Master P Says He Paid For 50 Cent’s 1st Tour

50cent Mater P Connection

If it weren’t for Master P, 50 Cent may have landed only limited success as an MC. Know why? The No Limit Records founder has revealed he put up the funds for Fif’s first tour, shortly after the 2002 release of “Wangsta” — adding “he didn’t associate with 50 too much during the tour… due to his low-key demeanor.”

Peep what Master P told Vlad TV:

“To be honest with you, I was the first one to put 50 Cent on tour. I paid for his tour. His first tour.
Yeah, I paid for [that]. Well, he had a hot record. I had the money to put out for the tour. I put out for the tour.”

I mean, we was around each other a lot back then because I paid for the tour. We was cool. I’ve never been a person to just hang out with people, so—like I’ve always been a loner, man. No disrespect to nobody. I just—Everybody got their own thing. We ain’t never been no groupies or nothing like that. You know? It’s like my homie when I see you ‘What’s up?’ We can do something it’s cool. I’ll go take care of money for the show and then go do what I gotta do. You know? And he was always 100, so it was cool.”


  1. Masta P is a VERY smart business man…he never signed a record deal, just paid them a fee for distribution;)

  2. Cosign anonymous 14:37. Percy and Curtis are two of the smartest men in the game, if not THE smartest.

    • Master P got the smartest distribution deal in the history of music getting 85% and his distributor only getting 15%.NewOrleans We Won!

      • Yes he was and I never really heard a lot about him doing his people dirty. It’s a shame his brother couldn’t stay out of trouble but he did a good job with Romeo.

        • Oh, Master P screwed artists over. It happened. The main one I recall him screwing over is none other than Snoop Dogg.

    • exactly! master did the smart thing cause look at him now worht millions fif turnt out to be a mega success!

  3. I agree that it is good to hear of good working relationships in that industry so much bad news…good thing two men could come together..and I bet 50 made P some good ass money too…

  4. What happened to all of the money Master P had? Why is he doing commercials for some low budget private trade school college? Did his son graduate from USC?

    • I think those corny commercials are an example of how he never misses an opportunity to increase his bankroll. I don’t think that he “needed” to do it or is in financial difficulty.

    • Romeo dropped out of USC his freshman year, if I recall correctly. Never should’ve happened.

  5. I had never been into gold tooth wearing men but I used to have a little crush on Master P back in the day. Ugh!

    • He’s surprisingly charismatic and attractive in person. Much more so than he seems in videos and movies.

    • That may be, but that does not mean he is broke. he may have had some bad investments and filed for protection of his main assets. I know quite a few people who filed Chapter 11 and had tons of assets.

  6. P also was the sports agent for Ricky Williams kinda like Gay-Z is now for Cano,Geno and Skylar. But y’all saw How Ricky turned out with the Saints at the time.

  7. Master P needs to pay Sonya Miller child support. Fuck paying for anyone’s tour. P either lied about his net worth or he squandered it. IDGAF about him.

    • A ‘hoe’ is a garden tool, you ignoramus. But two posts down, your funky, ratchet ass is concerned about whether or not two niggas who wouldn’t urinate on you have ever screwed each other. I bet you have more bodies on your bedpost than you have dollars in your bank account. Now be gone, bitch.

    • P.S. I posted hot tea, because no sooner than I mentioned Percy Miller being a deadbeat dad did TMZ post a story in kind on their site. I’m everywhere you wanna be, bitch. I should be posting as Visa.

        • Bella I have sent your name and this post to Stockholm nominating you for the Nobel Prize for Best Dis of 2014.

          • Thank you, ma’am. I was minding my business when this troll popped up trying to jump on me for having a conscience and stating the obvious. Anyone who had a purported net worth of $500 million at the height of their career had the ability to make tremendous provisions for their 10 children so, in the event their net worth dwindled, their children would be adequately provided for. That’s why I clapped back the way I did.

  8. He put out that line of rims and he had that ghetto stash house full of money. Didn’t f*ck with banks. Smdh

  9. So! Master P shut up and sit down. No one is checking for you or give a damn with you are talking about. I know one thing I am sick of seeing that stupid college commercial with his annoying son.

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