Jay Z & Bey’s Cold Play Told: Chris Martin Got 99-Problems Cuz Gwyneth Got Bumped!


HSK Exclusive – Jay Z and Beyonce are being outed as the smashing secrets behind door number of Gwyneth Paltrow’s split from her rock star husband! According to our source, this ain’t nothing new. Know why? We’re told Gwyneth landed the leading role as The Carters’ threesome smash partner.. about a year ago.. after Hova and Queen of the Beyhive straight bumped the ten-year-married actress from Chris Martin.

Now, not only are Jay and Bey being exposed for giving Gwyneth as pass to use the N-Word — June 1, 2013 isn’t only the night she dropped the tweet, it’s also said to be the very time when Gwyneth chose up with Beysus and Mister Holy Grail!


Dig the drop:

“Gwyneth is Bey and Jay’s girl, and has been for about a year. When Chris found out about Gwyneth’s threesomes with Bey and Jay it was a wrap.”



  1. Oh please the four of them have sex together all the time. Jay smashes Chris too. They all know about each other!

    • You ain’t never lied! And pretty soon the whole Bey & Jay fantasy will blow up in smoke.

    • EXACTLY! Didnt Beyawnce once say in an interview that when she goes to visit the home of Gwyneth she never wants to leave because it’s like she at home with Gwyneth? hhmmmmm smells very “fishy” to me too…

    • I hear that Bey really like women I tell you stay in Hollywood long enough and you lose all of your standards. Kayne is a great example starting rapping Jesus walks and now he acts like he has not standards and has totally lost himself. Bee covers stuff up very well.

    • Goop & Bey’s aren’t so friendly anymore….just like Goop & Madonna don’t get along…maybe they were doing some woman-woman, but Goop’s WAY more into JZ…Bey may like ladies, she may like swinging, as long as she’s still the Queen Bey. No way is she letting Goop at JZ to mess up their “kingdom”
      Both Chris & Goop had affairs. Goop & the Glee producer, that rich guy when he was dating Elle Macpherson, supposedly Kate Hudson is sleeping w/Chris [at least he has better grooming than her last 2 rock band men]

  2. I think closer to the truth is that they all screw each other. Chris Martin was ok with that he just straight up dislikes his wife. Why not, she is a pretentious little bitch. And people are slowly waking up to the fact that Beyowulf is just another mind controlled f*ck toy with more ambition than brains. I could care less about any of their nasty asses

  3. Yep Gwynie is a hoe just like Beydunce. Both of their husbands can’t tolerate them. The difference is Jay has much more to lose if he divorces Bey because that is the end of their empire, so they portray the happy family act. Chris can leave and still have everything intact. Plus he and his bandmates hated Gwyn’s snobbish attitude.

    • And Gwyneth is so very unattractive. I guess looks don’t matter if you’re down with the program.

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People chose her as it’s Most Beautiful just a few years ago.

        She’s a type, and that type appeals to some, but not the masses. She is the quintessential ice queen WASPy snooty bitch(despite her having a Joo father.)

  4. there r pics of Gwyneth kissing ex bf Donovan Leitch, he was probably more upset about that. Jayz & Bey r just fetishes for them.

    • Goop is crazy about Jay Z. REALLY. She has been after him like a little lost puppy dog for nearly 10 years now. Anything you heard to the contrary is false. His only interest in her is that she represents that Upper East Side, WASPish Ralph Lauren ad life that HE fetishizes about.
      He uses her for the occasional vicarious thrill–no more no less.

  5. how these commentators here know there actual life makes me laugh. You dont know. Jacky does.

    • Well I know that Goop is living with her boyfriend of the moment Rick Yorn in LA right now.

      • And #Bloop! there you have it, lol.

        Nothing surprises me anymore, especially with Beydesperate, everything with her is contrived and disingeneous.

    • Who do you think Jacky’s sources are? Lol.

      As for GP’s current relationship, that is no secret. There’s been public discussion for several months about the new man in her life. Anyone who has an ISP or tv has likely seen it.

  6. No one can take anyone from anyone if they are unwilling to go! Some of you give these entertainers and industry executives too much power! Trust that if she went that route it was her choice to do so! She is who and what she is and so are they!

  7. Don’t throw rocks at me, but in that pic up top, Jigga almost look attractive for the first time. js

    • Coastal.com. Just give them your Rx and PD and your first pair of glasses is free. Just use the proper redemption code.

