Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 26, 2014


He’s a Young Gangsta claiming to be Re’ed Up and Compton-bred, but his Left ain’t meeting his Right. Know why? This Jackson is being revealed as a Paramount, Cali kid, who caught a Blood beat-down by bonafide Piru Hittas. We’re told that’s while dude was delivering ‘My Hitta’!!!

He landed his first set of shine from doin’ the ‘Jerk’ dance… all up in his skinny jeans. But he’ll have you believe he’s earned solid street cred from serving time for robbery. Know why? That’s the tale he used to fuel his recently televised pub job. Just ask Arsenio.

This mugshot man is said to be crossing LA’s code of the streets… by throwin’ up twisted and misrepp’ed set signs. Just ask Jeezy.

Now, can you guess the name of the Phony Thug I’m talking about?


    • PROOF?
      Where is it?
      You can fool me like you do all these other thirsty ass readers.

  1. Its def YG! His real name is Keenon Jackson, he has a song called “my hittas”, and he’s from Cali. Follow me on ig @she_can_cut

  2. He did serve time from hitting a lick. (Home robbery) you idiot blogs don’t know everything. I’m from LA and happen to know mutual people he knows since before he became famous. Take this fake ass story down until you get your facts straight.

    • YG has several reputables who vouch for him and rolls with legit dudes. nobody would have been able to lay a hand on him without immediate repercussions. did these suppossed piru’s know magic and was able to make his team dissapear while they was beating him?

        The stories almost never has any proof. And the photoshop pictures to make the stories seem more compelling. JACKEY …. “You use to be that nigga boy what happen to ya?” – chief keef – Glo gang mafia ….. Go listen

    • This dude did a home invasion when the folks weren’t home. That ain’t gangster!! My crackhead uncle been doing that since the 80s. Yall new dudes suspect

  3. Who gives a f*ck.. about destructive gang members..beating and in some cases killing each other (black on black crime off)..Does his bid in jail.. for whatever..association with certain street types give him positive credibility? The problem is that too many young people are looking at that bullsh#t as something to aspire to be.

    • Thank you. The most dangerous threat to a black man today is another black man.

      They gladly are doing the white man’s work and luvin’ it.

      • It’s stupid to say black on black crime because people kill where they live. Would this apply to China and it’s people? ~ Dick Gregory

        • WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT CHINA AND ITS PEOPLE. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS GUY (black) and his association/ connection to gang members in California (black) right here in the USA!hence..black on black crime reference! I call it as I see it. Its destructive living and I for one won’t glorify it! Haven’t we lost enough young black men to this nonsense? That life leads one of two places..the morgue or jail..take your pick! I choose neither.I choose life!

          • Cosign:

            What we must acknowledge is that many of our people are into devil worship. Those of us who practice it do not practice formally like Europeans, but it is practiced nonetheless.

            When a black man kills another black man over something as trivial as a look, or something as delusional (since we don’t really own, manufacture or produce) as “territory”, but cast his eyes down to a YT callin’ him a nigga, then he is not only a bitch nigga, he is a devil worshippin’ nigga and the black man he just killed is his sacrifice.

            The more black men kill each other, the stronger the demon of white racism will become. They are making offerings to a lesser, demonic god and that god, period. The True Almighty doesn’t offer protection because the True and Living God doesn’t bless and protect devil worshippers.

            This killing has in urban communities has been going on in our communities since prohibition; however, if you really want to look at it, it has been going on since slave trading. The white man could not penetrate the African interior to get slaves for about 75 years due to his immune system. The Blacks (mostly the Oyo and the Yoruba) gladly assisted and kidnapped and then sold Blacks who looked like them to whites who hated them, for some f*ckin’ trinkets and some guns to be used to kidnap Black folks for slavery.

            So of course, after about 300 years of this, subSaharan Africa was ripe for colonization by the real devil which tricked them with some beads and guns to be used on each other.

            Sound familiar?

        • Anonymous: Forget that Slick Gregory quote – he is a house nigga working for the new world order. If people only killed where they live, explain why suburban blacks don’t kill suburban whites – but they might go into the ghettos and kill urban blacks? Slick Gregory is a very crafty house nigga. Listen to this VERY CAREFULLY:


          • Watch the news. It happens every day. I get it that was your subtle attempt to paint blacks in a violent light, but cave people are blood thirsty and kill their own as well. Google it.

    • So true!!!! We have to stop glorifying the killing, beating down and robbing of one another for street cred. Street cred will leave your dead or in prison. And we wonder why we are so lost as people. These young men are under spiritual attack and until they realize it they will continue to parish. You can’t fight a war if you don’t realize you’re at war.

      • “You can’t fight a war if you don’t realize you’re at war.”

        Truer words were never spoken.

        However, I will say that the devil never shows up uninvited…

        What is wrong with us? Especially our men? They are supposed to be the spiritual guardians of the race.

        God help us.

        • Amen Anonymous 16:05! What a disappointment. My has things changed for the worse. And with the gay agenda flying high, I weep for our little black girls.

  4. There talking about Compton Menace hit him or something. Because Menace is FTP, and YG is TTP. To me thats the only person who has beef with YG. It started at the DUB SHOW YG was doing his set and Menace and them were yelling. It’s on youtube. There was shots fired after.

  5. Went to school with Yg he a real nigga with real niggaz behind him iono bout the Ttp shit tho

    • Real nigga? Real niggaz bring something to their community, real niggaz are role models and show youth they’re better ways to handle their business and real niggaz don’t glorify getting caught. The real niggaz I know never had cuffs on them. I admit I don’t know you but you really sound like those who sat in the back of the class doing nothing and ridiculing others for working. Street cred is an excuse for those who don’t have the initiative to put in real work. If it was so important why does everyone leave when they get their first real check? Think people.

  6. Just finished watching “Black Ice” on Arsenio…Beautiful! Spoken Word is powerful when maximized to the fullest extent.

  7. Funny how peeps in here all knows yg and I’m a rap head that don’t know him, all the yg comments by the same person.

  8. This story is true ass f*ck! Titis nigga yg use too sleep on the couch at my homegirls house in (paramount ca) off Garfield nigga yes! This nigga was not gangbangin he was pushing that weak ass pusha ink shit!!! My lil hitt a beat yo ass in front of Ralph’s at the laderA center remember that? Fuck boy not. A piru I’m from la and been on the hood before 2007 lame niggas!

  9. And all my niggas f*cked his main bitch back in the day her name was Rachel nigga all for some extacy pills ! Remember when u and charley hood use to run around looking like some pill heads lol and I got money a crib and a new 7series with no rap check so this ain’t hating it’s facts cuz bitch ass niggas like. YG make my whole city look bad it’s real real crips and Pirus out here and we ain’t glorifying shit and when do u get street Fred for breaking into houses lol dats bum shit nigga not gangsta

  10. How does Lil Wayne claim all this crap? Does he pay for that privledge? Then I see Tyga putting 187 on his mixtape! lol! I seen a video Kurupt hosted on Mtv .It had Tyga in it and Tyga sucked,Kurupt was laughing at him. All of a sudden Tyga is 187. Give me a f*ckin break

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