Russell Westbrook Joins Jigga’s BNY Hall Of Shame!

Russell Westbook Sold Out

Russell Westbrook just went took it to the ultimate level… rollin’ with corporate over his culture! The pro-basketball player just signed on as a Barney New York’s newest mascot to throw shade at Black people! Homey does play that Stop & Friskin’ previously exposed to be going down at the racist retail store — Just like Hovi.

“Westbrook will have handfuls of clothes customized… to be officially premiered overseas this month.”

Check what Westbrook had to say about selling-out:

“This will be my first time going there. I’m really looking forward to it.”



  1. It’s not about color wit Russy , but he did go after them rainbow assorted Capri pants Barney had on sale give him a break !!

  2. And they need to stay out of these high end retail stores cuz none of them want blacks shoping there they dont carry products with black people in mind thats why black buisnesses dont flourish because blacks dont support thier own

  3. I should not have said Rainbow … That a gift from the Almighty … Fruity is more like it !

    • We need MORE people to turn anything around. It’s pretty hard to change jackshit when you’re last in line.

  4. first off…yall need to stop w/the Sterling shit b/c if u havent realized by now NBA, MEDIA, & the rest dont give two shits about blacks or anyone not of their race, Sterling got exposed b/c he didnt do something his jhew round table asked of him, they dont care enough about blacks to expose him that way if it wasnt something more behind it…remember Sterling son was murdered & few years back & then this happened….Westbrook sold his soul so none of u should be surprised that hes doing sellout activity….he wore the feminen clothing a few weeks back so that may have been something asked of him if he wanted this partnership, either way part of thier ritual is to confuse & mislead their own people….soooo yea, why are we surprised again?

    • DEAD ON! Thank you kingdom8. Please don’t let the trolls and PR Disinfo Agents drive you away. Much love & keep speaking that truth.

    • But we DON’T support our own like they do. If a Joo is ever elected president, and it won’t be in any of our lifetimes, you best believe that no Joo in this country would ever trash him or her. They will stand behind their own come hell or high water because they know if they don’t no one else will either. Not us. We bitch and moan about ours being
      a DL mulatto with puppet strings held by the Illuminati, which sends a message to whites that we don’t believe that one of us could ever be president WITHOUT being a puppet for the white power structure behind him. Forget the fact that his presidency was a HUGE historical moment for black people and that it has opened doors which were previously closed. And before you say, “What doors have been opened?” We may not know or fully realize the import of this historical moment for years to come. But the very fact that a young black child can truly believe that he or she COULD be president some day is monumental in itself.
      No. We can only holla about what the man hasn’t done. That sort of minority cultural support will leave us behind forever. When President Garcia is in office 20 years from now, you will see Hispanics and Latinos leading the parade of support. They’ll be 40% of the population by then and we’ll still be stagnating at 13% and bitching about why we can’t get anywhere in this country.
      Joos are every bit as disliked and unwelcome as we are, but they have never let that stand in their way. They know how to act as a group.

      And for BA, I didn’t say fake Joos for simplicity’s sake, not because I believe they are the chosen people.

      • R U really serious?? U must be some ole shuck n jive turkey ass negro. Obama ain’t shit! U just as brainwashed an dumb as the rest of em. Have a seat b!tch.

      • Some blacks don’t see Obama as black. That’s another factor why some blacks don’t support hi.

  5. Kingdom8 u pretty smart. Never known rich joos to oust other rich joos for calling niggas niggas. Specially Magic coon ass.

    • Clearly more to the story. Seek out the story behind the story. I found it on the net. Like Alonzo told Jake I been plannin this all week son.

    • b/c rick jhews dont oust their own UNLESS there is more to it…ask the Seinfeld guy, he said the most racist shit ever & they still put him on w/shows & U KNOW he getting that Seinfeld royalty check….they dont care, unless u do something to piss THEM OFF & clearly, Sterling did

      • Thats a damn good point i forgot aboit sinfield and that.guy with the crazy hair that did.that. racist joke on stage

      • Firstly Michael Richards is not a jhew. Secondly, Richards was and has still been blacklisted to the Gawds since his racist comedy routine. He was the biggest star from Seinfeld and he hasn’t gotten a starring role on any network since that incident.

        That’s why I think it’s strange that nothing has happened to Bieber. Black dudes are really covering for his little behind.

      • The nba ain’t makin $$$$ look how sterling was able to inflate the price of the team…$2 billion:/

      • That Seinfeld guy’s career has been deader than dead since that incident. What are you talking about? He was completely shut down.

