Otis ‘Big Daddy’ Williams: Bey & RiRi About Money NOT Music!


“Temptations crooner Otis Williams is concerned that modern music has no morality as Rihanna and Beyonce embrace a ‘sex sells’ attitude.”

Motown’s legendary ‘Big Daddy’ is callin’ out Beyonce and Rihanna for “selling sex” rather than music. ‘The Temptations’ OG, Otis Williams, singled out Bey and RiRi as two of the leading faces of pop music, whose tunes are far from tempting to his musical ears.

“He’s concerned that the money made by the musicians are now more important than its morality.”

Williams’ word dropped during a recent interview — as The Temptations tour the UK with The Four Tops in a celebration of Motown music. The OG member of ‘The Temptations’ also added he’s “appalled by some of the stuff that’s being played on the radio.”

Here’s what’s Otis Williams had to say:

“A great song will always stand the test of time…

I watched Beyoncé at the Grammys, and I have to say I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, but what she did with Jay Z I thought, ‘No you ain’t girlfriend’!

I love Rihanna but I’m shocked by her and a few others that are coming out with very explicit things.”


  1. He’s correct. These “entertainers” are put in place to continue the degradation of women and promote further immorality among the youth in our society. As long as they are getting paid, they could care less about how their actions impact society. This is why they are always drunk and high. Keep ’em drunk and high and they will do damn near anything.

    • My My Otis is 72 but it appears that he has forgotten all the drugs,and drama that came along with the TEMPTATIONS when he was Beyonce age ..I swear when people starting aging they start forgetting their past and judging other peoples present …..what a slew of unhappy people that troll this site

      • @judy Jetson: You’re forgetting on key point: The Temptations still made good music while they were doing their dirt. I don’t think Mr. Williams is being preachy at all. He’s not saying anyone has to be an angel. He’s just telling these glorified hookers not to rely on controversy and sleaze to sell music.

    • You said it all, Anonymous. I agree with you and Mr. Williams wholeheartedly, which is why these folks don’t and won’t see my coin.

      P.S. I love The Temptations, though. 🙂

  2. It’s all trash to destroy the minds of the youth so that they can be mind controlled later. Yep I said it.

  3. God bless otis Williams because he was one of the original temptations and the temptations sang music that was real music this stuff today is pure garage in those times the artist was interested in how they sounded and they wanted to sound good and let people know what the temptations sounded like it was more of a brotherly love in their music I know it wasn’t all easy and drugs played a role as alcohol as well but the writers wrote music Marvin gaye sang music this bullshit today is an embarrassment we have been lead astray and told to get on stage half naked do all the vulgar things needed to get your name out this is the order not music the men are told to dress as women and take drugs it’s a disgrace and those two bought and sold whores for those demonic people will indeed pay the price because the devil is a lier and always have been the industry is destroyed because of the of this I only wish I could have been there to hear REAL musicians and singers were preforming REAL artist like the temptations Marvin gaye the ojays Jackson 5 Curtis Mayfield smokey Robinson Jimmy ruffen those were real musicians I send much love to otis Williams and the other that have passed on rip.love u otis

  4. It’s not just these two “puppets” the whole of the music inDUSTry thrives on devil worship and satanic subliminal vibes..I weep for the youth and our future..it look bleak.. God come wash away all di sickness & wickedness on this land…

    • so true. beyonce acted like a she bitch in heat,but Katy Perry performed a vlack magic ritual right onstage. all of them are a wack bunch of lip synching prostitutes

        • This is just my opinion, but I agree with the poster in the Gene Simmons thread who said that all the devil worshiping satanic shit is really just a way to shock and get attention. In other words a gimmick. I do not think for a minute that little white bread Katy Perry is on a satanic tip
          than the man in the moon.
          But I like and respect what Mr. Williams had to say.

  5. I agree with candy look the. Let’s get to the root of the problem. this is a fight between good and evil.

    • Yes pretty red bone, the music inDUSTry is all smoke & mirror, cosmetics surgeries, drugs, fake asses, boobs, lips & fingertips..it gotten so I don’t even want to listen or watch anything anymore..what’s the point? Am old enuff to decipher the real from the fake, but today’s youth can’t figure the real and all these images and so called celebrities are confusing the f*ck out of them..#SoSad…

  6. The auto refresh messes up my comments but most of you guys here are smart enough to get my point. Lol

  7. Wow Candy, my sentiments exactly. I’m at the age where I can see all the BS but the poor kids are so impressionable. Lets pray for our youth bc its only getting worse. May God Bless the youth of today!

