Young Thug’s Pushin’ Skirts & Blouses…


Just when you thought Young Thug couldn’t trump blatantly gettin’ turnt — from blazin’ blunts, and sippin’ on sizzurp — all up in front of the cameras. dude just did. Matter fact, the ATL ‘Stoner’ took it to a whole other level when he proudly professed that his gear includes little girls clothes!!! Yeah… you read it right.

Here’s what the twisted ‘new hip hip’ YMCMB lyricist revealed — at the SXSW fest — about that leopard print (I don’t what) get-up:

“That was a dress. I think it was like an eight.. seven.. eight-year-old.. like, little girl dress. Of course, I’ve seen a lot of these punks biting.”

Let’s go!



    • I live in Australia. Being into rap since 85′. First it was make everybody a wanna b gangster. Millions all around world calling each other niguh. Pants saggin. Now it’s skirts and make up. I think millions round the world are gunna gay up. Sad. very sad

      • pretty sure wearing skirts and makeup doesn’t make you gay….it’s when you start fuxxin other men

        • What does it make you then? A heterosexual who likes women cloths. Don’t know anyone like that. Do you.

    • I like the photo shop picture..
      Y’all are only feeding in to the beast . Publicity is good publicity

    • Imagine how I feel about bringing a son into this world. Especially since I must show him this picture, and have another family meeting. We don’t get down like this, and we stay away from those that do. Too Much

      • But you are doing the right thing, mom. Teach that young man. Shape him into who you want him to be. My grown ass 17 yr old niece told me she likes ambiguous metro guys and guys in eyeliner are hot. Unfortunately she is into yt guys. I really really wish we had all sat down with her more when she was little.

      • “I feel the same here but its our job to guide them in the right direction”


        and that’s BEEN the case since FOREVER.

        CLEARLY that ain’t been working.

        because if it was, SOCIETY would be in a lot better shape – and so would Black people as a whole.

    • The guilt is too much. Just knowing that after you die, your child will have to be in this crazy world…it’s very scary.

      • It’s scary but remember for them.its not quite as frightening simply because they are used to it

    • Tell me about it this world is on the verge to having a series identity crisis this is why God says in the bible that men should not keep long hair and ask women to be submission to there husband we need order to stay in order. The devil is busy as sh!t. If I ever have a child I am raising it on a mountain away from the world.

  1. Don’t feel bad about having your daughter I know this is a really really sick world just pray hard to God that she dose not be come in this world

    • I’ll try, but she’s in 1st grade and one of her classmates got suspended for cussing in class and fighting. I just feel bad knowing how crazy the world is now and knowing that she’ll grow up and have to deal with it.

      • With a caring conscious mother like you she’ll be fine. Trust.
        It’s the little ones with mamas who are too busy doing their thing to care that we need to worry about. Keep up the good job sista.

        • “It’s the little ones with mamas who are too busy doing their thing to care that we need to worry about.”

          …which is about 70% of Black households…

          • Where did you get your statistics from? 70 of black households have disaffected parents huh? What percentage of white househomds do? Or Asian? Or Latino? Please provid the link. I think your numbers are off? Not to mention racist.

            • 70% of Black Households are single-parent headed. When it is just you holding it down, instead of two holding it down, it is all about the rent, food, utilities, clothes, gas. Nurturing is given second shrift.

            • How do you know how households nuture? How do you know that single parents are so consumed with finances nurturing their children takes a back seat. Can you please provide details as to how you came by this information? Or is it just a personal assumption? Are YOU a single parent that worries more about bills than the wellbeing of your babies? Please explain

            • @14:50…where do you get your statistics. 70% seems high. Tell me in your research, what percentage of white and Asian households are single parented. And Latino? Did the study include multi ethnic and bi racial households in its findings? Did it focus on divorced people or those never married? And did it take into account educational and financial differences as well as rural or urban.environments? Please provide more info because I think you are fulla shit. Some kind of weird reverse racist self hating crap

            • It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that nurturing is a time consuming project. If you are working to pay bills, for which you are solely responsible, nurturing is going to suffer.

              Stop being so sensitive. Grown black men are pushing leather miniskirts as a fashion choice. This BS didn’t come out of nowhere. Read a sociology book and don’t tell me ’bout your mama, grandmama or yourself.

              The evidence is bearing fruit in the black community of the effect of single parent households.

