Kris Jenner’s Side Piece Spills Texts, Pics & More!!!

Kris Jenner Smash Sessions Exposed

“Kris is a sloppy drunk and I evidence of our relationship.” ~Troy Leapherby

HSK Exclusive – An alleged Kris Jenner jumpoff isn’t only smashing and telling… he’s giving up texts and pics too! But Troy Leapherby, 38, says he’s far from being the only one who’s serving up the 58-year-old cougar. Know why? She’s also said to be bustin’ it open for Todd Waterman, who we’re told she was cheating with, behind then-husband Bruce’s back.

Leapherby says even though Kris dumped him “because she’s still having sex with her ex-lover Todd Waterman”… he recently shared a smash session with Kris just this past Sunday, March 9, 2014. Leapherly says it all went down inside a Beverly Hill Hotel bungalow, after they shared this text exchange and Kodak moment…


Here’s what Troy Leapherby told HSK:

“Kris recently took me the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, because she had to see Bruce. He golfs there everyday, and she wanted to get him to appear on a few episodes for the show.”


  1. When the Mama is a Nasty Whore…. The daughters arent much different. KK.

    isnt she still married? Or is “seperated” a get out of jail card.

    This chick and Nicole Simpson were friends…. 2 old hoochies

  2. Stages everything…. Including as we find out. …she even was the person who crafted Kanye’s engagement at the Ball Park to Kim.

    master manipulator…NOTHING is by accident. KRIS is behind all of this CRAP!


  3. Look at Kim lookin like she stopped by the side of a road in Mexico to sell her melons. Clearly she is taking a page outta her daughters playbook by using sexual escapades to make a name for herself. Guess she’s tired of her daughter’s join taking up all the spotlight

    • I doubt very seriously Kris is taking a page out of her daughters playbook…..she’s the one who taught them.

      • Maybe . But Kim became famous first and now Kris wants some shine that has nothing to do with her daughters. She keeps leaking stories about herself because she wants to be the focus.

        • All these stories about Kris are obviously leaked by her team. Case in point…People are more interested in young celebs not those who are Kris’ age. And I have also noticed how Khloe has been shoved down our throats, too. Especially ever since her and her husband has split. Khloe always looks like she’s being forced to be seen. Maybe she’s looking for another man and this is somewhat subtle advertisement.

  4. Ewwwwww!!
    I wouldnt hit that in might nightmarish sleep!!! Ewwwwwww again. Word is she got rid of Scots parents too. her kids cant be with someone with a family.

  5. Wow them whoredasians that Ho blood must run in the family … So does they lust for blk dik!

    • All true except for Kourtney. I don’t think she lusts after any dock. But, she sure made sure her kids are white. Goes against pump mamas programming.

  6. Chris been a used up whore since the 70’s I’m surprised anyone wants that broke down beat up coochie lol gutter real gutter so she’s living through her kids trained them to be straight gutter sewer trash Kanye better protect his daughter cause after the younger kids she has hit the stroll she’s coming after the grankids Kanye step up now before she sinks her claws in her mane I didn’t know that show Was even still on the air

  7. Dang that woman ain’t no cougar. That woman is a Leopard. A leopard never changes it’s stripes. Plus she has welcomed Black and white men to take a romp in the jungle with her.

    Them bushes be shaking, just a bending and spreading eagle. But, not necessarily in that order. LOL

    The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

  8. Euw she’s nasty man eeeeee her pum pum must be infected with gangrene narsty dawg.

  9. On another celebrity blog folks was all talking bout how beautiful and hot Kris is for her age. no one had any love for her or her stable, but they was all going on about her young looks for almost 60.
    I think she does look better than her daughters because she look more natural.

  10. laying it low and spreading it wide for ANYONE with a checkbook. Disgusting.

    • Just to show you how gullible some black men are, I saw a bunch of dudes on Howard Stern TV show saying that Kim has the most perfect beautiful vagina they ever saw. TRUE story.

  11. Whoa. You are right. If you focus on her eyes you can see that demonic spirit within her. She is clearly possessed.

    • I mean I can’t stand her either, but everyone here is clowning on her face, but I think she looks better than just about any 60 year old white woman I’ve seen. She could pass for 40 something if you squint real hard.

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