I had a hole in part of eye. Cannot sue because they are slick Doing it to persons that are disabled, do not work and seniors like me! We cannot sue for pain and suffering anymore and Obama helped lawyers more by making it harder to sue damn drs. SO PLEASE be fair now. Man, so many of the black athletes etc, do black women too! be fair. Damn so much Hate That I will pray for you all.

  13. PS Remember now=Micheal Jordan’s black wife Juanita got the most alimony than any other woman after their divorce! Took his ass to the bank. She deserved it all and more.

      • She sure did then went quietly & happily on with her then 29 yr old boyfriend…MJ’s money securely in HER bank account! We won’t discuss the properties, restaurant & other acutriment

        • Auto refresh got me…
          She sure did then went quietly & happily on with her then 29 yr old boyfriend…MJ’s money securely in HER bank account! We won’t discuss the properties, restaurant & other accoutrements she received in her divorce.

          Whoever said she deserved/earned every cent was absolutely right!

  14. He’s an idiot with his wife. He should have kept it in his pants. Just retire and shut-up Kobe.

  15. lol sounds more like – she was in line to get paid and couldnt afford to have a baby by someone else so she aborted it – then went for the guilt trip of saying it was miscarried.

  16. Don’t forget, Kobe went up in that dirty white bitch raw. Don’t forget, that white bitch had two other men’s semens inside of her. Don’t forget, Kobe snitched on Shaq to the Colorado police. Don’t forget, Kobe still cheats on his wife! I can’t believe Lakers fans still cheer for this foul motherf*cker!

  17. Kobe can try to rehab his image all he wants…Rape Is Forever! So what he paid the woman off, he sodomized her for whatever reason(s). Vanessa is a looker, and he cheats on her with a less attractive chick. The stare of death she gave him at the infamous press conference is classic. Marriage has been tainted from the jump. Kobe married too young and broke his mother’s heart in the process. Do they really love each other, or, is it about the money primarily? If they divorce, she gets half. By and large, cheating is a part of sports on our side. Women of all colors throw the punany at cats on the regular. Not condoning the behavior, just being real about this issue.

  18. In this case Kobe was two things, too young and an adulterer. He should never worry about his critics but seek GOD immediately for repentance. As for Becky she was three things, a liar, tramp and adulterer with more than two mens semen in her panties. She should also do the same and seek JESUS immediately for repentance. Good day!

  19. Tyrone, not to kiss your behind too much, but I have always admired you because you shoot straight regardless of the popular group think. Your admission as to your political persuasion cemented that fact!
    You are the first black person on this site to imply that you believe Kobe had non-consensual sex with that hotel employee. I agree with you. Most folks feel that because woman is a skanky ho she cannot be raped. But as a female who has been “date” raped, I now that just because you are in a room with a man you know, that doesn’t mean that he can’t force himself on you making it rape.
    I don’t think Kobe is a terrible, evil person–I just think that the culture of sports that he grew up in led him to believe that he was entitled to whatever and whomever he wanted. It happens to many gifted athletes and celebrities regardless of color. And even though he was able to reach a financial agreement with the woman, I know that the incident was hell for him, and I think it has affected his life in a terrible way forever.
    Keep speaking your truth. You’re a man worth listening to.

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