Gloria Govan Kills The Noise Over ‘Photoshopped’ Bodyguard Pic…


HSK Exclusive – Gloria Govan says the case of the “fake a** picture” — falsely painting her as a woman kissing the help — is nothing more than straight hate.

Mrs. Matt Barnes tells us… not only is the photoshopped image not affecting her, or her marital union, the rumor connected to the fake scandal will soon be forgotten.

Here’s what Gloria Govan had to say:

“I’m not gonna play into it. They want my attention. It’s not happening. Fake ass picture will be dead by the end of the week.”



  1. Yeah she did it..photoshopped mi ass..the angles are totally different #NotFooled #UBustedGloriaBoo

    • The angles are the first thing that i noticed, but it is possible that another picture ciukd have been referenced to produce the Photoshop.

    • @Gloria always think people are hating on her! Who cares about this trick? My question is what do you have to hate on? Wastedyellow

  2. I said the same thing about the angle and the position of her head,in one photo her head is tilting further back…lying ass trick you busted

  3. husband kissing top lip. guard kissing both lips with her head falling back more intense than the hubby kiss. Even her hair swoop is in a different place then the hubby kiss. Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife

  4. picture is photoshopped huh? now that pic of her and matt looks more photoshopped then anything. aint nobody even thinking bout u your fake mess of a marrige your still getting ran threw as we speak you know sloppy mess keeps getting exposed when u were supposed to on break the game his home boys and every body else runnig up in now your actualy married and still getting ran up in thiss time by your own body guard how pathetic.

  5. Lol this rat face ho I hope this isn’t her proof cause that eye make up isn’t even the same plus there’s more than one angle of the kiss

  6. She busted and why do someone wants to hate on her? And why would someone say the bodyguard is a dead beat dad? Sounds like someone hating on the bodyguard

  7. Well it’s f*cked up how thirsty Gloria is she probably did this for attention since she got kicked off the show! Do anyone knows who the bodyguard is so we can hear his side?

  8. It dnt look photoshopped to me! The angles are too different! She did it! She been a hoe! Matt leave dis hoe please!!

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