Playing Peon: Oprah Exposed Mistreated By The Man!

Dick Gregory vs Oprah

“She don’t know, she thinks they love her.” -Dick Gregory

She may be a billionaire — but even Oprah’s mass fortune can’t seem to buy her respect. That’s something which she’s long been known to lack within the Conscious Black community, and also now confirmed in the White world of entertainment too. Just ask Dick Gregory — who says, “She lets them mistreat her.”

“Oprah’s a piece of work.”

Brother Gregory has broken Oprah’s peon role in Hollywood, including her sponsoring the likes of Tyler Perry. “She’s doing what she does and he’s playing his mama,” says Gregory. “That’s what they want, sh*t.”

Here’s what a source reveals about Oprah’s hand in ‘The Butler’:

“The dude who did it, he went to the white folks. The white folks told him we wasn’t interested in no movie and told him that we wanted the people showed selling dope… you know, something like that. So then he went to Oprah, and he told Oprah… he said, ‘Look… you’re gonna have to bag this movie.’ Oprah said, ‘Well.. I don’t know.’ And he said, ‘Now Oprah, you told me, you gave me your word that you gonna bag this movie.’ At that time, her station wasn’t doing that well and the money she made off of it put her right back over on the top.

I liked the movie though. Oprah should have gotten an Academy Award, she acted her butt off. But they did give her one that look like a d*ck. It looks like a d*ck!”

Oprah Sold Out

Did Oprah issue a public apology to the Swiss store — selling a $38K handbag — that she was banned from entering because she’s Black? Of course! Just ask Tina.


  1. Ha ha ha that’s what the hell she get they don’t. Care about us Michael Jackson tried to tell her ass that

    • I don’t understand what’s funny about a Black woman allegedly being demeaned by White people. And why would Oprah take advice from a pedophile?

      • Hermès ran Oprah away from one of their stores because she looked like the help. Polar opposite experience I had when I was at their store on Rodeo Drive. Salesman offered to sell me a bag that has a 5-year waiting list upon me entering the store. Had it been the right size and color, I sure would’ve taken him up on his offer.

        There is something about Oprah that clearly rubs people the wrong way. She made her fortune catering to white housewives, so my attitude is stick with your demographic. Don’t look to Black people to be your salvation when you flew under the radar for 25-years.

        • Oprah made her money catering to both Black and White women all across America. Women 30 and over are her demographic and she’s pretty much stuck with that group throughout her career.
          Her attitude and sense of entitlement is what rubs people the wrong way which is funny because very few people have a problem with men who possess those personality traits.

          • You know that an assertive woman is called a “bitch” and every other profane name in the book. I’ve actually never felt like Oprah is so entitled. I don’t extract that from her. I think she is phony as all hell. She disassociated herself from any Black people who were remotely controversial (particularly rappers), save for J.L. King. That should’ve been the dead giveaway that Oprah was pushing the homosexual agenda while distancing herself from Black people.

            The reason Black women paid her any mind is primarily due to affinity. If we only had more Black people who strived for better and weren’t so content with living vicariously through commercial successful Black folks…

        • Agreed. And didn’t she show up at closing time wanting the full celeb treatment? When it’s time to get off work most people don’t care who you are- unless your willing to compensate them. Maybe some Andrew Jackson’s would’ve changed the employees minds- in addition to the commission they may have received from the sale.

          You gotta compensate.

    • MJ was one of the biggest coons of all time. If you think what Dick Gregory said about Oprah was something then go pull his interview about a strange assed conversation he had with MJ. He said MJ called him up out of the blue one day and asked him if black people were still bothered by racism and treated badly in the country. Dick said this was right after the Rodney King beating. Dick was disgusted. You could see the disgust on his face. He told MJ that if he didn’t know what was going on with black people that he couldn’t help him.

      • Please MJ was the 1 who exposed what they was doin in Africa…not to mention videos like remember the time which uplifted us…he did it all on the low

        • MJ didn’t expose shit except for the fact that he hated being black. From buying those white and Mexican kids to damn near chopping his nose off, that negro desperately wanted to be white.

    • and it took mj how long to find that out.

      mj phukked his face up, married 2 women, preferred white kids and that’s the last man who should have topld me whites don’t care about blacks.

    • This story is so stupid, doesn’t even make sense. Yall need to hire people who can articulate a story better!

    • That’s what got mike killed. He tried to break free of massa and they freed his azz all da way… RIP MJ

  2. Oprah got a reality check that money and fame cant buy you in. She’s just another negro to them.

    • THAT is simply not true. I admire and respect Mr. Gregory for all he did back in the day, but he is not an authority on the global business picture today. Oprah is NOT some throwaway who can easily be slighted, shunned or manipulated by TPTB. She is a force to be reckoned with the people who own and run things know this. One word from her and she can sway the opinions of millions. True, she isn’t at the height of her the power she held during her syndicated talk show, but NO ONE black or white wants to f*ck with Oprah. NO ONE.

