Syleena & Co. Lobby For Blue Ivy’s Locks!

Beyonce Blue Ivy ODB

“She’s giving me ODB.” ~Syleena Johnson

Will someone please whip Blue’s hair? That’s exactly what three divas are pushing for… and more than 3,500 people who’ve signed a petition for the same. *PAUSE*

That’s after a recent image of taken of the Carters reveals Blue sporting some not so kept curls.

The Diva’s rap session went down over Atlanta’s V 103 radio airwaves… with Syleena turning up the topic saying Bonnie & Clyde have Blue Ivy channeling Old Dirty Bastard’s hair game.

Check what the other Divas had to say:

“KeKe Wyatt chimed in,’Ain’t nothing wrong with being natural. I get natural, but you still got to grease natural and comb natural and wash and condition and then you won’t have the beading.’

Tamar Braxton, who was also there for the interview, agreed with KeKe adding, ‘It just needs some product. That’s it. No shade. I have a nephew who has really, really curly hair like this. It ain’t that bad.”

Peep what the person behind the preposterous petition, Jasmine, writes:

“As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyoncé has failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy Hair. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.”

Blue Ivy ODB Hair


      • Yeah,this that chick Syleena Johnson who haven’t had a hit since back in 2000 BC.

        • At least her music had substance “im your woman” “guess what” beyonce songs aint shit n they to f*ckn rich to have that baby lookin like that period how he gon call himself hova in form of God n she queen B n they child look like a peasant thats embarrassing if u live in the projects let alone ur mom n dad balling.

          • I’m your Woman” was produced and written by R.Kelly and once that was over her career was over also.When you don’t write or produce you shouldn’t consider yourself a real artist.

            • Outside of”I’m Your Woman” which once again,was written/Produced by R Kelly that album was outright Horrible!!!

            • The point u makin is invalid plenty of the worlds biggest artist didn write or produce n still had longevity. Syleena is jus like the rest of us wondering how beyonce jay act holier than thou but cant come their baby hair. I dont care if u had one hit at least it was a hit i still rather hear im your woman n guess what over ANY beyonce songs even the 1 or 2 songz i do like by her. Oh yea go see how many times beyonce been sued for stealing songs she allegedly wrote n produced n all her inspired visions she stole from other artist so ur entitled to ur opinion just as I but lets keep it real one time beyonce only where shes at cuz she’s cutthroat af n a big as liar dont believe me ask former dc members.

            • Go do your research she wrote everysong except im your woman whether you or anybody else like it she did write. I come from the old days when a artist was judged by the songs not how long you get played or your team buys records so you can break records I personally would rather root for someone who cares about what they put out than someone who only wants to sellout. Whitney Janet Usher The Jackson 5 Temptations are jus a few of many artist who didnt write or produce their own songs maybe down the line of being in the game but not their best hits

            • @Anon 7:37 No one remembers Syleena Johnsons as a singer or a artist and her most memorable song was someone’s else idea.Maybe should she worry about trying to Rejuvenate in long forgotten singing career and not Blue Ivy’s hair.

            • @Anon 9:02 Can you read?I said R Kelly wrote her most Memorable Hit”I’m Your Woman”not the rest of that garbage.The public remembers you for Hit singles not album filler garbage like the rest of that album.

            • @Sally Are we comparing a marginal singer like Syleena Johnson to Whitney Houston?That’s like comparing a Sparrow to a Eagle.Syleena only made it in the industry because of her father Sly Johnson and no one is listening to her music today outside of perhaps,you.ha.ha.

            • @BA jokes on u. U said she didn write or produce n whitney can b compared dont jus make a point to b right b valid n im sure any1 that wine fine like me like her invalid songs jus like sparkle b careful monifah suga suga heather headley in my mind, he is vivian green emotional rollercoaster, gotta go kelly price he proposed, friend of mine blu cantrell hitm up style etc none of them really blew up but had great songs n blu ivy hair still f*cked up no matter how much we go bac n forth.

            • @Anon 10:42 All of those Has Been,washed up underachieving singers particularly, that Coon Sellout Heather Headley don’t deserve an Honorable Mention.I could careless about JayZ,The Whore Of Babylon Beyonce or their nappy headed child.