            • “My apologies, it is 67% of black households are single parent.”


              don’t try to pull my card, homie…nice try though; LMFAO

            • “I think your numbers are off? Not to mention racist.”

              please. you want RACIST?

              and you want NUMBERS?


              Black men are STATISTICALLY #1 in –






              HIV & AIDS

              KIDNEY FAILURE



              HEART DISEASE


              don’t try to run no “racist” shit on me without knowing wtf you’re talking about or who you’re even talking to.

              i can CONTINUE with the statistics — which ain’t RACIST — what IS racist is that Black people are SUBJECTED and SET UP to become VICTIMS of racism (in ALL FORMS)…THAT is wtf is RACIST, homie…so get your FACTS straight first before you try to quote ME on some shit.

            • A single-parent household doesn’t = an ineffective household. People need to get their heads out of their asses. My mom is a single parent and was longer than she was married. I didn’t miss a thing. And I had my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. I was never alone and raised exceptionally well. The ignorance on this thread is appalling.

            • Lol…bullshit. Fake stats pushing a fake agenda. 39% of black children are born to never married patents which means the majority are being raised in intact households, which is why I was asking about financial ans geographical details.
              U stay on here w that same tired ass statistic and are always yattering about it under your many different aliases. Even though you keep getting dragged for it.

            • You must be confused. I didn’t quote you shit , I merely asked since tonight under yet another alias you once again posed as a defender of this tired ass dogma. You stay posing as the staunch defended of these fake ass stats so I wanted to know what your sources were. I didn’t ask you for your opinion, which is what “nurturing is time.consuming” is. That said, I’m glad you acknowledged your numbers were slightly off. They r actually way off. But u r on here to push agenda the same as the p*ssy boys in skirts. Won’t work. But good luck tho

          • INCORRECT, ppl need to stop trotting ut stats that they don’t understand! This is a gross mistake that ppl consistently and ignorantly tout as accurate and do so with confidence. These stats are YEARLY, they are NOT national SHARE STATS. Meaning they don’t = to 67% or 50% or 70% etc of Black households being of single parentage. It means of the ppl included in the research for that YEAR, households were % single. not 70% of 42 million ppl!!

            And yes, stats where it concerns Black ppl are to be taken with a grain of salt. Our stats are forged from a variety of racist circumstances that don’t take these things into account. You are an ignorant fool.

            • Thank you!!! People who never took statistics who feel too free to misquote statistics that they never tabulated get on my motherf*cking nerves.

              I take Black family and CDC stats with grains of salt, pepper and pico de gallo powder. Lol

            • Thank you AplMac. That is exactly what i was trying to point out to that racist troll fool, forever on here talking that 70% shit they pulled out they ass about black families. Hit em w the truth!

          • Not all single parent households are hopeless. Some Black parents co-parent. I know quite a few single moms with Masters degrees- but that’s in California.

            The women I know aren’t just sitting around waiting on a check, they are educated! And their kids have fathers who are very involved.

            • Just Joi, I agree because we all know folks like that, but what does that say to the child when your father will not marry your mother?

              When the father dies and your mother cannot even make funeral arrangements because she is not next of kin or your father’s assets wind up in the hands of someone else?

              When your name is different from your father’s?

              When your household is split between different baby mommas?

              We are adults we can process this, but it really makes A LOT, NOT ALL, BUT A LOT of children bitter and feeling less than.

          • I am still stuck on women who are willing to date gay and bi-sexual men. Fighting women is enough now I got to worried about men too I don’t think so I will pass keep on walking. I want a real man who know his manhood deeply that I can also feel deeply.

  2. Ok so not only is he reppin for the gay agenda, he’s also signaling to pedophiles. Disgusting. All that just for a little bit of fame. Sold his manhood for a passing mention and a pat on the head from Massa. So sad.

    • 2 in 1! Right!

      Why is a grown man, linking anything to little girls?

      Call me old-fashioned, but what Mother or Father would buy their ‘8 yr old’ a leather tank top and a Short leather skirt?

      Perverse world. Fuelled by sexual desires…desires of the flesh!

      Alot of us are spiritually & mentallty effffffed up and we ain’t even know it!

      Nurture, tend to, make contact, heal your soul…

      Be strong spiritually, in order to be strong physically & Mentally.

      This world isn’t easy for any1!

      Our minds are constantly under attack.

      We need to be aware of that. Protect it!

  3. I’m SO sick of this bullshit being forced! I wish God would just strike the hands down that’s coming up with this stuff.