  8. Otis Williams is telling a GREAT truth but didn’t the TEMPTS do a couple of psycho-drug cultures albums in the late 1960’s to tap into the youth market with songs like poppa was rolling stone, this debate went on in the 1970 through the 1990’s and will continue to go, what we who love music is balance not censorship

    • No one is talking censorship. I think people are just sick of turning on their TV and seeing Rhianna, Beyonce, and let’s not forget Milly Cyrus performing simulated sex on the screen. That garbage has NOTHING to do with music at all. Like the man said, a great song will last forever. Not everyone wants to see these entertainer’s a$$e$ on stage. We just want great music.

    • yes they did. he’s preaching pretty good right now that he’s 70 years old. in his day up until his 40’s he had no morality. slept with everything that moved. beat their women. not just david ruffin, they all did especially otis and paul williams. they were smiling and sangin good stuff on thay stage. but in real life they had the morals of alley cats. negroes get to be 70 and then get real self righteous. otis up until he was nearly 50 years old was not a good man by any definition. druggie, abuser of women, violent temper, bad dad and didn’t claim all his kids and cheated and backstabbed other members of the group, h needs to have a seat

      • Otis is talking about music and performing. If they did dirt, they did it off stage and not on stage, and if the brought it on stage, over time they were kicked out the group.

      • Otis is talking about music and performing. If they did dirt, they did it off stage and not on stage, and if the brought it on stage, over time they were kicked out the group. That’s not being self righteous. Berry Gordy’s crew had a lot going on behind the scenes, but he was instrumental in artist development classes, teaching his acts class while they were on stage, in public or during interviews. Record companies don’t do that today.

  9. i u woke u wouldn’t be surprised… this ain’t gospel music we talkin bout.. time goes on and so does style.. nothin stays the same.. secular music is what it is..

  10. Honestly, I would rather he focus his anger on blackmen in hip-hop, which has done much more damage to our race and black womanhood. Again, black female sexuality is too much, but, Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus are Icons of Femininity…Yeeeaaah!

      • @Christa

        No, I’m Dead Serious Sista! Bey and RiRi pulsating across the stage is not my biggest concern. These women are entertainers, Yes? Sistas calling each other bitch and hoe, fighting each other, hating each other because of skin tone…Hip-Hop? Ya Feel Me Christa? This hoopla over Bey is unbalanced, that’s how i see it.

          • @Anonymous

            As a Man, you gotta be multi-layered. Able to discuss a myriad of issues. Some of you negros fail to comprehend that…Carry On! Ya’ll make me laugh with this nonsense. Can you read and comprehend?

          • @Bella

            Hating Tyrone is a sport on HSK…Who Knew? As always, i have to slap them down with words. They’re not gettin’ under my skin…Neva!

        • Tyrone:

          I love you like Oreo cupcake from Sweet Sam’s in the Bronx, but brotha, ALL of this repugnant sh!t going on in the entertainment industry needs to be eradicated, exorcised, etc.

          The females prancing around like strippers and prostitutes entice the males to refer to them in derogatory terms. If the sisters set a tone, the men will have no choice but to follow. This sh!t is too far gone and has been far too long!

          • @Bella

            Yeah, Bey and RiRi take it to the edge. They’re beautiful brown tings, Wink Wink! I’m not prudish in that way. I realize that blackwomen make men crazy with lust, it’s not ya’ll fault Bella…Intelligent Design! We see them edible thighs and spaz out. It’s Real Mama. Thank You Sis, I Support You Too.

  11. while I agree that change morals and values should never change because they stand the test. 1 of the problems today is right is wrong and wrong is right. we are now starting to see the results of that type of thinking.

    • @prettyredbone

      Do you appreciate the power and influence you have as a black female? Understand that, you and other sistas are in the middle of an epic struggle. It’s about you and blackwomen as a whole…in time you will understand. Don’t believe what you see in nedia, Not The Truth!

      It’s Real

  12. The bible says “death and life are in the power of the tongue”. The music today glorifies evil. Lets address that.

    • And let’s address ALL of the artists who are pumping these trashy lyrics and images to the youth and society in general — regardless of the artist’s race, age or gender. Everyone contributing to accelerating a wicked agenda needs to be confronted and dealt with accordingly. Snag them one by one until they get the message/cease and desist.

      • @Bella

        I was being sarcastic Bella…You’re Right! Sistas are the cornerstone of our race, always will be. Black Female Sexuality is very powerful, Bey and RiRi know this. Which is why they should bring it down a notch. They can still be sexy without going overboard, as you stated.