          • I don’t give a f*ck what no one says that bitch Beyonce is trifiling and could give a damn about that baby. Let her nappy headed ass come out the house without her shit combed, that bitch will NEVER do that. I don’t like her for so many reasons, and this shit takes the cake. Jay Z know better, I know his mama and them be at him about that lazy ass girl combing that baby hair. Or at least pay somebody. She don’t love that baby it seems. That’s NEGLECT. That petition is late, and Beyonces fault.

        • I’d break Syleena’s tall thick ass the f*ck down, no questions asked. Dont be talkin bad about her lol

          • like i said no decent blaque women would just stand there and make their babies hair knot up her hair looks like cotton balls and dust put together

  1. That little girl will grow up one day and see those pics with her hair looking messy. She will wonder why her mother has weave all down her back that she paid thousands of dollars for. She will wonder why her mother didn’t take the time to comb her hair or have someone comb it. Natural hair is beautiful, but it has to be maintained like all other hair.

    • Agreed.

      I have a pic of me from kindergarden where they took our school pic after nap time….my hair was allll over my head. My mom cussed errybody out, asking why the hell they would wait until after naptime to take school photos….LOL….it’s still a cute pic but wig was looking crazy, like my momma ain’t care about me….LOL….

      • I grew up around a lot of white people and that is the number one complaint for picture day! White moms cannot understand why their children come home in hairstyles that they did not send them to school with. The school photographer/teacher’s will and do change hair, this is usually not a problem for black children. Except my friend Amber, her mom went off on her because she did her hair uber cute and told her do not play at recess and do not mess up your hair and do not let them change your hair, and when they did she was crying. her mom went off on her because she did not believe that the photographer would give her a totally new hairstyle, then she called the school and went off on the LifeTouch people!

      • your mama cared what others would think , like she wasn’t on her job but we know what others think don’t add up to a hill of beans at the end of the day

        • What others think matters plenty. Who wants to looks neglected and ungroomed. Her moms was pissed simply because she DID take care of her daughter’s hair. It’s some poor parenting to not give a damn if your kids hair is combed.

    • Hair is going to be the least of this girl’s self esteem about her appearance compared to her mother.

      • The most salient and honest post in this thread.

        Can you imagine what it would be like to have, and I am speaking for the mass public’s opinion, the most glamorous beautiful woman in the world as your mother yet you look like JayZ?

        Issues out the wazoo for life.

        • you think bey bey is glamorous ? oh you mean because she is light skinned ok I get it

        • Not at all knutz. I meant because, whether you agree or not, Beyonce is viewed by women of all races as extremely beautiful, particularly the natural Beyonce. From what it appears, Blue favors her daddy. Now, if you can’t see that any girl who has Bey for a mom, but looks like Jay might have issues of self esteem, then you don’t know women.

    • If that is true….. then PRAY FOR Zahara Jolie Pitt! Because, they never gave 2 f’ks about her hair! Blue Ive just has a Slonge do done wrong thanks to Beyonce! Zahara, has never been helped and no petition has EVER been sent to St.Angelina!

      • Gluten..yes Angelina did get a call from CPS!! And Madonna too! CPS don’t descriminate nobody when it comes to a child!

        • Will and Jada had to get interviewed over those pictures, it kinda sounds like discrimination. Madonnas nannies have done that girls hair, or WAY better than Jolie. there are even pictures of her daughter Lourdes doing her hair. By the way are there any pictures of her lately? people in other comments are making the point of, for as much money that Beyonce has, that hair is really ratty and lenty and that is a good point! Unless, Beyonce is doing dreadlocks on her, there are much MUCH better way to start them, but to each their own.

        • Does young Hebrew women whom were sold by those Africans and then used as alligator bait were young too.Did they care?!I don’t either.

          • Okay I gotcha! I absolutely believe Louis Farrakhan has something to do with Malcolm X’s death! It was also Malcolm X who went to Mecca and said the Joos are not the ones we need to be mad at he also realized that lots of them are black and lots of them realise they are black also. now if wecould just take Down Louis Farrakhan, bring back the Nation of Islam to what it once was that would be awesome!

  2. Tamar said the right thing, Keke’s ignorant ass is talking about greasing “beading” hair and Syleena is just being mean with her old nasty behind. I would like to see what she looks like without her 18 inches of yaki.

