Suge Knight Runs Out Of Money; Fires Lawyer

Suge Knight Deaf Dumb Blind

Suge Knight is not only going blind; the former Death Row Records CEO fired his lawyer David Kenner. Know why? Because, Knight is not only broke; he’s also refusing to take his medication. Just so he can spend his time locked up, inside the jails hospital.

Here’s what Knight told a criminal court judge:

“Since I have been here. I’ve lost about 30 pounds. I can’t really see… I can’t really comprehend what’s going on.”

Here’s what’s reported:

“Knight announced that he has fired his lawyer, David Kenner, who represented him after he parted ways with James E. Blatt.”


  1. This marks THE END of an evil empire called “DEATHROW RECORDS” and it’s commander in chief Suge Knight, fool you had Dr. Dre, D.O.C. Michelle, which you steal from “EAZY E” you have “Snoop Dogg”, Jewell, “LADY OF RAGE” who should have been the 1st female platinum rap artist, Nate Dogg Kurupt Dat, Nigga Daz and the late, Great Tupac Shakur and you, Suge was too much of an idiot to keep the label and it’s artists, what a justified tragedy

    • ENT GOON,

      You really believe our world is finally rid of that terror known as Suge Knight?
      You don’t foresee a magic “tell a little this-tell a little that” ticket out of prison in his future?

      I know but…I still had to ask you!

      • Really? I believe his time has come. Lol, mayb he waS the sacrifice! I hope they get him in jail, that’s why he’s trying to not be locked up! He’s pissed off a lot of people in his time!

        • Free da Big Homie Suge!!! I got love for him and One thing i admire about him is that he was Leader! All you broke Broke bums on here talking down on suge are Losers! He didnt kill Tupac. Get well suge and regardless of any of you hatin mothaf*ckas say? Nobody did it like Deathrow! Suge wasnt no faggot ass nigga and no Sellout like all tge niggas you see on t.v! Fuck all you who dont agree. Beyyyyooooouuuuccccch!

        • @ anon 14:25 Although I don’t believe in ritual sacrifices, in this particular case I hope you’re right!

    • Deathrow Records came to an end years ago when Suge got sued by a gangsta and the gangsta won, then in the usual fashion, the Jhews came in and took control of the thing! It was their creation after all… I would not bet that they put the gangsta up to suing just so they could swindle it out of Suge.

  2. This man is as crazy as they come. Does he think anyone really cares what happens to him.

  3. Blind, insane, incarcerated and broke. That sounds like the right ending to the life he led.

  4. This dude is heeelarious. He might not know why he lost weight but i do. Jail food ain’t exactly Mr. Chows or Five Guys for that matter. Talm bout he cant see…lol. what he means is he cant see himself going to prison. He ain’t sick his temperature might be 104 degrees tho from yellow fever. This whole situation reeks of Ezel “my neck, my back…my neck and my back, I need a early release, but i will settle for the prison hospital. He get E for effort

    • Plus no p*ssy, pork, cigars. That’s all he needed to lose weight. Nobody around to punk. But the killing part is, NOW his ass going blind, only AFTER his arrest. GTFOH!

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  6. I told yall that white man was going to take what little money Suge had left and in the process tell him they could not help him any longer and that he should take a plea deal and that Suge was going to loose it and fire everybody! Yep he kept trusting the white man to always be there to get him out of trouble, but that’s how the white man is, they use you up like they did Suge and then don’t want to waste time defending you cause they are done. Those lawyers got all that negroes money up to his last dime and now they can’t help him.

    Karma is powerful! The devil just don’t take a soul it takes your health, money, and your sanity. Can’t be diabetic with high blood pressure in prison. Yeah that devil is collecting on Suge!!!

    • You know, I thought he had diabetes. That diabetes will take your sight.

      Maybe it really was an accident, he was just driving blind.

      He prolly don’t want folks to know he goin’ blind.

      All that “weight” he used to play the heavy and it literally brought him down.

      Karma. has. GPS.

      • I think he does have diabetes. Someone mentioned it on the web that he has diabetes.

      • DR1,

        My mom called earlier to say the line was WRAPPED AROUND THE BUILDING & there was NO PARKING!

