Lil Turk: Kissing Baby Happens ‘All The Time’ At Cash Money

Lil Turk vs Lil Wayne

“We was all like Baby’s kids at one time.” -Turk

A former Hot Boy say Kissing-brothers is something that was going down on a regular, between Baby and his stable of YMCMB rappers. Turk says Cash Money’s H.N.I.C. shared lip-locks with Weezy “constantly”… as well as his other lyricists. It’s a practice Turk says “was an in-house thing” at the label.

“Turk compares the group to the mob and says that nobody questions it when mobsters kiss each other.”

Peep what Turk had to say about Birdman caught kissing Tunechi:

“They caught them in a moment where the fans and the media and all of it, they made it all an issue that it wasn’t nothing.

They kiss each other all the time. Ain’t nobody gonna go to them and say they ain’t no bitch or no hoe or none of that.”

Let’s Go!


    • Its weird to Americans. European men kiss(peck) as a greeting. It does not meant they are gay.

        • It’s an AIR kiss to both sides of the cheek. This is usually done in Europe and South America. Usually in America at a certain point men stop kissing their sons, and holding hands with them, this is just customary . Hugging on the other hand is different because a father can always hug their son.

      • They arent European, whats most desturbing it that hes kissing his father (not biological but still) on the mouth yuck

      • Damn lie! Aint no grown azz man kissing another grown azz man on the mouth period,be it mobsters or europeans.gtfo with them lies.

        • I agreed with you. WTF!!! This is not normal behavior especially in the black culture!!

          • Black is not a culture. If you have been out of your state let alone country you would know that. You blacks talk about Europe like you have been there. We all know only 5% of the U.S. black population has got a passport, so you all stop your bluffing.

          • Stop w the over generalizations. I travel to Europe every few years and have been there amongst other expat black Americans and tourists. And of course a culture. We have mores, music, food and folklore unique to us just like.every other culture does.

    • Don’t know but I read a blind about some rappers and it sound a lot like cash money. Black hip-hop lable, lady-boys, homo thugs, vampire sex escorts. I think the whole cash money LGBT.

  1. Black people get on my damn nerves always trying imitate Italians. Don’t these idiots know that mobsters hate black people.

    Kissing your same sex partner is par for the course, just ask michael Sam. I’m gonna need Young Jive Turkey to go have several seats. He dont see nothing wrong with kissing a man because of his recent living situation…jail bird. He was prolly the prison chef, serving up tossed salads three times a day. These cats were the real motivation behind Thugnificant and Gangstaliscious.

    • THIS!!

      And the culture of Europe is the Catholic Church and we know about men and boys at that situation.

      Need I say more???

      • Europeans have rejected Catholicism en masse over the past half century. Most countries have become progressively more secular, unlike the US.
        The primary focus and power of the Catholic Church is now in Central and South America.
        The Catholic Church seeks out the least educated among all populations. Wonder why?

    • If your on hsk long enough and read enough comments you’ll realize even black people hate black people and every other color in between,at least if you go by all the hatefull comments on here.

    • I swear i love you!!!!, but please, continue to keep our i do believe the Thugnificent and Gangstalicious was about them.lmmfao.hilarious.

  2. Wayne’s mouth always remind me of a Komodo Dragon his saliva is toxic that is what kills it victims. Guess money does get you anything because don’t see why these girls are with him ( shudder)

  3. Big boy with the white headband on looks like he’s giving Wheezy & Birdman the extreme side-eye….LOL

  4. Turk…Mobs (Italians) kiss cheek to cheek. No lip contact. No lips to lips contact. That pic of Baby and Wayne looks sentimental. Disgusting to man kind!

  5. I know that we are all supposed to say: Arrrh, how lovely; two grown azz men kissing each other on the lips but … I am sorry, it just looks creepy to me. The dude with the white headband is thinking about quitting his life!

