Dame Dash Breaks Down Hip Hop’s Culture Vultures: Lyor Cohen Gets Called Out!

Dame Dash vs Culture Vultures

“Guys like Lyor Cohen were using people like Warner Brothers money to fund his personal issues…. and then Diddy got fired….”

Dame Dash is keeping it 100! He’s calling out all CEO’s who he says have laughed all the way to the bank over the “strategic humiliation” of rappers’ beefs. “I personally witnessed these things,” says Dame. “These people bully my culture and make money from it.”

Dame notes… the situation at hand is anything BUT Hip Hop! That’s why Dame is taking a stance, noting the time has come for us to reclaim what’s ours… take back our culture from the likes of Lyor Cohen, who he describes as a “Culture Vulture”.

“He’s culturally not from Hip Hop, so why do we allow him to make money in our culture? He’s benefited off the public perception of rappers having beef. I think we should have CEO Beef as opposed to making money off of rap beef.

I just don’t see why we can’t. Let’s have Hip Hop evolve and not have us fighting each other. Let’s deal with social issues and conscious issues. Let’s empower people and do right by the culture… lead by example.”

Check out some of what Dame Dash just put out there:

“I’ve been watching these people bully my culture… and make money from it… and I personally witnessed them do things that would humiliate the culture. People would die… and people would be hurt… and they would make money from it. I personally witnessed these things… and so I have issues and I’m not gonna leave the people behind, I want them to be aware of what’s going on.

These CEOs have made so much money off rap beef for so long. It’s not like when two rappers have a problem with each other they sit them down to squash it. They actually put a battery in their back. Sort of like a battery might have been in Flex’s back and have them beef with each other and then they make money off the winner.

As opposed to what I do when I see two people having a problem… I sit them in a room and I talk it through… and I try to let them see each others’ perspective and let them be aware that when the cameras are on and you’re influential you have to be conscious of the fact that what you do influences a lot people. So you could be embarrassing the culture or you can be empowering the culture… I’d prefer us to be empowering.

My issues at this very moment are there’s some people that I feel need to be stand accountable… and also I had to get my independent game correct. I was heavily invested in other people putting up money in cold ventures but I didn’t have control because they were putting up money.

And again… It’s been a very strategic game, I’ve witnessed it…. But when I decided not to be corporate anymore… use other people’s money… I knew what problems were gonna come with it. Like I’m from Harlem… like I’m never gonna hold a dollar ever regardless I’m always gonna put it in the street. I noticed that these corporate people were starting to try to bomb on me and make it look like I had a beef with a rapper to keep the beef off of them…

Guys like Lyor Cohen were using people like Warner Brothers money to fund his personal issues…. and then Diddy got fired…. and now he doesn’t have other people’s money to use to do all of those little corporate tricks that he used to do and I think he’s vulnerable…”

Take a listen to Dame’s entire interview:


  1. Dame sure is doing a lot of talking lately. And he is ruffling the feathers of some pretty powerful birds in the industry. I don’t usually believe in conspiracies, but he best watch his back. Lyor and his ilk don’t play. And Jigga isn’t too happy either.

    • And this is blood sacrifice season it’s close to a summer solstice and major full moon this friday the 13th

      • Wouldn’t by now Dame knows how the industry works? That he’s aware of sacrifices going on? maybe even back lash for speaking out? Somethings going on and dame seems to not be worried.

    • I know! Dame is crazy but I also think he’s a smart guy and something tells me his moves are very calculated.

  2. It was all good when he was getting da paper though wasn’t it dame? didn’t u and camel sacrifice aaliyah for it,but all of sudden since they used u and tossed u a away u speak u now. These koons all should where ‘L”s in the middle of their foreheads

    • Can he not have a change of heart? He’s speaking up on the corruption in this bullshit industry. It’s dumb mufukas like you who keep progress from being made due to fact that you want to cling to the past to halt progress for the future.

      • I agree with you ATL BULLY. I am glad he is talking. And I hope he continues to talk about that loser Justin Bieber and all of his colored folks that are rallying around him. I will never ever spend a dollar on Bieber, Usher, Cash Money losers and anyone else associated with Bieber. Speak the truth Damon. Come with it.

      • Bitch ass sheep I can write whateva the f*ck I want. No he only squealing,because he’s not side by side with camel face anymore.

    • Idk jno bout that Aaliyah stuff as i was under the impression blackground had her killed but Dame did fight with the bosses on behalf of rocafella n was goin to invest wit other black owned companies to get blacks better deals n contracts in the industry n Jay sold him out n used media to make him look bad n bitter jus sayn its obvious h wouldnt stop til he got heard now he is n ppl take his words more serious since Jay is bn exposed

      • Damn u need to learn how to write. It’s hard to read your jibberish and I can’t follow you very well.

