Is Lupita The Latest Beard On The Block?

jared-leto-lupita beard

HSK Exclusive – Lupita Nyong’o recent set of selfies with Jared Leto are suspected to be “all part of the business.” A tipster tells us the Oscar-winning pair’s alleged pic plot are nothing more than publicity plays aimed at sparking their reported “romance rumor” that’s spreading.

Dig the drop:

“Lupita and Jared are a publicist’s dream pair. They’re both hot right now… so coupling them up makes sense.

She gets the big scripts and he masks his sexuality… That’s the way it’s always been.”



  1. They are obviously covering up how big of a bottom Leto is.
    Wouldn’t have happened if Lupita wasn’t a total top trans.

  2. Okay, is when is Lupita’s 15 minutes up?

    Maybe it’ll last 12 minutes like Octavia Spencers.
    The shit pie maid.

  3. Jared has been playing the game for a long time. Lupita is still a trainee. If she stays in Hollywood long enough, all of her values will fly out the window. If she wants to save her soul, she will leave the game while she’s still in the first quarter.

    • She won’t leave, though. Lupita needs that adoration from her white public to validate her existence. She grew up feeling slighted for being dark skinned. Now she is being praised for it. Education and pedigree aside, Hollywood will use her like a 4-pack of Charmin, then flush her away.

    • What makes you think Lupita has values now?
      You cant have values and be a working actor in Hollywood because EVERYBODY GOTTA FUCK to stay in play.
      Just because she got nappy hair don make her no innocent dumb dumb. Im sure she knows the score and plays well with others.

  4. Jared’s brother was his Oscar date. His brother’s eyebrows were snatched. The “gene” seems to run in their family. Whenever I see a “heterosexual” person repeatedly portraying homosexual characters in films, I know what it is.

      • Would there even be a human existence if there were no AfRAkan DARK Blacks?

        By the way, AfRAkan DNA produces a DIVERSITY of DARK BLACK BEAUTY. There is no average look.

        • Yes,it does for those dirty Hamites.I’d prefer the brown Bronze from the seed of Shem.

            • By the way genius,Black is a color,not a Race. Look over your shoulder and grab that available chair and have a seat!

            • @BlackAnastasia –

              BLACK is not only a color, it is the SOURCE from which all other colors emerge–as seen in the photon electromagnetic spectrum.

              BLACK is the SOURCE of LIFE.

              BLACK is the Mother of Light.

              BLACK is a state of one’s mind that is highly magnetic and synchronized with the intelligence (Pure Energy) of the Universe.

              BLACK is feminine, negative, magnetic, omnipotent, omniscient, omni-present, omni-magnificent, omni-directional and omni-undulating.

              BLACK is CARBON (6-6-6).

              BLACK is PURE CARBON MAGNETIC ENERGY WAVES (aka Pure Energy aka Dark Energy).

              BLACK is pure, absolute MA’AThematical TIME.

              BLACK is NATURE.

              BLACK is Original.

              BLACK is Indigenous.

              BLACK is ZERO.

              BLACK is intelligent.

              BLACK is the DENOMINATOR from which the NUMERATOR genetic recessive races were FORMED!

              It’s all KMTstry, NUMBERS and PHYSICS to us INDIGENOUS O-bloods (BLACKS).

            • You are weird as shit Ms Daisy. Are you close to Lauryn Hill? You seem like kindred spirits. She crazy as hell to.

  5. I really do not believe Leto is trying to hide his sexuality one bit. And if I’m not mistaken I read an interview from him pretty much stating he swings both ways.

    • I think you are right. Dude may very well be bi, but as far as I know he isnt gay. He has been sleeping with female groupies back when he was Jordan Catalono – My so called life. I should know, I know of someone who slept with him in Europe.

      This Lupita thing looks like a very orchestrated PR campaign to bolster their profiles. For once, Jacky I doubt sexuality is anything to do with it.

      • Yep. He may look sweet to some of you, but he has that rocker boy vibe. I know 2 girls who have done him. So at the most he’s bi, but I don’t even think that.

      • Yes, I agree I remember him as Jordan from my so called life the tv show and he had and still has a huge female following from that, and his band 30sec to mars. I always thought he was bi. He has been After Lupita since before the oscars he even asked her to be his date. He was referring to her in interviews as his future ex wife . But it could be a pr thing idk

        • I agree with both of you. There could well be attraction. But they are playing things very publicly, which makes me think it could be a PR thing also. And it’s working!! Taboids are going crazy.