  6. Turk sounds as if he’s tryin to come to terms with homosexuality lol…dude in the headband bothered !!…how do u justify/ spin this/ defend/ this …(Riley voice)…”dees niggas gay”…i hope juvenile don’t play that way.. I was sooo in love w/him 400° is a classic album and that that nigga juvey killed that shit…

    Off topic… I remember seenin the ha vid for the 1st time I was like who is these greasy ass niggas and where are they from and this video looks DATED (late 80s) and ha?! What he mean by HA?? Huh…that shit was ROCKIN!! Lol

  7. B.G. said that stuff was suspect and that he didnt get down like that. I loved B.G.

  8. I wonder if they ever kissed each other on the ass? Hopefully they used chapstick!

  9. dry crusty lips nasty……..lips are made for different things besides kissing

    • ??????? bytch go kiss a frog you ugly 2 bit looking fish with your dried up crusty looking lips

  10. its called ritual, these niggas know damn well they do more than “kissing”, even though that should be enough, that picture of Wayne kissing Birdman was showing u ritual, they all gotta do it b/c when u sign with Cash money u gotta let Birdman, Wayne & they partners go up in u, they do u like Diddy does Cassie, dog u the f*ck out, then u get signed & they f*ck u again, this time w/ a shitty contract & take all the money u done earned & buy u a chain & a car & tell u to get the f*ck out they face….

    • I wonder if this is what happened to the game he has a deal with ymcmb his label is called blood money.

      • hahaha yea, of course Game is bout that life…Anytime u signing contracts w/ Birdman u getting dug out…period…& Game had a reality show & all…he down w the program….didnt he used to be a stripper anyway?

    • In the Mafia the recipient of the kiss on the lips is gonna be killed but they GREET with cheek kisses, which is a European thing.

      • Noone knows what his commandments are cuz the white people stole those too and got them locked up in the Vatican along with the black Madonna and child (the real image of Jesus and Mary aka Isis and horus) that he bows down and worships in his secret Chambers, they got us worshiping a white Jesus while they secretly still worship the black one( who was horus) dont believe me google the pictures

        • I have to disagree with you Lena. We know SOME of the commandments, not all; and Anna is right on the rest of it.

        • No you are one dumb bitch fod thinking a book thats.been translated 300,000 times that they print on a piece of paper is gods commandments y would they want to give u the true version? Think! just because its in print dont make it the gospel, thats y the muslims dont mess with it exept for proverbs and i would trust the people from the motherland over some washed up black american

        • Lena u takin the word of those who hung yo ancestors and cooked joos at 600 degrees? I think ur the dummy.

        • Of course we know what His commandments. Moses wrote on a tablet but God write them on our hearts. And the fact that Antiquity was founded and populated by.people of color is slowly being rediscovered by the descendants of those founders. yt people that consider themselves have known all along, which is ironic

      • The word Europe has several meaning and none of them have anything to do with the Whiteman.The name Europe come from a black woman named Europa and it also means Land Of The Angels.Ask Sodom and Gomarah about those black angels in the Prophet Lotts house the day before the destruction.

  11. Turk Most of them dudes in a the mob are bisexual hello they even showed that In the sopranos. This make me suspect juvenile and birdman has something going on too juvenile had some super coolers and I know birdman loved those lol. There’s also some footage on YouTube of Birdman, juvenile and puffy hugged up at a party and they were all over each other hmmmm

      • Just watched it lmao, is it possible that we’re all wrong and weezy f baby means wayne f*ck baby? Baby seemed mighty comfortable with Juvenile standing behind him, damn never crossed my mind, this mess is crazy haaaa.

        • Yep. Weezy f*cking Baby and even Tweezy (Twist) Fucking Mane. I knew that’s exactly what they meant when all of a sudden lil twist says that about mac mane old sweet ass. Smh.

      • Damn Juvey full AF and start talking about peen size?? He’s broadcasting what is going down after they leave. Everyone keeps saying he’s not with the fun boy shit, yet he seems to be somewhat relevant. He’s doing something.

  12. Exactly, Baby molested all those boys except Juvenile because he was a little older. These celebs are all GAY ok Bi. All of them, that’s how that get down in Hollyweird. You have to engage in homosexual activities to excel. What grown man kisses another grown man in the mouth. People give them a pass because their rich and famous. Baby is a pedophile/homosexual. He turned Wayne out. ” Weezy f*cking Baby”. Was I the only person to catch on to Wayne saying that after every song. GAY, GAY, GAY

    • People was just thinking he was just raping that is just his lyrics no you don’t say weezy f*ckink baby in almost ever song lol he crying out for help

    • Yeah but you can’t blame this all on Hollywood and their rituals. Baby “adopted” Weezy when he was about 14 and they hadn’t got famous yet. He is just a big nasty pedophile and even if he were just a New Orleans thug he’d be doing the same thing.

