Who’s Jacky Talking About? – June 16, 2014

HSK Blind Item

“All her ex-lovers are under gag orders. When they leave her, they leave with next to nothing.”

She’d have you believe she’s still a grounded chic from the block, but insiders say she’s really a cold and calculated ‘wear the pants’ kinda female. Just ask her former dancer-turned-boy toy — whose fetish for TS prostitutes is said have long been something this Puerto Rican pop star’s been hip to.

In fact, our blind item may have been behind door number one of his recent trans sex scandal! That’s because the info is said to have been “strategically leaked to trash his credibility and save her azz.”

Here’s what an insider exclusively tells HSK:

“She’s been plotting to dump him for the past year. Now, if he tries to tell her secrets no one will believe him now.”

She was recently booed in Brasil. Now can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. J ho from block I still can’t believe she will be on Wendy show this week i wonder if she can pull Beyonce next.

  2. The question is, what are J-Lo’s secrets? Me thinks she’s MV from CDAN and she’s also a lesbian. Can explain why she dates so many gay men and the relationships never work out.

    • I do know that she is a known witch in the industry and kidnaps young mexican girls here in LA and sacrifices them.

        • NO – not Santeria. She jacked that in a long time ago when she became a Scientologist which is a front for all that Illuminati devil-worshipping blood sacrifice stuff.

      • WHAT?!?! No!! nothing more than a bald ass bitch, period! She’s such a cunt she can’t be with nobody! She’s said she can’t be alone which is sad because she has kids. Always switching up body guards, this lady must truly be a monster. Or, get kids from Mexico! I live in LA and I believe the Gay Mafia does that over JLO.

          • That I believe! I believe she tried to push Marc around and he said F U! With all her money, no other money wants to get with that booty?!

            • apparently marc had affair with jada smith maybe that’s why they split

              because he was dipping is sausage somewhere else

            • I saw your other comments , do you think she’s a lesbian? I have thought this before, but ut aways comes up dry. She can’t be linked to anyone. Her and Jada would be a cute couple!

      • Yes I heard that and the reason she does that is to take the youth/beauty from the girls. That is why she is so youthful/beautiful for her age! Santeria crap

        • Try plastic surgery. Her old nose and chin did not arrive as a result of voodoo. That bitch started making money when she starred as Selena. That was when she made her first $1 million. She hasn’t been right since. She got a good plastic surgeon. J. Ho, Halle, Tyra, Kimora…all of them spent top dollar to do all they could to eradicate their ethnic noses and chubby faces.

      • @Gluten Putin

        it wasn’t sexually jlo was lonely and needed somebody with her

      • CDAN= Crazy Days and Nights a gossip blog run by Entertainment Lawyer featuring blind items

        While some are suspected of being made up, many have been proven to be right. For instance, he leaked the info that Mick Jagger’s girlfriend was suicidal and dangerously close to ending it just days before she did. MV are the initials he used in the blind item of the person thought to be Lopez. They don’t mean anything, just arbitrary initials.

        • The initials stand for Milli Vanilli – he gave the blind-item this nickname since the singer supposedly pulled a Milli Vanilli throughout the early years of her singing career.

          • …and wasn’t it outed either here or by Enty at CDAN that Christina Milian basically sang J’s entire album that just came out???

          • @Anon

            J LO was supposedly the answer to a blind about a Milli Vanilli character she never sang on her albums and she fooled everybody.

    • I think she’s MV. Did you hear how bad she was on Jimmy Fallon’s show? Youtube it.

  3. It’s too bad cause my homie used to manage a boxing gym across from her and Jimmy Smit’s restaurant on LaBrea back in ’98. She’d give us free meals from time to time and was extremely cool IMO.
    I think the fame and money got to her as well as some probable bitterness from all those breakups.

  4. Told you she been knew he was gay or bi she already knew that she went through some problems with her kids dad and he had been seen with other women so she used ol boy to seem like she wasn’t hurt when she was and used Casper she knew hell if I knew she had ta know lol

  5. this bish is ruttherless then a brown paper bag. damn you wonder why these female celebrities are single is because their digging their spoons
    in other women’s pudding pots.

    she dated p diddy (for publicity probably)
    she married chris jude
    she dated ben afleck (he didn’t wanted to marry a women outside his race probably)
    she married marc anthony ( who is rumored to have sexed up jada smith)
    she dated casper (the friendly trans chaser)

      • having or showing no pity or compassion for others.
        “a ruthless manipulator”

        • Oh no. Not another one. Your killing em cb. You should have a TV show. Wish I was u.

