Frank Ocean Delivers “F*ck You” Memo To Chipolte

Frank Ocean vs. Chipolte

Does Frank Ocean have a CHIP-olte on his shoulder? It sure seems that way! That’s because the ‘Lost’ singer — who’s real name is Christopher E Breaux — wasn’t only forced to return more than $200K in endorsement monies, after Frankie backed out of a deal with the food chain, his memo to Chipolte ad execs came as two choice words: “F*ck You.”


We’re not too sure why Frankie’s fuming… the singer did turn away from $425K, reportedly over a logo. Imagine that! Who knew that a company would actually expect their logo to appear in their ad? Fiona Apple is now cashing in on the Chipolte deal that Frank Ocean walked away from.

Here’s what a source had to say about it:

“When he saw a final cut that displayed the logo prominently, he backed out… Fiona Apple recorded “Pure Imagination” for Chipolte.”


  1. I guess I would be mad too if my main money maker was over a toilet bowl instead of an old white man’s crotch from eating that food.

  2. Well, at least he has the money to repay them. Christopher Breauxham (sic) knew what he was doing by posting a cashier’s check, even if Chipotle hasn’t received it yet. Stunt queen game proper!

  3. So this hood rat thought that they were just going to let him keep their money? Another ignorant dummy with opportunity (not talent)and no business sense.

    • Yuck. But thank you and the previous posters for disseminating the info you posted about Chipotle. I am an infrequent patron, but I certainly won’t return.

  4. No, that’s, not a chip on his shoulder, it’s a pair of nuts, cause he got a Dick in his ear!!!!

  5. He’s come off as a conniving opportunist and shit-starter ever since he and his ‘boss,’ fellow Attention Whore Tyler The Creator (What a stupid name, btw) started a fight with Chris Brown on Twitter a few years ago after Chris complimented Ocean on his singing (If you can call it that), and used his ‘coming out’ to get gays behind him (Financially, in this case).

    Speaking of which, that’s what I’ve never gotten about gay music fans–They’ve always been used by artists to sell records and they (the gay fans/audience) have never caught on that they were being used. Where’s the rally and irritable Twitter campaign about that?

  6. He cannot sing! At all and he always look depressed,he made it off of being some exec bitch boy,that would be the only explanation for is moderate success

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