50 Cent Barks Back @ Snoop Dogg


The social media feud between Fiddy and Snoop continues to unfold. Over the weekend, Fif fired another insta-bomb at the Dogg Pound Gangsta/Roaring Rastafarian. It seems to be a direct response to Snoop Lion’s IG message to 50 Cent, “S*ck Dick Or Die Trying.”

As it stands, Snoop hasn’t addressed the message from Fif — who has since deleted the post from his IG account. But, HSK caught it before it was gone!

Peep it…



  1. 50 has to stay offline for a month have several seats please lol he like a grandpa who just start knowing how to use a cell phone

  2. 50 act like he dont got no suspect pics im sure people didn’t forget them GQ pics or them Floyd pics lol.

    • As a 50fan them GQ pics were alittle suspect.Dude looked like a member of the Village People in those pics.

      • Yeah I know and I use to like those pics til dudes kept sayin how fruity the pics were lol and I was like yep too fruity the sleeves cut off shirt all open with the wind blowing wtf lol.

        • That was some Clark Kent as Superman isht. I still have that issue. I’m so sorry that 50 screams downlow to me. The things I would do to him… They’re probably illegal in at least 15 states.

  3. This seems more of a shoutout to snoop than dissing him more than the first one at least

  4. I bet behind closed doors these two are best friends. but, for public consumption, Beyonce doesn’t like Kim It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    I am so glad that I have never watched their trashy show or bought any of the products that they promote. That goes for the stuff that Beyonce hawks as well.

    • Oops!!! Wrong thread. This should have been posted in the Beyonce and Kim Thread.

    • Beyonce makes it was priority to aloof herself from Kanye and Kim in order to keep her brand in tact.I see a futuristic beef happening between Jay and Kanye.Jays is a poisonous Snake.Don’t believe Me?Ask Dame and Biggs.

  5. Both of their asses can’t make or sell records anymore! But fif don’t give a f*ck like snoop do,fif ready to expose niggaz and start fights lol

  6. LOLOL!!
    This old picture of Snoop always made me think he was Clyde Drexler’s long lost brother!

  7. I know his son’s mother is glad he is not f*cking with her this time. Dude likes to argue.

  8. Snoop and them nails. Don’t tell me it’s pimp shit. It’s girl shit. 50 in gq some gay shit. I live Australia been listening to rap since 85, damn shame what their doing to rap. Can see it plain as day.

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