Mona Scott Young & VH1 Execs Face $50M ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Lawsuit!!!

Love & Hiphop Lawsuit

“Nickie Lum-Davis… is the author, creator and copyright holder of the Work… VH1 and Scott secretly engaged in the negotiation of a TV production deal using Plaintiffs copyrighted work.”

Mona Scott Young would have you believe she’s the brainchild behind “Love & Hip Hop” — but recently filed court docs don’t only seem to prove that’s a straight up lie, the Monami Entertainment founder is being blasted for ripping off the idea from another woman! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Chrissy Lampkin. Know why? It’s looking like Mrs. Jones knew all about Mona’s script-scam from the jump!!!

Now… Mona Scott Young, her production company Monami for Love & Hip Hop, VH1, MTV Networks and Viacom are facing a $50-million dollar lawsuit!!!

“The parties listed are being sued for copyright infringement, fraud, and breach of contract, breach of confidence for the idea of “Love & Hip Hop.”

The Court case, just filed yesterday (March 10, 2014), is being revealed as “the largest copyright infringement case in Reality TV history!!” According to the docs.. Nickie Lum-Davis is the woman who Mona Scott Young — and VH1 execs — plotted against, before running with her “copyrighted” script “Hip Hop Wives.” Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jim Ackerman.

“VH1 Senior President Jim Ackerman, and Scott, secretly plotted to steal Plaintiffs Work.”

Here’s a rundown of highlights from 8th Wonder Entertainment, Nicki Lum-Davis &Trisha Lum’s multimillion dollar lawsuit:

– February 27, 2009, Plaintiffs, along with attached talent Chrissy Lampkin, Tashera Simmons and Mashonda Tifere, attended a pitch meeting tih VH1 executives for consideration for the production and distribution of “Hip Hop Wives”

– “…a reality show based in New York City that followed four women who were in relationships with Hip Hop celebrities, and highlighted the ups and downs that these women all go through in their everyday lives.”

– March 17, 2009, “VH1 submitted to the Plaintiffs television deal offer to produce and distribute the show on the VH1 network.”

– “Between late June and early July 2009 Num engaged in numerous conversation with with Scott regarding Lampkin’s role in the project… related to “Hip Hop Wives.”

– October 2009, “just shortly after two-months, after executing a performer agreement with 8th Wonder, Chrissy Lampkin, without any legitimate explanation unexpectedly announced that she would no longer be participating in the show.”

– December 2009, “Senior Vice President Jeff Olde shockingly informed 8th Wonder that VH1 would be terminating the television deal because VH1 did not want to have an urban based show that had a similar audience to “Basketball Wives,” and that VH1 would not be producing a “Hip Hop Wives” type show in the future.”

– May 14, 2011, “VH1 ultimately premiered a virtually identical show under the name, “Love & Hip Hop,” crediting Ackerman and Scott as creators… credit none of these ethically bankrupt Defendants deserve.”

Here’s what Nickie Lum-Davis’ attorney, James Bryant, states to the Court:

“The television and film industries have the unsettling and notorious reputations of being a haven for the theft of scripts and novel ideas created by unsuspecting and trusting writers and producers, by more powerful and connected industry players.

As the story goes a writer or producer will submit a script or treatment to a network or studio with the hopes of possibly getting a television show or movie mades. Shortly thereafter, and much to the writer’s disappointment, they receive a letter of no interest from the network or studio whom the submitter their work to.

Finally, a year goes by and that same network or studio, that writer had submitter their work to, released a blockbuster movie or hit television show that is vitually identical to the writer’s work.”

Here’s a link to the doc, exclusively obtained by


  1. I’m not mad. Bankrupt the franchise so it goes kaput. One less series of shit shows on tv. Maybe someone will sue the BBW franchise so that can go, too. I’m done with the stereotypical depictions of Black life, as conveyed by VH1. They are the Black Bravo with less coin and less class.

    • I so agree..I hope Cochran firm tears a new whole in there asses. It would serve them right. Always stealing people’s work. That Mona is a snake and a sell out to the hardworking successfully black people…

  2. Wondering why Chrissy Lampkin isn’t named in the suit since she knowingly and willfully committed fraud against the plaintiffs? I’m also wondering why she chose The Cochran Firm to rep her instead of a known entertainment firm? Interesting.

    • Chrissy has no money that’s why she is not being sued. When you sue for that amount you want the money not a lien.

      • I know how lawsuits work. There are such things and garnishments, since you want to teach me about litigation.

  3. I said it before and I’ll say it again ban the whole lot of “reality” television esp. those associated with Mona Scott-Young .Mona is known to exploit, exploit, exploit in the name of “reality”. Am so done with all these modern exploitation “reality” programmes, I’ve given up the f*ckery of Real Housewives of ATL, BBW (NY & LA) Love & Hip Hop (NY & ATL) and The Kardashians. When does it end? It is bad enough when society (the other man) sucks the creativity of people of colour, but when our own kind (Monami, Debra L. Lee, etc) does that it stings… Sell out for sale for a few coins…are you buying?

  4. Mona gets a pass on the coonish aspect of her series because she’s a blackwoman…The Circle Don’t Lie! White males control the psyche of our women thru women like Mona Scott-Young. The bs never ends…Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, and so forth. We don’t like to talk about this, because, society hates on blackwomen enuf as is. Sistas wanna be heard, but, portraying our women as unrefined does nothing for our people. I watch these shows just like everybody else, but, i know what i’m consuming…The Difference! At some point, blackwomen gotta stop punking themselves for white tv execs who don’t respect them and want better for them.

  5. Shaunie O Neal is laughing her ass off at this stupid bitch Mona beacuse Mona trying to be just like Shaunie’s triflin devil worshipping ass…Meanwhile Sumner Redstone aka MASSA to them shuckin & jivin coons, is laughing his nasty crinkly white ass off at these stupid ass blacks on VH1 “ANYTHING FOR SOME COINS SIR, YESSIR, I’S SUCK YO DICK SIR, YESSIR, I TWERK MY BLACK ASS FOR YA SIR, YESSIR, I BEAT THIS BITCH ASS FOR YA SIR, ANAYTHING FOR SOME COINS SIR” the majority of yall don’t even know who he is & he destroying ur people right before your eyes…

    • Who designated you the foremost authority on who knows what on this site? There are a lot of people who don’t watch BBW, LHH, etc. Those who do should know how to discern between appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior. Next.

  6. It’s too broad a lawsuit(since there’s so many variations of the original concept). It’s more than likely will get dropped or settled (for maybe a 10th of the lawsuit). Pretty sure she’ll settle for 5 million. Seth Rogan use to tell everyone that would listen he pitched the concept (right down to the characters) for “Entourage” to HBO who turned it down, went with it a few monhs later and screwed him over.

  7. What ever happened to copyrighting your work, to prevent this sort of thing from happening.If I had a script of any importance to me I’m not going to hand it to anyone until it has been copyrighted with dates of submission,duplicate copies, etc. You can’t trust some of these shady people in the industry.Now I don’t know what kind of script a person would have for a so called reality show, maybe a paper simply documenting the idea for the show itself.

  8. You can copyright a story as a screenplay or teleplay, but you can’t copyright an idea or concept for a show or movie. That’s the risk you run when you take a pitch meeting. There are 50-11 different bullshit reality shows out there, all based on the same basic premise. Hell, the Osbournes were probably the first celebrity reality show & you ain’t seen them suing all the folks who came after them doing the same shit.

    If Hollywood will dick around a good ole Jhewboy like Seth Rogan, will ain’t gonna think twice about ripping off some trick’s idea for a ghettofied reality show.

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