      • My mom did my hair and it still lookrd like that at the end of the day, and when blie ivy grows up shes going to be thanking her mom for not ripping out her edges with rubberbands and gel, a petition,over a babies hair is the most ridiculous thing ive evrr heard arent there more inportant things that we can discuss and start petitions for? Smh

        • So you’re saying your hair became matted and dry with a couple of old plaits hours after your mother styled your hair? I’m not calling you a liar but I don’t believe you.
          She doesn’t need rubber bands, gel or chemicals but you can’t tell me it’s normal for a 2 year old hair to look that dry. Beyonce fans love to talk about what Blue’s edges are going to look like but what you don’t realize is she isn’t going to have any hair period if her mom keeps forgetting to moisturize and detangle her baby’s hair.
          That whole petition thing is ridiculous BUT somebody needs to let Beyonce know she is wrong for the way she neglects her baby.

          • Her hair doesn’t look dirty to me . On the contrary it looks like someone who doesn’t know black hair washes it and let her sleep on it. Curious as to what race is her nanny….Her , Blue, I mean ,face looked grumpy and she had bags under her eyes. My guess i someone let the baby sleep like that and then she didn’t feel like ha ing her hair done. That’s no excuse. They need to groom her hair. I applaud them for letting it be natural but natural does not equal neglected.

            • If they don’t have a black nanny to tend to her that’s just another reason to dislike them. Of course a white/Asian/Latin woman wouldn’t know dick about her personal grooming needs! I hope that’s not the case.

              They could hire Matthew’s homeless baby mama to do it and kill two birds with one stone.

            • beyonce has a white women mindsets. her nanny is probably Latino who doesn’t speak English.
              ever asked yourself why celebrites hire lation/mexican is because they can’t talk about their employers screts

  3. Thats horrible they would say these things being a mother we all know how hard it is to get a child to let you comb their hair. you dont want to see them cry so you may put it off .people are horrible the radio lady was baiting all of them

  4. And these are grown folks? I guess if they can’t break the mother the next best thing is to go after the baby. The devil is busy.

  5. She is just a little girl if that’s how they want her hair that’s them when I was a little girl I wish my mom did not do my hair she put a lot of perms in it and as I got older my hair came out its nothing wrong with going nature she is little if she had a we’ve on people will say something. About that.

  6. notty dreads looooooool

    is funny how beyonce is fixing herself and she ain’t even fixing her daughter

  7. I don’t agree with pretty much anything these two do but people need to leave them alone on this one. Maybe Beyonce doesn’t want her daughters hair texture altered by putting heat, grease, and chemicals on it. I’ve went months with no grease, curlers, flat irons etc and my hair grows so much faster and healthier when I do this. Like our esteemed, but seldom talked about brother Marcus Garvey said, “Remove the kinks from your mind NOT your hair”

    • But that’s just it, the problem isn’t with her texture or that she needs chemicals and grease. That baby’s hair needs some good old fashion TLC and it’s been obvious for awhile it’s not being done. There is no excuse for the Blue’s hair to be so dry and matted when her mother has access to the best natural hair gurus in the world AND her grandmother took care of other people hair for a living.

      I was okay with Tamars’ suggestion but I was not keen on the women making fun of a little baby’s hair.

      • I’m with you @Say Cheese. I don’t know why people are getting it so twisted (no pun intended)
        It’s about basic maintainence and upkeep of a child’s natural hair. That does not mean anything about chemicals or tight hairstyles that cause traction alopecia. It’s also not about anybody insulting baby Blue personally. But people can’t seem to separate the two things for some reason.

        I saw a documentary about a barber who cuts Jay Z and Farrell’s hair. The barber is on a retainer fee of over $150,000 for Jay Z which means if J wants a trim, then the barber will fly anywhere at anytime to hook him up. No doubt Bey has her stylist on lock in the same way. 

        It just seems like double standards is all…what none of my business? Well then don’t release documentaries or do interviews about your ‘wonderful’ life then?! People are gonna comment when the cracks start to appear!!