        • This aint school muthaf*cka its comments i aint getn graded bitch im commenting on shit n u cant read cuz u full of shit bitch jus wana a laugh so go look at ur momma punk muthaf*cka understand that

    • Yeah I didnt get it either and was expecting an expose instead of this cryptic shade.

  3. The Jewish Bad Boys control black rappers, athletes, and politicians for decades…Who’s Really Sucker Free?

    • the music industry/hollywood is like modern day slavery

      blague celebs throwing other blaque under the bus
      to suck up to white people

      blaquw producers are eger to help white artists not blaque

      • @CB

        We’re at a Tipping Point right now. As a people, we take back our culture and the wealth it creates, or, remain a permanent underclass in a country built by our foreparents…Yes or No?

        • blaque people need to stop helping the enemy they only care
          about the money and fame. why can’t blaque people help
          their own kind instead of helping the enemy?????

          • @CB

            We’re still detoxing from Slavery, but, we should be much further along by now. As blackmen, we gotta do better in all areas. Men are supposed to provide a stable environment for their people. Right now, it’s chaotic in our family…Not Good! We got all the tools to be just as successful as other men. But, we hate ourselves too much. Love Thy Self is the first rule in life. Holla at you tomorrow Sis…Bless!

    • Jewish boys can control Black Rappers and Athletes because of who they are. When you add all the rappers and athletes together you cannot find one honestly earned college degree amongst them. We cannot point a finger at anyone other than ourselves. Some of these rappers don’t have a third grade degree and out there calling bitches and hoes. The athletes are busy impregnating any woman that gives them the slightest bit attention and end up supporting her lifestyle for the next 18-23 yrs. This bunch has proven that money without education is worthless. They live large to impress only to lose it all to the banks. And JZ is busy teaching Europeans how to call us NIGGAS, so much genius. The ball is in our court, so the time is NOW!

      • @Anonymous

        Excellent Points…Our Ballgame To Lose! Black People are born rich, but, we don’t see what others see…Perspective!

  4. This is nothing new white people particularly jewish people controlling and owning everything black people do. Blame should be put on Jay Z as well because he sold out if he didnt he wouldnt be in the position he’s in.

    • @Anonymous

      I see cracks in their armor, but, the shield is still intact. Not that long ago, blacks in this country were afraid to call out the suits at Time Warner, Viacom, News Corp, Disney, BMG, etc. They’re the rotten head of the snake. We allow a bunch of silver tongued men to punk us, and we smile about it…Profound Ish! You’re Right, we open the gates and let them in…Shame on Us!

  5. While I am glad that Dame is awake now, I can’t help but to wonder what his motivation is? I like that he wants to take back what he helped destroy but, still wonder why? I gave up on this new music years ago it just get worse and worse.

  6. Fuck him until he owns his role in it. He was ya trunk em arrogant asshole who spent all his chips like they would never end. Well they did end.

  7. But Beyonce and jayz set a good example with thier marraige, Beyonce didnt have a baby right away and waited till they were married, im trying to figure out how thats bad for black people, normally you never see rappers wifing and staying married to thier bm, dont get me wrong im not saying its not fake or arranged, im just wondering what they get out of it in terms of destroying the culture?

    • Them getting married before purchasing the surrogate did not impact my life one way or the other.

      Face it, the Carters are culture vultures who have done nothing but take your money.
      I want to give you something to think about….. Beyonce and Jay Z have been the biggest music stars on the planet for about a decade now. What causes have they spoken out for or against? I’m not talking about donations or IG photos, I’m talking about them using their fame as a platform to help change something…anything. Beyonce is brainless and has nothing to offer to this world but pu*** popping and weave shaking. 50 year old Jay Z may actually have a brain but instead of using it, he’s made the decision to still rap, still use the n word and still keep up the image of being a pimp/hustler. Do you know what kind of impression those two put out to world?

      • Im not a Beyonce fan so they arent taking my money, i agree with the ppopping and blonde weave comment, but im not talking about bey and jay as brand artists, im talking about the strong black married couple image they have is a good thing for the black community, i dont know of any white artists that have even done that, Britney spears been married a handful of times, i dont see any white people who pulled of the happy family image, at least they did that even if they havent done anything else

        • That strong black married couple IMAGE ain’t nothing but a IMAGE. put together and orchestrated by the powers that be.Beyonce his WIFE has been setting a bad image as his WIFE onstage marriage suppose to be sacred and respected not pimped out

        • Anon 13:09 is right.
          My parents have been married for almost 45 years, they are the epitome of a strong black couple.
          Solange is kicking Jay Z’s ass and stories are coming out weekly about Jay Z cheating on his wife with white women and you still want to tout them as a strong black couple just because they haven’t divorced like Britney? C’mon now.
          The truth is right in front of your eyes and you still refuse to acknowledge it.

