Eve Marries The 50-Million Dollar Man

Eve Marries Rich Fiance

“He’s not quite a billionaire, but his impressive resume assures that he will reach that level in his lifetime.”

Eve just has just graduated from her title of ‘First Lady of Gumball’ to Queen Bee of the booming creative consultancy company. Over the weekend… the Ruff Ryders rapper got hitched to Maximillon Cooper, an entrepreneur, skateboarder and race car driver who has a net worth of $50 million.

“I’ve never been the type of person to discriminate. But I honestly have to say I never thought I’d be with a white guy ever. But it just happened. It’s amazing. I’m the first black girl he’s ever been with too.” -Eve

This news comes four-years after the pair first hooked up at the Gumball 3000’s 2010 Motor Race Rally, and less than a ring since their Christmas 2013 engagement. On Saturday, Eve exchanged vows with the multimillionaire, Saturday in Ibiza, Spain — making her Maximillion’s wifey number two.

“Eve is also stepping into the new role of being the stepmother. Cooper was previously married to his former business partner Julie Brangstrup, and has four children, ages 4 to 10.”

Here’s what Maximillion Cooper had to say:

“I’m so happy to make Eve my wife. The whole experience has been amazing and we are both so happy to have tied the knot.

We are beyond happy to celebrate our marriage with all of our friends and family and start our journey in our new life together. It’s been such an amazing experience, and we are happier than we ever thought we could be.”

Eve 2014 Wedding


  1. a goldigger’s ultimate dream a rich white boy , I wish him all the luck in the world

        • This woman was a piece of trash stripper and I as a black woman am offended that people is saluting and cheering for this black trash.

          And on top of it you flip the sexes and you people would be hating on him

          • There are plenty of former students who take your blood pressure at the doctor’s office. damn left this girl learn and grow.

          • Not all strippers are trashy, stop stereotyping people. Also think how hard Eve had to work to move on from that life and evolve into the woman she is today. Eve made her own money before she found and married this guy, I can never be mad at her for that.

          • EVE’s GHETTO should be revoked, she is a complete SELL-OUT, two Black Brothers and a sister (RUFF RYDERS RECORD LABEL) help her become a very rich lady, and this is the thanks the get, I will never support her career again, but I stopped away after 1999, she is WACK

            • I’m sure she’ll be heartbroken. You honestly think who she marries should be dictated by her loyalty to Ruff Ryders? I mean, I like DMX and crew as much as the next person, but it doesn’t seem that big of a deal.

            • ^^This comment would make more sense if it was 2001 and not 2014, as that’s how long it’s been since anyone gave a damn about Ruff Ryders, including the owners and artists themselves.

          • Man, preach! They always clean it up when its a woman, yet Jay-z make his own money and these penis envy having bitches STILL want his dick cut off! If any nigga came up on a almost billionaire white girl they’d run his ass thru the mud. I guess all this shit is just really gender team competition about who can get to what they want the quickest while saying f*ck you to the other gender. Because given the chance all these mutha f*ckas who talk shit will jump on the chuck wagon the moment they see it, but they’ll hate on your ass if they see you on one and they didnt catch a ride. Damn shit is really f*cked up for us out here. smh

          • Damn! I hope u wasnt the bitch i was giving props to earlier! You sound bitter, what happened, im going to need u to drink several more bottles of beach, im sure you’ll feel better, and thanks for sharing, NOT. I should have known by the fact that youre hiding and everyone ignores you, is that it, do u need a hug?

    • You people crack me up. White women were bred to be gold diggers. They are raised by their parents to marry well and rich ! But yet when a Black women marries, that’s all she is slated as. Liars! Get your info correct, she has money!

    • All I see when I look at eve is that horrible sight of her, stevie, and the dildo.

      • Ewwww….that’s why sex tapes are lame. How you trying to floss like miss sophisticated married woman and you have THAT lurking in your background. Yuck.

        • Everybody has a past. How woud feel being judge on the stupid things you did in your youth. Why are you still carrying an old suitcase.

          • Can’t get it out of my head, saw the visual by mistake. Whenever I see her those vile images go off in my head. I need therapy to get rid of this old but in my head suitcase.

        • Yes, Cheese. Stevie did to Eve what Nikko did to Mimi. I only saw a snippet, but what I saw was tragic. There was no sex, but rather, masturbation. She was using a sex toy and he was jerking his beefcake. It was pointless to make and watch.

    • Agreed! They just got Steebie for child support- he’s down to pennies and Eve stepped up into millions. I know she’s glad she passed that era of her life!

      Instead of settling for the average, buffoonish joker- sometimes it pays to wait, ladies!!

    • aparrently eve caught mimi and stevie in bed togather!!!!

      wonder why mimi and stevie named their daughther eva out of gulit or regret

  2. Not every woman who lands a rich guy is a gold digger. They seem to have a genuine relationship . Congrats to them.

    • Seriously? I’m glad to see other men waking up to the power of black women on their arms. Black men can talk all the sh** they want…it holds no weight, their foolishness is finally catching up to them. Love is love.

      • THANK YOU. I say this frequently here, but my posts get taken down. I have 3 close girl friends who married white men, doctors, and the men treat their women like goddesses.

        This isn’t 1965. It’s not like you go out to dinner and people gawk at a mixed couple. And my friends say that there are so many mixed kids n their children’s (private) schools, that they don’t feel in any way odd or excluded. My feeling is that Black men are finally reaping what they’ve been sowing for the past 25 years. Their chickens are coming home to roost.

      • Obviously you care, you’re letting the negativity roll off them fat fingaz. Gone somewhere and do something productive, like point out yo next victim Killa.

  3. Why I can’t have a fairytale relationship like that? No drama, no nothing. Congratulations Eve and Max!

    • Sometimes we cannot decipher a fantasy from a nightmare. You said it, it seems to be a relationship with ‘no nothing.’

      • No nothing? When I saw Eve on Wendy Williams talking about her fiance she was positively glowing. That girl is in love. Don’t knock her happiness.

        And Da Radiant: hang in there girl!! Make it happen!

          • Funny how men dawg out strippers but they sure love putting that money in their g-strings even when they have wives at home.

            • AMEN R in NYC. ANONYMOUS Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone john 8:7

            • Rich men have married call girls/strippers throughout the twentieth century. They just make up a cover story and change the woman’s history. There are white women married to international billionaires who were very high priced call girls.

              It’s nothing new.

            • True, like Paul McCartney’s wife.

              Remember when Adnan Khashoggi said, I know she is a prostitute because I PAID HER!

      • Now that’s the realest shit said when it comes to these relationships. People want a farytale but a farytale is a dream. But iwhen you have a dream, you eventually have to wake up and that’s when reality sets in.