    • As confused as the world is becoming I only see it last for at least 3 more generation because none of us will have models to emulated World War 3 is on its way it is already beginning in Russia and one Soloman’s Temple is rebuild that will be a real sign that we are in the last days for real and that the devil has arrived to rule in the flesh.

  4. I think the saddest thing about it all is that this is the way black men are now being thought of or viewed while this is just the gay agenda along with the continuation of the destruction of the black male being forced on us. first we were all thugs and now they want the masses to beleive that we are not even real men any longer. That soul selling fag should be taken out back and shot in the head.

    • “first we were all thugs”

      please..we was “3/5ths” way, way, WAY before we was even “THUGS”.

      and then before we was 3/5ths, we was…(ya’ll see where i’m going with this.

      PROPAGANDIZING the PERCEPTION of Black men is NOTHING new to this country…dates back WAY before THUGS, man.

      • We were kings and queens before we were anything else. Get your mind right. That’s why these devils push their slave propaganda and their gay agendas. Anything to cause death and destruction to Black people.

        The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. I rebuke him and his many minions.

  5. Just because he chooses to dress like that doesn’t mean that others have to or even should! Its called choice people..stop giving these celebs so much power. You aren’t forced to go out and spend your money buying anything that they try to endorse or push on the public!Your money .your choice!

    • They dont have power over us grown folks. It’s youngminds they atre after. Teens look to celebs for fashion and style. That’s the point. Eventually kids start thinking its trendy,not perverse like the teen mentioned above.

      • Truth, the children are the target. This gay stuff is just the new agenda…… Put in a jayz album and ask yourself why is he almost a billionaire and still talking about selling crack on almost every song for the last 20 years. For the same reason this young thug guy is wearing skirts after he has only had one hit, to influence our youth. Wake up people.

        • This guy refers to another man as his love,but yet denies he’s a bowl of fruit.I think is transparent which team he plays for besides Young Money.ha.ha.

      • This exactly. It’s not grown folks that are the target here, it’s the impressionable youth coming up. Same way 20 year olds now think sagging their pants is cool, young boys growing up will think it’s ok to dress/act like a woman unless their family teaches them right and they aren’t lead astray.

      • Who buys kids clothing? When I was growing up I couldn’t just walk out of my moms house looking any type of way! She was aware of what I wore, and until I was old enough to wok and buy it for myself she bought no that sh*t wasn’t going down.

      • People will target any and everyone they consider vulnerable. The middle aged and the elderly are under attack as much as the youth. Please understand this. The attacks just appear in different forms. That’s why people need to stay focused, stay in prayer and stay ready.

    • This is some YMCMB doings. Recognize. Cant blame the white man while supporting these fools.

  6. I have no words. Why would any grown man want to wear a woman’s skirt and top and see nothing wrong with it.

  7. That’s it, I was already done with rap, but this shit takes the cake!
    What kind of p*ssy ass generation are we raising where any type of boy or man would look up to this homosexual ass nigga! Wake up people, shit has gone too far! Real men stand up!

      • Lol…more bullshit fake statistics. You might as well give that tired shit up

        • I am not the one who quoted any statistics previously, but you should stop saying that all statistics are wrong just because you don’t like what they reveal. Some are skewed, I agree, but some unflattering stats are pretty close to the truth.

  8. America is the Modern Day Sodom & Gomorrah so these abominable acts shouldn’t come as a surprise. Help is on the way and America is on her last leg.

  9. It you’re looking to Propel yourself to the next level in America just come out as Gaye and you’ll go from a nobody to a somebody instantly. Don’t believe me?Ask Frank Lotion.

    • LOL, Frank Lotion.

      The agenda use to move with stealth, but now, it is getting more and more blatant. This is about pedophilia and sexual confusion.

      When I see this, the father was missing from his house, either on drugs/alcohol or just not around.

      But that was the plan. This shows us to never ask again, “how bad can it get” because the answer to that is pretty f*ckin’ bad.

      • Exactly!

        This was in the works 4 some DECADES now.

        Offer Welfare, but only when there is no Man around.

        Flood the Inner Cities with Drugs. (Notice how the influx increase AFTER the Riots in 1968….Same thing they did the the Native Americans….the Pacification Process)

        A Bar on every Corner in the Hood.

        Mass Layoffs of Black Men.

        NOW, They R pushing Books like “I have 2 Mommies” in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.



