Aretha Franklin Back At Her Antics… Straight Punks Patti!

Aretha Franklin vs. Pattie Labelle

“She’s had beef with just about everybody in the record business — Dione, Tina… and even Luther!”

Aretha Franklin may have forgotten to check her attitude at the White House’s doors, for P.O.T.U.S.’s ‘Women of Soul’ concert. Just ask Patti LaBelle, who’s caught on camera catching MAJOR shade from Franklin!

It all went down this past Thursday (March 7, 2014). Insiders say a “backstage incident between Franklin and LaBelle” is what led to this…

Taking it back to September 2009 to “Guess Who’s Coming To Patti’s Dinner”…

Patti to Aretha: “Just because I have on a watch, don’t assume I have time for your bullsh!t”

Aretha to Patti: “Patti, you know we have beef, so let’s eat!”

Patti: “Aretha, ease on down the road with your Nipsey Russell looking ass”

Aretha to Patti: “Rupaul got jokes, I see. I’ma give you your props though. You look like you graduated from the Hogwarts School of Bitchcraft and Wiggatry.”

Patti: “I’m RuPaul but you look like you swallowed Eve AND Adam’s Apple. You’re built like a Deception!”


    • I had the pleasure of meeting the Queen of Soul and she was nice as could be.

      Hard to believe she’s a bitch just for the sake of it.

      Remember there are 3 sides to every story. Her side, Patti’s and the truth.

  1. remember back when patti used to show off and kick her heels off and run around the stage hollering.

    these women been beefing with each other since Motown was the chit.

    im the diva im sthis I sold more records we all heard it before.

    • I have seen Patti and Aretha in Concert. They both can throw down. You get your money’s worth with these two. They put on a awesome show.

      I was at Patti’s concert when she kicked her shoes off and rolled around on the floor. A man in the audience yell out. “Patti you ought to be ashamed of yourself, get your fat butt off that floor” Aretha’s show was more elegant, she had a orchestra accompanying her.

      Of course this was 20 years ago.

  2. Never liked Patti (Can she Sing!? All I hear is high pitched screaming). She’s been around so long I give her credit for hangin’ but for all her “alleged” fans – Ive never known anyone that bought one of her albums.

  3. First it was Diana Ross with her shade towards Gladys Knight now these two?Can our people CoExist for anything?!Apparently not.

  4. Where’s Beyonce??? LOL LOL It seems the 1st lady finally wised up after that half naked goo goo eyes making, birthday party where she showed her entire azz in a marilyn monroe outfit.

  5. On that partition song she couldn’t have been fantasizing about cameltoe when she said he monica lewinskyed all over my blouse. She was thinking of someone else and we know who.

    • *Clutches Pearls Waves Fan and Sips Tea* Chiiiiiiile,that is a married man and he is waaay above reproach. But you know the saying, where there are whispers…

  6. This is hilarious!!! But I’m positive it’s not true! Whoever wrote this should write for the ONION!
    2 women in their 60s and 70s would never say, ” you know we got beef, let’s eat” that’s something I hear on worldstar. stop! Lolololol

  7. christa/keep/BA/raheim wrote this faux dialogue.

    Only a schizo could imagine things like this.

  8. Aretha Franklin always been snotty!! Always and the fact that she’s what 75 80 years old doesn’t help lol now aretha you know patti would take you a cross the floor lol I’d pay to see that I love both of them and their music but you know competition is always present lol

  9. Going to a Patti Labelle concert seems like good idea in theory but once you are actually there, your first instinct is to cover your ears.

  10. It was almost like going to a Mettalica Concert, but without the sissies in spandex and long weaves.

  11. That dialogue reads like it came from a Twitter user named Patti LaHelle. She is known for her YouTube skits and parodies.

  12. You know, this site goes in a lot on Black men, and often times, with good reason. But I got to go in on my sistas on this one.

    Firstly, Aretha, doesn’t the White House have central heating? Is the fur jacket coat necessary? A tad nouveau riche, eh??

    Also, Ms. LaBelle, why won’t you let the lady and her fur coat pass through that narrow aisle? Damn, if the Queen of Soul had secret service, Patti woulda been knocked out or shot.

    But, so many singin’ divas, Patti LaBelle, Aretha, Miki Howard, Chaka, I mean the legends really forgot that they are the MESSENGER, NOT THE MESSAGE.

    That kind of sangin’ comes from the womb, that is truly God’s voice in those girls, but they get it twisted and think that THEY ARE GOD’S VOICE.

    So, all I can say is that God can put his voice in any of his children and we are all God’s children. One day the world will want to hear the message and not the messenger. Black Brazilians, Black Cubans, Black South Africans, Black Trinidadians, all them folks can sing the shit out of a song. Shit, the world just might accept that some of those Korean kids who can sound just like Whitney or Aretha.

    All these girls who still eat chitlins and fried chicken wings betta humble the f*ck down. The world is a big place and it is always changin’!

    Humble the f*ck down DIVAS. You are the MESSENGER, NOT THE MESSAGE!

  13. “Where’s Beyonce??? ”

    It was the “Women of SOUL” concert not the “Demons on Poles” concert.

  14. The Queen let them know what time it is, I dig Ms Labelle’s music, but she’s always had a bitchy persona, on other blogs, it was mentioned some time ago how, during the motown era, she had it out with many of the female acts there, with the exception of Tammi Terrell, that was her good friend. (bless her soul)They are all a bunch of divas with a capital <<<<>>>> Aretha,Tina, Patti, Chaka, Whitney (bless her soul) Diana, the only one who seems down to earth & serene, is mrs Gladys Knight!

  15. Fuck y’all! I love me some Patti!

    Aretha’s big ass can barely fit through a garage door! Disgusting!

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