        Needless to say…
        I’m glad I’m not home to deal with it this year. The one I stopped at up here was packed this afternoon but I was only there all of 3 minutes to leave a donation & run. I usually go every year with my son’s basketball team. The boys all chip in on the table donation & we (parents & coaches) cut them a separate check. The money usually goes to support various childrens hospitals across the country but I’m not sure if they’re doing it that way this year. It’s one of the more honorable charities unlike Susan G. Kowmen.

  7. After he got out of jail the first time he should have took what he had left and go live in the quiet peaceful countryside somewhere far away and plant a garden and try and enjoy his family. The man is what 50 or so and still dont have his priorities straight…threatening poparatzi…getting shot up in clubs..not once but twice..showing up places he not invited trying to intimidate people…what a bone head.

  8. I’m not buying all of his lies. He didn’t belong on the nwa set and he knew he was only there to cause trouble. No more fatburgers.

  9. Suge is a violent criminal who should have never been out on the streets to begin with. He has to be a gov’t. informant which would explain why he’s been given so many chances.

  10. here the thing man suge help set pac one of the “greatest” entertainers of the century. till this day one “know” who shot pac right? come on man why do you guys think suge gets out of jall like this suge doesn’t have death row but he’s not broke or hurting for money. i guess masonic brotherhood say suge your time is up we don’t need anymore. the masonic brotherhood and sisterhood have judges, lawyers, fbi, dea, cia, etc. that work for them in case you get out of line if they need to kill or lock you up. most celebs deaths have been covered up they have people in the funeral homes work for them too to make up a “autopsy” to hide it was a murder. my “TIN HAT” is on too tight again lol

    • Stephen I like you and your posts because you are the one conspiracy theorist who also has a sense of humor. And who knows? In this case you may be right.

        • Stephen & DR1,

          I wholeheartedly agree as well…
          It’s just that this cat has “skated” on so many things we ALL know he should not have for almost 2 decades!

          Y’all really feel his reign is up regardless to what we all know about him & all his double-dealings?

    • Continue to spit truth! Most people on this thread know already, but it’s always good to see another “aware” brother. Thank you! 🙂

  11. The four of us is on the same page. And the way I swe it somebody is going to get him killed. But they way these folks is gonna do it is have a big ole fight and in the middle of that big ole fight, somebody is going to stabbed Suge. Seems crazy? Not one bit. But it is logical tho.

  12. Suge’s biggest problem is he wanted fame. Couldn’t be happy stealing and remaining this mysterious figure shrouded in infamy, no he wanted to be in front of the cameras. That was his downfall.

  13. suge wanted to be the mafia and a rap mogul.

    he terrorized lots of people.

    everybody that was around this man ended up in some kind of tragedy.

    pac is dead
    big is dead
    kadafe dead
    Orlando Anderson dead

    kat Williams been getting arrested and fell into drugs since hanging with this nut.

    irv gotti wanted to be suge til he was arrested.

    all the deathrow cats was stranded on there albums on hold for years.

    danny boy said nobody wanted to phukk wioth him since he was affiliated with suge.

    petey Pablo was locked up since hanging with deathrow.

    dre paid to leave deathrow he had to give up his mastertapes to all unreleased recordings including the chronic 2.

    snoop had to pay a few million to leave deathrow and suge still wouldn’t let snoop be at peace.

    amnd suge’s beef with puffy.

    man after 4 years in jail and suge still wanna diss puff the bad boy deathrow fued was over but he wanted to diss dre, snoop, master p, and puffy.

    suge dissed nwa and eazy but he wanted money from the nwa movie set so he decided to go and be a badass.

    suge need to go woop greg the barber.

    and those dudses whjo wooped ghis ass at the ballgame.

    nut been shot twice still trying to be a badass.

    suge this ain’y 1993 your time and reign ended when pac died.

    robbed yukmouth of his chain ehy its serious and hardtimes when you rob one hit wonders.

    and to all the artists on deathrow who believed in him only to have their records unreleased or on hold ask crooked I, 40 glocc, skg, j vALENTINE, AND THAT NON EXISTENT LABEL DEATHROW EAST WHERE HE TRIED TO BRING BACK ERIC B, BIG DADDY KANE, KOOL MOE DEE AND BOBBY BROWN.



    SAtan collects always.

    rest in peace to bobbi Kristina also.

    • And didn’t he hang “Vanilla Ice” out the window? Po fat stupid ass m.f. From now on his name is “Can’t Get Right.”

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