        • Anon: 3:33
          Yup. I said the same thing but for some reason my comment was moderated. I guess it made too much sense.

          • I have no problem with someone pushing their own agenda, but to insinuate that Richards came through that debacle Scot free and white folks still support him is rubbish.

          • Yes Cheese. Richards may as well have died that night for all the work he has been given since he blasted the n word over and over. Ask him f he was held accountable!

      • This black woman’s logic is the reason non black owned stores thrive in the black community. She will go in and see black girls getting minimum wage and frequent it and be happy. But her money is leaving your community and going to the suburbs. The fact that the owners, accountants, lawyers, distribution, shareholders of a business may be all black and earning six figures, but employ whites and hispanics at minimum wage for the shop floor apparently makes you a sell out. What an idiot.

  6. Boycott these people. He’s looking extra fruity in that pic, by the way. Stop supporting these sell-out celebs/athletes/politicians

  7. Westbrook is brainwashed coon
    I’m not surprised or concerned with
    What he do.
    There is a factory in this country and these
    Braindead black celebs are the product.
    I see plenty of black woman who secretly hate
    Black men and raise every type of sissy
    And sell out. I see lil boys switching
    Harder than they Momma’s. So I can’t
    Be angry at these people they are victims
    Of hypocrisy and indifference

  8. Westbrook is a beast on the court and I love his game but Westbrook is GAY as Hell. He just going with the GAY agenda. The GAY mafia is real. All the Elites are a GAY. They have to play the game if they want to be excepted.

  9. Those fake Joos are frauds in Israel trying to steal our nationality.If anyone was paying attention to that Anderson Cooper interview at the end of it Donald Sterling said there’s no such thing as a African American before he quickly said to Cooper nevermind.That statement alone proves that he knows that we are the real people of the Lord and the fake joos like himself talk about this in private and are conspiring to keep us docile and asleep to the knowledge.

    • Zachariah 9:6 And A Bastard Shall Dwell In Ashdod(Ashdod is a city in Jerusalem called Tell Aviv today and this proves that the people in Israel today are frauds thus saith the lord)

      • Exactly which is why H*tla said he killed no Jhews, only communists. He knew that they were not the real chosen ones.

  10. I don’t get it either. You would think with all the Black athletes and entertainers out there they would be able to band together and do something. People topping Forbes power lists but they act like they have no power.

    • Because they don’t. That’s just some numbers thrown on paper in the real world they are all highly paid slaves. And slaves don’t have power.

  11. what you dont know unless you are from BYC is that BARNEYS is the NUMBER one spot for scammers here. I do not blame them for that ish that went down.

  12. Everyone is a sellout! Unless you produce your own daily necessities and live off of the land you sell out. Every time you punch a clock at work unless you own your own business you are selling out. America was built by thieves and crooks selling out is a part of the American Dream.

  13. What a paradox.

    The strongest, largest physical human specimen — black athletes,
    with the weakest mind and smallest soul for human species.

  14. This is the 1st time on being at Ask Jacky.. That i actually agree with EVERYTHING im reading! Brothers an Sistahs ya’ ll telling it on here today/ nite !!!!!! 4 real!!! Nothing negative to say against nobody comment which is Mad rare for ya gurl! Now… we need to start a petition going against the rich Negroes thats selling the race out! Peace an blessings to all of thise commentors on this topic who kept it 100! Stop spending $ with those who disrespect us as a people an promote Demonic behavior! Peace Ya’ll…

    • The people you say are promoting demonic behaviour are the same one sending you your welfare check. Lets see how powerful the black resolve is now.

  15. I hate to be the one to break the bad news, but Barneys isn’t marketing Westbrook’s line to black folks, therefore they aren’t looking for us to support or buy the stuff. Just like with Jay Z’s shit.
    Have yall ever been in a Barneys? I mean before the scandalous shit hit the fan last year? If you saw two black folks even IN the store at once it was a rare occasion. This stuff is being marketed to elite white gay hipsters who wear Tom Ford, Zegna and Alexander McQueen.

  16. Once you reach a certain status and wealth you are no longer merely ‘black’, you are a ‘new-black’. New-blacks do no care about ‘basic-blacks’, or the black population and they are exempt from racial matters thankyouverymuch!

    • But you know what Scorpiess, it’s not even about them caring about us regular people. These fools don’t even care about themselves. Right now their White bosses know all they need to do is write their boys a check and they can get them to do or say anything they want. Yeah having money is great but what happened to having some self esteem and pride?

      • Cheese, you talk about black people being high on the Forbes power list, then mention them having “White bosses” writing them a check and controlling what they say. This is what you call cognitive dissonance.