      • I would rather be broke with my integrity than rich pushing coon and save imagery

      • @ Anon 12:00…WILL YOU PLEASE WAKE UP!

        You think Oprah got to B a Billionaire all on her Own?

        She is a Hand-Picked, In the Closet Lesbian that TPTB R using to further their Agenda.

        The Said, Yeah U can B rich, but don’t get above yourself.

        She left the Syndicated show 2 form her Own Network (Which is owned not by herself, and is slowly turning the corner)

        She can only make/star in Movies that makes the Black Man look Bad, reminds America of the Good ol Days of Slavery, while perpetuating the Stereotypes of Black Folks.

        Her so-called good friend Maya Angelo recently passed, do you think we will C a positive film on her life from the Big O? Not Likely

        What did TPTB do to her when she said she was “Never going to eat Hamburger Again”?

        Blows that “Nobody Wants 2 Fuck with Oprah” Statement rite out of the Water.

        She can make money, but she better not try and do ANYTHING to make lives better in America, which is why she could open a School run by Lesbians in Africa.

        She made TPTB Radar when she helped Finance Malcolm X, and has not dared 2 do any positive Movies since.

        Sold her Soul for Fame and Fortune, and they R using Her 2 further their Agenda.

        The End.

          • BTW, Bill Cosby is N the same stratosphere as Oprah money-wise, and U see what happened to his Son when he tried to Buy NBC.

            Oprah knows she better stay in her lane and do what she is told, or the Love of Her Life, Sted…., I mean Gayle would be Sacrificed.

            • Bill Cosby is nowhere near a billionaire. Oprah is the only Black American billionaire in the world. There are several African billionaires, but even those numbers are low. Bob Johnson was worth about the same as Oprah until he sold BET and divorced Sheila.

        • She opens a school for those disgusting Hamites when shes not a African.The ignorance of our people is Astounding.

        • Preach! Oprah’s “dearest” friend passed away and I’m still waiting to see LOprah shed a tear.

          Conveniently, Maya Angelou dies when LOprah was fighting for the rights to buy the Clippers with king queer himself, David Geffen. Some of you need to open your eyes and smell the Cafe Bustelo.

  3. No black man or woman ascends to Oprah’s level of fame without a price of either they’re soul or the destruction of their people.In Oprah’s case she sold her soul yo Lucifer and she’s a Illuminati/ Knights Of Malta member.Don’t Believe Me ?Ask Obama and Mandela whom was also a member.

    • Also Obama AND Michelle R both members of the Council of Foreign Relations, which I thought was very odd.

      • Yes,Michelle is a member of the CFR/Chicago branch.Don’t be surprised because all black so called celebs are all paid agents of the Vatican.

  4. just because your black and rich and famous doesn’t mean your in the same league as white people
    so stop baffooning and cooning after them. they do’t give a phuck about you or your money

    • Same league? What do you mean by that? Do you think white people are better somehow?

      • black people ain’t in the same league are white people meaning black people have to be careful what they say or do

          • uhuh??? is that what you had said?? take you coony bufoony ass out of here better still go butt phuck massa sure he wants some
            d1ck covered in pooh up his ass that’s what he deserves!!???

            • U ignant bitch u da????? damn you can’t spell and you have the nerve to call me ignorant??? take your ass back to school.
              with your big hips i mean thunder thighs bye bye now!!!!

            • @Anonymous from your erratic ignorant belligerent behavior is clear you have “slave wanna phuck massa” syndrome is really rare!!
              all of your dramatic outbursts commenting on people’s thread clearly you need help!! to get rid of it you need apologize to
              black man

            • But u still think whites r n anotha league. Only coons and slaves think tat way. You have been exposed.

            • damn are you dumb???

              no matter how much money you got white people will look at black people are common animals??? in fact white people do’t like to see
              black people being rich their jealous they rather black people pour the champagne than drinking etc etc is the truth but your soo stupid to realize it

              go read a book!!!! and stay off my comments big lipped coon!!!!

            • @Anonymous damn your slow!!!!! even a snail is faster than you and their usually slow!!! let me explain again hope you get it??

              black people ain’t in the same league as white people meaning black people have to be careful what they do or say around
              white people…… is that easy to understand??????

            • Killa:

              Baby love, JFK was too liberal for white America. He didn’t take a salary and he fought diligently for the civil rights of Black people. That’s why he was assassinated.

              People have a lot of negative things to say about LBJ, but LBJ sure didn’t have a problem with my family, neither did Lady Bird, God rest their souls. One of my grandfathers relatives worked for LBJ. LBJ was working hard to set that Black man up for life with his own business. Our relative was married to a snake and the bitch wasn’t to be trusted. But my grandparents stayed on the ranch, spent time with the Johnsons in Texas and had a fantastic time.

