Sundy Carter Confesses She’s Basketball Baby Momma, The Jumpoff NOT The Wife…


Sundy Carter has finally fessed up to having a child for a “MARRIED man.” Shameless Sundy’s social media confession comes well over a year after HSK exclusively confirmed the ‘Basketball Wife’ to really be a Basketball Baby Momma — to Married former NBA player, Larry Hughes.

We’re now wondering if and how Carter’s confession may affect Larry Hughes wife, Carrie. You’ll recall.. back in September 2012, HSK first reported Carrie Hughes as a woman reported to refuse to accept the fact that Larry Hughes fathered Sundy’s daughter, Kennedy. We’re told the kid was born back in 2007, supposedly two years into the Sundy’s cheating smash affair with the baller. Just ask Draya!

“His wife continues to believe that Larry is not Kennedy’s father, DESPITE the paternity test and the obvious resemblance.”

Is Sundy Carter a washed up heaux with an old rep for smashing dudes “because she likes the situation they’re in”? Of course… Just as film director Zack Williams.

Sundy Carter Larry Hughes Jumpoff


  1. I’m so sick of these random ass hoodrates on all these reality show..somebody please do something different within media

  2. ^^^ agreed..I concur..I wish all these “reality” shows would just fade away like dust..I curse Ryan Seacrest, Mona Scott-Young, Shaunie O’Neal, forth..just why..Lawd..Jesus please take the wheel O__o

  3. this trick ass bird is from Philly, her and her sister both called themselves f*cking to the top. too bad it didn’t work out, does she even have a
    man or is she still somebody JUMPOFF? Dumb bitter bitch wished some man would claim her and she has the nerve to come for Draya she is no better maybe worse a least Draya don’t come at people she does mind her business.

  4. Lol! She told those chix they were “too emotionally involved”…right..its funny how ppl often judge eachother but probably hide a million skeletons in their own closets…lol.Imagine that..

  5. There’s a HUUUUUUGE difference between FOR and BY a married man and she is the latter. She hates so hard on Draya because she was in the same jumpoff boat BUUUT Draya got/gets better perks, for a longer period, and didn’t have a baby.

    • Larry Hughes is helping support all 3 of Sundy’s children, despite only being the father of 1 of Sundy’s kids. People cape so hard for Draya. There must be a lot of strippers, hos and jumpoffs out here who want Draya to win in hopes that they can win. Good luck with that.

      • Sorry!!!! Her first husband cedric carter takes care of Kennedy… she even has his last name…

        • Apologize to Sundy, because unless I misunderstood what she was saying, she said LH takes care of all 3 of her kids, like they’re his. She said that in the middle of an argument she had with Dryass. Whatever the case, no skin off of my back and not a dollar removed from my pocket.

  6. U mean to tell me after Sundy has trashed talked Draya the entire season she has a baby by a married man. Not surprised cuz the whole family is Troubled cuz the daughter was given HEAD on the Internet. Sundy stop worrying about Draya cuz u and Ur Nasty Daughter need Therapy

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