        • it was reported years back. women who belive in fairetale or mills and booms are more likely to get abused by their husbands

          • Or falling for some bullshit, they get taken advantage of and then become bitter.

            • That f*cker was a evil genius, he did his thing. But I will not cross over, I love sisters too much.

              But the grass ain’t greener, just ask Fancy, Janet jackson, Halle Berry crazy ass. Shit white men are no better than black men. And white women damn sure ain’t no Bette than sisters.

            • eva and her white husband reminds me of the disney move “the princes and the frog”

              eva is like tianna who busted her ass making ends meats. she fells in love with a Brazilian princes not black man!!!

              they made creole’s people look evil with dr facilier

              all of the princes are white talk about programming

          • ^Not to mention Tiana spent a large part of the movie as a damn Frog, unlike, well, EVERY other Disney (Programming) Princess ever, yet no one had a problem with this or the fact that a black MAN was the antagonist of the movie.

            Fuck Disney and his cryogenically frozen, racist head.

            • very true dr facilier is a typical evil creole who cast magic talk about sterotype

            • stfu creoles are not evil, they are just basic black folks with a historic legacy. That doesn’t make them evil. The “magic” they practiced was what they brought from the Motherland mixed with the Catholicism forced on them by their kidnappers.

            • @Anonymous creole people are not evil. did you watch the movie???? dr facilier is creole disney made him evil

            • @Anonymous and i like the way you wear that girdle to hide your big hips is true what they say
              big hips do’t like hello again BIG HIP MARCUS!!!!

    • DaR1:

      Their relationship is far from a fairytale. That man has 4 children from his previous marriage. It was initially reported that he is a billionaire. Now, he is worth a reported $50 million. Please don’t believe everything you read, because his story changes like the time.

        • I hear you but w his cash if all he wanted was a nanny he can hire one. He didn’t have to wife her. I’m sure he loves her.

          • I’m sure they can hire a whole household staff if that’s what she wants. Shoot, child care isn’t a worry for her.

      • I am counting, if they hooked up in 2010 was not his youngest child born about the same time (who is now 4 years old). Maybe he was separated at the time.

  4. Whelp she definitely is a loooonng way from Philly..homegirl done hit di jackpot??now all she has to do is laser off those horrible ass paw print tats and she will fit right in to the weird lifestyle of the rich & famous..yawnzzzzz

    • Right? I hate those titty tats. Looks like she let a raccoon fondle her boobs. So tacky.

      • And why didn’t anyone catch his play on words..he called their relationship an “experience” shit that sound like he just wanna marry her quick(for the experience) and dumb her Black ass quicker(for another ” experience”)

        • They didn’t just meet you know. They’ve been together for quite a while. I doubt he would commit to marriage with plans to dump her.

      • Lmao @ racoon considered this stolen. Tats are tacky. I only use henna on occasion.

  5. another sell out blaque women damn!!!!! let’s not blame the blaque men why eva has ran into a white men arms
    the white guy think’s his black because he married a blaque. used to like her during her pro black days

    • There are some jealous haters on here today.

      Love is where you find it. I am so happy for Eve!! May they have many happy years ahead of them. He’s pretty cut for a British dude.

      But Eve, c’mon girl, you know that you were seeing Sean Penn before you met the Gumball Tycoon. Not usually into white guys huh?

      • No one is my Massa. If I choose to see a white man HE will be cradling ME. Not the other way around.

        He will be fortunate to have me, just like Max is fortunate to have Eve.

      • Lol…Glok what are you smoking? No offense but you sound like you had some of the good shit!

        • blaque people act snobbish when their marry white people. blaque people have to jump through hoop when their married to a white person
          blaque people can’t do certain things in front of white people

          eve won’t be able to wear a du rag or a bandanna or a silk bonnet hat in front of her white husband. she has to fix her self up constantly

          she can’t take her white husband to the ghetto parts of philly. because he won’t look at her in the same light

        • Why would she want to? Who wants to spend their time in the ghettos of Philly when they can be in their London home in Holland Park or their summer homes in Aix en Provence?

          And she can most likely get along fine without her do rag.

          You’re being silly Chocolatey. I know you mean well, but sometimes folks do things you yourself wouldn’t choose. But if it’s right for them, why criticize? She’s been with him for a minute already, and I expect she knows exactly what she’s doing.

        • your more like coon i was giving an example ever heard of them before??? guess not your like a house nergo keeping the mass
          informed what the slaves are about to do??!!!!

          when your married to a white person you can’t take them to a bad part of philly white people are funny (not in a comedic way)

        • Hey cb. I like the way you say coon. That’s the best bit. Calling people coon, that’s the best bit. Keep it up. Yt ptb love that. Keep up the good work.

    • ‘Pro black?’ Besides her song ‘Love is Blind,’ which was about Domestic Violence, Eve has never been much more than a rapping stripper like Trina, Strings, and possibly other female rappers. Eve only ‘blew up,’ so to speak, because she, like Lil’ Kim and Queen Latifah, was ‘media friendly’ enough (If you remember, she was a fixture on MTV around the time she first hit the Industry [’99-’00]) to garner mainstream success (i.e. her own sitcom and songs with Gwen Stefani during her ‘black phase’). And I didn’t even mention her ‘friendship’ with Missy Elliott (lol)…

      Good for her, regardless. I feel Industry blacks should get exactly what they seek/deserve.

      • @Anonymous?????? i know your being sarcastic

        @Raheim eve is a coon fed up of black women worshiping and praising white men they ain’t perfect they swear,cheat,lie,steal
        black women need to listen

  6. In order to survive the white man is going after the black woman because she is the life force

    • Possibly, but that still ensures that the ‘racial purity’ that whites have been blathering about for centuries now will be gone–Sure, their progeny will be f*cked-up in the head and furthering their white parents’ genocidal agenda, but still mixed. It’s both a hilarious and pathetic concept.

  7. puckg haters…aint like she have alot of choices of blck men to choose from being that most of their asses are guy particularly in the industry….shiitt

  8. puckg haters…aint like she have alot of choices of blck men to choose from being that most of their asses are gay particularly in the industry….shiitt…and most blck men that are in the industry stay being da white mans bitch so what da puck….congratulation gurl…do you puck da haters

  9. for the the haters calling this woman a gold digger sorry to say but she wasn’t exactly broke…made millions selling records….dam how fast the haters forget lmao

  10. Ever since this harlot got her own now defunct TV Show this chick went straight Hollywood.Don’t matter how many whiteboys you suck off Eve you’re still a Ratchet/hoodrat

    • white men see black women as sex toys they will use it and when their finished with it they chuck it aside like trash
      and date/marry a white women

      • Your r so right. I don’t see how the rest of the world doesn’t see the world like u. U so smart.

