Queen Bey Declares Carters Keep Clear Of Kanye’s ‘Trashy TV’ Wedding!


“The thought of popping up in KUWTK mortifies Beyoncé.”

Jay Z didn’t have any problem with backing Barneys’ Stop, Friskin’ and proven Racial-Profiling. Mr. ‘Marcy Projects’ Carter didn’t even flinch when he endorsed the beginning of Brooklyn’s gentrification, signing up as the sell-out face of Barclays Center. But giving E! cameras even the slightest chance to film him, Queen Bey and baby Blue — when Kanye and Kim exchange their ‘I dos’ — is something Jigga’s got a big problem with. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Beyonce!

“Bosses at E! are desperate to get the nuptials on air, and will pay millions to make it happen.

According to a source… Queen Bey, “isn’t prepared to lower her standards for anyone, or any occasion…and purposely keeps herself away from trashy TV.” That’s said to be the reason why Holy Hova’s reportedly refused to stand in as Yeezus’ Best Man, during Kimye’s wedding in Paris.

Here’s the latest:

“Jay initially agreed, but had one condition — he, his wife Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy wouldn’t be caught on reality TV cameras under any circumstances. Even as Kim Kardashian claims she wants a small intimate wedding, most likely it will be filmed for her reality show on E!, yet that has not been set in stone as of yet.”



  1. A bunch of fools. I wonder how long will this wedding last? Kim K is a complete idiot. She is willing to marry a homosexual just for some publicity. I wish she would just go away and stay away.

    • thank you!!so true indeed any body with common dang sense wouldnt want no parts of this trash mess its not just the carters!

  2. i dont like the carters style ,
    but i must say that i dont blame them from staying far away from them kardashians

  3. Lights camera action get ready for the show kim displaying her talent the only one she has to get fake married over and over and over

  4. I bet behind closed doors these two are best friends. but, for public consumption, Beyonce doesn’t like Kim It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    I am so glad that I have never watched their trashy show or bought any of the products that they promote. That goes for the stuff that Beyonce hawks too.

  5. Kim is TRASHY! That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Beyonce has made the filthiest CD of all time. That song Partition is so filthy it makes me throw up every time I envison that whore with her legs cocked up in the backseat of a limo while the chauffer peeks and that camel n8ggah squirts all over her blouse. FILTHY!

  6. Yea Kim is a hoe! But Beyonce not better then nobody! She needs to kill that stank stuck up attitude, she’s a ho too she just hasent been caught on tape like Kim

    • Beyonce and JZ have every fool in black hollywood praising her as the great black hope, eventhough she clearly wants to be white, and wouldn’t tour in black africa for a trillion dollars! You wont ever see this white wanna B dressing in a dashiki or an african head wrap, but she clearly wants to B a white queen with that powdery white face and gigantic wig.

  7. @ Anon 11:33 ,
    Maybe thats why is world is so phucked up today cuz, DICKS ARE RUNNING (ruining)THINGS!

  8. @Anon 14:30 and Anon 14:42, are two classic HSK posts, funny as hell and totally real, truth!

    Can someone tell me why Bey looks like she is on some heavy duty pharmotropic drugs?

  9. Only A Brotha Moment…Classic!

    Rich Niccas trying to clean-up a trashy white female who is famous for bussin’ it wide open for a c-list black male celebrity…Only A Brotha!

    • That’s what I’M sayin’. Kanye is actin’ like he’s so WHIPPED – I mean he even told this broad she has “carte blanche to ALL of his finances” – OMG that’s a STUPID N!99A for REAL. He’s so busy trying to prove himself to her & be this “PERFECT N!99A” in HER eyes & shove this SLVT down our throats & “sell her” on the A-Listers but these people don’t wanna be bothered with her. Kanye has been BEGGING Anna Wintour for the LONGEST to put this btich on the cover of VOGUE. He’s trying to make a “star” out of an UNTALENTED WH(0)RE. He bought this H0 an $8 million dollar engagement ring. He tricked out some million dollar DARTZ sports bullet & bomb proof car to protect this btich (and his baby) — by no means am I against protecting fam, especially your BABY – but this n!99a has had a COUPLE of BAD AYASS BLACK CHICKS on his arm & I don’t remember him ever being THIS gotd@mn protective & generous!! He’s trying to push this Attention Wh(0)re on the world like she’s this “talented” person who “should be given a chance” – man this WH(0)RE GOT A SEX TAPE, got peed on in that sex tape, was filmed sucking on a huge black DIK in that tape & doing all kinds of NASTY SHT – then she changed sex partners every year or few months – she spent MILLIONS on that wedding to Kris Humphries & THAT only lasted 72 days (shortest marriage known to mankind that I KNOW of) – had that wedding televised & now she’s about to do the same thing with Kanye & Bey & Jay want no parts of IT NOR that stupid reality show. I don’t blame Bey OR Jay. But ya man I am SO with you on what you said about “Rich Niccas trying to clean-up a trashy white female who is famous for bussin’ it wide open for a C-List black male celebrity — ONLY A BROTHA!!!” — YOU ARE SO RIGHT & I couldn’t be more DISAPPOINTED IN KANYE I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS THIS FCUKING STUPID

  10. Um-m-m-m trashy TV – Beyoncé might want to check herself! This laughable on so-o-o-o many levels!

  11. Does worshipping the devil give you amnesia because Beyonce is forgetting the fact that she was the most hated member of DC she said she almost had a breakdown over all the hate she received now she givin the same hate

  12. For a season Kris pretends to be the mother these motherless black men with money long for. She lures them in, with promises of a lifetime with a loving supportive family. It isn’t the daughters that have the power to do that. She is truly evil when she turns them out like lamar.

  13. Bey is just envious. she likes to keep the men in her entourage only to herself> But now she’s got serious competition from Kim who does not do a lot of work to be famous like her, but yet on the spotlight with less effort. And to think that Kanye loves her so much for so many years now, regardless, that’s call True love. Take it or leave it Bey, they re still getting married and she is the mother of his beautiful daughter. It’s not all about you this time, somebody apart from you has to be happy too and really, Drunk In Love, Like Kanye and Kim. Be happy for them and stop all this Miss Perfect attitude. To term them trashy, that’s a lot of hate. I believe we have to love our friends and support them in moments like these. If Kanye was a friend, you would go a head and be with him in such a special time in his life.After trying to create such a perfect image for yourself Bey, you still have haters, meaning nobody is perfect> So get over it.

    • Well said she’s getting her name out there in shorter time and didn’t have to work as hard so I say she could be jealous.

  14. First of all BEYONCE AIN’T THE ONE TRYING TO BE IN THIS WHORES WEDDING KIM AND KANYE wants The Carter’s to be there 2nd of all BEYONCE IS A MARRIED GROWN ASS WOMAN. she ain’t hopping from penis to penis. She has a husband…it is legal to SEX UR HUSBAND GTFO HERE WITH ALL THAT HATE .maybe y’all need to take some notes from her on how to keep y’all man happy that’s if u Hv one JAYZ AINT COMPLAINING STFU HATERS

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