      • Damn Say Cheese tell em how you really feel.You made some good points and I agree .


    • And both Jay and Beyonce are uneducated even though they are finacially sucessful
      Lies, deceit and greed

        • I will never hate on either one of them. Do you know why? They’re self taught. I have seen interviews with Jay and he is highly intelligent.
          Most educated people will never go where they’ve gone or accomplish what they have accomplished. If you got it, you got it! Education just perfect the gift you already have. I know tons of graduates whom have never worked in the field their degree is in, with that being said, Beyonce and Jay are living their dreams. So let the haters hate!

    • anna is on the fence
      she needs to wake the phuck up

      beyonce is a booty popping self hating fookl
      jayz is a disloyal big lipped fool

  8. I think hes mad because he lost the game, what he is saying is probably true, but he knew that then and was still playing along until he got hustled, and those CEOs are the best at it, they didnt get to those positions by sitting down and talking it out, as far as ruining the black culture they must have the same agenda for.thier own people with Miley Cyrus teaching young wite girls how to twerk, and Iggy azela, Selena Gomez ect are just as damaging, i dont think it has anything to do with race, its just about money period. imo

    • You are right those bigwig bosses dont care about color when they are slaving these celebrities.the only color is green they care about.

  9. He knows the game and he spent the money dealing wit yt,now he assed out and cares about the culture foh!

  10. this is the same person who got baby girl killed
    then he marrid rachel roy who’s now sexing big lips jayz??
    damn hollywood is not good!!!!

    dame talking eh??? why ain’t he talking about baby girl
    and other celebs that got axed because they know too much

  11. Mannnnn I would not trade my poor lifestyle to be rich if it means doing derogatory things.Losing youe morals and inhibitions to join in.Sacrificing life this is some crazy shit no thanks let me spend my $10 an hour wage and food stamps as long as i got my sanity and soul .

  12. The biggest hip hop vultures are Jimmy Iovine, Ted Field, Clive Davis and David Geffen. Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are still influencing many black people to buy those cheap plastic headphones. David Geffen is a billionaire who owns a 300 foot yacht. One more thing, Jimmy Iovine made over $250 million dollars off of Death Row music. When will we wake up and stop doing business with these devils! It’s 2014, if you do music, don’t sign any contracts with the big three record companies!

    • The music game is geared for seeking fame now, not good music. Real talent will not be found on the music charts, and if a real talent makes it to the charts and doesn’t want to part the game they will never be heard of again. Ask goyte and the girl he use to know.

      • Damn. That use to be the jam too. …”now your just somebody that I use to know…”

  13. It was Black people that stupidly fell for all of this nonsense. The gangs, thugs, model women and it has been entrenched in the culture. I blame us and our childlike mentality. We fall for everything esp if its “cool” & trendy. We have a fear of being different

  14. Dame is right, he knows how they think. Like Dame said he needs to get his independent game correct and we as Black people need to unite and take our money and boycot these greedy scum. There is alot of power and money in the Black community and we can shut many things down including all the other Black artists that have sold out. Believe me without us no one will make a dime because white people aint going to support these negroes (Beyonce, Jay Z, Usher, P Diddy) if they aint making them no money!!! Peace!!

    • White people are buying Beyonce in droves. If not another black dollar was spent on the Carters they would still be huge. The industry knows this too.
      Black folk were supporting Usher in his day, but look where he is now. The fact is, to make serious bank, and wield any degree of power an artist must appeal in a crossover way. The Carters are masterful at that. That’s really the main reason they are hated here. They no longer give a flip about their people.

  15. The problem is Whitney’s family. They are complaining about Whitney not being on the big screen but what are they doing.

  16. I’m thinking this is Same Conceding and coming to the realization that he’ll never be a mainstream success ever again and him these action’s of namedropping as of late you can’t rest assured he’s out of the industry for good.

  17. change of heart for dame.

    dame was all up in hip hop beefs.

    he wqas right up there making money what did the roc have to offer when dame was rolling in money.

    he and jigga promoted the pimp gangster image.

    guess dame feels like hes been used.

    when dame was runing the roc his music and groups was all about hustling and degrading women nothing new and unusual.

    hey whatever sells.

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