N.W.A. Biopic: Katt Williams Cast As Eazy Z?

Katt Williams as Easy E

Just days after it was announced that Ice Cube’s son will play the role of his gangsta rapping dad… in the N.W.A. biopic, “Straight Outta Compton.” Katt Williams could be leading the N*ggaz With Attitude pack.

Word is… the Pimp Chronicles one may be the man to bring Eazy E’s character to the silver screen. While the ‘rock doc’ is proving to be showing progress… that may not mean everyone in Eazy’s camp is relishing these moments.

Check it:

“Word is that Eazy-E’s son was also vying for the role of his dad.”





    • eazy e was older than them all at the time so it makes no difference. easy was at least 6 years older than the rest of the group members

  1. i dont think so …43 is not old..once they fix him up..i think he would be fine for the role..thumbs up to katt!

  2. i thought Katt was tryna get away from the industry, I guess they got him struggglin so bad, nigga about to jump in w/ both feet…ask Dave Chappelle, u saw hat he was on Letterman the other night, UH-OH…

    • Remembered when I told y’all last year that I had a childhood friend that personally know Katt Williams? Remembered I told y’all his first meltdown in Sumter, South Carolina?

      • so what happened?…dont tease us haha..But yea im figuring he crazy as hell & thats their favorite type of nigga….But I think Katt is under mk-ultra “program” he said hes a genius & such, which could be true….this pimp character could be his alter personality they created….

    • Dave was on letterman over all for free plug for his radio city shows letterman is one who wouldnt b blackmailed either it worked for both them ratings for letterman free advertisement for Chappelle he didnt go on there dancing a gig.

  3. a white women is directing it. do’t think she’s getting get it right
    is from a white person’s stand point. they do’t understand about the streets etc
    they know about it from tv. that’s why you see white trust fund babies acting hood but their
    they just white brats

  4. I can’t wait to see this and the Whitney Houston story and Aaliyah’s movie I hope it comes correct and not rush and pack everything together I wanna see it

  5. or they will get a white actor to play eazy e

    robert downy jr played a blaque man in chocolate thunder anglia joil played a biracial women

    white directors are whitewashing history

    • Ha ha ha. A white eazy e. The funny thing is it wouldn’t surprise me if it happen. A white eazy e. Hahahahaha

  6. I thought Katt Williams is too old to play Eazy E in hollywood standards. I think they should go for someone a little younger like Micheal Ealy.

  7. I think everbody gone eat there words Katt gon kill that role talent is talent regardless of ones struggle.

  8. Won’t go see this movie. This group and the record company exploited the gang thug lifestyle and foolishly Black people fell for it. We fall for anything. Millions’were made and Millions died & buried. And for what?

    • Millions of white teen boys fell for it too. Where do you think the wigger culture came from? The main difference is that they only played at being thugs, therefore they didn’t die or end up in jail.

  9. This why I have a problem with Hollyweird , all the great up coming new / never discovered actors and actresses out there , casting directors are about that poly-tricks . Katt Williams has never proven himself in a drama piece , and his a** is to damn old for the part !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Who ever said Hollyweird was interested in quality which is why there will always be new/never discovered actors/actresses out there.

  10. OMG as Ice Cube Doughboy as DJYella( Cube’s sons) Curtis Young as Dr Dre( Dre’s son) LiL Eazy E as Eazy E Mack Wilds as Mc Ren

    • Chris did you see 22 Jump Street with Cube yet? I just watched it free on a free site yesterday, and the only good part of it was Ice Cube as the pissed off police captain.

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