    • I didnt do mine for 9 months wen i was pregnant and all the bald headed girls complained and wanted me to do it, after i had,my baby i went to the salon and got it done and it was all the way to my behind, the white girls were all shocked and asked me how i grew it so long and my answer was simple “i left it alone”

      • So you’re telling us you walked around with dirty, dry, tangled hair for 9 months?

          • what blaque women you know who would let her hair locks up for 9 months!!!

            • I don’t know any blaque women, only black ones. Are you ashamed of being black? Damn idiot.

            • r@

              maybe you walk all over town with dry itchy hair sort like your personalty dumb and stupid take your dry boney ashy skin
              somewhere else. maybe you wash your hair with tissue!!

              ashamed of being black?? are dumb or just stupid what does my screen name say dumbass?????

          • LOL. I know she’s lying. That chick is just trying to explain away Beyonce’s neglect by saying she did the same thing and her hair grew.

  8. When the mom has a easier to manager hair texture the kid normally suffers bad hair moments hence the interracial couples and the kid looking like buckwheat. No excuse nowadays with all the blogs. My mom has the Chili from TLC hair but knew how to braid and cornrow my Rachel True mop. Besides those few moments in corduroy jumpers with turtleneck, mix match tights, lace tiered socks and patent leather shoes in the slave heat known as Virginia summers during family reunions, my childhood photos were on point. Bey can do better but these women are catty and immature.

    • NI, love your writing style and I know just what you mean. There are so many different hair textures in my immediate family. I joke that my hair is schizophrenic, waves at the forehead, naps in the kitchen, lol. These days I’m basically natural and my hair has a lot of length and weight. It’s not easy. It’s a commitment. I just don’t understand why since they can afford it, the Carter’s aren’t taking care of that girls hair.

    • This is so weird N.I. I always pictured you as Rachel True from your comments and way of expressing yourself! Are you from around Richmond? I have lots of family in that area.

  9. she got the Cornell West going on. What the f*ck Beyonce cares about this for? Aint even her damn baby, yall she be talking to Jayz about this b/c that HIS child any damn way….u see beyonce got all the pictures of the BACK of the baby head? She dont give a f*ck, not until Blue old enough so they can sew some head in her head

        • Syleena hit the nail on the head. I can definitely see how Blue’s hair is giving her the ODB vibe. And what’s so mean about that? Didn’t ODB wear his natural hair out? I thought natural hair was so beautiful, but since she’s been compared to ODB, it’s ugly?????


    • And yes I am a licensed cosmetologist. The parents can take the child to a stylist at that age and the parents can offer recommended products to maintain the hair.

      • The products on the market often stip hair of its oil to keep people dependent on buying the product, your better off going in your kitchen and whipping up a natural remedy

    • It’s not really that hard once you find the right products for your hair type. I cowash my hair, moisturize, put some leave in on it and go.

      • Cheese, the first thing is to ask yourself, what is my hair type? If you got fine and limp hair get a shampoo and conditioner that has thickener and or body in it.

        • I don’t understand hair typing. I went to salon and was told I’m a combo 3b and 3c hair type with low porosity hair. Since you’re here I’ll ask, is there any way I can change my hair type to 4b? I want a tighter curl.

          • I don’t understand those curl types but I’ve been told I have a combination of s curls and fractals? It’s weird because my hair really is two different textures.

            • I’m hoping DaR1 can give us some sage advice on how to tighten a curl because I want to cut my hair short for the summer. I’m a low maintenance type of chick though so I’m not for all that twisting and turning, lol.

          • Go to or something like that. Just go to Google and search curly hair. They have hair pictures and they explain it to you. They have lots of people with comments and hair products and hair care info. Thats why I get it when people are saying it makes no sense that Beyonce has nobody to do Ivys hair especially Solange, cuz she could do it.

  11. So they draw a petigion over somebody else child’s hair but cant get a petition going for things that is hurting our community. Go sit down….all three weave bobbleheads.

    • we know the reason why these weave wearing women are upset is because thick thights be-yawn-ce is hogging the
      lime light. keke wyatt is is mixed so do’t know what she’s talking about maybe she’s jealous

  12. I love Blue Ivy’s hair – she is free!!! By the way, she is not public property, she has two loving parents and they care well for her.