  6. I think he tapped that in real life already thats why they are so comfy with each other.

  7. Why r people still bothering to mask anything? Seems like all of Hollywood is gay anyway

  8. this is the most mismatched pair I ever seen they look like college kids getting high no waY THEY COULD PAss for a real couple.

  9. Is it hard for people to believe that Jerad Leto may actually be attracted to Lupita in real life? Is that really outside of the realm of possibility? I believe he might be bisexual maybe being more attracted to males than he is to females , maybe Lupita’s interlect (sp) draws him in and maybe she is exotic to him.

    • I think people are more surprised Lupita is into a guy like Jared. Although, something tells me he is just her type. Lupita may have removed her piercings and cleaned her look up but I get the feeling Lupita is just as wild (in a good way) as Jared.

    • I’m not shocked at all. She is cute as a button. Although I am more inclined to agree with the other poster, that this is a PR thing. You know designed to raise their profiles. Maybe a lil sexy sexy has gone on, but the fact we are privy to the possibility of the couple is not by accident, in my opinion.

    • I agree. They look kinda cute together in a strange sort of way. They say opposites attract.

  10. If Lupita was connected to a 10″ penis, then yes, we would be all on board with that rumor.

  11. They do that to all you blkwoman … Secure they next role cuz of her popularity and send off his plantation like the 500 yr slave she is !

    • She’s a charcoal skinned African so allow her to be the bedwench to her Master. As long as she’s not a Israelite I could give a Piru FCK!

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            TRUE AfRAkan Kulture is NUMBERS!

            All existences emerge from NUMERICAL PERMUTATIONS.

            • How do you know this? Have you witnessed it personally or read it in a book? Have you been here since the begining of time? Do you know the earth on a personal basis?

            • @marymagajina – How do I know this?

              a) Nature does not hold any secrets.
              b) Nature doesn’t lie.
              c) I possess 36/36 melanin count synchronizing nature to the indigenous origin of this planet
              d) meaning I can compound and decode fractal geometries of space and time to source knowledge origin for any bloodline root.
              e) I am not accultured with Caucasian DNA blood-bestiality that disrupts the genetic memory of indigenous origins.

            • @marymagajina –

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              Think about that while you embrace the ALTER-EGO of the Caucasian called ‘GOD’, a SUPER MAN.

            • Call us when you’re Sober!Esau has you totally Drunk on his philosophies.You are a complete idiot typing all that nonsense.Go To Sleep!

            • BA I am with you all the way on this one.

              That quantum physics fractal math shit tied to melanin is by far the craziest pathology I have yet to see. But then again, everyone has the right to believe what they need to believe to get them through this life.

            • Anonymous Reply:
              March 12th, 2014 at 21:42

              “That quantum physics fractal math shit tied to melanin is by far the craziest pathology I have yet to see.”

              Let’s debate it and compare it against other pathologies.

    • That Somali rapper is just one of her closest friends. That picture of them together was after she had been on a morning show and she was going to breakfast with him.

      The real story is being kept really quiet. Her manager and agent want the Leto story to be played out as long as possible. It raises her profile.

      • That sounds realistic. Her PR people are on point.

        I am enjoying the meltdowns over her raised profile though. People mad as hell. Guess it pains people to see a purebred winning. No melanin diminished and tainted with European blood with this lady. This is an actual AFRICAN queen.

  12. Enjoy your cameo appearance in Hollywood Lupita because it will evaporate quicker than Vapor.The whiteman rejects anything darker than he is.

  13. Lupita done gone Hollywood. She knows how to play the game. Bearding is one way to play the game. Spreading eagle and or bending is another way to play the game. And don’t forget for black folks selling out.

  14. ^^^^Of course Lupita went hollywood! Did anbody think she was going to keep it real like Lauryn Hill? Lupita only cares about money and fame. Winning the false idol award (Oscar) proves that. The only difference between Lupita Nyong’o and Halle Berry is one woman played a slave and the other black woman played a whore! Hollywood will use both black women in a attempt to further destroy the black race. BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN!

    • To be fair, Halle played a slave too but I don’t remember her ever playing whore. I know a lot of people around here like to praise Lauryn for her “realness” but she’s got a whole football team of illegitimate children, so what does that make her? Movies don’t destroy the black race but illegitmate children do.