          • Just agreeing with you. My hero. Ur knowledge is amazing, like how u know everything.

            • @Anonymous and i like the way you wear that girdle to hide your big hips is true what they say
              big hips do’t like hello again BIG HIP MARCUS!!!!

  11. shit dealing with loosers like stevie j i dont blam eve for looking for love outside skin color puck that….niggas aint waiting around for sistas so why da puck is she a sell out……love is love honey….shit im bout to say puck da blck men my dam self they aint sh it

    • Alot of black women are heading down that road. Let love find you in whatever color. Sisters are becoming the hot commodity now so ignore the chatter from the haters in the peanut gallery…they’re just hurt that’s all.

    • Glok9 No offense, but you need to take a seat on this issue. If Black men wanted Black women as wives, this wouldn’t be happening. We are sick of being baby mamas or unmarried childless spinsters.
      The option of going interracial is starting to become a reality for some of us. If Black men don’t like it, they need to settle down and make a permanent home with a black woman instead of bitching about a black woman they don’t even know who made her choice.

      • Sometimes there isn’t a choice Glok9.
        Black men aren’t exactly lining up to walk down the aisle.

        And as far as holding a man responsible for the atrocities of his ancestors 200 years ago, I feel you, but just like WE have changed
        and are not the people we were(with education and prosperity) you have to allow that not all of them are guilty of the sins of the father. He could have most likely married whoever he wanted to, and he CHOSE her:A BLACK WOMAN. You can’t tell me that he has a head full of racist thoughts and hatred. It doesn’t make any sense. If you brand all white folks with the same iron, you will die an angry and embittered soul.

    • And what are black men saying to God when they won’t marry the mothers of their children? You think he likes that?

      • for all your looser black men talking about slave masters you aint running nothing….you have no military, you have no power, you have nothing….you are a slave and 9 time outta 10 you probably working for the w/men or a nonblack person so to callout eve and refuring to HER HUSBAND (not a trick) as a messa sound so ignorant

      • No offense but you putting the wheel before the wagon, keep that p*ssy in your draws and you wont be a baby mama trying to get married. Did you ever think that being a baby mama Is punishment for having sex out of wedlock. God made magnums so there is no excuse

        • Eddie, it’s in our nature to want to have children and have a family. I agree that some women start it way too soon, and it is much better to wait until you find a like minded man, but what are you going to do when you are looking at 30 and there are no men checking to marry you? The average black man just doesn’t view marriage as a necessity any more. They are so used to having their little families scattered here and there that they think it’s normal. Remember I said average. I know there are some who want a family, but they are as rare as hen teeth.

    • Keep in mind, dealing with Stevie J was her decision. There were other men who wanted to be with her, lots of them, but she chose home because she was immature. So she can blame herself for having to deal with Stevie J. Sometimes our hardships are a result of poor decision making.

  12. did eve graduate from school? lol what difference does it make 90 % of college grads wont ever make the kind of moneys shes making now even with a phd masters doctrines lol

  13. check it ….eve may have been a harlot in the past sucking dick puzzy and what not. At the end, shes still a female. What’s even 10 times worst is when a black men is also sucking the w/menss dick in the industry. and wearing dresses where’s the hate than? stfu

    • You obviously haven’t been on here long, as those black men also get called out & castigated. Heavily.

    • Why in the hell is her marrying a rich white man Slave Mentality? I could see you saying that if she was just creeping with one, but MARRYING your black woman does not make her a slave. It is a contract between two people which makes them equal partners in marriage. And if he forgets that, or does not honor her, then he will pay the price financially.

      What “slave” ever got that deal?

      • If u could read the point was there aint a woman on here will marry a black with four kids but a slave minded blk woman lowers the bar for whitey.

        • I imagine there are 100 women on here who would marry a black man with 10 children IF he had the resources to take care of them well, and they weren’t a hindrance to the couples financial well being. The only reason a woman wouldn’t marry a man with 4 kids is that would usually mean that all their money would have to go to child support.
          That’s not going to be a problem here.

          • Iman is a self made millionaire without David Bowie’s fortune. She has her own company and she sells her wigs, clothes and luggage/purses on HSC. She’s become stoopid rich.

            THATS A SLAVE?

            • No not that. Name a black man Iman has been with. I’ll wait. Now THATS a slave.

            • Spencer Haywood the NBA star and father of her daughter Zulieka. They were married around 25 years ago. NEXT QUESTION!

            • That’s pure bullshit. Her daughter was a grown woman and she split with Haywood way before she met Bowie. You are as accurate as a broken clock.

            • @Anonymous tick tock tick tock on your big hips that’s why you wear a panty girdle to hide it
              be a man do’t hide it. women want big hips and you have it

    • And don’t forget Solomon and Sheba…although some say Solomon was black so maybe they weren’t an interracial couple.

    • Mariam interfered because we Israelites were not to intermarry and the most high gave her leprosy because moses was his servant and it was his decision not hers.

    • I believe the bible was referring to him being Israelite and she being Ethiopian.
      There where no whites on the continent of Africa at that time.

      All those people were black. If you ask a true bible scholar they will tell you Jesus was dark, now why is that? That is because it was a black continent.

  14. its as if society really hate the b/w they want us to walk around feeling unlovable while they go marrying bit ches from all different races talking smack about our weave wearing, being big and ratchet, loud, ugly bla bla bla….everybody hates the black women but wants to be her whatda puck…..what she pose to do have 5 kids from 5 different no good negros …in the mine while every men secrety desires the black women been to kings of diamond lately shitttt blck men better get it together and know that black women are gold

  15. I read it but it talks a out the 2/3…doesn’t say anything about race but His is clearly talking to Judah and Israel….however if you marry someone , aren’t you a part of their “house”?

  16. This blog regularly feature the Whore of Babylon herself, Kim Katrashian. EVERY black man and their daddy has had a ride. Yet, here we are with a page of negativity and hatred aimed at EVE for marrying a rich white man. The hateration is strong up in here. I DO NOT endorse interracial marriage. At the same time, black men make no secret of their lust for white and “other” skin. So, why is it bad when a black woman does it?

    • Let’s keep thin in perspective, when you say black men that includes me and I don’t find KK or anyone like her a object of my desire. Maybe you lust over whie men but don’t generalize all black men. Just like when white people say that all black women are gold diggin baby mamas. That shit ain’t cool.

      • I’ve never heard a white person say Black women are all golddigging baby mamas, but I have seen and heard some disparaging comments about Black women coming from the mouths and keypads of sour apple bitter niggas. Let’s call a thing a thing.

