Breezy Turns Businessman!


Chris Brown has made dang sure he’s got a Plan B in effect, if all else fails. Brother Breezy has just launched ‘Legendary Faces Model Management’ — sparking a global hunt for fresh female faces to sign to the new agency.


This news comes on the heels of the singer’s anticipated ‘X’ album released being pushed back. Reports reveal, “the May 5th release date for X has been removed from Amazon and no new date has been issued’ — a situation widely suspected to have Tina Davis’ finger prints all over it. Don’t believe me.. Ask Karrueche Tran.



  1. I don’t think Chris has the desire to do music anymore,now its on to “Ike turner model management” take the picture Anna Mae

  2. So brother Breezy running an escort agency. I will assume his Vietnamese lady boy ex is his first signing.

    RCA are done with him, without saying they are done with him. What else he gon do? This is a desperate man, make no mistake. He has a team of people PR, management, security who rely on him for funds. Due to him forever being involved with f*ckery he has an expensive legal team too. Plus The Vietnamese beard/contract ex gf is on the payroll too. Yet the man ain’t had a hit in years. So off he goes into the prostitution game. Dark world he lives in.

    • God does not like or bless cowards. When Chris CHOSE to suck up to evil doers, rather than stand bravely like David did Goliath, he sealed his fate and the satanic forces devoured him.

  3. Chris COULD have modeled himself, but he decided to write grafitti all over his body.

    Dumb Ass!

    now he wants to be a PIMP? Backspace…”Modeling Agency”. LOL

  4. He should’ve been had a plan b, since his “run it” days, like a restaurant/clothing line/realty etc… hope this business venture works in his favor!

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