  13. these are the same blaque women who complained about gabby douglas notty perm in 2012

    beyonce is probably raising her daughter in a white person mindset
    we know be-yawn-ce is a self hating coon who wears blonde wig????

    bey who are you fooling white people know that ain’t your real hair they ain’t dumb!!

    • white women can’t manage their biracial children’s hair they always relay on blaque women

      just like slave!!!

  14. Leave that lil girl alone she a baby she has all the time in the world to do her hair I’m no fan of either of her parents but she a baby they not hurt’en her to let her have her hair natural she don’t have to put all chemicals and fake hair in her hair she will when she gets older or maybe she rock locks don’t know but a lil oil wouldn’t hurt but she’s just a baby maybe mom don’t know how to do hair she’s not bothering anyone


  16. I agree the Carter’s need to put something in Blue’s hair. Blue doesn’t have straight nor curly hair, their

  17. To that say cheese chick no my hair was noy dirty i washed it but did nothing to it afterwards and it grew Hella long and you dont know if blues hair is,dirty your making assumptions so stfu, and to anonomous who called me a liar who the fuk r u? U dnt know,me so have a seat

    • I didn’t say anything about Blue’s hair being dirty, I was talking about YOUR DIRTY HAIR. You sitting in here lying about not doing anything to your hair for 9 months. Why do you have to lie on yourself just to make Beyonce look like a better mother? She isn’t thinking about you and your baby.

        • LOL! Why would I be mad about another persons hair? It’s hair! Get out of here with that old slave mentality.

          • Well your the only one concerned with her hair and if it was dirty dry and tangled and calling her a lier when everyones hair is not the same and some peoples hair does dry out faster than others and grows faster than others.

            • She said she didn’t do anything to her hair for 9 months. I’m pretty sure everyone’s hair dries out and gets tangled after not doing anything to it for 9 months. Please stop, you are coming off just as slow as Anna right now.

          • Yall some haters.i bet if she was in here talking bout how short and napy her hair is yall wouldnt Think twice about her or be concerned with if shes lying or not.does what she eat make you shiz? Always mad and bitter putting other woman down.
            Shows your own insecurities.sad.

            • Insecurity my ass. Ain’t a bitch on the planet, black white yellow red or any combination thereof can neglect her hair for 9 months and have it respond favorably. Were that the case hygiene would be irrelevant. We are responding to her obvious lies not her hair texture. My sis didn’t relax her roots or dye her hair when preg either. But she combed conditioned hot oiled and errthang else.

  18. The Carter’s are portraying as if Blue has straight or curly hair and she doesn’t. She’ll definitely need a perm in the near future. Everyone needs moisturizer in their hair. They have to much money to allow their daughter to walk around like that. So I agree with the DIvas

    • the carters are self hating coons. blue ivy’s hair looks like sideshow bob’s hair

    • Black people need to stop perming thier hair and accept that it is meant to be big and thick like no other race, i cant stand people with that mentality

      • perming is damaging blaque people’s hair. chris rock did a perm test with cola
        and it chemical’s changed colors

      • Well Beyonce and her mom seem to have that mindset so it’s possible she will throw a relaxer in Blue’s hair in a couple of years. Poor thing,

        • they have a white person’s mindset and that’s the truth. other blaque women put beyonce to shame
          they need a hair stylist to look after that hair. it looks dry and toughty

  19. Why are people on here acting brand new? I wonder how old the commenters are on here?

    First off,why are people going off into the deep end? No one is suggesting that this child’s mother put a perm in her hair. It is PATHETIC that people make up these lame azz excused because her parents are who they are. There is NO excuse for this child’s hair looking FUGGED UP 90% of the time. This is like the horrible moms who make sure they have red bottoms on, but their kids are running around if dirty clothes. Her hair DOES look dirty. There is clearly lint in it. It looks dry. This is what happens to our hair if it’s not kept well. For anyone saying “you all just mad cause she didn’t put a perm/gel/tight ass cornrows in it” are ignorant. No one perms a 2 year old’s head (well 99% of us don’t). There is no excuse for this. The only excuse that folks really have (deep down inside) is that she is Beyonce. People are stupid. If this were Angelina Jolie doing this to that black daughter of hers, you all would be going nuts. But it’s ok for this chick to embarrass her child while she walks around in $10,000 hair weaves??!!? How hard is it to put some moisturizer in the baby’s hair and then brush it?? This is sad and hypocritical.