  17. Can people just be happy for her love is blind who you fall in love with it you business be happy that she found someone it doses not matter if she black and he is white life is to short to be like this if you love someone and they love you back that is the biggest blessing you can get.

    • No. It’s not the same. President Fitz is a married man and not married to Olivia Pope. That is not an apt comparison. Do better.

      • Do better look at programmed azz know all the character , names and dates but can’t tell me shit about a strong sista ….Kerry .whoz every role iz uplifting the phalus of her white male counterpart !

        • kerry washington plays a role of a sex crazed black women who desires powerful white men!!

          • I don’t think they are all powerful, she gets it in with some ole do boy ass white boys….lol. I think it’s just white that she likes. Whatever it is, it makes smart black women look like fools and slaves for white men….period.

        • Oh for gawd’s sake, my 78 year old grandmother knows the names of the characters in Scandal. And so do most the women n this country. Is everyone programmed? It’s a hit show. Produced and written by a black woman. That’s why you hate it I bet.

          • But it’s funny that we are talking about Scandal and good black men. Women love that show. Now can I ask this question. Now what was wrong with the black man that she was with, the congressman that loved her. He seemed like a good dude but she left him for nothing, she left him to be the mistress of the president. Is that a good look, is that cool or is the something wrong with that.

  18. You really are high dude. This man could have had any white girl he wanted. He was a highly sought after eligible bachelor in London after his divorce.

    Do yourself and us a favor and stop knocking Eve and her marriage. We hear you. we get your point. and we know you don’t like it. But your angry rants just make you look like a jealous hater. You knock her singing, her coochie, the size of her wallet, and you call her a bed wench for Massa. If you weren’t feeling some kind of way, you would post once and let it go. Are you married? Did you marry a black woman? If you did, good! If you aren’t, you need to sit down.

  19. do’t give me this race doesn’t matter shyt if race didn’t matter why did blaque people get slaved killed lynched etc etc

    eve is sellout just like them other blaque women. when these self hating coon get white audince they change they turn their backs
    on the blaque communty

    • U r so right. I don’t know how I missed it. You should run for queen of England. We are not worthy of your insight.

  20. The children in philly living in wp housing exactly where you lived and frequent are living n poverty. Don’t forget the little girls in philly who are hungry and dirt poor as you once were. Help

    • What about Kanye and the kids in Chiraq who are dying? He admittedly spent 5 million dollars on the wedding, dinner at Versailles and guests travels etc.

      I remember a lot of comments saying that he was going to be taken for his money by the Kardashians, but I don’t remember a single reply saying “what about the children in poverty?”

      Same old double standard as always.
      At least Eve didn’t have a master artist hand carve a grand piano out of a single piece of marble to be used one time and then destroyed. THAT’S waste.

      • Yes. I am sure that a man with 50 million dollars will have his “black mammy” as you so jealously put it, cleaning, cooking and baby sitting.

        She will have a household staff, including nannies, cooks and butlers you nut.

        All her troubles will be deciding whether she wants to shop that day at Harrod’s, Harvey Nicholls or Burberry.

        Do they sell Burberry do-rags? Just in case she still needs to wear one?

        • clearly the nut is you. really a Burberry du rag are you serious or just damn?? as for the jealous part are stupidly wrote

          i ain’t jealous of a sellout black women who married a white man. he will use her for sex then dump her like most white men do
          is common as your so dumb common means “occurring, found, or done often; prevalent.



            • in her show what color was her love interest?????? black!!! not white but black

        • @Anonymous tick tock tick tock on your big hips that’s why you wear a panty girdle to hide it
          be a man do’t hide it. women want big hips and you have it

  21. Damn yall frantic like yall married that cracka. Breathe. Yall act like yall the Spurs or some shit. A bitch got married. Damn.

  22. Let’s not focus on him being a milly or billionaire focus on she has happiness and love.

  23. Wow I cant believe Eve hit the jackpot. I remember that horrible tv show she had years ago. I just hope the kids dont mistake her for their nanny but congrats Eve.

  24. Alot of hate on this page and for what? So what if she is marrying a white man. Save this venom for the thousands of black men( who are well off) chasing after non black women. Sell out my azz. Please.

  25. BTW, why do white women get the luxury of marrying up? Nobody bats an eye when Buffy the stripper is wifed up by a millionaire.

    • Cuz we aint checkin for them. Don’t care wat they do. We checkin for our queens. Stop using them hoes as the excuse for the trifling shit yall do.

  26. will his white baby mother approve of a black women looking after her children?? in England there are some racist white people about

    why do black women think white men can solve their problems???? all white men ain’t superhero’s or princes

        • @Anonymous tick tock tick tock on your big hips that’s why you wear a panty girdle to hide it
          be a man do’t hide it. women want big hips and you have it

  27. Lol! Look at that man wareing red gym shoes lol she done ruff road his ass down the isle lol she tricked him to the alter lol rap career isn’t hot any more acting career cold so she was his private dancer and blew his mind lol she still has her pole expertise down congratulations

  28. How sad, Eve tried with our Black men but yall didn’t want to marry her, called her a hoodrat, stripper ho etc., so why be upset because the white boy wanted her, dated her and married her regardless of her past. Many not all of these Black men are really pathetic, its ok for all the other biracial, white, light damn near white women, asian, latina women to be triflin and yall say how fine she is and will support her financially eventhough she hates yall black asses. Black men wake the f*ck up and get over your pathetic selves – you know the ones I’m talking too!!1

  29. Coonish blackwomen whom marry the people who killed they’re ancestors are nothing but sellout and we’ll see if you’re White N Shining Armor will stay and protect you when the Race Wars jump off here in American soon.I doubt that though.

    • 3 years a white women started an argument because 2 black women were eating on the train anyway
      the 2 black women were gonna fight the white women but the black men shielded the white women for getting hurt!!!

      talk about slave mentality!!!

  30. All black women who’ve ever had sex with a whiteman after the Israelites reclaim the throne after Worldwar 3 were going to put your ass on our cottonfield right along side the devil.

    • can we wear our swim suits while working out in the fields B.A.? At least we could be working on our tans.

      And yes, I do tan. I like the bronzey shade I turn in the sun.

  31. This is the reason why we can’t get right as a nation and are at the bottom.We are the Most High husband and we keep committing adultery by breaking Yahs Laws.FCK you Eve you hoodrat.

