Is Bobbi Kris Smoking Away Her Inheritance?


Shocking images of Bobbi Kris have surfaced, seeming to reveal the troubled 21-year-old could be withering away — ON DRUGS. This just before Bobbi Kris addressed sharp social media criticism over her sudden weight loss.

Now it looks like Krissy is covering up for suspected enabler, Nick Gordon…

Bobbi Kris Eating Disorder

Peep the pics Krissy posted to Twitter, reportedly taken in Cabos San Lucas:




  1. You know this is sad to see and no one give a dam to help her I wish her mother was still a live I don’t know how much that would help but maybe it wouldn’t had been like this.

    • It’s very sad, but what can they do? Bobbi Kris seems like the type who is going to do whatever she wants and can’t nobody tell her nothin’. She’s been hurt in her life and self-destructing is her only course of action. It will take an act of God to save that girl.

    • Her mother was a crack addict who died high in a bathtub. What do you think she would’ve done that her “Mothers love” didn’t drive her to do in 16 years of being a mother???!!!

    • I don’t know her but she does seem really hardheaded. And spoiled. Having unlimited funds cannot be helping het

    • Bobbi and her mom acted like two females who’ve known each other for 20 years as oppose to Mother and Daughter.So,I don’t Whitney’s presence would have changed much with her daughters actions.

  2. If her mother was here, she would be trying to teach her how to use her breath to hold all the crack smoke in for the greatest effect.

  3. She looks just like whitney did when she did the M.Jackson special!!! And she admitted to Oprah what caused her fast matabolism…DRUGS!

  4. Hate to say it but he is probablly wishing she would overdose because he would get ALL that money. The game is dirty.

  5. She seems to forget that we all watched her grow up on Being Bobby Brown and we KNOW she does not have a fast metabolism. She has a crack metabolism. Big difference. BK

  6. This young lady has seen a lot in her young age between her mom and dad so if you were brought up in the middle of extreme drug use what’s to be expected? Some children of alcoholics and drug users don’t get on drugs and some do but this young lady comes from a high profile life style and she’s witnessed them getting high so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I hate to see her making all the wrong decisions but who can help? Her and her dad don’t get along she has little respect for him and it’s his fault because I seen the reality show and Bobby was drunk as a skunk just downing the drinks and I know she seen him high plenty of times.her mom went through a lot drinking excessively and the drugs so what can you expect? I hope she gets it together and get help and be better than that. She should be careful because I don’t know or think she has any talent like her parents and money goes quickly she should be careful and keep the leaches away and that young man isn’t the man for her he seen to much so I doubt highly he has little respect for her he’s there for the money. Bobby chris god bless you and please get help and get rid of people who are with you for the money and lifestyle.

  7. Her man is on Clive payroll .. Remember that night Whitney died she was gonna be that sacrifice but seen a later date for her … Didn’t want to seem to obvious I presume … She next , Sad to say ! … That’s how the do in Hollywood !

  8. From what I’ve read about Bobbi K, since Whitney’s death, you can’t tell her anything. She has a smart mouth excuse for everything. Let her go. She’s only fooling herself. Let’s see how smart mouth she is when she looks worse than she does in the pic up top and the money and that fool she has for a husband are gone.

  9. How can she know if people want to really help as soon as Whitney died her aunt pat and uncle Gary and grandmother was out to get her money they was on a reality show you seen how that went

  10. Really sad. But, wasn’t she on drugs when Whitney was alive? She grew up around addiction. I sure hope she gets help.

  11. The problem ain’t even this girl’s upbringing or drug use. It is that Black folks don’t network or share information because WE DON’T HAVE THE INFORMATION.

    If any monies or assets to be had were put into a trust that she couldn’t get into until she was 35, with stipulations, she would have a job, or be attending school or both. This punk ass incestor she is with would have long been gone and she could grow up into an adult.

    But, Bobby was too drunk, Whitney was too high, Pat was too lowlife and Cissy was too ignorant to get Whitney and Bobby to establish a trust for Bobby Kris. You see, if she had to show up to an administrator to get her funds, without having drugs in her system, she would be set straight because if she didn’t get her act together, she wouldn’t get the money and if she didn’t get the money, she would be thin from having no money to buy food.

    She ain’t no different from rich YTs. They just know how to keep the money passin’ down the generations.

  12. Jacky! I tried to reply to your email, but that didn’t work. What is going on with your site!

  13. Wacky! I tried to reply to your email, but dat didn’t work. What is going on with this site!


  14. She look like she’s been here about 45yrs..45 bad yrs at that! Bobby Brown ain’t bout shit you can look at his daughter and see that

  15. of course its drugs this chile has been exposed to every sin known thanks to her drug addicts parents.she has been condition to dope!that man she married could be pimping her out.were is her daddy her grandmother aunties uncles or just bout anybody round not looking to get put on to sum money.

  16. You black folks will buy into ANYTHING a celebrity says….Yall really think Whitney aint know this b^tch was smoking crack??…Remember, she was living in the same damn house Whitney was when Whitney & Bobby were having their crack binges & Whitney was cutting out holes in the bathroom to look for demons…sooo yeah I would say this aint nothing new & by the looks of it, Whitney had a crack smoking buddy up to the very end in Bobbi Kris….Clive Davis & the illuminati promised her money & fame after Whitney death b/c they wanna get her in so she can destroy her own people, she will do it & her handler, or “brother” or husband or whoever he is, is handling her ass & reporting back to massa..

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