Evelyn Lozada Handles Wendy Williams: Blasts Kevin Hunter’s Shopping For SideChick!


Wendy Williams is being forced to face the wrath of a woman she recently scorned… in an oh so serious way. Just ask Kevin Hunter. Know why? Evelyn Lozada put dude’s pricey purchases (previously unknown to wifey, Wendy) from Ev’s Miami-based shoe boutique.

This, after Wendy referred to Ev’s baby boy as “a cash register” — during a recently televised “Hot Topics” segment of her show.

Peep it:



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    • I wouldn’t call someone with an eponymous TV show and many guest hosting gigs F list. Wendy is A list TV and B list in general celebrity terms. Not back in her radio days but now.

  1. Didn’t that hoodrat just birth a youngun? Ain’t she got nothing better to do?

  2. GET HER EV!!!

    #PUTTHATONHOTTOPICS lol, you can’t hate on Ev w/this one…Yeah Ev,let’s see if that’s a HOT TOPIC, probably not cause Wendy know she’ll get knocked upside the head if she does that…

  3. Evelyn Lozada can’t be blasting “NOBODY” she had three Athletes,the third time was the charm when she allowed herself to get pregnant by this one. The first one DUMPED her ass after 10 years, Ocho beat her ass, ink wasn’t dry on annulment/divorce papers and now she has had a baby by another Athlete?? Can we say CHA-CHING?? That baby was insurance since she failed in her last two relationships. Wendy KNOWS what the hell she talking about and Evelyn Lozada dumb ass don’t know a damn thing! GTFOH

  4. Get her azz Evelyn,

    She think she culd say whatever she wants, whenever and however.

    Knowing that big bully she call a husband aint no good. She kno he cheating, and her son, well that’s another story.

    Lets see her unscramble them EGGS!

    • WHAT ABOUT HER SON!?!? Too much, too much! 1st the husband cheats, mayb w/ T-grls. 2nd she knows and dont care. 3rd she really is a les and their both gay. 4Th?!?! Please dont tell me son is gay or not hers my head will explode! Hell I just learned Solange was Bey daughter! Remember the days as black people we could point our finger at white people for messy family drama hehehe, those days are gone!

  5. Right! Wendy is dead wrong for this. And if the shoe was on the other foot and it was lil Kev being talked about, Wendy would have had a heart attack
    Fucking hypocrite!

  6. Evelyn hoe zada ass! Thts why her shoe store was nothing but a store front by abandoned buildings! Hoe plz bbw made your store appealing! She jus tried to say tht to make wendy feel bad. She knw she needs another meal ticket. She lives off of endorsements.

  7. WOW…these women never feel like they have grown beyond teenager rhetoric…and steady popping out babies to raise, when they CLEARLY haven’t finished raising themselves -_-.

    woe is the 21st century

  8. Evelyn is an industry cum catcher. Her kid is an insurance policy well known to all. So the kid isn’t off limits his whoring mama made him a target. Wendy isn’t wrong on this but she is in denial about her own situation

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