Soulja Boy Signs On With ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Despite Being Advised Against

Love & Hip Hop Soulja Boy

HSK Exclusive – Mona Scott Young has officially snagged at least one of the “more recognized” faces for ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’. It was previously rumored that Soulja Boy was being cast in the LHH spin-off reality series.

HSK has just confirmed that to be true.

This news comes shorty after Karrueche Tran turned down a spot in the cast, said to have been guided by Breezy to walk away from it. A source tells us… Soulja Boy’s camp was urging the rapper to do the same. We’re told, “He refused to listen.” Know why? Because Soulja Boy will do just about anything to be on television.Don’t believe me? Ask Miami Mike.

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” started filming on March 31st — which is also when the fight between Teairra Mari and Princess Love happened… the show also features Ray J, his assistant Morgan Hardman, Omarion, his baby mama Apryl Jones, Bow Wow‘s baby mama Miss Joie, rapper Yung Berg and Power 106 DJ Yesi Ortiz.”

Here’s the drop:

Soulja Boy is a trick ass junkie and when Mona is done with him the whole world is going to know.”



  1. Souljah Boy knows he’s washed up and needs the money. How else is he going to stay relevant? By going on a reality show.

    • Lmao so damn true punk azz R j & yung berg all D list wanna b so call rappers none of these mofo have had a hit n yrs rofl @ this sorry azz cast

      • yung berg, tierra miri one hit wonders.

        guess mona liked what ray j had to offer in bed swear a sex flick with kim k really helped his career.

  2. Tell me that iz not Omarion up there on that pic! Glad to see Mona dont discriminate against the gays..

  3. Exploit ’em Mona has hit the Jackpot! All she has to do is slide these people a few dollars and some sniff sniff and all is right in their world.

    • Music is making money if you’re a country artist. People better check Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert’s SoundScans. I’m pretty sure Miley Cyrus is cashing in on Bangerz sales, too. Rap is dead and R&B is now too manufactured for music enthusiasts to entertain this new crop of talentless “artists.” Too few people are in the game to impact the people in a positive way. It is all about image, hype and controversy. The people who can still sell millions of albums and make tens of millions of dollars from touring are a rarity.

  4. none of these artists are really from los angelos guess game was too busy could’nd find coolio or yoyo or mc ren.

    • Ray J. is from Carson. Not sure if Omarion is from L.A., but he has been here forever. The rest are transplants who came here to chase a dream and a dollar.

  5. only the friends and families of the stars of LAHH LA will tune in. I hope RayJ performs One Wish on one episode

  6. Soulja Boy still is living in a highrise on Olympia in LA. Yes, he needs the money.

  7. Listen homies in LA or anywhere in KALI never embraced RAY J because he tries to hard to be

  8. To be honest I dont think Ill be watching Love and Hiphop La anyway im Going stick with Love And Hip Hop Atlanta And NY

  9. Yung berg and soldier boy were messing with Karrine so there’s going to be some type of story since she put yung berg on blast.

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