  13. I think Baby and them are also boning the Young Thug rapper.. He was on some interview show wearing a little girl dress talking about he wear them a lot and he enjoys wearing them. Smh

  14. Dude in the back looking at these clowns in disbelief smmfdh. 100% homo, end of story..

  15. Furthermore it is ok for 2 men to kiss each other. In 1 Samuel 20:41 the Holy Book tells us that: ” … [Jonathan and David]kissed one another and wept with one another, until David exceeded.” We also know that Judas kissed Jesus. Then there are several references to greeting each other with a kiss. However the sons of Esau have made this natural practice look like it is obscene.

    • Bitch,if you keep posing as much I’ll f*ck you up dumb bitch!Hop of my dick faggot!! You could never be me bitch!!

    • Trying to be me shows how desperate you really are.Hop off my nuts and anyone who believes you are Me is dumb!Get A Life and be yourself Bitch!”

    • when jonathan died david said HIS LOVE SURP[ASSED THE LOVE OF A WOMAN.


  16. BA u often speak of the so called curse of ham but might that be a smokescreen be us they can’t explain how they made blacks? They claim they came first. How’d we get here if that is true? They created the curse. All bs.

    • We r the original man. They cannot bear to admit it so they invented a way to the first.

    • U ignorant duplicitous cocksucker. One minute u quote the bible next minute u say dont believe the white man. Fuck u and ur f*cked double speak. Eat a New Orleans dick bitch. Either u believe church or u dont. The curse is fraudulent like ur ass.

    • Why don’t you provide some of YOUR research? No need to get your knickers in a bunch. Give people some facts and maybe you’d stop coming off as the village idiot each time you type a response. Oh, and I don’t mean YouTube-Search

      • YOU TUBE is the number one source of information here among the HSK following. I want to see the stuff in an accredited book before I take it seriously. Any fool can say the world is flat and Michelle Obama is a man on a YOU TUBE video. It means nothing. If proof or documentation were required for uploading stuff there, there would be 80% less than the amount of vids there are now.

    • Black skin is the original. whether you want to base iy on science or religion the fact remains that black/dark skin came first. White skin and straight hair originated as mutations, every blue eyed person on the planet traces back to a single individual with blue eyes. Same thing goes for red hair.
      And africa is the cradle of mankind, from there came all the migrations that eventually populated the earth. people talk about the curse of ham and apparently forget who his immediate family was. The bible says nothing about his skin color and gives only a cryptic explanation as to why he was cursed.

      • Ex ctly. The concept of superior and inferior races was created so so called Christians could engage in the slave trade and brutally attack others with a clear conscious. The fake curse gave them an excuse to call blacks subhuman. You perpetuate that bullshit every time u repeat it.

      • So how did black mutate to white. I’m not being funny, i really want to know cause I don’t know.

          • Ok. Where do I start looking, because I don’t think there is mutant stories in the bible. Plz help out a dumb craker. I wanna be a smart Chaka one day.

          • Ok. Where do I start looking, because I don’t think there is mutant stories in the bible. Plz help out a dumb craker. I wanna be a smart Chaka one day.

            • So I had a look. Scientists talking. I tune out. 1 person made all white people. Don’t care much for it even if I’m wrong and their right. How can it be if White is a regressive gene. That white person had lay with a black person to reproduce the second white person.

            • Welcome to the truth. May I take your order. How bout a big helping of lies, with a side if divide and conquer.

            • @Killa your people are the descendants of Esau born to a Bronze skinned woman named Rebekah. Read genesis the 26th chapter the birth of Jacob/Esau

            • Kil, dont get hung up on the terminology. esau is not described as a mutant. he is described as red and hairy and his mother had an unnaturally strong hatred toward him. but the bible does not specifically say why she hated him so. many bible scholars think that her aversion to him may have been triggered by his appearance which was perhaps not the norm, being so red and hairy.