  20. This was what the elevator fight was about. Sol tellin j to do something with blues hair. J said so it can look as good as your f*ck up head. Bey in the corner not giving f*ck thinking my hair is all that counts.

  21. Blue is always well groomed and with her parents. People should be a shamed of themselves, atleast she has an active mother and father. That should be what’s important.

    My niece has hair like Blue and detangling her hair is a beast. She cries when her hair is being combed. They may not want to see their baby in tears.

  22. If you want to petition, petition some of these deadbeats. There are tons of them.

  23. You know, even if they leave the texture alone and want to keep it 100% natural, they could just spritz it lightly with virgin olive oil. Or believe it or not warm beer and egg for 10 minutes after shampooing is a great conditioner, just rinse it out good.they could also just throw a cute headband on her. What bothers people it is looks like no one ever combs her hair

  24. Everybody. From the looks of the texture Blue’s hair is naturally tight coil. Meaning when a person started grooming her hair is started out good. Over a period of time, it seems the person just started putting ponytails and braids in her hair and haven’t stayed on the upkeep. That’s why it looks like that.

    • In other words, the person who was doing Blue’s hair just stuck to two or three basic styles and left it like that for a period of one week to a week and a half.

  25. People are making this a bigger issue than it has to be. It’s actually quite simple. In a nutshell, all people are saying is that her hair needs to be properly “groomed”. In other words, it can be natural, just make sure that it looks neat and presentable when she’s out and about. Point blank. What is so hard for people to understand about that? Folks want to turn this into a ” hair texture” debate, and it was never about that to begin with. Nobody said anything about putting a relaxer, weave, extensions, press and curl, etc., into Blue’s hair. So, where did that all of that come from? SMH.

  26. Do u know how dumb the black community looks right now obsessing over this ignorant shit? And to the smell cheese bish and all her clyt lickers you sound like a bunch of jealous hoes with taco meat on your head talking about “who lets there hair lock for 9 mo) bish my hair dnt lock im biracial and if it did it would be called dread locks, now get off my clyt

    • Now the true Anna comes out. How low of you to make fun of others natural hair texture just because you are supposedly biracial.

      • Y are you so hung up on my opinion, i didnt make fun of anyones hair texture but yours since you wanna call me a liar and accuse me of having dirty hair when i wasnt the first place nor do u know me from Adam and your complaining about a two yr old hair when theres bigger issues talking about my true colors, youve been shown yours

        • Get real. You tried to make fun of all natural hair textures by calling it “taco meat”.
          My complaints are clearly about that 2 year olds 38 year old mother who nelects her baby’s hair. I would never make fun of anybody’s baby, not even yours. I don’t have to know you but I do know your type. Don’t get angry with me for exposing you as a liar and a fake.

  27. I have hair as blue’s and clearly remember sitting for what seemed liked eternity to have it done perfectly, then the pool would come out and like bam, my hair was all over my head. And at two I would rather walk around like blue then sit for another eternity.

  28. My son also has the hair and didn’t like for anyone to comb it. It was a battle each and every time. One time brunch was about to end and his hair was not done. I put it in a ponytail and people complimented us on how pretty our daughter was, we smiled. His dad and I were not missing brunch.

  29. and this is what 90% of black females consider a problem ? no wonder it took a white woman to raise a black President

  30. You did nothing BUT make fun…taco meat…100 pounds of weave….black community looks so stupid…but, I’m biracial. You got called out as a liar and a fake because you are. And you are NOT black so really your opinion and hair grooming habits are irrelevant .

    • This is to Anna….and I’m not saying biracials aren’t black. Or part of the community. I’m saying YOU aren’t either.

  31. Anyone with a brain can see that the woman who started the petition was trying to be funny. I think it was in poor taste. You just don’t talk about other people’s children. Period. The fact that Syleena, Keke, and Tamar’s muppet looking ass thought it was okay to comment at all shows you how gutterball they are. Anyone of them would be ready to fight if somebody said something about their child. I did not get a relaxer in my hair until I was 14. My mom pressed my hair when I started school but before that I wore my hair natural. That child’s hair is not matted, dirty, or dry. There is nothing wrong with her hair. We’ve got way too many more important issues than Blue Ivy’s hair. Let’s worry about what’s in our kids’ heads as much as we worry about what hair on top looks like.

