Lord Jamar vs. Marlon Wayans

Lord Jamar vs Omar Epps Skirt

Skirts versus Dresses…

Lord Jamar took exception to Omar Epps in a skirt over the weekend.. Then Marlon Wayans checked in.

Lord Jamar vs. Marlon Wayans


  1. lmao finally someone checked omar epps for that skirt.the wayans bro’s are black men in white face for they role in black exploitation.marlon wayans has never made a movie without a gay male joke or showing his bare ass

  2. Damn damn damnnnn! This is why I love Lord Jamar. He didn’t merely check a bitch he hit back hard and personal. I know that comment about famous shit being f*cked in the ass must of stung. Notice how Miss Wayans didn’t respond to that .
    I’m glad someone still has a set of in tact balls and stands up against this bitch ass male trend. I hope a few others stand up. If I see Denzel Washington in a skirt I might fall out.

    • You saw Denzel get shot in the ass. You saw Denzel play a slave and get whipped by a white man. He has paid his dues to the hollywood devils!

  3. What the fark is going on??? Marlon really sticking up for a man wearing a skirt. No shame!!!

  4. A man can’t defend himself unless it’s HIS man doing it. I swear I remember something to the effect of omar & marlon being together back in the day. Whether that be true or not, if he’s a man,he can defend himself. marlon must really think the majority of us are just stuck on stupid to think just because you got so-called bank that somehow makes you successfull or even happy. Negroes will forever stay in the slow lane of life,I just don’t know why these Real Soldiers have not dealt with these dangerous entities still hanging around causing chaos in our communities.

  5. Not that I was a fan of any Wayans to begin with, but I am really disappointed in Marlon;s lack of respect and deference for Lord Jamar. Did you catch the subtle shade where he actually called him “Lord Jamal”?

  6. No disrespect Eric, and I am not defending anyone, but I am a little confused. Are you saying that the white man is encouraging Black men to wear skirts?
    Because I can’t say that I ever saw one wearing a skirt unless he was in drag or a movie. Could you clarify please? thnx

    • Oh OK.I thought you were saying that the white fashion industry was encouraging the wearing of skirts ass a means of feminizing our men.

      Thanks for clearing it up.

      I agree.

      • Black people are of our own free will and volition. The “blame the white man” shit is brand old. No one ever put a gun to my head and forced me to do a damn thing. Folks choose to submit or just be deviant.

        • I hope Dre is short for Andrea, because I have never known a heterosexual man to use the phrase, “Child, shut up” when addressing a grown woman. Please correct yourself.

        • I dunno bout that one, Bel….my country ass uncles call me Chile all the time as in Chile, you done grown or Chile get me another plate. They r not gay , just old, lol

        • Lol. I understand that one, Anon. That’s like my mom saying, “This is my girlfriend, so and so,” not thinking that “girlfriend” isn’t female friend anymore. I respect the age difference and generational usage/meanings. I don’t sense that’s where the OP was coming from.

    • The whiteman,the African,The Arab,East Indians,ect.are all going to praise the most high yah when they’re in captivity in the Kingdom Of Heaven.Rejoice.

  7. Marlon Wayans need to stop insulting our intelligence. His body language speaks volumes. These cats got us looking crazy out here, Seriously!!!

  8. Thank you Lord Jamar! not sure what type of history that Marlon is making except having too many yes people around not to check his ass on a regular basis.

  9. I’m witnessing the demise of men that was just crazy these cats actually wate’en skirts and dresses lol its gone be a woman’s world cats gone be in the salon get’en their nails done and they weave tight’en up wowww all this is happening before my eyes lol no more real heterosexual men it’s a woman’s world yall!

  10. Shalum to my Israelites fam Especially those who awoke … This is a clear indication that the Most Time is not long before he return Re

    • Rerun this Bablon for damn sure … And modern Sodom & Gomorrah Death to all heathens and reprobate minded … Shalum .. Can’t post on here that refresh deleting my post !

      • Shalom brother,I’ve been touched and awakened by the spirit of Yah.This is a invaluable feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. The Kingdom Is Ours!Rejoice my people.Shalom.

        • Yes brotha my calling came in 1990 and been on my journey since….and still have along way to go..all PRAISE YAHUAH!

  11. As a like minded Israelite myself America is the Spiritual Sodom reincarnated all over again and everyone wants to drink from the cup of her formication. Sodom was ran by a bunch of gays just Like america.But,we all know what god ultimately did to the city of Sodom and america will suffer the same carnage.


    • I see you ach keep doing your job here ,..keep spreading the word we only have a short time see how fast these days are going by..?

  12. If you want your life to change my fellow Israelites return to the Laws Statutes and commandments of the Most High Yah and that will be a major Renaissance.Come Out Of Her My People.

  13. Marlon said he was ‘making history.’ What history? Being the always-overdoing-it sidekick/janitor of his family, dressing up completely as a white woman with his brother, and getting f*cked in the ass by a ghost in a movie? THAT’S the ‘history’ he’s so proud of? And the fact that he’s so adamant about defending men wearing skirts shows that he, as a turned-out-by-Hollywood coon, is down with the feminization of black men. I’d much rather be known for wearing so-called ‘outdated’ baggy jeans and Timbs than for wearing a skirt. That shouldn’t even be a debate.

