G-Unit Affiliate Arrested In Slowbucks Summer Jam Chain Jacking…



    According to Mike Lighty, an arrest has been made in the gang beating and chain jacking of the mostly unknown rapper, Slowbucks during the Hot97 Summer Jam last week. Mikey Fingers, who is a member of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew, was reportedly arrested for the crime.

    According to The Boom BoxMikey Fingers is currently behind bars for the assault and robbery of Slowbucks’ jewelry.

    Here is what Lighty had to say via Twitter (before quickly deleting it):

    “#ShoutOut The coward @slowbucks For Snitching On the Homie Aka Tio #MikeyFingers !!!!! These @slowbucks Cats talk about killing drugs and gangs But when the block Is flamming these be the same Cowards Snitching and pointing People Out ….. #Free my ni**a #MikeyFingers !!!!”


    1. Damn shame.These the rat niggas that bitches be gassing up the most too. All the real niggas been pushed out and now the bitch snitch niggas took over because they are more easy to manage by cooperate.

      • Slow is always up in a camera! He looks like a bird ass nigga that touched some paper. You never see the kid buck like that.

    2. SB ain’t no real nigga what happens in the streets stays in the street 50 go get your nigga out of jail he deserve that

      • Huh? Watch your keystrokes before I type you a black eye……By the way …what dumb ass assualts and robs someone on camera(s) in front of 50,000 people and expects to get away?

        • All you had to do was make a video post it to worldstar showing you had no bruises no black eye, and explained to the non street/hood niggas and bitches that you were jumped and set up,there’s no “L” in getting jumped by more than one dude. Then on the low get your chain back by paying the street tax and simply say “f*ck the nigga who ordered the hit” every time you make a video on a blog or social we site to show people u aint scared of him. Everyone knew 50 sent them niggas at you. There is no way you should have been on stage without making sure that you and Curtis was cool because you and Trav had done shit that could’ve been looked at as disrespect and you knew most of them dudes who were up there, even thou both of y’all cool with same people were not gonna help you because 50 hold all the cards becuz his $$. You could have bounced back i.e. 2chainz and other rappers who remained relevant after embarrassing moments of getting robbed or assaulted. Now not only did you f*ck up your movement you f*cked up Bucks flow now. You should’ve just took this one on the chin “no pun intended” and bounced back selling your brand and people would’ve respected you. Now the streets especially Queens not gonna respect your movement because of your “snitching” lawsuit. If you lose your lawsuit your brand along with your hustle will be completely compromise. The embarrassment from the jumping would’ve passed.

    3. I hate that “Stop Snitching” saying. This is one of the main reasons the murders, rapes and other things go unsolved and stay injust in our community, becasue some fool won’t snitch. Phuck having loyalty to the next man be loyal to yourself. If this Mikey personassaulted and robbed him then jail is exactly where he should be.

    4. can’t stand 50 cent i remember 4-5 years

      50 cent said on mtv news the uk verison

      saying he rathers eminem than his own grandmother!!!!

      was eminem there when he was hungry???
      was eminem there when he got shot????

      no his grandmother was

      • Say it again because these idiots in the street aren’t real. You’re not real if you in the streets beating up people and selling drugs. Get you’re ass a real job and make somthing of yourself.

    5. Fiddy and the goons he runs with are straight bullies. Let’s not forget Tony Yayo smacking Jimmy Henchmen’s 14 yr old son. Hopefully the arrest of this fool will send a strong message.


    7. He shouldn’t be mad at the coward that snitched, he should be mad at 50 for getting him caught up in the system where he will have problems for the rest of his life. You can’t listen to people like 50 the real punk ass cowards – robbing him on camera. Snitch all day, file your lawsuit and get paid. Sick of this ghetto shit!!

    8. People amaze me with this crap. Grow up with this “snitchin” garbage.
      You’re going to beat up a guy in public, steal his jewelry and get mad when a lawyer gets a lawyer involved. Stop doing dumb sh*t. One of the main problems wrong with black people these days.


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