Akon’s ATL ‘DL’ Doings Put On Blast!


HSK Exclusive – Akon’s may have revealed his involvement in “multi-monogamous” relationships, but that doesn’t mean the singer’s sexual relations are reserved for females only! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Akon’s wife, Tomeka. According to our tipster — who’s no stranger to Akon’s close circle,”Meka knows about his DL… Yes, her husband is that man.”

“She is about her, and her lifestyle. It’s really supposed to be like, ‘Oh Well’ and ‘That’s him.’ The last time I saw her was over 15 years!

“If you wanna catch Akon do his DL thing, go to this hair show and Atlanta Station… The Bronner Bros hair show is in August at the Georgia Conventional Center. They usually have an after party that Saturday night.”

Dig the Drop:

“He always coming to my hometown and for some reason he like to go to Lil Haiti. Its a run down trailer park about five minutes from my old place. He chills at Applebee’s and from there he goes to Lil Haiti… where the gays hang out.”

Did Akon once admit not caring about what he had to do to get rich, “as I knew I was on the road to getting rich, I was happy”??? Of course! Just ask Angie Martinez.



    • Its two now. Another in August! They have two the Winter and the Summer one. The biggest of the two is the Summer one.

  1. Give me a list of black men that are not gay in entertainment and then that would be the biggest shocker.

  2. I think they have 2 hair shows a year.
    1 in Feburary and 1 in August.
    1 of my hair stylists went to 1 last August in Atlanta

  3. Making fun of somebody for being really darkskinned is ignorant and played out. If he’s ashy he’s ashy. That has nothing to do w the color of his skin, that’s a lacka lotion.

    • Thank you. It seems like he tried to over compensate on the oil because he knows some black people knit pic on everything. Ol crabs in the barrel jerks

  4. I was checking out his meat too. Lol. Yep. That is one regular ol’ package.

      • Anon:

        Stevie Wonder can see a bulge there. Boxer briefs secure things. Most of the men I have known to be packing just so happen to wear boxer briefs. That, or tighty whiteys. IJS.

    • @ Denis, damn man lighten up! It’s just banter . Don’t take it all so seriously. She said “meat” , it could have been a lot more vulgar.Calm down

    • Dennis

      The comments went left real fast. Thank you for being kind enough not to refer to any of the female posters as ‘cavernous’ when they attacked you. You’re a gentleman.

    • yall r a mess lol i personally think he looks good i like me some dark chocolate..and it aint always the size it is the motion in the ocean baby..

      • I’M w you Butta. His face ain’t all that but you can break me off a piece of that body. I love me a dark chocolate man. I hear tell he’s way older than he looks tho

  5. People don’t let these bogus reality tv shows have y’all people who live outside of Atlanta, Ga believe that alot of Black Men are gay in Atlanta, Ga that is so false only in areas like MID-TOWN and parts of EAST ATLANTA VILLAGE is the gay life style popular and in full effect and are participated by some WHITE, BLACK people in a certain income brackett of $100,000.00 and up and educated

  6. Isn’t Akon the same guy who made up a criminal past just to sell records? this guy is a clown, I have never like his music, well maybe that song is did with JEEZY about 10 Years and that song he did with DR. DRE by the way JEEZY lied about his past up here in Atlanta, Ga I guess he figured no one would buy his records if he repped Macon, Ga, but Macon, Ga got a slew of artists who is talented and ready to get on

  7. Tracy, he may not be packing meat, but that brother is packing a whole lot of coins. LOL!

    • Brice:

      What do you know about a size queen, though? Not disagreeing with your post, but that’s not a term most straight men are familiar with. *sips champagne*

  8. I bet that Bronner Bros Hair Show is pure COMEDY. Men prancing around in stilletos, dangling earrings, full makeup trying to act like females…..LMAO!!

    • CaliGurl, Honey those barbers and stylist don’t play when it comes to that hair show! Thats where the Bronner Brothers headquarters and manufacturing plants at.U want to see it go that hair show!

  9. He’s a Hamite that’s why he’s so dark.Ham means:Dark and Hot.Thank god for our father Shem

        • @Linda:They’ll never embrace this truth because the Zionist Media have groomed them to reject themselves as well as the truth.None of these scoffers surprise me.But I’m going to keep delivering this truth whether they Hear Or Forbear.

    • I can’t figure out how though @josh.Its plain to see that we have absolutely nothing in common with these people.