  14. im kind of torn on this one. On one hand Jamar ethered that cornball with some lyric and i love it. On the other hand….

    wearing a skirt doesnt make you a homo. Falling in love with prison and intentionally going back for the pleasure of male company is homo. This ultra masculine image is closely tied with the prison industry ESPECIALLY in relation to hiphop. And WHAT BETTER example than Jamar who is ultra masculine and portrayed a prisoner in oz in many homoerotic scenes.

    if putting on a skirt helps you get past your self destructive male ego then maybe you should try it. at least try respecting your woman especially in the most popular musical artform on the planet. the positive brothers in brand nubian were definitely pro bro with the skins but not too self aware of their own hypocrisy really. Embrace the feminine because that is the right brain, the source of all creativity and intuition. but then again most of these rappers are artists for the bank, not the soul, theyll portray murderous gangsters if thats what pays, and now theyll wear skirts.

    now call me cointelpro, i could give less of a f*ck

    • Put on a skirt. Really. I mean farking really. That’s your advice.to chill people out. Wats your advice to get someone to shut the f*ck up??? Get a dick in ur mouth. U idiot

  15. Wayans came with the typical rude negro argument while Jamar held it down. Wayans is clearly defending getting some big D’s for his career. It shows clearly how badly these guys will allow joints in their butts for fame and a career. Sad.

  16. I really wish that they had eliminated the N word from their twitter beef… made them both look ignorant

  17. I don’t blame no white man I blame us for being patriotic idiots into thank a blk homo prez was gonna save you ..he destroyed the blk race …and have is actors and rapping agents spreading his feminization to our ppl…DEATH TO BABYLON AND YOU SODOMITES!..SHALUM MY PPL

  18. This site can give one an headache or lower one’s intelligence. The “white man or white People” obsession is amazing. it seems like almost everyone commenting is trying to outdo the other with the white man is evil comments. If some of you starts wondering, i am not a white female. i am black female who feels this site has been hijacked by black extremists. i use to enjoy reading stories on this site, not anymore.

    • Its interesting that the brutal unadulterated truth is viewed ad extreme.Please get over yourself love.

      • Beth didn’t address you. She has the right to her opinion. This is exactly what people dislike about this site — being attacked for stating how they feel and not getting to read the stories for what they are. Everything isn’t a history lesson according to any one particular poster’s opinion. Sometimes, it just is what it is.

  19. @BethHawkins:

    Is that you Queen Latifa? Sit your fake ass the f*ck down you dyke ass bitch! I hate you!!!!

    • What? i am not queen latifa, negro. i am not a dyke or a bitch. i am a rational and sensible person, something you are not. You are childish and immature, you have the intelligence of a child. it is people like you that will eventually ruin this site for good. Have a nice day in your deluded world.

      • Right you not Queer Latifa you Oprah Aka Mammy .. Any blk so called blk that has fun seeing her blk man slowly dying and being destroyed is the problem And use this site as an excuse!

        • Don’t use this site as an fuse Mammy you not gonna get your wish … To destroy our race for your enjoyment … You not outraged you tickled pink.. To see blk men in skirts … Mammy !

  20. OMG they have gotten Omar….I was just bragging about how he’s one of those actors that has shown growth while still being a brotha from Juice, Higher Learning, The Wood, to the tv series House and now these happens. This is disturbing

      • I heard his wife Keisha Epps is bi her and Missy use to get it on back in the day. He also dated the bisexual Sanaa Lathan. Maybe one of them turned him out.

  21. It is so disappointing to see him wearing a skirt. But I do not find it to be a coincidence that he currently have his own television show on ABC and then he shows up on View in a skirt.

    • Since everyone likes spouting conspiracies on here, that’s EXACTLY what yt wants — you to stop supporting Black actors and actresses. That way, they can say, “We told you so” to the studio heads. They can keep producing and distributing slave narratives and pimp stories, rather than presenting Black movies from a Black perspective.

  22. Everything yt folks do pertaining to Black entertainment, is formulaic. Gangsta rap is still commercially viable, so as long as it sells, they’ll keep forcing it down our throats. Same thing they do for films. LHHNY did great, so here came a spinoff. Same for BBW. Hustle & Flow did well at the box office. They copied that format and reintroduced it. Expect more versions of The Help and 12 Years.

  23. First, Marlon Wayans has done just as many homo casting couches as Jamie Foxx. Second, Omar Epps wore the dress becasue he wants to continue working and getting paid. Omar Epps wears the dress on The View (Disney). Omar Epps has a new tv show called Ressurection which will air on ABC (Disney). Do the math! If you’re a black man and you want to be successful in hollywood, put on the dress, get on your knees and open wide!

  24. Hollywood wants to effeminize black men. The U.S. government wants to incarcerate black men. Both hollywood and the U.S. government share the goal of destroying the black race; especially black men. If you can’t see this, you are truly blind!

  25. I think Usher, the Game and Puffy will eventually get on board once they feel that the public has been conditioned enough. But Omar, Kanye and Mos will get special pioneer awards for being firsts.

  26. Yes, they are going to get a little mini skirt and put it on Kevin Hart midget ass too.

  27. They are all Gay…Marlon or Shawn one of them is f*cking Omar that’s why he’s coming to his defense. Read “Hiding in Hip Hop”

  28. Puffy has already wore a skirt (kilt), and Kevin Hart already wore a dress on his Saturday Night Live performance. Its clear that warfare agaiinst the minds of Black People has been in full effect for a long time. This skirt-wearing effeminization of the Black Man is just the latest agenda item. A few of these Hollywood sell-outs take the multi-millions while the masses of our people suffer the consequences.

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