      • Yes he has had a lip reduction and the work is good. When you look at the before and after it’s subtle but an improvement. I don’t know what else he’s done, but shit, it’s his face and his money so why not? He’s not a case of trying to look white and get rid of his African features, like JLo, he’s just trying to lose the fug.

  8. They have been messing around for years. Beyonce is a Known Lesbo in the entertainment business..

  9. You people belive every’thing you read on sites, What your’ll keep saying about Bey & Jay it’s not true and deep down within your hearts your’ll know it ain’t.

    • Naw. Deep down in my heart I know they are money grubbing posers with no soul because they sold them. If you think it isn’t true, its because you are reading the wrong sites yourself. The truth a out those two is even worse than most sites are willing to print.

  10. Jays success has enabled him to fullfill his life long dream and that is having White friends.

    • You are 100% correct BA. Absofukkinlutely. He now feels that he is old NY money because he socializes with it. And for the record, they seem to like him more than most the regular folks here do. lol

    • Truer words were never spoken.

      JayZ hates his color, family (which is really why he shot his brother), his community, all that. He always wanted to be white.

      • “He always wanted to be white” which is something he has in common with his wife and mother in law.

        • You must not listen to lyrics. Jayz is highly intelligent. Although, I do not agree with some of his choices, he knows what sells. He fits right into this culture with a business mind about everything.

          That is why he is one the few black men in Forbes magazine. Now, if you call success being white. That’s sad news:”(

          Some of these sites should watch the bridges they burn. Messing with Jay you’ll be just another virus site.

          • As much as it pains me to say it, I agree with you. No matter what the prevailing zeitgeist is here in the urban blog community, Jigga is not just another YT mascot a la Snoop or Sam Jackson. He is respected, yes RESPECTED for his business acumen.
            And while most here say that he steals everything from other artists, that is part of his genius.
            You have to be very, very on point to know what shit is worthy of biting and calling your own. If everyone could do it, then why don’t they? He, like Madonna in her heyday has an innate flair for seeing something and realizing that it could become the next big thing and biting it and calling it his own. Remember “Vogue”? There were a lot of gay dudes up in Harlem who were shaking their heads in disbelief for days when the media celebrated Vadge for “discovering” the dance. Yet she saw it and knew it would be huge in the mainstream and so SHE gets the credit.
            And according to biographies and journals, Warhol was a cultural vampire without an original thought in his head. But he had the “eye” for cool.

            I would imagine, given his new interest in contemporary American artists, Hova would smile just thinking of himself being compared to Warhol. lol

            Don’t believe me?? Ask the late Andy Warhol:one of the most prolific artistic “thieves” of all time.

            • whoops those last 2 sentences should have preceded the paragraph before them. sorry for the eff up.

  11. Jay-Z is an ugly blackman with money, so, smashing some generic white female is seen as an ego-boost to a man that is not at the top of the black female food chain. For rich niccas, it’s about ego and status. Jay wants to be accepted by the white hipsters in NY so bad, him and Kanye share this never-ending lust.

    • Shocked that no one replied to you, Ty. Maybe because they believe the myth that Jay-Z’s money makes him = to white folks. He is rich, not wealthy. There is a difference. He is a coon with money. He is a detriment to the world. White folks have him gassed and they will ride him until his tank is on E. Stay tuned.

      • @Bella

        They don’t have to reply, just my 2 cents. Everybody got opinions, so, it’s all good. I’m critical of blackmen like Jay because they power over the minds of blackmen. As a race of men, we like to copy the faults and bad traits of other brothas. Jay is married to a beautiful blackwoman, what the f**k is he doing smashing Gwyneth Paltrow? It’s never enuf with these cats.

    • He is accepted by NYC hipsters as well as Oyster Bay lockjaws, Bridgehampton swells and Palm Beach doyennes.

      Stop with the foreboding predictions for his impending doom. He made it and he’s there.

      • No, I won’t stop conveying the truth. If you disagree, cool. I don’t need to know about it. There are billionaires who lost their fortunes to Bernie Madoff as well as the decline in the economy. I pity the fool who thinks anyone is exempt from hardship.