  32. where is all the hate about Micheal Jorden marry a cubano non black women….why is she not be called out for being a Gold digger…..and most cubans are r\acist ass puck

    • add to that:

      Tiger Woods
      Lionel Richie
      Dennis Rodman
      Scottie Pipen
      Quincy Jones
      Terrence Howard
      Taye Diggs
      half the NBA and NFL

      • Looking at you list of black men who marry white. Research these theses dudes and see why they all have similar stories. Just about all of them say that before they became rich sisters crowned them, called them names and treated them like shit when they showed interest in them. The said whit chicks accepted them before the money came. Sisters clown their black men, why is this? I experienced a clowning back in the day, but I never crossed over. But not everyone is strong as me

        • That’s what they all say and its bullshit . Black men need to start being honest and stop perpetrating this myth. White girls did not date them before they had money and if they lost it all today their lily white trophies would drop them like a bad habit. Liars.

          • You might be right….who knows, but it’s definately a possibility that they are lying.

        • Eddie,

          If it feels better for black men to blame the black women for crossing the color line so be it but I know that you know better than that!

          Most of the white women these men get after becoming rich and affluent wouldn’t look twice at their asses if they didn’t have multimillion contracts.

          White women put the G in Golddiging! And they start EARLY!

          Negros like to talk about sisters but have you ever seen a white woman turn down a divorce settlement? Or struggle with one BEFORE the big pay day comes?

          I’m not talking about Trailer Trash Trixie. I’m talking about high pro hos who stalk games, hotels, practices and the like to find the next baller stupid enough to believe it’s “luv.”

          Black women support black men from the cradle to the grave and very seldom if ever get their due.

          That’s why I’m all for Eve moving on to the other side if that’s what floats her boat.

      • Most famous black men, especially those in the NBA and NFL, are encouraged by both their PR people and the leagues themselves to NOT date and marry black women who aren’t light(er)-skinned or have ‘natural’ hairstyles (i.e. Afros, twist(ie)s, braids, etc.), something that has been discussed on here several times before and confirmed to be true just as much. The very thought that an accomplished black family is discouraged on the world stage is disgusting in and of itself and reinforces the White Supremacist system we live in.

        • You’re right Raheim, but there is also the fact that some of these guys grew up seeing Playboy and other rags, and they feel that white blond chicks are the ultimate trophy. And so do white guys for that matter. The lower their economic status was prior to their “hitting the big time” was, the more likely they will reach out for what they see as a status symbol.

          You don’t see that many, if any, Black athletes marrying red headed freckle faced girls. No, they want the Aryan uber-babe who will garner the same sort of attention as the brand new Lamborghini in the driveway. I understand that you are coming from a socio-political place, but this issue is often as simple as the men who make the choices.

        • It is one sad day for black athletes if someone can tell you with whom to procreate and where to put your dick.

          Not that these athletes are protesting, ya fell me?

  33. i’m sure eve,alica key and angie stone did a song called black brotha???? all of her love interests in music video are all black men
    wonder if her husband is getting be her love interest in her music video

    • Damn, you just brought it back for me. I love my sisters, that is the only woman I will love. Back in the late 90s I started to get real of all the brother bashing by sisters and everyone else under the sun going on. That was was really disheartening to me. Then I heard the song. By Angie stone and it almost made me cry. As a black man, I needed that song, it was perfect timing. To this day I appreciate that don’t. I needed that song right then, I had almost lost hope.but that song reeled me in and I will always love her for that song. No matter what happens Sisters and brothers belong together.

      Thanks Chocolatey Brown for bring it back. Much love and respect sister. I love you my sister.

      • @ELTHP–I agree completely with your post. I too was never one to bash black women because of my negative experiences with some of them, even on here, as I knew how short-sighted and counterproductive it was/still is, especially with how strongly I feel about the prospect of black unity and power in this country. However, it seems that black men like us are becoming the minority as time goes on, which is both ridiculous and telling of the reaches of White Supremacy and the slave mentality(ies) many of us still harbor to this day.

        • Yeah it Is Raheim, as black people we have fallen for the banana in the tail pipe. A lot of people don’t believe in the the Willie lynch doctrine. But it seems to have wored to a T. With blacks, Young and old don’t get along, ligh skinned hate dark skinned and vice versa, blacks with certain occupations think they are better than others. And the most damaging of all is the black man vs the black woman. It worked. And today Willie lynch is the entertainment and sports industry. All of the shows with black people on them have blacks at each others throats. Black men and women cheating on each other on camera, black men and women fighting each other for power, never working together. Black music is the only music that it’s people to break up and cheat on each other. It’s the only music that tells us not to trust one another. It’s the only music that tells our young women to be whores and tell the young men to be thugs and pimps. But people buy into our demise everyday. I will never give up on s but I wish more people would open their eyes and realize the real war that we are fighting is not the war between us but the war is with the ones who placed us against one another. No matter the issues I have with black women, t will never be used as an excuse to turm my back and xperience something that for all intents and purposesis unnatural.

  34. From e\experience i can tell you that some w/men aint sh it either.. I’m not the one to promote interracial relationship nonetheless, . Sometimes one must check the characteristic of someone and not their skin color. In this case Eve eventually looked passed all that in fell in love for who he is inside. It happens. with all the corruption and feminization of the blck men and blck community unfortunately sometime it’s hard to find a decent straight blck men this days and when u do most likely he probably have more than one baby mamas …whose fault it is well thats a whole nother story but getting back to the topic at hand .what’s a girl pose to do be lonely….I’m all for love….shoot I do say anyone outraged about kenya marring that ho kk and calling her a gold-digger…well yes I do but with less anger….its as if to say she eve doesnt deserve to be happy

    • You know what, there are still good brothers in the world but go back in your movie collection and watch Waiting to exhale. Study Lela Rachon’s character and you will find part of the problem. A lot of sisters are plagued with the same spirit that her character was in that movie. I see a lot of comments about love is color blind. But love should also blind to a persons body type. If you can get past a persons color, you should also be able to bet past a persons looks. Shit, some sisters have passed up their chance of true Love have made the decision to concentrate on he superficial things. Outer beauty fades and inner beauty always remains.

  35. Brothas…Stop assuming Sistas won’t pull the trigger. Other men are sexually attracted to our women as well. The foolishness needs to stop. Sellout is a term for blackmen that betray us. We need to point the finger at the mirror…Constructive Criticism!

    • Well being sexually attracted to sisters shouldn’t get them too excited, because someone being sexually attracted just means that you are a meat market. Anyone can be attracted to anyone from another race. I have seen Asian, Italian, Spanish Swiss, German and ever the chicks from Iceland that I could have been attracted to but never would I act on them. Sex is sex, and anyone can want to have sex with our sisters, and lust over them because, sisters are the finest thing walking this earth and peoplevofvall races lust over sisters…shit they can’t help it and neither can I

      • “Blackwomen Are The Ballgame…The Facts! It’s Not About The Other, Pay Attention Brothas? God Gave Us The Best…Open Your Eyes And See The Majesty That Is The Blackwoman!!!

