Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 10, 2014

Blind Item March 10, 2014

This R&B singer doesn’t exactly hide the many Confessions he needs to make. The one we’re talking about takes us back to the time when X marked his spot. The situation is said to have directed our blind item in showing his beard NO TLC… telling her, it’s My Way or the highway. That’s what’s been revealed as the reason behind his 2003 break-up from one female Scrub.

We’re told the Burn began back in 2001, when one Hype Williams protege made our blind item Wanna put the Toronto director on. Our tipster tells us the cold truth of the boy-BFF’s relationship forced her to feel the Chill-y… and, there went his baby.

Here’s the drop:

“Those two dudes were all caught up in each other… and she got super jealous because they were inseparable.”

Today, he’s got major baby momma drama. His former X-man has since Twerkt it for Bussa Buss, and headed his Worst Behavior with Drizzy. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


      • …. and PLEASE explain WHY with all the shenanigans that the Senators and Congressmen/women get into, WHY not 1 case of AIDS/HIV among them???? (perhaps a Vaccine is given right after they R sworn in?)

        • @ anonymous

          In addition, is not it Standard Operating Procedure to destroy the Messenger’s Credibility? (Just like U R doing with me)

          The message goes into great detail, and I believe it.

        • Anon I’m not trying to fool ya about anything. If there was a shred of truth in this I’d be all over it. If you take the time to read about the woman’s problems you can make up your own mind. If you really think am a disinformation agent, more power to ya. I am simply an HSK reader who recognizes a
          steaming pile of dogshit when I see it.

          As for the Congress/government folk not being infected, how do you they aren’t? I’ve heard that Barney Frank is HIV+ and I’ll bet there are a few more. Like you said, they are some of the sleaziest people on earth, so some have to have some pretty nasty STD’s.
          Bless you for caring though. I can tell you mean to inform for the right reasons.

          • @ Christa- There is a cure for HIV/AIDs… people here in Europe are constantly being cured, read the German news… In South Africa, Blacks are dying from MRSA not Aids, but the WHO wants to frame it as an Aids epidemic

    • Perhaps there is no cure in the conventional sense because HIV really isn’t a virus?

      HIV is man made biowarfare.

        • You’re correct. It’s not a virus. It’s a retrovirus. Didn’t any of y’all take biology? You can see the virus under a microscope.

          • LOL,LOL, Like I called it a couple of weeks ago a $30K a year waitress at 40K feet with a biology course from Duke no less.

            But with science classes taken at Duke, I am sure Lil Missy knows her D-R-U-G-S!!

  1. Usher Raymond I’m just over whelmed to hear this but I guess all of them are gay I just didn’t think usher was sad

    • I agree with you 1000 percent, Sweety. I’m like, stop trying to be cool and write/speak like you have some sense. Only MTO writes like that–no rhyme nor reason. That’s why I say they must own this site because only MTO’s writers’ heads are vast wastelands. There are preschoolers who can do better than this!

  2. Yeah, but with all of these dudes being forced to wear women’s gear, I am now going to have to accept the gay part now! If they can force them to wear women’s clothes and humiliate themselves on national TV in front of a Jhew CFR member while she says nothing and gets happy over the control that they have over niggas, then they must be getting f*cked in the ass and sucking dicks too!

    • hey Josh did you see the post on the “Diane thread” from the Orthodox rebbe(rabbi)? I bout spit my drink out when I saw it and thought of you.

  3. Usher got turned out when he was just a kid. Don’t know why for some, this is so hard to believe.

  4. Mols: So what if people don’t like or agree with gays? Respect an individual’s choice. I guess you do – as long as they agree with guys sucking each other’s dicks and getting into male butt.

  5. what do u mean so what if hes gay? hes gay and pretending to be straight so GTFOH wid dat generic azz bullsh1t…hes fooling women when we all know he likes a dick up his azz

  6. Mols,

    I co sign! African Americans know the pain and suffering brought on by racism and hate, yet we are so quick to inflict that hatred and ugliness towards gay people.

    @Anonymous 12:51 – WRONG! Want to know who the DL boy is in your crew, he’s the one that’s screaming anti-gay bullshit the loudest.

  7. You are correct… its bio-warfare… but there is a cure. Read the news and medical journals from Europe, particularly Germany. The Germans have been curing people of HIV/Aids, Herpes, etc for years now. American doctors are relocating to the EU to do research that is banned in the USA.

    Stem cells is one of the main ingredients in the cure… another cure is the Mamala plant from Indonesia.. There are around 3-5 known cures for HIV/Aids, these cures also rid you of various cancers.

  8. Usher was molested! Diddy put it out there, it’s on youtube! Diddy said him and Usher used to wrestle over cereal! Usher was 12 or 13 when this shit happened. Diddy needs to f*cking die!

  9. And I told you I’m no longer a flight attendant.

    I took biology in high school dear. I was busy studying Econ in college. It’s excellent preparation for waitressing.

    You cannot insult me. I have it too good to be bothered by such trivial nonsense.

  10. “You cannot insult me. I have it too good to be bothered by such trivial nonsense.
    Read more at”.
    Christa, you are not allowed to use my personal without permission. Shocked to see it here in print. Kudos to You!

  11. Correction for #23,

    Christa it s/b that you are not allowed to use my personal mantra without permission.
    But we can share is since it is so good and so effective in our daily lives.

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