  32. Kingdom is right. Why would Bey care how this child looks? It aint her baby. That’s Solange’s baby. Look at how Solange’s hair currently looks and compare it to Blue’s……”my baby mama harder than you niggas”

  33. LISTEN UP EVEYBODY! HERE ARE MY EMAIL ADDRESSES: or Upload your hair pics along with your screen name. I will not respond to anonymous names due to the fact I can not determined who is who. Now y’all need the hair knowledge help. Here is my info.

  34. Keke, Tamar, and Syleena need to have several seats especially Tamar. Blu Ivy is not your child and the Carters can do what they want with their child’s hair. Tolerance is very important people.

  35. I’m curious about the woman who started the petition was she black or white? There’s children starving and being abused in the world and this is what your worried about hair get a life.

  36. Blue Ivy is giving us SIDESHOW BOB from The Simpsons Realness..* dead to tha bed*

  37. its not good look everytime you see this baby her hair is always looking wild.every black mother knows a black childs hair needs much maintinence blue is not white you cant just let it sit and not do nothing to it.and by her being a lil gurl to the most second handly powerful blacks couple of this generation her mama being beyonce she should never have a bad hair day.whoever the baby stylist is should be with out a job all blue need is sum hair bows grease and lil edge gell no weaves no perm now blow out nor hot comb. whaa wait a min dosent bey mom own and used to do hair for a living? just a mess with a lil gurl it takes much pampering blue nails should always be painted plus lil make up here and there should always be seen with pretty dresses and shoes lil pocket books. there sistas living in the projects dressing there babies up in guccie and vindi .

  38. and as for syleens sitting up here picking on a lil innocent baby she just needs to remember she out of a job they kicked her of divas after only two seasons. she humble herself when popeyes offers her record deal take it.

  39. damn can Blue get some hair bows or ribbons or something?….Beyodel won’t let anyone outshine her….not even her daughter!

  40. Isn’t Tina Knowles a hairstylist? Mama Tina step in and assist. But maybe Jay doesn’t want a dainty and frilly little girl ( no excuse for not combing her hair)I think they don’t want her to be glammed and blinged out.

  41. mini braids is better because you can wash the braids when the hair is dirty
    mini braids mean using your own hair rather than using fake hair which is costly beyonce can afford it!!!!

    mini braids can last for about a 2-3 months depending on the size of the braids yes it does take long to do it but is worth it
    you do’t have to comb it

  42. Well after the a$$ whipping y’all done gave her over this child’s hair, BTW, to all who kept it real, bravo. Any who, I doubt we’ll see blues hair jacked again. LOL

  43. I really don’t believe they let this baby hair get like this. Does anyone notice that this baby does not look like them?! If the baby doesn’t talk dumb like B, it’s a rap!

  44. They are Rich and Powerful, they have no need to give a care about what any of yall saying. So Sit down somewhere.

    Maybe Beyonce knows something we don’t, like leaving the child’s hair alone will let it grow strong. Or maybe she doesn’t want her daughter to be stuck on hair like everyone else. Regardless of “HER” reasons of how she DECIDES styles “HER CHILD’S” hair, it shows how jacked up this world is if someone made that a focus or conversation for more than 2min of there life. LAME!

  45. Tamar need hush up talking, and fix her own situation. Id rather walk around looking like Blue knowing I aint try at all, than actually try and try hard but still look a complete mess “Tamar”. Because Tamar and her sisters hairs have been a disaster since they ever step foot in the spot light even years ago, that’s why it’s so hard for them to make it. That hair is DUMB,hair and make up!!

  46. Syleena, really? How dare Blues name come out your mouth. She needs to petition for herself to loose weight. Her and Tamar put so much effort into there hair and make but still look like a disaster, ever time they step on TV. They make everything they have a chance at making because we cant see how either of them made it looking a mess. But yet they come on her commenting about a baby, and Beyonce’s baby at that. Both yall need to fire yall hair and make up, start all the way over and shut up. Syleena please loose weight and hush up.

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