      • @Eddie

        Temptation is something we as blackmen deal with day to day, don’t mean we have to be out of control with it. Where’s the sexual refinrment in us Eddie? We blame other women for our disloyalty, they’re not the problem. Our fous should be on our sisters, we can’t be all things to all people…Larger Point! Sincere brothas are not gonna throw stones at Eve, when we caused the problem from the jump.

        • What problem? When a woman decides to become bitchy and complainy (new word) she also limits the men who want to be bothered with that shit. Free will my brother.

          • Ed was right. All races r attracted to each other. U can say ur not. But you ain’t nothing but a liar. Acting on it is a different story.

      • I have no idea what trigger you all are talking about. White men have been lusting over, raping and having sex with sisters since the beginning of time. There is no trigger being pulled, white men just don’t have to worry about being publicly scrutinized anymore. White men wanting to get into black women is nothing new it’s just accepted now. There has been lots of tal about 12 years a slave and Django. This was 2 movies done by white men and believe it or not there was a lot of truth in these movies. But one of the things iLife most abou these movies was not once in these movies did you have a black man that even remotely wanted to get with white women. But you had the truth which is the fact that white men have been lusting, for sisters since day 1. So there is no trigger being pulled, the truth is just coming out….they want to be in them coa coa thighs. But just remember, the end of 12 years a slave. That was anothere message. No matter how crazy he is for coa coa puffs if need be, he will beat your ass to death, if them people tell him to

        • He will stomp your titties into blood and dust and leave with that vanilla bat he claims he hates. Don’t get that shit twisted.

        • The trigger is being pulled by the BW. If BM don’t want to wife us and build a family then we are going elsewhere.

          • Like I said earlier. Black me do want to be with and wife sisters. But BW need to accept their role in this fiasco. Many people, not just black women become superficial when it comes to dating and finding a mate. Many sisters have given up their blessing because his money or his looks are not what they WANT.. Women put there wants above their needs. Once again, look at Waiting to exhale and watch and study Lela Racchons character. Sister have a role in this crossover thing, they pass over good men. A

            I like to refer to movies. Study another character. Now this will prove that getting with white men ain’t caused by a lack of good black men. Check the Tyler Perry movie that was about sanna Lathan. Left her good black man for a rich white dude.. These movies have real plots and messages? Y’all can’t blame this all on black men

  36. So what is a black woman going to do when black men don’t want us you say we are shit so what to do go gay hell no we go to someone. That want us why do you care you call us out on it but you don’t want us you want a white are Mexican woman but we are in the wrong we are not shit remember

  37. Stop it. If u started a club of rich successful black female celebs wit a black husband it will be two bitches in it. Mary j bilge and beyawnsay. So gtfoh with that bullshit.

  38. And this is why so many black women love that show Scandal! Like Eve and Olivia Pope, most of you have done some hoe shit. Most of you lust after a teeny tiny rich white dick to save you; but the white dick has to be rich and powerful! Most of you can’t stand black men to screw around with beckys, but most of you secretly want the rich powerful white dick to save you. Admit it because you know I am not lying. How many of you are jealous that Eve got a stupid rich white guy to marry her? Answer, alot of you!

    • Stop with the teeny white dick shit. All you have to do is go on some random gay porn website to see that that’s an old stereotype without merit. Some are small, but some black men are too. Hello Shaq!

      The biggest dick I ever saw was on an ugly white man on a website. He had the kind of dick you would expect to see on Shaq or Dikembe Mtumbo. 12 inches soft and as girthy as a beer can.
      And Italian men are all hung.

  39. I have big respect for Eves hubby. He has a lot more to lose than she does. That just shows his love is genuine and could care less about “the critics.” Everyone’s not going celebrate your happiness, but as long as you’re happy who cares.

    Now that’s a real grown man….

    • Most people in the uk are happy and jealous in a good way. Seems only certain curmudgeons in the States who cant see past pseudo social contructs that started in the 1700s.

      • As usual you break it down and say it right. Times have changed and people have changed along with the times. Those who don’t wish to see that need to rethink their backward ass mindsets.

  40. They are a cute couple and his children seem very natural and comfortable around her. Go Eve. At least she wont have to pay his child support or deal with drama had she married Stevie J or the African. Hope they make healthy happy babies together while she is relatively young.

  41. I totally believe the bible but i am suppose to bypass a good man and hook up with a deadbeat kneegrow? i thought God said he want me to prosper and be of good health even as my soul prospers

  42. At 50 mil I was all like “Yaaass bitch.” until I got to the 2nd wife, 4 kids part… bish whet? 4 kids? 4? He better have 50 mil. 4 kids? 4?

  43. Shalom brother all rebellious Israelites marrying the very people who enslaved robbed and murdered our people will taste Yahawashi’s Sword when he returns.The 2/3RDS deserve the worst punishment ever and I can’t wait.Let’s see if Eve’s white knight will save her then.

    • When the almighty ordered someone not to marry it wasn’t due to race. It was because he didn’t want certain tribes to unite. Some tribes worship different gods. The most high is not superficial to not want someone marry due to skin color. There were some tribes that were all Israelites, same color but worshipped different gods. You were forbidden to marry b/c of their beliefs. A Christian is a Christian. Black, Asian, White, Spanish, etc.

  44. This union likely began as some frtish trick shit. He always wanted to f*ck her and the sold him some ass. The enemy can have all broads who think that’s acceptable. They’re not fit to raise our daughters

      • It’s write but anywhoo eve was trickin overseas since her acting and draping money dried up a decade ago. U dumb ass stand think a million dollars lasts for decades so u still think the hooker was still rich

    • Heh…I remember this site–I browsed it years ago when she was on trial for ‘The Matrix’ movies.

    • LMAO…..Where did that bullshit come from. Im sure that shit has happened before but 1000 times a day, come on. No brother I know has ever went out like that. That does not happen that often

  45. She is not his girlfriend, she is his wife. He did not have to wife her, he made her a honest woman. Good for her.

      • I’ll be my husbands private whatever. As long as he respects me as his wife, call me what you want. To those that don’t like it, kiss my ring than my converse.

      • Yeh he married her to turn her into his prostitute. Nice catch cb. Don’t how the rest of the world missed it.

        • Thank god she is here to straighten our ignorant asses out. Before CB we were lost sheep in the woods. We didn’t know shit and then CB opened our collective eyes. She may be the next Angela Davis.

