Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 9, 2014

Blind Item

This captain of Confessions is said to be turning the other cheek… away from the Sterling-like statements made by the exposed bigot who he bumped and brought to the table.

We’re told our mystery man is busy “rallying together his industry associates” to join him in supporting the kid. It’s all said to be over our blind item’s fear that the caught-on-tape pop star/racist could turn to a whistle blower… and spill dude’s secrets!

Back in 2010, he allegedly pulled an insurance scam… over the Christmas holidays, when he blamed bandits from breaking into his SUV before fleeing with $50K in furs and a $1M in jewels.

Now… can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. This one’s actually not hard to believe. Look at all the high profile house ni99ers breaking their necks to help rescue this little Canadian brat. Like one after another. All seems a bit orchestrated. Usher knows his sh*t ain’t been selling, so he’s gotta save his meal ticket. I’m sure he also knows 2/3 of black America is dumb enough to STILL help make this kid the next Justin Timberlake.

    • At least the black masses never supported jb in the first place so they are tryna save his face for the white masses but please believe im taking notes. Every single black celebrity that comes out supporting JB will get no nothings from me ever again……Usher just lost a fan and a album sale.

      • @mon88: True! Same with Jay Z. I’ll still listen to the stuff I already have when I feel like it, but Usher and Jay won’t be getting any more of my money. I thought Usher’s original position to just keep his mouth shut was best.

    • I think a lot of people are waking up, like why are the only pictures of JB and Usher from like a million years ago? If they’re still friends and if they’ve been talking why no new fresh pictures? Also Justin Timberlake is a huge sign that says music industry is horrible. A kid supposably wanted to grow up to be a singer and got there. Think of all the things he saw along the way make him not want to be a singer, why do you think he’s always trying to act. Supposably is lackluster album he just did is his last and he only did it because the music industry forced him to by contract alone, that says a lot! We’re waking up and realizing that we are nothing but sheep and so are they.

      • Yeah I read the same thing about Justin’s last album. It was obvious he didn’t want to be in music any longer.

        • This isn’t about any racist comments. This is about the ‘Nati & ’em

          Justin done done something wrong in the game. Maybe he is over the demon worshipping or the forced sodomy. Either way THTB are unhappy with Justin. Like Dave or Charlie or Katt and Chris Brown.

          Or his programming is breaking down Like Britney and Mariah and Amanda

          • their probably upset with him because……

            1, he’s hanging around with blaque people
            and is ruining his white image

            2, for being cocky and arrogant

            3, for popping pill ruining his clean cut image

          • Damn you’re right about Kat it kind of seems like he fell off real quick even though I know he didn’t. There’s this dude Burger in LA he’s been blowing it up. I hope he makes it cuz he’s been around for some years and he doesn’t seem to put up with any of the Illuminati bull crap, but it seems you don’t go with that game you don’t get famous.

  2. Kevy Kev….didn’t you know black people don’t buy cd’s. They got them joints all day in the barber and beauty salons 3 for 10.

  3. maybe the little boy that didn’t know too many black ppl when he made those comments. maybe after being around black ppl he was able to make an educated decision about he really felt about black ppl. he was a child then after all. anyway. check my blog. http://temptingtroublestales.blogspot.com/

  4. and who give a frig about usher’s opinion? who the hack is he? hahaha. that’s funny.

  5. and who give a frig about usher’s opinion? who the heck is he? hahaha. that’s funny. i hate a typo. it is still true, though. who the heck is usher? who cares what he think about a little boy or anything else for that matter? unless he is helping some unfortunate ppl? the little white boy needs to give some money to some inner city group in canada to help black children if he is so upset about what he said. maybe usher should be telling us that is what the little boy did instead of acting like his opinion really matters.

  6. I believe this because it has been a lot of black male celebs coming to his defense.

    That lets me know they all get down

  7. Before crucifying Usher too much, how would y’all feel if your meal ticket was gong down in flames? I’m just saying it’s a real dilemma when it’s YOUR money at stake. It’s easy for us to stand on the sidelines and say what we would do. It’s a lot easier to be noble and principled when you don’t have skin in the game.

  8. I believe it, I believe it. I guess I should forgive JB’s past transgressions since he has been poked in the you know what by a bunch of grown men. Ew!

    • Regardless i agree its a dam shame how they pimped that boy out to those pedo”s

  9. what is wrong with blaque people these day

    white people do’t give a phuckerty phuck about us
    they care about themselves they uses blaque people
    for street cred. when these white people make it
    mainstream they will turn their backs away from blaques people!!!

    example kim zodaic from RHOA she used kandy
    when the song was a huge hit you noticed kim didn’t
    want to pay kandy???

  10. I thought from the beginning that the reason all these guys are rallying around Justin is because they are FUCKING HIM. If you see pics of him in the club his shirt is off surrounded by 40 year old men. He took Chris Brown place as f*ck boy for the elites.