        • Not really. If you are the CEO of a company, you still answer to the Board of Directors and share holders, and in this country with the disparity in population, there are few if any blacks who don’t have some whites to answer to. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t successful or powerful.
          Steve Jobs was forced out at Apple in the 90’s by the Board of Directors, but no one can say that he wasn’t powerful or influential. Which was proven by his comeback and ascension back to the top of Apple.
          To judge a black man as impotent because he doesn’t answer to no one is really selling our best and brightest short.

          • Thanks for the intelligent reply. Still disagree with you though.
            We all answer to someone, the Banks, as all currency is created as debt. Paul Roberson stood up to the government in the 1940s, lost his passport for 8 years but did not waiver in his convictions. Read Jack Johnsons biography “Unfogivable blackness” to see how ballsy black men used to be. Eartha Kitt was invited to the Whitehouse in I think 1967. Whilst speaking to Lady Bird Johnson, she voiced her disquite about the Vietnam war. The next time you saw Miss Kitt in a U.S . T.V. show or film was “boomerang” in 1993. She was completely blackballed. But this 5 foot tall 95lb black woman had more balls than these 6 foot 8in so called men.These modern day blacks just are not made like they used to be.

        • @R
          I’m just shedding light on the false perceptions that are being put out there to make us feel we have progressed. The reality is none of those people are as in charge or as powerful as the media leads us to believe….but they could be. Yes we do all answer to a boss but not all of us are willing to sacrifice our dignity and pride for a paycheck. Would you go along with your boss if he/she told you not to speak out on the Trayvon Martin case? You can have all the money in the world but it’s no good when you can’t look yourself in the mirror. There are people in power who feel it’s best to divide and conquer us and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s worked.

  17. only poor ignorant ass black folks use that term sell out . how can you knock this brother for making money , your problem should be with Barneys just don’t shop there , Dont be a crab

    • People who accuse black folks of selling out when they are involved in a business venture with whites are most likely angry it’s not them instead.

      Selling out is real, it does exist. But doing a business deal with a store that few blacks shop in anyway, is just business. There will always be envy
      of those who have more opportunity in life. It’s human nature.

  18. Another black athlete takes the money bait! Another black athlete pledges his allegiance to white supremacy by taking money from a white supremist corporation. I’m angry, but not surprised. Judging by the way Westbrook dresses, it looks like he is trying to push the gay agenda on black men. He isn’t the only one.

  19. If Russell turned down this offer its not going to do anything to help black people , dont be a crab boycott Barneys but let a Brother make a buck . a more substantial protest is the women that buy weave , last I heard it was up in the billions

    • Russell and every other Black person can do what they please, I don’t need his help or his support. I would however like to see a young, Black mainstream media figure make some kind of stand and speak out against racial profiling. It’s like we no longer have a voice in mainstream media because everyone is too busy speaking out for gay rights. Your weave comment does not even belong in this conversation.

      • “I would however like to see a young, Black mainstream media figure make some kind of stand and speak out against racial profiling.”

        That is never going to happen. Any black person who wants to get ahead in the media knows that they have to be devoid of emotions regarding ‘black rights’. Any young black guy / girl who wants to keep working will ‘swallow’. Look at all of those actors who willingly work with known paedophiles; no one speaks out about it because they want to keep working.

        It is the same thing with being black and having to keep your mouth shut – if you want to to stay employed in that industry you have to learn how to turn a blind eye / ear. It is not Mc Donalds, it is the entertainment industry and they play by a whole ‘nother set of rules.

  20. Broke Millionaires…Meaning…Broken Inside! Money is a means to an end. Use it wisely, it produces good fruit. Engage in negative discourse, it can curse us…Seeing is Believing! 2014…Year of The Sellouts! The athletes, rappers, politicos, singers, pseudo-celebrities, etc. Naw, black ain’t good enuf for my ego…Their Words! In totality, they’re the fools!!!

  21. @Anonymous

    All of us need to keep our dollars in our pockets. Commercialism is Slavery, Not doing a damn’ thing for our people. This insanity must cease and desist.

  22. They go after the weak minded, fame hungry, insecure ones because they want acceptance or attention so bad it blinds them and they’ll do anything. By the time they learn the error of their ways, they’ll be f*cked over, used up, exploited, and used to f*ck up the blacks that idolize them. Mission accomplished and the devils pockets stay on swole. On to the next sucka..

  23. Not one of these dirtbag athletes spoke out against Donald Sterling.

    Fuck the NBA.

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