      • @George Michael

        What’s Good Brotha? As blackmen, we have to police ourselves. If one of us falls short, we have a duty to voice our displeasure with their actions. None of us are above criticism from our people, regardless of status. Jay ain’t no better than me, got more money in the bank, is a famous rapper, married to Beyonce, etc. Outside of that, he still a hood nigga just like me.. Same Baggage!

  12. Why is this story so believable! Beyonce career is a wrap foreal so she needs something to do,Tamar came and snatched Bey spot like a mugger,Beys album is garbage so scandal is her next career move..ole nasty ass

  13. not surprised nor impressed.disgusted at how foul beyonsaving and gay z are.they have lived multiple lives and still doing same foul shit.

  14. if you keep doing the same foul shit lifetime after lifetime at some point it who you are not boredom.

  15. People, especially black, always hollering about gay z have money and success. How many people he stepped on, sold out, and used to get it? How much does he care about his own people while trying to be a white man? How much white a** he had to kiss, lick, and stick. What is he giving back to his people and community. How many of his people has he employed? The hell with this demon and his demonic wife. I don’t care how much money they have, they will never have wealth just riches. The whiteman will only let them go so far and the man still calls the shots. They are nothing more than used puppets.

    • money is no replacement for character, intelligence, class, or soul which neither him or his wife posses

    • JayZ stepped on the very men that went to bat and helped him to achieve mainstream success and those people are Biggs and Dame Dash.Kareem Biggs paid for JayZ’s first video and how he repays them is to sell them out to DefJam for total ownership of the Rocafella name and Brand.I’d call jays a venomous snake.

    • LMFAO Chris isn’t even close to being gay or bi.
      He gets more p*ssy than a Grand Central Station toilet seat. You know you made that shit up.

  16. As a artist Jay was groundbreaking,but now he shows up in Brooklyn for groundbreakings helping to keep his people down for favor from the NY elite.I’d say that within itself is selling out.

  17. Question how will the camel and seabiscuts marriage turn out? Who stands more to gain/lose if a divorce happens or will a divorce be the final flag for either of them to maintain press/media/revelancy? I think they used the baby for that…now all they have left is a divorce or sex tape. I say divorce that way they can each do a “break up album” and people/press will eat it up like they did w/ Chris brown/riherpes

    • Naw the best thing they can do for press is sit themselves on fire! I will help them! If jay gay camel get any older and uglier his face will melt into a puddle of ooogly acid.

  18. If misogyny, materialism, = intelligence then gay z and his ghostwriters are GENIUSES!

    gays vs 50

    both are closet cases
    both want yts approval
    both will do anything for money
    both will be mascots for any corporation

    Only difference between gay z and 50is one is married to their equivalent. rich does not equal wealthy…rich does not equal old money. A mascot is a mascot to tap into markets for those above that are making more money than the mascot/puppets will ever make.

    50 should have married a mainstream pop tart at their peak to crossover and build a more “likable” “wholesome” family image. Even T.I. wasn’t that stupid. Not that is a good example of wholesome, but marriage and kids tends to hide the gay/DL rumors longer.

    • I can’t argue with your logic, and your analysis of TI’s shrewd maneuvering into an acceptable mainstream figure is brilliant. I disagree only with your statement that Jigga is rich and not wealthy.
      Folks have been saying this same thing about him for ten years now. They stay predicting his impending fall from grace as inevitable, yet he continues to get richer and still richer without any loss in his Q factor with the masses. Face it: Jay Z is very damn close to being a man of considerable wealth. Real wealth. I know “old money” families who are held in the greatest respect whose net assets total less than that of Jigga’s purported worth. In this country at this time, if one’s family has a net worth of 500 million, they ARE wealthy. No, they aren’t billionaires, but the majority of that small class of billionaires are “new money” fortunes.
      Simply disliking, even despising, Jay Z is fine, and I’m not nominating him for the Nobel prize for good character or brilliance; but, the comments pertaining to the ephemeral nature of his bank balance is becoming tired and it reflects others’ envy of what he has accomplished.

      • Beyonce and Jay Z are obsessed with appearances, particularly the appearance of wealth/success/power. Their purported net worth is a fiction of their own creation. Every year Bey’s publicist pushes their alleged net worths up $50 mill each, trying desperately to get them to Billion Dollar Couple status. And people buy into this bullshit, even though B-J got sued for not paying their private jet bill a couple years ago. Seriously? Bragging on hundreds of millions in earnings, but can’t pay a 130k bill?