          • @Anonymous you need a dick covered in vanilla do’t you??? cos your a sellout coon will do anything to please the white men

            even suck his corny toes!!! your nasty bish

  6. “she dated casper (the friendly trans chaser)”
    OMG…that was a damn good one !!!

        • @Anonymous no thank!! if you think any black men wants to be with sellout coon who sucks white men’s toes wanna be with you??
          then your out of you mind your a messy seek help. your more like a sex bag what white men carrying around when their horny

          awwww they do’t pay you for sex they dip their carrots in the sex bag then cloes the bag up and they will re-use it later

  7. Word on da curb is she hates to be alone and that’s why she goes from one train wreck to the next. Sometimes being alone and giving your heart and mind time to heal is the best medicine for your soul. I’m pretty sure she already has her next boy toy on deck ready for action.

  8. I guess no one in Hollyweird fears the HIV/AIDS and I don’t care what kind of preventative meds they take. They all same nasty Phuckers!!!

  9. She was getting tired of him and wanted to drop him and could not figure out how. She probably been know about his fetish for transs….that was her ace in the whole. No matter what he would say about her after these revelations no one would believe. He would look like a man scorned…..

  10. Yep she is that Leo who needs constant attention and adoration or she will waste away. Those Leos are always seeking revenge thats why not surprised about her reputation but the truth is that she don’t give a damn either. Make them unhappy and you’ll pay the price!!

    • yeah i know someone who is a leo who just got a divorce and now is looking for her true “husband”

  11. duh…of course she cant be alone, none of them can….they got them demons on them & jhenni has em’ baddd…all that fame & all that money, movie roles, american idol, all come at a price. Half if not most of them cant even look in the damn mirror & they hate to be alone just in case that demon jump out at them…they live in fear 24/7 & why they always have to be around others & always on the move…your arms are too short to box w/Satan & jhenni know her men are gay but so is she…ask Ellen Degeneress…did yall see the video she did w/Pitbull when she was at the orgy?..Yeah they gets down like that..

    • i heard she had to participate in threesomes with 2 guys and 1 girl when she was with puffy too. she probably participate in all sort of orgies too

      • i also remember an article when she used to have ben affleck bathe in blood and he used to laugh and think it was real cute until his mother got him away from her

    • True. All them celebrities breaking down sayin demons are chasing them. Some trying to pluck their own eyes out. Lady Gagas PA took her to court over unpaid overtime. That no talent bish made the PA stay with her round the clock – even sleep in the same bed 24/7 because she was saying ghosts and demons would come to get her in the night. Some fugged up shyt for true!!

    • She was too busy doin’ Italian boyz in da Bronx from back in the day.

      Glad her azz got boo booed in Brasil — the streetz know a fraud when they see one, in any language

  12. kingdom8 most celebrities don’t have mirrors in their houses for the reasons you said. Most celebs don’t sleep for long hours either. You better believe J-lo has lots of demons. My question is do Mexicans and Puerto Ricans know this? Do they also know that J-lo can’t sing or act?

    • Off topic I was looking at love and hip hop Atlanta and Stevie was at a art gallery and josline came in and was hitting him and he said stop it solange I am not Jay z this was taped in March the fight with Jay z happened in may how did he know about something that did not take place yet.

  13. Jenny from the block has sucked alot of cock to get to the top of the hollywood spot! If you think I’m lying, ask Puff Daddy! Better yet, ask Rosie Perez and Keenan Ivory Wayans! Yes J-Lo fans, that santeria demon bitch was f*cking for money back in 1990!

  14. Well, I guess her Santeria was for fame, money and success and not a long lasting love.

  15. I don’t know about Kobe, but you hit the nail on the head with Puffy and Ben. That was exactly what she was doing.

  16. I’m mad her divorce from Marc Anthony was just finalized Monday after 2 years. She needs to let her shit breathe.

  17. Wasn’t JBlow the popular guess of the celeb who had a c-section due to her herpes outbreak?

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