        • @Anonymous awwww you love white men do’t you???? bet your would shave your hair for one
          bet your cut all your clothes for one

          white men are common you probably pick on up for 35 cents at a local pet store ever heard of one???

  46. I think this whole thing with calling black women bed wrenches is just stupid. I appreciate how some of yall keep trying to make that tag stick but…. It’s like when people call a married mother a babymama. It just doesn’t make sense. Once you marry a man you are above sidepiece/hoe/jumpoff status. So why try to downgrade a woman simply because you don’t like her choice of spouse. Plenty of bed wenches out there….not too many of them sporting more carats than the produce section at whole foods.

  47. We ate exiled too, as you well know. Most of us don’t even know why we are essentially nation less, we just assumed we were stolen Africans. And while I’m feelin your old testament quotes you know that the new testament said that for our sake all nationswould be saved. Not everyone of course. But God is gGod to all who seek his face.

    • I’m not teaching any lies. If your God is a racist that’s cool. But my God isn’t. Plain ans simple

      • What God do you Praise?You don’t know.the God of Israel so shut your ball headed ass up.The.God of Israel is a racist and Duet 7:6 proves it when he says we’re above all people.Is that not a racist thing to say?Get the white mans lies and nuts out off your mouth you half baked,Half fried coon!!

        • Lol…ball headed…you means baldheaded right? I have longhair that you would absolutely hate. It’s gets really curly when wet. Must be all that cro magnon blood. Bwahhaahhha

  48. The “bed wench” syndrome. is in fact real. And has been a reality for a very long time. Well for those who aren’t OBLIVIOUS. If people can’t see the effects of white supremacy and racism then that’s too bad for you. You’ll just be digging your own hole deeper.

    • Lol …..but again all I hear is a bunch of propaganda. I think a lot of ,you angry black men are being played again by Massa…he makes you all look (at worst) gay and (to a lesser extent )verbally abusive deadbeats who don’t want to marry your own women then get mad as ten devils when someone else does. I just feel like all the rage and name calling plays right into it. While yall ragin ytee up here dispensing diamonds and new last names lol. And then once a woman is married you the only one up here still calling her a bedwench because her husband isn’t black. Makes no gd sense at all….because you don’t even seem to like black women. And the black women who use that term themselves just seem jelous. IJS

      • You stand up to protect your Master very well. I’m sure there’s a perk he’ll give you for being a very dedicated bondswoman.S.E.M.E.N

        • Nope. im a married woman and i married one of my own. So its all good. what i meant was , white men are so slick with their shit they have the black man acting as hate filled as they do. its robbing many black men of their dignity. They claim they love black women but look at all the insults in this thread: slut, wench, stank cootch, baldness, whore, ….a woman is going to go where she is wanted. It may be an illusion, but wanting love and respect is the human condition. Treat her right and she will stick to a brother not fool with an “other”. That’s some life advice for some of you young men on here: treat her right.

      • @Anonymous is more likely to snitch to the massa what the slaves are doing just like the one for django

        n1gga snitch bytch= sellout= coon

        • II don’t live in a world of Massas, coons and
          n*gg* snitch bitches CB. Sorry that you do.

          • @Anonymous awwww you really love the massa bet you want to sleep in his bed he will probably whip your 100 times for laying in his bed
            he will probably bleach the duvet covers or throw it away he doesn’t want a n1gga coon laying up on his bed

            awww your in love with a racist???? you won’t be the 1st nor the last. call bet they got a new realty show called

            SEXING A RACIST!!

            where sellout black women talk about busting wide open for racist white men

  49. As black folks, we are way too emotional about hyped shit.

    She married a white boy, okay.

    But, if we realized the benefits of marriage, we wouldn’t be so emotional. If we knew more about the laws, regulations, benefits, etc. we would be in a better place. So few in our communities get married, that we don’t even understand that first and foremost, it is a contract between two people and the benefits are tax breaks, joint filing for bankruptcy, transfer of assets to another person for safeguarding, conjugal visits in jail, etc. And we don’t get married for bullshit reasons.
    Look, this could be a purely business arrangement from the standpoint of a joint venture or as basic as he is her pimp.

    Or, it could very well be that too many “brothas” are too f*cked up to look into the eyes of their female counterpart and see themselves and further, reproduce themselves. No shade to all brothas, but I am just running into a couple of bisexual black men and their female wife is White or Asian. Interesting.

    Let’s get more sophisticated and more informed, my people.

    • The one who really benefits from marriage in America is the white man because once again he goes against scripture and charges you for a damn certificate. Ceremonies are not required by the bible for marriage because once again,its a sex act.You pay going in,and you pay going out.So who’s the real winner in this so called wicked American marital business.

      • It is a business. 10k weddings and 100k divorces. Loot in between Child support afterwards. Who wins? And all for the privilege of listening to you all whine bitch and complain. No thanks. I’ll rotate girlfriends through instead.

        • Spoken like an ignorant irascible manchild weed head.

          Stay healthy, nothin’ comes out of the hospital in a body bag faster than an UNMARRIED middle-aged black male.

  50. I do not see the big deal. Seems like this is the hottest topic on this site. Atleast she married a man! Geez be happy for the gal.

  51. As a Israelite man I’m sure you know that married of the bible and in the eyes of the God Of Israel is a sex act.Duet 21:13.Not some bull white certificate with a wicked white dress throwing Rice.Thats absolute wickedness.

  52. I don’t know this guy but I’m just certain he’s remorseful and apologetic to the black race for the sins of his fathers.I’m sure he’s donated to the United Negro Fund and demands reparations for Eve and her people but I doubt it.If dude embodies any of the characteristics than perhaps he’s one of the good devils like Madonna.But that want stop him from going in to captivity.

  53. AmericanBlackwomen are nothing but the Arch Enemy to the Blackman and its proven everyday.The first thing they do after we put our lives on the line protect them is Call The Cops,Golddigg,Run to the Child support Office or marry the Enemy of the Bible.Let’s see if the YtMan is going to protect them when the Race Riots jumpoff because we’re soon approaching those time.Its prophesy.

      • Its truth baby and you know it but if it doesn’t apply to you then everything’s kosher.

    • Oh, I thought it was the dope dealers, muggers, gangs, burglars, rapists, and murderers, DL fagg*ts.

      Honey, the most dangerous entity to a black male is another black male

      Just like the ones who kidnapped us in Africa for the slave trade just for some damn cowrie shells and cloth and whiskey for the white man.

      Worship of material shit. If Black men got off that bullshit ad fell on their face to God (women too), maybe we would have a fighting chance.

