Will & Jada Cleared in Child Welfare Investigation


Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been cleared by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, after the agency investigated the family following the publication of their 13-year-old daughter Willow who was seen pictured in bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias in an Instagram post last month.

DCFS officials took no action against the A-list couple, only advising them to keep close watch on their children’s social media pages to avoid such occurrences in the future.


        • It’s called love, not gay. Your daddy can kiss you anywhere he wants, that’s your daddy. #DUH!!! Even if you’re 30 yrs old.

          • Hell no I am 28 now and if my father was a live he can’t kiss me every where I think you need to go think that over

          • Anon.. You might need a call or two placed on you. Hope you’re not a parent.

            And you seem to not know.. the Smiths, and all of Hollyweird, music, sports, politics, big business and fashion, all are Satanic or otherwise against God.
            They lead very hedonistic lifestyles. Which includes open marriages and cross dressing and homosexual acts.

            The Smiths and their kids (also Smiths) do all of the above.
            They aren’t the only ones. Look how many celeb kids are gay now.
            Worlds going to hell in a handbasket. Just like they planned…

            • “Hell in a Handbasket” I can hear my moms now, you took me back with that one bru, peace.

  1. Well Moises is gay and Willow is a baby lesbian stud in training, so there was nothing sexual going on…even if the picture was totally inappropriate.

  2. I must have been the only person unphased by this photo. In my experience most underaged people having sex are not doing it in bed. Parents should be concerned about closets, basements, and sleepovers.

  3. My son 16,daughter 13. His friends are over all the time some of them 17.she will not be in the bed with any one of them for no reason what soever. I agree with all comments so far. Speaking from a mother with teenagers.

  4. Will and jada need there ass kicked she is a child that is in bed with a man I don’t care if he is gay gay men have sick minds and he could of rape her so they got cleared because of which they are.

  5. his sexual orientation has nothing to do with how inappropiate it is for a minor to be lying in bed with an adult male! bombaclot!!

    the photo is in black and white as if its poetic or some ish! I dont care how you color it, its not OKAY.

  6. and I highly doubt that DCFS even looked in to the situaion/ family life of those children!

  7. Those godless l ron hubbard humanist fascist bitches should be violently deprogrammed like Malcolm McDowell in “A Clockwork Orange”!!!

  8. Of course the satanist zionist control everything they’ll protect jada and will as long as they comply

  9. What a crazy world we in. The only three times that seems like the Earth stood still. No child abuse, no nothing! My top three starting at number 3) Who shot JR Ewing. 2) Michael Jackson died and 1) O.J. Simpson double murder trials. Breathed if you wanted but folks was focus on those three things instead of what was sweeping around your own door.

  10. Did they investigate Micheal Jackson when he swung that baby outside that window in Germany?

  11. This was all a PR stunt on the Smiths part. Just like the Blue Ivy hair situation (See Blue’s latest do). All these folks are in competition for press.

  12. Like they where really gonna be found guilty of anything…cmon son…these people are sold out in every sense of the word..

  13. It all goes away quietly when Will and Jada slip LA County DCFS a few dollars and make a “deal”.

  14. will and jada are raising their children just like white people. come now we all what would happen if a decent black women saw her
    her underage daughter in bed with a 20 year old. the black women would hit the phucking roof and cuss dutty bad word jada didn’t do that
    or will

  15. The photo is inappropriate; however, he has made it clear she is like a sister to him. If you look at things through the eyes of perversion, perversion is what it will be. Remember, perception is everything. Renew your mind and your perception will change.

    The bible says, ” Think on those things that are good”.

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