      • Lauryn has illegitimate children by ONE MAN, ask your next door neighbor, CheekquitaHashbrownsKeisha, how many baby daddies she got? Its the different fathers,dead beat dads, and uneducated ignorant project raised black women and men that are ruining blacks in america, add racism from the other team, then you got shipwrecked on top of shipwrecked.

        • I don’t know what hood you live in but none of my neighbors have bastard children. I don’t care if she had illegitimate children by one man or twenty men, the point is she had them. Kids need both of their parents in the home in order for them to have a chance at developing into well adjusted adults and becoming great parents in their own right. Also, wasn’t Rohan still married to his first wife during the beginning of his relationship to Lauryn? Yeah you can keep reveling in Lauryn’s lunacy and her messages, I like her music but she is no role model in my world.

            • The question was asked about illegitimate children in my neighborhood. There are a total of 3 children who live on my block. One was adopted by the interracial couple down the street and the other 2 are my next door neighbors children. I can assure you there are no baby mamas paying mortgage on my block.
              BTW- I want to apologize for using the word bastard, that was a little harsh.

        • Lauryn has illegitimate children by TWO MEN, 5 by Rohan Marley during his marriage, 1 by another man. Both Rohan and Lauryn stated his is NOT the father of her sixth child.

          • I didn’t know that Bella. And people what to blame her downfall on the “man”. Maybe should would be able to pay her bills if she didn’t have all them damn kids.

          • Womp, womp. If you were remotely literate, you’d see that I was responding to what was posted. I didn’t initiate the dialogue about Lauryn’s illegitimate brood. She went from passing judgment against single mothers to being both a mistress multiple times and a single mother. Bye, bitch!

        • Youz kill me. Lauryn stood up to the man. Got bitched slapped for it. She got more balls than most of these rappers out here. Talking bout she ain’t got a ring on her finger. Marleys fault to. She stood up, and y’all pull back down buzz of a ring. Hypocrites

          • She stood up to “the man” by not paying her taxes?

            That takes courage and conviction how?

            She’s just another ignoramus who can’t stop poppin out babies and spending all her money on dumb stuff. Do you look up to Toni Braxton too?

      • Leave Lauryn the f*ck alone. The man already jailed her for not playing the game. Not one celebrity come out in support for while she was doing time. Fucking cowards.

      • No no no. Say cheese stop saying illegitimate children destroy the race. Children are blameless and do not destroy anything . There are a host of socio economic factors that have been implemented specifically to target my race with slow genocide. The kids born out of this are victims, symptoms if you will, not the actual disease. So please stop calling them destroyers. Btw, many children illegitimate or otherwise that grow up disadvantaged often feel the impetuous to achieve great things for the race. I j s

        • You’re right anon 6:53. I should change that to women and men making illegitimate children is destructive. Drug use is another factor and although some people like to deny it some of our people have an inferiority complex when it comes to white people.
          You’re also correct, there are always exceptions to the rule but it’s a struggle to make it with two parents raising us let alone one.

      • Having a child does not downgrade the black race. Selling out and cooning does. Leave children out of this.

    • Lauryn Hill kept it real? If keeping it real is having 6 children out of wedlock, 5 of them by a man who was married at the time, going to prison, and having psychotic episodes, let me never keep it real. Smmfh

      • Ahem! They would have you believe she is psychotic(sp) because she speaking truths about the industry and they are trying to be dismissive. She trying to shake that mind control!

        • She is psychotic. Any fool can see that. Just because the industry is wicked don’t mean that she’s sane.

          • Thank you for that magnificent read. I will never forget Lauryn rapping about “women who say they are mothers, but can’t say they are wives.” That isn’t the white man’s fault. That was her self righteousness that came and bit her square off on her ass. Not sorry.

            • I do not agree that she is crazy but I do believe she is a hypocrite. She thought she was gonna get wifed up but Rohan never put a ring on it and he says her last baby is not his. So her superior ass is a baby mama with multiple baby daddies.

            • GDI, criticizing and speaking the truth about another BW does not constitute coonery or Uncle Tom syndrome. z

  15. Bitter ass people up in here. No one clowns on Lupita’s looks more than African Americans. You see it all over social media. Are we to blame slavery for why blacks cannot extend happiness to a dark skinned woman who doesn’t look like a stereotypical video ho? It isn’t the slave mindset, it’s just pure hate. Lucky for her, she won’t need bitter blacks to get coins.