  54. all of these disney movies is ruining little black girls they think white men are solution to their problems they marrying
    a white men will solves their problmes but it can’t. it will make thing worst white men or white people ain’t perfet sadly soceity
    is putting white people on a pedal stool for what??? what has whit people done for the black communty???? they poisen black peopl’s minds

  55. Note Male, specifically black male, betrayal throughout history. No guts, bravery, enthusiasm, empathy, natural compassion and leadership, nothing that would leave anybody to be convinced that Men/Males in general are born superior or to lead. Isn’t the white mans patriarchy enough evidence for this? Or is the Ancient Kemet/Egypt/Africa’s history not enough proof as well? This is not the first and will not be the last.

    Exhibit 1:

    1-By her early teens, she was working as a field hand, plowing and hauling wood. During this time, she defended a fellow field hand who had tried to run away. Harriet came between the angry overseer and the field hand. The overseer threw a two-pound weight at the field hand, but it fell short and hit Harriet in the head—she had life-long headaches, seizures, and narcolepsy as a result.

    2-Around 1844, Harriet asked for and received permission from her owners to marry and live with John Tubman, a freeman, and took his last name, but she was required to continue working for her owner. In 1849, Harriet and two of her brothers ran away after their master died, afraid that they would be sold. Her brothers had second thoughts, and the group returned. Not long after, Harriet left on her own, on foot in the middle of the night, using a part of the Underground Railroad that was already in place in eastern Maryland.

    3-In 1850 she returned to Maryland and brought her niece’s family to freedom. In 1851, she returned for one of her brothers and two other men. During her third trip, she planned to convince her husband to come north, but discovered he had taken another wife, a freewoman. Instead, she found other slaves seeking freedom and guided them to freedom. Emboldened by each trip, which were all successful, Harriet continued her slave-freeing trips into Maryland. She became adept at avoiding capture and she carried a long rifle with her—both for protection and as a means of ensuring her escapees would not lose their nerve. She warned them that if they changed their mind and surrendered or returned to their owners, she would shoot them.

    4-Following the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, Harriet left Philadelphia and moved to St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, where she brought many of the slaves she freed. Throughout the 1850s, she made numerous trips back into Maryland to guide slaves to freedom, including three of her other brothers in 1853 and her parents in 1857. By the late 1850s, she was able to buy a small farm for her parents in Auburn, New York, from New York Senator William H. Seward, one of her advocates and supporters.

    5-At the end of the war, Harriet returned to Auburn and continued to be a community activist and humanitarian, and an active member of the suffrage movement. She helped shelter the poor and the elderly on the farm in Auburn though she herself struggled financially.

    6-In 1867, her estranged husband, John, was killed in Maryland by Robert Vincent, a white man with whom he had quarreled earlier that day.

    Of the famed heroine, who became known as “Moses,” Frederick Douglass said, “Excepting John Brown — of sacred memory — I know of no one who has willingly encountered more perils and hardships to serve our enslaved people than [Harriet Tubman].” And John Brown, who conferred with “General Tubman” about his plans to raid Harpers Ferry, once said that she was “one of the bravest persons on this continent.”

    You males/men know darn well we all started in matriarchy , wombman were the first pharaohs turned to high queens and left son to serve as pharaohs, we are the earth and you are the sun. Help your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, wives to become the wombman she was made to be. Let them do their due diligence w/o you projecting your aggression upon them calling them feminists (in which there is nothing wrong with being one), lesbians/dikes, whores, overly masculine women, non subservient (which is evil and a made up term to serve the pale/non melaninated mans agenda), loud, not feminine, etc… Let the wombman shine and respect the mother of huemanity bc w/o her there is no one!

    But of course this will go right over many of your heads. Least I did my part, the rest is up to you!

  56. Mother is very first Nurturer of child. And when she teaches and watches over the son/boy properly and as efficient as the daughter/girl, then and only then will the child’s character be formed. Wombman cannot continue to unnaturally raise the ‘son’ to lead her, be her God, her leader etc, w/o suffering the consequences of the laws of polarity. This is the very first law in the universe. The pale/genetically inferior white man is already suffering in his fate and will continue to do so in the way the laws of the universe intended. It is only through other hueman responses to the worlds condition that keep the white man in power and loathing in his denial and self righteousness. The wombman is the key. Forget about the mentally sick, barbaric, mutated human that is content with his brutal abuse towards the wombman, he suffers now. Forget about the Asian who think they have become smarter than their creature and have chosen to manipulate the natural birth order with medical sciences and chose the male child over the female, they suffer now. Forget the white mans patriarchy, sadism, with the absence, or major dysfunctional produced, melanin due to no fault of his own, and with which manifest grave wickness… But you created this man bc of your creation of man and then the allowance of the male child to rebel against his mother, his own nature and place himself upon the throne. Man has to be guided by wombmans intuitive psychic abilities and was not historically/anciently physically stronger than that of the wombman. Studies and all proof exist but is hidden from the public today by the Vatican and the real elites not the clueless ones. Man is protector and shield and covers for a womans strength when child bearing. Wombman originally had no menstruation(hemorhaging of the unfertilized egg) and was able to produce on her own at one time. Many wombman living then and now have proven this historically. Its man and his now patriarchal ruled society that hides these facts and want to stay in a state of denial and lead huemanity astray. Its like that of “if i cant have you…then no one can.” So males strength and over developed testosterone is not an excuse anymore to claim rule over the currently, unnaturally physically and mentally enslaved Goddess/Oracles. She is the way the truth and light. Allow her to save huemanity. Man’s penis messes him up every time, and history repeats itself. Man is not capable of saving huemanity and this is why he has created his Mohammed’s and Jesus’s etc. I will stop here bc this will get me in trouble.

  57. 20 years from now, just watch.

    Men betta understand that just like their d*ck needs p*ssy, women need to reproduce.

    Brothas became successful and black women and the black community were not good enough for them.

    But there is going to be a whole other set of mulattos in about 20 years. And the black father might not be the norm, nor will it be “special”.

    Not sayin’ it will be good or bad, but black men beware: a lot of the sistahs are gonna reproduce, with or without you. And the question will be in the next 20 years, “who is white, your mom or your dad?” Who will support you? The contingent that blindly supports you politically and otherwise will be across the street, on the other side. The biggest supporter of Pres. Obama are black women since so many black men cannot vote due to felonies. Can y’all be here on your own?

    And black women, I know you gotta jump the fence and do what you gotta do, but go a jumpin’ with your eyes open. If you think white men are the answer, you don’t have enough white girlfriends.

    • Nothing but the truth! Hahahahahaa ‘not enough white girlfriends’ you ain’t Neva lie anonymous.

  58. Viola Davis. Tia Mowrey. Mariah Carey. NeNe Leaks. Tiny. Kandi Buress. Denzel Washington’s wife

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