            • Scientific explanation is that one ancient individual had a set of mutated genes that are responsible for blue eyes. There may have been others but this one individual managed to survive into adulthood and passed the genes on. Mutations are random, no one knows why they spring up. But blue eyes originally were mutated brown eyes, just as green eyes are not a separate gene, just a brown gene and a blue gene co dominating. It happens and when genes are not harmful to the organism or its environment , it gets passed on and after generations becomes an inherited trait. Bear in mind non beneficial mutations , like the trait for sickle cell get passed on too.

            • Oh and as to your point about one white person laying with a black person, that’s likely. But then more likely is once there were others perhaps the family groups, as was the custom at the time married them to one another. An albino couple with several children would likely produce children of both normal and albino skin. After a while all that mixing becomes what they call an admixture. From there it can and in the case of white skin, did become a part of the population. But race is largely a social construct. If people mix w no regard for skin color, science projects that everyone would soon be myriad shades of brown but white skin would get bred out, its very recessive.

            • Thanks for your time and helping me with this. For the record I got them blue, green eyes.

            • lol,really? well so did the old soldier who told this story: during one of the big wars thats a history lesson to is but he really lived it, he was captured and held behind enemy lines where he was daily pissed on, spat on and treated like a dog. Once some water collected in his cell enough that he could see his reflection and he was startled by the ugly face he saw….and startled again to realiZE it was his own face, not because he had become so ugly… but because the face he saw was human and not the dog he had begun to feel like . Get it? You are behind enemy lines here. But hold right to the human inside you. ( im not saying u r ugly or a dog, i just find the story comforting when hsk gets racial)You know who you are.

            • Understood and thanx for that. I understand the yt comments. I don’t get mad. Besides most people have been warm and understanding.

            • Fuck him. White folks have made me feel uncomfortable my whole life. Shopping, driving. Fuck him.

            • Coons stay tryna make massa comfortable. Plus his eyes aint blue. Europeans rarely have blue eyes.

            • I’m Australian. With aboriginal grandmother. My eyes are blue/ green. Can call me what u want, but I’m no liar.

  17. This is not normal.
    Just like with R.Kelly. We see it , but refuse to believe it.

    I have neen John Gotti (RIP) in any picture every Kissing a Man.
    This is NOT. some Gangsta Mob ish.

    This is some “family secrets”, this is how we get down, homo sexual, behavior.

  18. This person at 3:51 is not me because I don’t talk or write like that and anyone who knows me should know better.I see some people are really obsessed with me.SMH.

  19. The guy 3:51 is up on a Sunday here on HSK with TheBlackAnastasia on his mind.That’s some real Homo shit if I’ve ever seen it.

  20. BA you are full of it. Ain’t nobody cloning your dumb a**. Besides your ‘clone’ appears to share all of your twisted sentiments and good points were raised regarding some of them. Join the conversation, why don’t you? Or is the burden of proof too much to bear?

    • Why should I have to join the conversation when I am the conversation stupid FCK!

      • @Anon 21:41 Go and FCK yourself bitch!!You assholes worry about me here on HSK more than your own families.Hop off my nuts you and my multiple clones.FCK all of you.

        • In a few hours, you’ll be attributing this gem of objectivity to your ‘Clone’. We see through you, TranslucentAnastasia

  21. 2 grown men who aren’t related kissing in the mouth is gay.

    don’t care how how wayne sugarcoat it.

    don’t care if its a mob or white, Italian tghing I question any 2 men who kiss in the mouth.

  22. grown men who wears women skirts like Trinidad james is gay.

    some of these dudes are already ugly and you wanna wear dresses and makeup.

    how many bisexual hints can you throw.

    wayne acting like twist his butt partner what was twiast doing staying in biebers crib.

    yes bieber looks gay as phukk Michael Jackson would have loved him.

  23. What’s wrong with our celeb brothers?! Young men are watching them but the rappers are sending mix signals to them. It’s not cool to show love by kissing in the mouth or cheeks. Back in the day, love expressions were made by a hand shake that could last for 2 mins. Now they want to kiss like a European. We don’t live there, we are in American so our black men should act like it. Black fag day is here!

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