    • Blacks should drag her dark ass because she’s from the descendants of the people whom not only enslaved,but also,sold us into slavery and the bible say prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquities of they’re fathers.

      • Shut up fool, show us the literature and proof of blacks being sold into slavery by other blacks?

        • Don’t mind her, and her faux intellectual ramblings. Mad that a black, educated AFRICAN is the darling of Hollywood, and all black Americans are good for is ratchet reality TV.

          Lupita is not unique among her African actor peers. Most actors in Nigeria and Ghana are university educated. We know entertainers over here, by and large are as dumb as rocks. That’s regardless of race.

      • Yeah, go cry more. With your warped faux black history. Not ALL Africans helped Europeans enslave their own people. How come you don’t speak of the Africans that fought back? Your hatred against Black Africans is neither here nor there. Lupita is the darling of the mainstream. Getting that long white money. Will it last? Hope so but probably not. Until then your angry ass, along with the other bitter black American heathens can continue to seethe on blogs, as she continues to win.

        • For the record is was not they’re own people they sold it was Hebrews that were sold.I’ve even heard those heathens brag about it so,back off!

        • @Hello sailor – There is NOTHING intellectual about BlackAnastasia’s ramblings. She’s appropriated the revisionist history of western propagandists.

          There a vast difference in thinking between ‘white-acculturated’ and ‘AfRAkan-acculturated’ Blacks.

          White-acculturated Blacks worship Caucasians, emulate them and do everything to de-Africanize and distance themselves from their AfRAkan heritage–including breeding out.

          White-acculturated Blacks have become the NEW face of white supremacy.

          • Agreed. She’s either a white lunatic troll, or a self hating black troll. Wish she would just go get some white dick. The dick she so clearly craves, and leave us in peace. Lol.

      • IMO she is black beauty! Her skin is flawless! I hope she don’t mess it up with all that death paint( make up).

    • Ms.EJ, I don’t want to clown you, but can you read? You are going on and on about cosmetic stuff, what does that have to do with slavery? Obviously, clearly I was talking to Black AnaHateotherBlacksfromOtherCountries.

      • Don’t be snotty. You said people, not person. And I agree w EJ. She owns her look but she has to bring her A game each time she leaves her house. That’s Hollyweird, baby. And I think she’s a stone cold fox and I’m black. So no, we don’t all hate her

  16. uh oh, another one that can’t read, comprehend, nor decipher a train of thought, you and E.J should have spent less time in cosmetology 101 and more time in english classes. I didn’t mention the noun “people” or”person”, my comment came directly affter Black AnaKKK so clearly one would presume I was directing my comment to her, no? But EJ took it upon herself to make the comment.about her, probably suffering from some sort of narcissism and attention seeking.

  17. The craziest aspect of this spectacle, is that, white males are showing her more love than blackmen. Personally, i love black and brown african women. Lupita is an attractive Sista…Keep It Real Brothas! I’m sick of the (We Gotta Go Light To Be Right Mindset) of blackmen in entertainment. How can we call ourselves “Blackmen” with any sense of pride? We need more Lupitas, Not Less!

      • @DaisyDooks

        Any blackman that hates on black womanhood is a troll to me in the worst way. Ty will never support that mindset in black males…Period! We’re supposed to love our women no matter what. Lupita is a beautiful Sista…It’s Time To Stop The BS! Be Easy Sista.

    • Thank you, Tyrone. Believe it or not, I get more love from the others than the brothas. But I’m sleep.

  18. Black Anastasia

    You are a boring and redundant troll.
    Time for a new character, me thinks.

  19. The whole internet is under constant surveillance but as usual, black people get and disproportionate chunk of the attention because “they” know that black people are the key to Justice. They are looking for that talking ape/s and that black messiah type who is the herald to the new beginning and the beginning of the end to global Injustice.

  20. Don’t care for her facial features or how she rock her hair. Too thin and too young for me. Have not mentioned skin color. You negroes think you know every damn thing.

  21. There are people here trying to stir up trouble and stir the pot. I know of not one Black American and I am one, BTW, who has said anything other than positive comments about Lupita.

    Sorry YTs, you can’t own the mentality on this site. The black consciousness cannot be manipulated by your insecurity and unearned privilege.

    • That’s good to know. There is a lot of hate thrown her way though. So called ‘black Twitter’ were in their hateful element the night she won the Oscar. Vile people.

      • Doesn’t that disprove the statement that all blacks love lupita? Delusional people. I swear.

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