Miki Howard: “I am NOT ‘Billie Jean!'”

Miki Howard's Jackson Spawn

Miki Howard has addressed recent allegation that points to the late Michael Jackson as the biological father of her 31-year-old son, B. Howard. But that doesn’t mean the Gospel legend gave up any goods! In true Diva fashion, ‘Miki-That’ had a whole lot to say, without really saying much at all — other than announcing she’s not just B. Howard’s momma, she’s his daddy too!

Check what Miki Howard had to say:

“I love and support my son and the Jackson family. The Jacksons – who are dear, long-time friends of mine – are beautiful people and have always been loving and supportive of me and my career. As to this claim – at this time I am not at liberty to discuss this as it is common practice in our business that celebrities have non-disclosure agreements. And, we are NOT suing anyone!”

Did Miki go by the name ‘Billy’, 31-years-ago, back in 1982 — the very year when MJ let it be known, “Billie Jean is not my lover”? Of course… Just ask Joe.



  1. My guess,Joe the pappy.Miki was friends with the family,how could she let everyone know she was high out her mind srewing the daddy.Keep the secret.Back in the day I believe she had a roll in a movie playing Bille Holliday.

  2. In the case of B. Howard and Michael…Michael, you are NOT the father! LOL That dude looks nothing like the ORIGINAL Jackson’s. He looks like the fabricated ones. So unless someone comes out the wood-works with a nose spread across their face then, I’m a nonbeliever.

    • You R Right!! Anyone else reading between the lines that “Billie Jean” Was based on real-life event such as Joe asking MJ to take the fall for it being HIS kid and THATS why he wrote the song???!!!!!

  3. That boy looks just like them Jackson’s. Who really knows which Jackson is the his father. Some of the Jackson’s have been known to marry, date and pro-create with the same woman/women.

  4. So, Mike would fake his death, abandon his children that he loved so much, leaving them broken and devastated with one still in a mental hospital???!!! You watch too much TV!!! Be FOREAL!!!!!!!

    • THAT!!! nIf for no other reason, Michael would NEVER abandon Paris whose a cutter and a potential suicide victim(I pray not but still..)in the state she’s in. No matter what you think about MJ, he loved his kids more than life itself.

      Honestly I don’t think those Elvis kooks are any worse than these “MJ s alive theorists.”

      • im not so much on the he lives bandwagon…but something was going on w Paris. I think her breakdown was some sort of effort to program her…or make her doubt her own mind. then she disappeared to a “school” in the middle of nowhere. And came back very calm. Odd.

  5. He looks just like Tito son’s, yea I think Micheal is the father, but she doesn’t seem like Micheal type

  6. Yes I do think Michael Jackson is alive to many signs are just don’t add up if you knew some people wanted to kill you you would fake your death too. I love NJ but I can’t see him sleeping with a woman sorry I can’t.

  7. I agree with you Anon 8:50. What seems crazy to some people is actually the truth

    • may I have some of what y’all are smoking?

      There are photos of MJ’s tiny dead body without his wig and I know an ME n LA who has seen them.

  8. Miki is one of my favorite singers, but she is batshit crazy.

    Hell, she could’ve been gang banged by the whole Jackson 5 and she would have said it was Katherine’s kid. She cannot be trusted, she is too crazy, but can SAAANNG!!

  9. Jacky you should dig into why this man is always with Alejandra. 99% of the pics that they’ve presented as proof of a connection have been of him with Alejandra and or her kids. Maybe 1 or 2 with the Jackson bro’s during fan meet and greets after a concert. I think he’s Augies kid but if he is a Jackson I believe he’d be Joe, Jermaine, or Randy’s kid. Alejandra raised Donte and some have questioned who his parents are. Why is she so vested in this man-child who has a mother??

    • yeah..Auggie has been claiming him since day 1…but if not, I think it just may be Joe’s son..

  10. Omer,B.Howard and Blanket all Michael’s I think…prince and Paris i don’t think so. Donte is definitely Joe look at old pics of Joe when he was younger. I will really be shocked when we find out about Janet’s child or children. Janet hid her marriage for over 10 years now Michael hiding kids in plain sight not a far stretch.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Donte looks more like Tom Cruise’s biological son Conner, they look like twins, all the Jackson men are whores, even my fav Mike.&Jackie is the one who raised Janet&James’s daughter as his own, I believe one of Jermaine’s baby mama wrote a Scandalous book about the Jackson family, it had everything from infidelity to domestic violence etc.. the list goes on, makes one look at all of them in another light!!!!

  11. If he has ANY Jackson blood in him its Joe’s or Jermaine’s. If he was Michael’s kid he would resemble Michael PRE SURGERY and have a deeper voice. Michael’s real voice was not that baby shit he would talk in in public. Dude need to have several seats.

  12. i narrowed it down to three people the papi could either be joe jermaine or randy!he got them kathrine high cheek bones that small smooth looking face and that nose.look at joes face his features are to amboriges and broad and b looks both katherine mike mixed together.all want to know is did any one get a blood test done?

  13. She’s smart to stray away from the surfacing drama, although it’s been years people have been saying that Brandon belongs to Mike, only she, the Jacksons, & the good Lord,knows who brandon’s padre really is, not my concern!!!!

  14. He’s Augie Johnson’s real actual son, NOT MICHAEL JACKSON’S
    His full name on the bitrh cert. is probably “Brandon Howard-Johnson”
    His real age is should around 33 or so (1979, 1980?) NOT 31

    Now as for his weekends at Neverland or whereever the Jacksons were, yeah that’s true I assume
    But he’s Augie’s son…let’s keep it real!
    He should stop style-jacking MJ and selling this DNA story and do HIM. Nothing wrong with being 100% real.

    There’s one thing; and that’s the fact that MJ was more genuine and 100% REAL in his personality than this guy
    ever will be.

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