        It’s obvious they’re not worth what they brag on for a few reasons:

        1) Bey and Jay have bad financial habits. They don’t get called out on this crap (over spending, buying dumb shit) because they’ve not filed bankruptcy or gone broke. The truth is, B-J’s habits are just as bad as the habits of their peers who have gone broke. The difference is that B-J have maintained popularity/earnings, so they spend without the consequences catching up (so far). Their less fortunate peers hit walls in their earnings, and the consequences of overspending caught up to them. Truly wealthy people may spend on the lavish/luxuries, but the wealthy are not going broke if they can’t/don’t work again.

        2) The wealthy elite are not desperate to be in Forbes. Many of the wealthy elite fight tooth and nail to stay out of Forbes. The truly wealthy do not want the world speculating on their cash flows. Even Forbes has admitted this. Forbes focuses on celebrities because they, unlike the wealthy elite, are happy to have their money discussed in Forbes. B-J is desperate to be in Forbes, and sucked up to a lot of people to get there. They see it as part of their bs image of wealth/success/power. The truly wealthy don’t brag that they are, just as the powerful don’t brag on their power. B-J constantly brag, which is a little sign they don’t have what they claim to.

        3) Neither Bey nor Jay are respected business-people. Jay was used as a mascot for the Barclays Center/Brooklyn Nets, but wasn’t let in on the Barclays land deal, which was worth billions. Jay got some money for being a spokeswhore, and some shares of the Nets worth $300,000. By contrast, a truly respected businessman was brought into the deal: Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. To be respected in business, you have to have capital that you can invest, then invest wisely in profitable deals. And no, vanity projects (Dereon, perfume lines, 40/40 Club) do not count as wise investments. Especially the perfume lines which are not owned by the entertainers, but the perfume companies which only pay the entertainers a licensing fee. That fee is a tiny portion of money the real industry players make off of sales.

        4) Neither Bey nor Jay have much capital, and they are less interested in investing what they do have than in buying toys. Beyonce considers it a pr coup to brag she bought Jz a private jet (especially after that bs with not paying their flight bills). If it’s true she even owns that jet (because with her, it’s entirely possible/likely she leases it and is lying about ownership), that’s $40 million that she could have invested. But she doesn’t think like that, which not only separates her from the wealthy elite, but tells me she doesn’t have that much going for her financially. Like I said, bad spending habits…

        5) Beyonce’s father was stealing from her and Destiny’s Child for years. So a lot of her money went into his pockets. Furthermore, Beyonce (who may have known daddy was stealing from her “sisters” in DC) had no idea that her father was stealing from her until LiveNation audited her while they were discussing a potential deal. If Beyonce was a businesswoman, why didn’t she already have regular internal and external audits on her books?

        6) Beyonce and Jz are constantly being sued for questionable business practices, and copyright infringement. I think Beyonce’s pr team in particular likes to pretend these lawsuits mean nothing by either acting like the damages aren’t that much, and she can easily pay them off, or by settling confidentially, then acting like Bey is so rich, the settlement was no big deal. The truth is, legal fees are the real kicker in a lawsuit. I’m sure Beyonce’s lawyers are very good, and very expensive. So each one of these pointless lawsuits that arise from Beyonce and Jz’s own laziness carves a whole into their pockets.

        At the end of the day, trying to assign a dollar amount to their income/earnings is entirely missing the point: they overspend; they don’t invest wisely or much at all; the projects they supposedly own/invest in are not making money or not really theirs; they don’t properly manage their finances; they are constantly in court; and they use pr to not only hide those things, but to then insist they have more money than they likely have. Despite whatever they may have grossed over the years, these are not wealthy people. And whenever their careers cool off (be it in 10 years or 50) I doubt they’re going to retire well. I expect to hear about bankruptcies and problems when the cash flow is over.

  19. The career that Beyonce stole and sold for is coming to a end that’s why her skeleton are falling out! The stan’s might as well get ready to cut themselves because your queen is meeeelting

      • K.1985 I have to say of all the rappers, I am the most stymied by Jigga’s possible “DL tendencies”.

        If it weren’t for his roommate situation a few years back, I would say he was the least likely to be gay of all of them. I mean, we KNOW he sleeps with women and seems to like them…but I know that still doesn’t exclude him. I just don’t get the DL vibe from him like I do from Kanye and the rest of the suga crew. ***shrugs***

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