Bobby Brown & Bobbi Kris Make Amends…


“Happy Father’s Day to me!” -Bobby Brown

After years of being estranged from her father, Bobbi Kris is back to showing Bobby Brown love as daddy’s little girl. The pair marked the rekindling of their relationship, yesterday. It’s likely the best Father’s Day gift Bobby Brown could have asked for.

“Love you daddy!” -Bobbi Kristina

Peep the pics:

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  1. I am so glad she and her daddy are back together. Maybe he can help her get sense into her.

      • I was thinking the same f*cking thing! That and the hate some of these women have black men. Regardless of how bad shit is you dont see no other race running around telling anyone with an ear that half of what makes up their whole aint shit. Then wonder why people think we are a joke and our lives and worth shit to have equality and justice. go figure.

  2. Ok that’s great but Bobby B has other kids so where are they? I just hope they are not on the sharing the pipe shit, she & Whitney used to do**sighs**

  3. Fix your gap BK!!! You aren’t going to get cast for anything until you do. But congrats on the reconciliation. It cannot help but be a good thing for her.

    This is one child who will never need a paternity test like Khloe Kardashian. She is his clone.

    • I used to laugh when ppl would say OJ was Khloes dad, then radar did this special about this girl Sydney. I now believe that they were all getting freaky with those sex parties! Simpson is Khloe’s dad! To go to radar look at that picture, my mind is stil blown!

  4. That’s good I hope they stay in contact with each other they need each other I wish her mom was there to see them together it looks like she is getting better she don’t look sick skinny. Nomore

  5. She looks a lot healthier in this pic. I’m glad they reconciled. She looks happy for a change.

  6. I’m glad they put their differences aside. I’m sure Whitney is smiling down on them.

  7. Good for her, Bobby Brown has always loved all his kids including Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi Kris is finally getting away from all them demons and that negativity. Being with her father will be good for her!!

  8. This is called being HAPPY!!! Which some of you need with your typical self hating comments on her looks!!

  9. I’ve been hoping for this day to come. She needs parental guidance now, especially with the rumors of her brother/husband beating her ass.

  10. I’m so happy to hear this news. Really didn’t understand why she stopped talking Bobby. Hope they can keep it moving. She still cant sing. Maybe if she had a kid or two, one of them would be the next Whitney.

  11. Lol did she leave Nick at the house alone polishing the guns and posing on twitter?

  12. She’s not ugly at all she not too wise but she is not ugly she looks normal….. No plastic… I’m glad she reconciled with bobby…. He is hopefully talking sense into her


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