Kanye’s “Attack On Teen” Was Staged By Kris Jenner!

Mastermind Kris Jenner

“It was all an act, with Kris being the director.”

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting exclusive word exposing Kris Jenner for drumming up “the idea”, said to have led to Kanye’s supposed attack on that N-word dropp’in teen.

You’ll recall reports of the alleged Beverly Hills incident made headlines, back in January 2014. Don’t believe me… Just ask Harvey Levin.

The whistle blower — who’s close to the KKK Kamp — exclusively gives up the goods to HSK. “Kris came up with the idea as a publicity stunt,” says the source. “She used TMZ to break the story.”

Dig the Drop:

“Jonathan Cheban, he’s Kim’s best friend, convinced his teen friend to stage the fight with Kanye. The whole thing was masterminded by Kris, for the reality show.”

Kanye's Racial Attack was Staged

This news comes as reports reveal, “the home that’s shown on episodes of their show is not the one they live inside! They film exterior scenes at a home twenty miles away from their real pad, which is much less glamorous.”

Is Kris ‘Kougar’ Jenner on Court records admitting she orchestrated Kanye’s proposal to Kim? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Chad Hurley.


  1. Am so done with all things Kardashian..Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kanye..need I go on..#DONE #OFFICIALLY

    • Everything about her life and her dirty offsprings lives are staged to con dumb negroes, who are motherless, out of their money. I feel so sorry for the half black kanye kid, because she has shown over and over she has no use for black people, except getting their money in her pocket and her kids pockets. The dirty kids go along with it. They’re grown and could refuse

  2. Stop falling for all these false flags… Stop watching her show . Stop giving a flying fuk … Dat will show the ass the true reality of no ratings !

  3. Wow the trustyness is out of control! Well what else can they do they don’t have any talent so these stunts chris come up with is all the talent they have. Fake is all the talent they have everything about them is fake and staged do they know who they really are outside of all this fake shit?

  4. Duhh we knew this already, Kanye was silly as f*ck for getting mixed of with those Kartrashians,they are gonna mastermind all his money rite into kind bank account

  5. You don’t her about wiz kalefa goin through this! Kanye dumb ass should’ve kept Amber she’s low key and loyal

  6. Ewwww Kardaahians..anyway I said when it happened it was faked for tv. And Kris Jenner was behind it all. She will do anything to keep her litter of well trained hoes in the spotlight.

  7. By the way, one of the reasons we all knew it was fake was because no one wanted to call the cops. That and Kims no talent ass standing there watching , talking about how “we” got it all on tape. But what I wanna know is, was that 200k payout fake too? If not Kanye needs to start paying Jay z back. I’m sure Blue Ivy needs an emerald encrusted platinum rattle or something.

  8. I knew it! I knew it! Kanye is going to end up doing O.J. Simpson time plus life, if he keeps messing with those trash boxes.

  9. I feel sad for my black sisters who actually watch and follow this crap. It’s sad really.

  10. I have a question did kanye know it was a set up but even if he did know or not its what he gets trying to keep up with beyonce and Jay z I hope they milk him dry

  11. I wanna know is there anything these people won’t do for attention and money? They act as if that’s all they care about when they have so much already.

  12. Now this is desert dry kind of thristy. Ain’t no quenching for this kind of thirst. Glad I never wasted any of my time on this crap.

  13. I knew it was all orchestrated by PMK from the observant video the DM posted of ugly Kim. I don’t have anything to say about Kanye because that sambo coon is a sell out.

  14. I hope people on here know Kanye and kim were friends over 10 years before all this relationship crap started he know exactly what this family is about . He was messing around with kim when he was with Amber and thats why Reggie left her.

  15. I wish I could remember which one of our bright contributors is the one who called it as a set up job immediately. Good catch whoever you were!

  16. she’s testing him. pushing his buttons, preparing for the coupe d grace which will get him jailed and all of his money under her control.

    • Kris Jenner is secretly a racist b!tch it wouldn’t surprise me if she calls North that half breed n*gger you know she throws shades at Kanye.

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