            • True, they are some evil bast*rds. They are anti-life period, and our people always seem to catch their insanity. I don’t like that these “men” don’t know that this is instinctively wrong.

              Same thing in Africa. You are going to sell people, via raids and kidnappings? I guess we really learned nothing.

              Any group that is so willing to adopt the ways of another people never had a culture, religion or history in the first place.

        • “This was in the works 4 some DECADES now”


          only 4 DECADES?

          let’s see…BLACKFACE dates back further than 4 DECADES…so let’s not leave that off the table either.

        • Change bar to liquor store. No grocery stores, just fast food restaurants. No banks, just check cashing places that charge you 3% of your check (probably more) when all you have to do is pay $5 to cash it at a bank.

          Anything to keep Black folks oppressed, conflicted and afflicted.

          • RIGHT, and Noted.

            I would also add RACIAL PROFILING.

            Don’t believe me, go 2 the Courthouse on Traffic Speeding day, and count how many Brothas, Sistas, and Hispanics R N Court.

            Now count da number of Wite Folks.

            4 being the so-called “Minority”, SOMEBODY is sure lining their pockets off ANY INFRACTION they can when it comes to us. (We R just targeted more.)

  10. U got billionaires in hollywood like david geffen
    Thats pushing this agenda and lobbying in d.c for
    Gay rights.

    • You have a “Black” POTUS who is pushing a gay agenda. I can care less about David Geffen. We need to pinpoint the devils in our shade as much as we need to be on the lookout for the pale skinned devils.

      • THIS!!

        Bella, I just gotta think how weak we are as a People that something so personal and innate such as sexual orgasm can be manipulated.

        But as they say, the devil works by suggestion.

        I always thought crack was the demise of our people, but it will be THIS

        • YEP!

          The ol Bait and Switch, in full effect!

          I M Black when I want 2 B elected, but Turn Wite as soon as I M SWORN N!

  11. Looking at that photo in the half shirt and skirt ALL I see is Riley in clothes that Gangastalicious designed! Lmao- Somebody Help Me!!!!!!

  12. Studies show babies are naturally moral, which leads me to my next point. These are grown people making these decisions to act out and act up. God has given us freewill, but it seems ppl choose to live the here and now, thinking of zero consequences.

    They seem to only place value on money and fame. When truth is once you have sold your soul to pleasure you become numb to it. And no longer get satisfaction. Like an addict chasing after the first feeling. Keep searching

    The real pleasure is in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    • Whenever you find some, please let us know. The majority of the real men are dead or have one foot in the grave.

    • too late.

      RAPPERS are the little guys’ dads now…along with a few pro athletes.

      it’s one of the dirtiest developments, man…where these rappers are about to take this next generation of kids.

      disintegration at it’s finest.

      kids these days are basically either gonna be a gangster or gay or some combination of both.

      try to stay positive though

  13. My dad raised my sons / he’s physically moved into heaven yet I’m SOOOO glad he raised them with teaching me

  14. Amen, Benny! Prayers of protection for your daughter as well as the rest of your family.

  15. Our OGs had some f*cked up issues too. Their home lives weren’t great- which is why Black women aren’t getting married. It’s about what our parents went through. Just because they were manly, doesn’t mean the children didn’t suffer from generational curses.

    • Very true Just Joi, I am so glad you said it. I don’t give any older person respect unless they are worthy. The older generation was very f*cked up and rather jealous of the opportunities that were afforded to those of us who came later. They hid behind the whole tradition of “respect the elders” which dates back to our African ancestors.

      Slavery really did a job on our people and when you combine that with human faults and personality deficiencies and psychological damage…

      You arrive at THIS.

    • I have to say, I honestly don’t agree. I don’t know all individual situations, only that its not the experience of me and mine. At all.

  16. this fool had a boyfriend taking pics holding hands and he says hes not gay.

    too many examples.

    gay chit in music been around for decades.

    nicki minaj was openly bisexual to test the waters then so called thugs kissing each other.









  19. Omar just got a new TV Series, and I BET wearing that Mini Skirt was part of the unwritten contact.

    • nae nae there are a fair number of people here who swear that a blackman is forced to put on a dress or skirt in symbolic capitulation of his manhood in order to get to the next level.
      These tend to be the same folk who see conspiracy theory all around. ***shrugs***

  20. Say that nae nae. The strongest weapon our enemy has ever had against us was/is our own division.

  21. Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just
    so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views.
    I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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