    • @prettyredbone

      The violence is a larger concern for me. Today, here in South Florida, a young brotha killed his pregnant girlfriend in cold blood…shot her in the head. Sista was 5 months along…Tragic! The cops spotted him a few hours later on a highway in Boca Raton…He Committed Suicide. Brotha was tatted up all over his chest. Sistas, please look deeper than what’s on the outside? What is in a man’s soul is what counts.

  13. [Dennis:]
    The childhood part of my life wasn’t very pretty.
    You see, I was born and raised in the slums of the city.
    It was a one room shack we slept in, other children beside me.
    We hardly had enough food or room to sleep.
    It was a hard times, needed something to ease my troubled mind.

    Ooo, listen.
    My father didn’t know the meaning of work.
    He disrespected Mama and treated us like dirt.
    I left home seekin’ a job that I never did find.
    Depressed and down-hearted, I took to Cloud 9.
    I’m doing…(fine)
    Up here. (On cloud nine)
    Listen one more time.
    I’m doing…(fine)
    Up here. (On cloud nine)

    Folks now they tell me.
    They say, give yourself a chance and don’t let life pass you by.
    But the world around you is a rat race.
    Where only the strong survive.
    It’s a dog-eat-dog world and that ain’t no lie. (Ain’t no lie)
    Listen, it ain’t even safe no more, to walk the streets at night.

    [Eddie:] I’m doing fine on Cloud 9.
    [Dennis:] Let me tell you about Cloud 9.

    (Cloud 9) [Paul:] You can be what you wanna be.
    (Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You ain’t got no responsibility.
    (Cloud 9) [Eddie:] Every man, every man is free.
    (Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You’re a million miles from reality.

    (Reality) I’m gonna sail (up, up) higher (up, up… up, up and away) Cloud 9.

    I wanna say I love the life I live.
    And I’m gonna live the life I love.
    Up here on Cloud 9.
    Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I’m riding high on Cloud 9.

    [Dennis:] You’re as free as a bird in flight.
    (Cloud 9) [Melvin:] There’s no diff’rence between day and night.
    (Cloud 9) [Eddie:] It’s a world of love and harmony.
    (Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You’re a million miles from reality.

    Old dude needs to fall back.
    I would think a chick being a freak is less dangerous than trying to turn on all your music listeners to hard drugs.

    • You truly can’t comprehend those lyrics you just typed. You are very stupid, yes stupid and have no understanding. Leave the Temptations music alone because its quite obvious you are too immature to understand it!

    • If you really listened to the song and not just read lyrics, you’d understand that, based on the character’s upbringing in the song, he used drugs as a coping mechanism.

      The Temptations weren’t glorifying drug use. That’s like saying Isaac Hayes condoned drug use in “Pusherman.” It was a song that fit the times because Black folks were getting high and drugs were ruining a lot of good people’s lives. Social commentary via musical expression.

      • LOL@ the dumbasses falling over themselves to make an excuse for the Temptations psychadelic soul music.

        I typed the first verse of the song kid. I know the story being presented and I know even more that they are actually promoting LSD. That was usually the instrumental part of all psychadelic music.

        Fact is they promoted it because it was the in thing and edgy thing at the time.

        • Address the person who called you out of your name, which you didn’t do. I didn’t refer to you as “dumb,” “stupid” or anything derogatory. But your response shows your character. Thanks!

  14. This garbage goes back I see. Well he’s up in age so maybe he “forgot” about his contribution to the demise of the youth of his time.

  15. Guess he never heard of Lucille bogan .lol nothing new sex always sold Millie Jackson anyone? Shut up Otis!!!!!!

    • Milly Jackson wasn’t plastered all over tv so children can see or hear her. Parents didn’t let their children listen to Milly. Video and the internet made music and these artist worse so you shut up.

      • Cold world. Lol. Millie Jackson is an old school recording artist who had a rather lewd image and was revolutionary as far as her lyrical content was concerned. She is like Lil’ Kim’s godmother. Lol

        There’s a “F*ck You Symphony,” if I recall the name correctly, that you should Google. And check her album covers.

  16. I thought, I was the only one who thought, Big Daddy Kane could be Otis’s son how much they resemble kne another, Otis just wants people to know he still lives, that’s the only reason he came out talking!

  17. Truth be told after David Ruff, &Eddie Kendricks “exited” the group, that was it for the Temps,He just wants attention!!!!

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