Malia Obama Hooked On Hollywood?


Reports reveal… Malia Obama hasn’t waste any time in heading to Hollywood to use her Presidential Tinseltown-ties to secure herself a spot on a leading set. Just as Steven Spielberg, who’s noted as a “prominent Obama donor”.

Malia, who will mark her 16th birthday on July 4th, is reported to have “spent a day last week working as a production assistant”… on the set of Spielberg’s upcoming sci-fi series “Extant”.

“Malia laughed with delight saying, ‘This is a big deal.”

Here is what’s out there:

“First Lady Michelle Obama accompanied Malia to the CBS Studios as the teen helped with re-shoots of the pilot episode, assisting with computer alignments, and the director even let her use a production slate before a take.”


  1. Do you Malia!! But you get your degree before heading to Hollywood. You can be just like Chelsea Clinton, but pretty. She just signed a MASSIVE multimillion dollar contract with NBC.

  2. Can we be honest? Yes she is pretty, and this is Hollywood. The ONLY reason she will get acting work is because of her parents. Don’t knock Chelsea, because they both got the best looks that their parents gave them!

  3. Malia is safe thats why her Momma Michelle was right their by Malia’s side on the set. Please Michelle ain’t stupid and neither is the President especially when it comes to their children!!!

    • Michelle Obama also said Beyonce is a good role model for little girls and had her little at her concerts so…..yeah

  4. I wonder which direction Malia will head. WIll she become a actress or will she do something behind the scenes, like directing. Black female directors is something that is extremely rare in hollywood.

  5. Hey, her daddy’s sitting in the white house with a fake birth certificate, maybe he could teach her a thing or two about acting. After all, he does pretend to give a shit about this country.

    • Yea right. She’ll be f*cked up in some “scandal” (yall like that word, huh?)soon enough…just wait and see…

  6. Was this a career-day gig, internship or an actual paid gig? I ask because of her age and child-labors laws as it pertains to film sets.

    Also…Her Dad’s one of the most powerful man on the planet, but she’s running around doing chores, making coffee for a Khazari????

  7. This proves that politics and hollyweird are all connected with their zionism and satanism.

  8. She is just like her mom and dad. It’s shameful the daughter of the President wants to do nothing more than act. Aren’t first children supposed to something productive while in the White House? That whole family is so embarrasing.

  9. Its a shame that parents are forcing their kids into things they dont want to do like acting and singing just ask Willow and Jaden Smith!

  10. I read that Malia is planning to be a filmmaker–a writer-director and possible actor. She will probably be a media mogul.

  11. With mom and dad being lawyers by trade, she will never have a screwed up contract…

    • My question is will Malia have to screw for a contract? Nobody skates through hollywood and becomes a star, not even John Barrymore’s daughter!

      • I believe she will. Like Jimmy Jump said on the Movie King ofNew York. “Nobody rides for free motherf*cker….lol

  12. Let me get this straight. There are thousands of child sex pradators in hollywood. Malia is under 18 and now working in hollywood (WTF?). Obama is frequently flying to hollywood to receive millions of dollars in campaign donations. It’s a known fact that you have to have a blood sacrifice to become a extremely rich member of the eight, nine figure elite club. Are the Obamas that satanic that they would sacrifice their daughter to the wealthy pedophiles for wealth and power in hollywood? One more thing, Obama’s Presidency is up in two and a half more years. Could hollywood be Obama’s next desination?

  13. Is Steven Spielberg a pedophile (Joel Schumacher is)? Spielberg has worked with several child actors throughout his career. Many of these children end up f*cked up. Shia Lebouf and Haley Joel Osment are two out of many. That picture of Spielberg and Malia in the top right corner is kind of scary. You know hollywood chesters are well protected in Amerikkka. If you think I’m lying, ask Bryan Singer!

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