Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 14, 2014

HSK Blind Item

She may have Oscar to call her own, but publicists are said to be left scrambling to find this Señorita a male counterpart… so they can keep her facade, and their jobs! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Brad Pitt.

It’s a Hollywood hunt that led one Dallas Buyers Club member to spark some of Tinseltown’s top publicists into scratching their heads. A tipster tell us… that’s why they’ve taken it back to a Northern rap star for the cover-up…

Dig the Drop:

“First, he’s married and all of a sudden he’s divorced? Who do they have on this smoke and mirrors mess?”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Can someone help understand exactly what is this saying? I don’t quite understand it

  2. Why is it so imperative that she have a man? I doubt she’s a lesbot but even if she was, I doubt anyone would care. Seems like all of Hellaweird is either gay or bi.

  3. I believe this story is suppose to hint at the fact she is gay…Hence need for a male counterpart HSK get your life.

  4. Lupita is a pretty woman but not the raving beauty her pr people have been trying to make her out to be in the press. She is grossly overexposed and the hype will not last. I hope she’s saving and spending that money wisely into other ventures that will sustain her in the future.

  5. They just couldn’t wait to drag her could they? If she’s single then let her enjoy it and if she has a man/woman…get the hell out her business and mind ya own…in short let her live. Damn

  6. Who cares! Why is someone’s sexual orientation so important? If u not kissing and loving on her, who cares!!!

  7. If she’s gay, then all the stories from the set of 12 Years a Slave are false.

    I seriously doubt it. Not everyone in show business is gay. Most of the guys who “play gay” wouldn’t be able to if it weren’t for all the drugs used to remove all inhibitions, hang ups and natural tendencies.

    Lupita just doesn’t show any of the signs of being a big party girl. Considering her background, I think she’s probably heterosexual and doesn’t do any more than smoke a little weed.
    And as for the rapper from Canada, they have allegedly been friends for quite a while. I never thought they were boyfriend/girlfriend. IF there was any attempt to mislead the public, it was most likely motivated by a desire to distance her from the Brad/Jared rumors, not from her being a Lez.

    • Everyone is show biz is gay except for Denzel Washington and Cedric the Entertainer.

      • Newsflash, Denzel and Cedric have been backdoored! Jacky reported this years ago. Check the archives!

        • I know Cedric got flipped after he started getting those TV shows.

          But Denzel?
          I need receipts.

          • Not my future second husband, Denzel ( provided Paula lets him go, which ain’t likely)….he is one of the few that managed to slip through the cracks. Denzel ain’t no gay for pay

      • ced wore a dress long time ago on the steve harvey show.

        him and steve acted kind of on the dl.

      • It has been said that Lupita had an on set affair with Steve McQueen who in turn made her part much flashier and thus into an Oscar contending role.

        • I have never heard that, but people will talk, because its so impossible that she could have possibly just been a damn good actress and earned the award. Folks have to find reason to justify how this beautiful, dark skinned, stylish, intelligent (Harvard grad) managed to get her Oscar, and all the fame and attention that she has gotten since playing the role in 12 yrs a slave.

  8. What’s with the constant attacks by allegedly Black-owned/run blogs against Lupita? I have yet to hear or read derogatory comments about her from anyone other than Black people. She is a hot commodity because she is fresh off of an Oscar win. Are Black males THAT jealous of WoC?!. Damn.

      • ROTFL @ Scorpiess and Christa. I try giving them the benefit of the doubt.

        *drives off in my Mercedes, though I haven’t had one since 2005* *pulls up to my $1 million house, though that’s a condo in my neighborhood* *sprays Glade,though I don’t think my isht stinks*

    • Where is the attack? This post was barely intelligible, but reporting that her PR people are trying desperately to link her to a man is not an attack.

  9. No offense but hwood is always telling me who or what is hot. I can pick my damn self and lupita aint hot to me. I prefer a Angie Bassett type. My call at any rate.

    • I like what you said:

      “No offense but hwood is always telling me who or what is hot. I can pick my damn self”

    • Co-sign that I don’t know about you I am fed up of seeing her face across EVERYTHING. Not jealous or nothing but she’s hyped up for what? She’s just another privileged African living in America guh si down gyal and tek time jheez lol.

  10. Well, her publicists, managers and what not needs 3 squares and a cot/bed too. For them it’s all about keeping her name out there and keeping her working so they can get their percentage. It’s all about the cheddar fella.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Lupita was gay because that is how Hollywood rolls.

    Roll Wit me Henry, all night baby. Gotta roll while the gitting is good. Roll on Roll on, Roll on. LOL

  11. a star rises from a slave movie created for the sole purpose of continually degrading the African diaspora, and black people stupidly just can’t stop talking about her. she and her celebrity should be ignored and follywood can be left scrambling with what to do with her…

  12. and i really hope none of you “so called enlightened black folk” didn’t spend a DIME on this in the theater, on your netflix, at the redbox, or thru your cable subscribers. not a DROP of this movies profit, and the sellouts who agreed to the portrayals, should have come from the black community.

    • Didn’t see the movie and wont but I have to confess to watching Django via bootleg

      • Me too and i liked Django very much. If you haven’t seen it, you wouldn’t understand.

        • With the 300-500 black slavery films to choose from, I think I already have a pretty good handle on that 500 year period of human history.

          Hollywood will not let me forget who is in charge because the victor catalogs history while they are in charge.

          • I hear you, but Django isn’t a film about slavery. It’s about a free bounty hunter whooping white ass all through the south.
            Through skills and acumen Django conquers the oppressors and wins all. It was like watching your team win the Super Bowl.

  13. I put down the black people who shot Malcolm X in 1966. Am I wrong to be critical of them, being that Im also black?

  14. Your world must be nice; lined with paper trees, and paper houses, and crayon rainbows in the sky.

  15. K’Naan divorced in 2010, before he went on his first big tour…long before he was publicly dating Lupita.. if anybody cares…..

  16. Why is it that it’s insinuated that if a woman has no man she’s automatically a lesbian?

    • Because males who don’t deserve a good woman refuse to believe that all women aren’t desperate/trying to beat our biological clocks, etc.

      I have only been called a lesbian by dudes I’ve politely turned down. Real men know what real women are and what real women like.

  17. Lupita is in Hollyweird. She’s gonna deal with the same self-hating blackmen, creepy whitemen, as every other blackwoman in the industry. Sista, get you a real cat, chill out, and stack paper. Don’t act like a desperate woman for them folks.

  18. Gorgeous dark tone female without hunks of weave attached to her head and fake ass or tits
    And we still cannot hold each other up
    Barrel busting with overcritical Negroes

  19. What is it about some of our own people hate to see someone doing well..crabs in a bucket mentality.Makes up feel better to hear the worse about another sister doing her thing..Can’t be happy for her..must speculate why she was chosen and not one of us or someone else? DON’T HATE CONGRATULATE

  20. MissK I know you didn’t ask me, but I’ll give you my opinion anyway. I think the reason why they feel that everything is a plot or a conspiracy by TPTB, whether it’s who gets to be a star or who gets elected president, is that they can feel better about their own personal failures. They didn’t sell out, so they weren’t chosen. Instead of admitting that some folk maybe work a little harder and stick their neck out a little farther and end up succeeding. Honest to gawd I never saw anything like the way that everything is part of a conspiracy until I started reading this blog. It’s crazy. But I like the people here and they’re good people by and large. I just wish we could take pride in our accomplishments and not just dwell on the bad stuff. Maybe some day.

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