Did Casey Collect Carter Cash To Cover-Up Jay Z Smash Affair?

Jay Z Mistress Denial

“We have never been in love or intimate.” -Casey Cohen

She doesn’t deny hooking up with Hovi “on several occasions” — but his latest supposed side-chick demands one publishing company take down the stories written about her and her alleged smash affair with Mr. Carter. She’s also pushing for Bauer Publishing to give up a “public apology” issued to her, Jigga AND Bey!

“The cheating rumors surfaced shortly after Jay Z and Solange Knowles got into an elevator fight on May 5 at the MET Ball.”

So story continues… insiders reveal Casey Cohen’s “attorneys fired off cease and desist letters” against Bauer Publishing — its Life & Style and In Touch Magazines having run with the drop, days ago. An interesting find has surfaced about the NYC nightclub hostess, uncovering the 27-year-old as a woman “who still lives with her parents.”

What’s out there:

“Jay Z had allegedly been spending time with Casey Cohen, who he reportedly saw at least twice a month.

Casey Cohen dismisses alleged affair with Jay Z as ‘a foul and phony rumour’ In the letter, Casey that she had met Beyonce and Jay Z on several occasions through her job as a VIP hostess.”


  1. Either one or the other has happened: Either she’s been threatened that she would be hurt or killed, if she keeps talking, (or), she’s been paid a nice lump sum of money to keep quiet. Either way, I’m almost positive that something has happened between her and Jay-Z.

  2. Can someone on this site stop this woman plugging her bi polar blog on the comments section?

  3. Jay is way too vain and superficial to be with this chick. I think he has been cheating but not with her. She’s the pawn, a distraction from the real thing. If he was meeting with her it was for business. I don’t sense anything sexual between the two.

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