Frenchie Montana Claps Back At Tichina Arnold

Round 2: French Montana vs Tichina Arnold

In response to Tichina Arnold’s polite schooling of the Moroccan Bad Boy’s manners, French Montana took it a step further.

Let’s go!!!


  1. Smh.. This dude doesn’t know when to quit…. All he should’ve said was “You’re Right”. That’s it!!!…You can’t say anything derogatory toward these new school dudes… He can dish it out, but can’t take it! PUNK!

  2. Glad she lit his ass up. He was trying to have a laugh at the expense of a real celebrity.

  3. What deli in the Bronx did puff scoop this lame from? This nigga was just cooking halal food a year ago now he feeling himself.

  4. Tichina scorches his ass with class and that’s all French could come back with? She had a point because I have no idea what French Montana does other than Khloe.

  5. That’s how mfs get messed up everyday by doing disrespectful stuff and then not knowing what disrespect is. He is a slow dude.

  6. “millions of others” just goes to show how much of a follower this loser is. Classic clown.

    She doesn’t owe him any respect and I can’t believe that he said nice try to try the plug for her charity like he is any good avenue to promote such thing anyway.

    He doesn’t know when to quit.

  7. He may have “reposted” the pic but the comment was his own. Not even a good liar…

  8. I think it’s funny how he says she’s ‘using him to plug her charity’ when he started it by trying to ‘use’ her to get a few laughs from his followers. Who’s ‘usury’ (if you will) is more constructive? Tichina’s!
    She ran moral and intellectual circles around him though. Good for her.

  9. And calling her “Pam” just goes to show his level of competence. essentially he saying she’s not a person but a character to be made fun of.

    Mental slavery is real and far worse than what was done back in the day.

  10. people today only get famous for the money
    remember back in day people took their talent seriously
    it wasn’t about the money it was about expression and education

    rappers like

    frenche montana
    soulja boy
    iggy azealia

    only rap for the money and the fame

    • Back in the day people HAD talent. None of those losers you list there have any.

        • True. X factor, got talent, idol. Makes it easier to find people who are ready to give up everything to be a star. HOW MUCH U REALLY WANT IT. It’s their favourite saying.

        • Well truthfully Chocolate, most people do what they do in hopes of making money. How could you dedicate your life to your art and not attempt to make money from it? I don’t think it’s a bad thing in of itself.

  11. french is Arab and khole is Armenian

    maybe they want to make blaque children!!!
    come blaque children is all the range these day
    white celebs holding their blaque babies like a handbag/purses

    sooner or a white person is going to come up
    with a

    blague handbag/purse with blaque features
    like afro big lips nose etc etc

    they sell blaque men cookie in Romania

    look it up is called black men cookies it even looks like a
    black men

  12. French Montana will be just another casuality of Diddy. What has Diddy done for his artists? French didn’t have much celebrity until he got with a Kardashian. He’s a horrible rapper with no stage presence.

  13. Too bad this won’t translate into record sales or talent for ‘Frenchie.’ Dude is a glorified hanger-on (Max B, 50 Cent, Puffy, and now that Kardashian Wildebeest) who got lucky. Period.

  14. French Montana is living”The Vampire Life” on another man’s dime…I Would Shut My Trap! He outed himself as a lame, has no talent, can’t move units…Pigeons!!!

  15. Are BM gonna come out and have her back like they been doing with Bieber, Sterling and Paltrow?

    • @THEE1

      Only a few die-hards in the rap game at this time. Most are lame anyway, they call blackwomen bitches and hoes with no shame. They’re not blackmen…Hell To The No!!!

  16. Don’t mess with or make fun of my Pam. All the teens know and love Rochelle. French you messed up.

  17. What a dumb azz. Congrats to Ms Arnold for teaching the masses on how to properly shade Clair Huxtable style. He should have tucked his tail between his legs and apologized after the “do you own your name” comment. Guess its back to flossing hood richness on IG and tweeting ciroc recipes for him.

  18. Tichina handled this with great class and style. She is a real lady in every sense of the word.

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