    • U should have seen the pic of JB on a yacht(trip)
      with old ass billionaire man a few weeks ago

  11. Usher once wrestled Puff Daddy over frosted flakes. Now he, like several other rich black celebrities are supporting this racist white Canadian kid? I hate all of these rich black celebrities who have pledged their allegiance to white supremacy. They have souled out their own race in exchange for money that isn’t even backed by gold. These black stars will soon learn what happens when you make a deal with the hollywood devils. If you disagree with me, ask Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson! Oh shit I forgot, the hollywood devils killed them!

    • According to Mogul which I downloaded yesterday. Oooooooweeee!!!! Talk about the secrets!! Wow…Usher and in and everybody in that book. U have to decipher the names but its a good damn book!

      • kid rock dated a black women and called her racial names
        then he appeared on run’s house with

        “i love black people” t-shirt on
        what a load of crap

        • Kid Rock always looked like a dirty-ass, racist Redneck piece of shit rap poser to me, so I’m not surprised. As for Eminem, I’ve been saying the same thing about him for years now–How the f*ck are people castigating Sterling and Bieber for their racist comments (And stupidity in getting caught, but that’s a post for another time), yet they gave Marshall (Eminem) a pass almost a decade ago?

          • eminem got lucky beacuse he’s white and he can spit
            that’s why dr dre signed him. he likes them white boys because
            he think their weake?????
            as for kids rock he looks
            dirty as shyt

          • CB Em got his break because he can spit, he does have talent. And the first thing he did was put D12 on. He did not leave his homies behind and go Hollywood. Shoot, he wouldn’t leave Detroit with a gun to his head. I agree that Dre is responsible for him making it big, and he is the first one to say it. Other than him being white, he hasn’t done anything wrong that other rappers haven’t done. Sure, he drops some inappropriate language from time to time, but it is part of the culture he is so immersed in. I figure if his PEERS give him the pass, they know him better than we do.

          • @ Anonymous

            eminem is a silent racist
            made a song racial song about blaque women
            he wears a du rag????

            he did a song about white america
            sound like a racial song

            all this white people fusing about black rapper
            rapping about guns and drugs
            eminem and other white rapper do’t get told off
            because their white

  12. Black people need to get this angry aboit black people killing black people. Who cares if ths little punk or an old one foot da grave White man says the n-worrd? My bills still need to get paid and gas in my car. We have bigger problems, like crime, and we wonder why we get no respect

  13. Damn what the f*ck is wrong with these Black people why does this racist piece of shit know all of Ushers personal business especially the insusrance scam. Funny you fight Tameka in the street who hasn’t told your personal business yet but you tell the little stupid white boy and trust him with your life. These Black folks better wake the f*ck up and quit trusting these racists users!! Just pathetic!!!

  14. apparently p diddy brough justin bieber a european
    sports car. you may ask youself why would a guy like p didy
    buy that little snort nosed brat a car????

    1, maybe to get into his boxers
    2, to butter him u pwith gifts
    3, to keep him quiet

    apparently usher divorced tamka because she went to brazil
    to get lipo surgery she told him on the phone that she nearly
    died he was pissed ummm also tamka’s son passed away last year

  15. Lets be real.. More than a meal ticket Beiber must have those super buns. Usher as well as anyone with a heartbeat knows JB was the biggest hoax for these tweens and every preverse man and woman with questional sexual prefrences. Usher going to bat for JB is to keep him hush about all that black man pipe he recieved. you know all these honkeys will give up all the fame and fortune just to expose a nga that aint dancing to their tune.

  16. would not suprise me at all if shit really hit the fan and JB comes up “dead” or MIA.

  17. All these Black celebrities are nothing but a bunch of sell outs. They will be dealt with by TIM at the appropriate time. I especially cannot stand Michael Jordan.

  18. Fake ass generated ass comments written by Jacky and his aliases. Sound like the same person over and over again. Mane, change your writing style.

  19. I agree the only taking up for J.B because he is the new f*ck boy and yea he took Ushers place. Baby from ymcmb, & Diddy bought him a car. They’re molesting that young boy just like all the rest. Baby def molested Lil Wayne and we know for sure that Diddy molested Usher. They’re all GAY ok Bi… You have to be to excel, and keep the elites happy. Or off with your head. Smh

  20. Why is Usher tooth and nail over some kid from Canada? Black artists look real suspect right now, hanging all of their hopes on white singers and rappers. As if, they lack talent themselves, it makes no sense.

  21. to this point ush really need to admitt to his mistake he was a bad judge of character.bib felt like this when he was doing music with black artist such as luda sean kingston chris brown ect he felt like that all a while. of course i can forgive but never forget and he have his lawyers write up as many fake apologies notes as he want hes rich now the backlash is never gonna do nothing to his bank account and of course the the sell outs are gonna jump to his offense and used there star power to shut folks down.i feel the same sell outs should never have anything to say bout black struggle racism against nor racism towards them theyve all proven to be fruads no spine at all. i havent as of yet heard any person of color just simply say bib was wrong

  22. your website is infested with ads even ad blockers dont work, the more I come here the more there are.

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