    • nope, u hate them so u reflect ur insecurities as them hating u.. not all hamites hated semites and not all semites hated hamites. and yes there are black as night semites and light skin hamites but if u were truly enlightened on this subject and not just talking out ur ass u would know that akons people are semites with little cushite dna. and their skin colour as dark as it seems still doesn’t make them hamitic.

      • For the record,there’s no such thing as a Semite. The word derives from Shem.Secondly,regardless if he’s has cush DNA or not hes still a filthy Halite because Cush whom Btw,are those Ethiopians come from Ham also.You are not dealing with some lightweight here.Fine you another tree to bark up.

        • no fence but u need to read the bible and do some research on the genealogies of abrahams descendants. cus hey were the most hamitic blooded semites compared to their other semitic brethren’s

          • I’m from the seed line of Abraham Isaac and Jacob so I don’t have to do anything.You need to decipher the difference between Ham and Shem then possible you’d get a better understanding.

      • Calling yourself a African Hebrew is Tantamount to you calling yourself biracial because those are two seperate entities. African:Ham Hebrew:Shem.Get My Drift!?

        • Its been my experience that when someone on the internet chooses to incorporate the name “BLACK” as apart of their screen name, there is a 93% probability that they are not a member of the black race.

          • There’s a 90% probability you should hop off my nutz.BTW,black is a color,not a Race.Sleep On That!

          • @Anon 15:20 Are you the color of black paint?Black is a color not a race and I’m sure you have brown skin but you refer to yourself as black.How disingenuous and dumb are you.

        • trust me i know the cultural and physical difference of shem and ham and the mande people shown signs of a semitic origin. incase u don’t know these blacks hailing from senegal are descendants of the black moors that conquered spain and western europe before they were forced into west africa. they are semites too and our brothers..

          • The moors for one were never Africans,They were the southern tribes of Israel whom converted to Islam and then ruled Spain for 900 years.Sit down Please.

    • You know all this bucking back and forth over the distinction beywen black and brown, and Shemite andHmite is pointless because anyone who is of the chosen 144,000 (12,000 each per 12 original tribes), is earmarked by God anyway. In other words he knows exactly who those people are and they are a chosen few. Why fight about it? Just feel blessed and try to get the Word out. This who nasty horrible system is about to break down and all of mankind that survives it will be all the better for it. Peace.

    • What an utterly stupid and ignorant comment. All of Noah’s sons were Black African, ALL OF THEM. The only line that changed in color was Japheth’s (White-Albinism). This sick trend of trying to separate Ham and Shem is so stupid. They BOTH occupied the same territories and intermixed. They are NOT a different race and BOTH came in a variety of shades. I tend to find that posts like these harbor a lot of self-hate.

      Israelites are both Hamitic + Shemitic or Shemitic only, you’re a damn fool. Being of two different nations doesn’t equal a different race you fool.

      I can’t stand street negroes who don’t know nothing! Bunch of sciolists.

      Moor MEANS Black, means of African descent. Semitic is NOT a race of people! It deals with language! Which is why you have Caanaanites who were speakers of SEMITIC TONGUES. It’s AFRO-ASIATIC, Blacks that migrated to ASIA, took the language there and it continued to evolve.

      ISLAM/MUSLIM is NOT A RACE. the Moors were of Black African descent, you ppl are idiots!

  10. I was surprised to find out that one of the Bronner Brothers is a Bishop. He can preach too. He preaches and teaches. I try to watch him every chance I get.

  11. Hey jacky, it’s time to do a list of rappers who r not gay. Shit is so slimey right now. I got cube, above the law, epmd, ice t, bone thugs, I sick of gay boys acting tuff and stuff, and someone slap snoop up side the head for me please.

    • EPMD?!. Lol. You had to go back over 25 years to compile that list? You better Google Erick Sermon.

  12. african is not a term for hamites but rather a term used to identify the inhabitants of africa. i.e u have hamites in the andaman islands and they are regarded as asians.

    • You know nothing at all.That land was called the land of Ham before Africanos defeated Hannibal and the land name was later changed to Africa.Shut the hell up and learn something because you’re talking out of your Ass!Africa is a whiteMans name BTW.

      • u missing the point genius!, i said african is not a term for hamites. yes it is the land of ham, but ham expanded his boarder pass the red sea into asia all the way to india. there is still a mountainous area known as indu cush in this day, my point exactly is that, thinking africa= ham only. is incorrect because africa is just one land out of many that ham has existed in.

  13. Anon 6:07 You claim to not care but yet you’re responding to it.What a genius Dummy you are.

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