            • G’day bella. My point was it doesn’t matter WHO you are, go against the machine and it’s goals your gunna get got.

            • KC:

              Historically in the US, any person who serves to aid the Black race’s prosperity perishes due to assassination or illness. White people like Bill Cooper, John Todd and JFK, Jr. were our allies in the white race. Bill Cooper preached the gospel in Behold A Pale Horse. He deviated from the standard path of the white man. It first cost him a limb. It later cost him his life.

              The Black men who were about racial progression have been assassinated or stricken with serious illnesses that led to death. Marcus Garvey, Noble Dru Ali, MLK, Jr., Malcolm X and Bob Marley are just a few examples. People can say, “Muhammad Ali has Parkinson’s because he took too many punches to the head.” It wouldn’t surprise me if he was poisoned and his central nervous system was adversely affected.

              Muhammad Ali is still an icon to all people. Knock me over with a feather if he sold out in pursuit of financial gain. I may stand corrected, but I have never known anything to substantiate such.

              White people need us. That’s the moral of the story. Very little would exist without us. This country has always been dependent upon Black labor and that Black labor is what has always enabled white wealth. These are the facts that few people, even Black people, care to acknowledge.

    • So if I say lebron is in another league that means other players better watch what they say? Bitch please u are a color struck little brown girl who down deep thinks white folks and biracials are better. Get the f*ck outta here. Ur explanation is laughable.

      • You cb are the type of coon that holds us back as a ppl with ur own low self esteem White ppl aint better than me. If anything they aint in my league. Get yo mind right for the storm which awaits.

        • They know I’m a king. They kno I can build pyramids with my mind that will mystify their asses for centuries. They kno they need their collective feet on my neck to slow my ascent. They throw coons like u in my path to stop my flow. Kill ur self coon.

          • You with ur angry bitter pretending to be proud and brown. You prolly got light contacts in. Ur a fraud causing a ruckus on here everyday. Divisive ass. Foh.

    • Well Oprah doesn’t have the range to play a role such as a sex kitten but even Whoopi Goldberg played a love interest in Corrina Corrina and a fortune teller in Ghost. I think it’s the type of movies she’s casted in. She likes to act in slave movies.

      • Oprah is a descendant of slaves. When she dug up her ancestry, the media made sure to let it be known that sista girl wasn’t far removed from the field.

    • When has Oprah EVER played coon??? Seriously???!!

      Playing a black woman from the Deep South is coonery, really??!!
      Playing a black man’s wife is coonery???

  5. Black men are so jealous of successful black women. Dick Gregory is a poen to racist Alex Jones. He’s just jealous THAT he’s old and Broke. If not for Oprah there would be no Obama.

    • If it wasn’t for Zibignew Brzezinski there’d be no Obama.Dude is the founder and Creator of Barry Seotoro and Oprah is just another devil worshipping cabinet member.Ever heard of the Knights Of Malta?

      • Barry was the editor of The Law Review at Harvard, a feat never accomplished by a black man in history. Just to make Law Review at Harvard insures a person of a lifetime of success and wealth. He had not even met Brzezinski at that time. He was on the path to greatness before he was anointed the Great Black Hope by the Democratic power structure.

        He was selected but he wasn’t handed anything. He succeeded on his abilities. Oprah and other influential figures helped, but he had the goods to deliver the presidency to the DP.

        If the almighty power players such as the Koch Brothers truly had that “Illuminati” power, we would have Pres. Romney, Gingrich, Perry or Santorum right now.

        • Brzezinski created and groomed Barry Sotoero way back in 1981 so what the FCK are you talking about?How the hell so you know when they met?Are you his cousin? FCK out of here.

          • You actually think ZB knew Obama when he was in school at Occidental College? You need to stop watching all the youtube conspiracy videos. A simple Google check can confirm the timeline in the history of Obama’s affiliation with ZB.

            It’s sick and tragic that black folks are cheering the collapse of out first black president. You people are happy that the history books will show the first black president as being sub-par. It’s so discouraging to know that black folks long for those who have worked and striven to get their comeuppance. It literally is a pathological mental illness.

        • BTW Oprah ain’t helped shit!!George Soros funded Obama’s campaign and presidency,if obviously you know very little about behind the scenes.This is the major leagues go back to the Minors.

        • Barry’s Mother was CIA, and the Jhews Run the State Department since 1947.

          Do the Research.

          • Barry grand father was CIA definitely.I’m not sure about Stanley Ann but its also rumored that Frank Davis is his real father and Barack Obama St.took the fall as a favor to the grandfather.Dude never looked or had anything in common with him so I’m believing it.

    • I Beg 2 Differ.

      Dick Gregory has been telling the Truth B4 Alex Jones was even Born!

      and BTW, Dick Gregory estimated Net Worth is 8 Million USD.

      Do the Research.

      • Alex Jones is the biggest fraud on Television. Wasn’t his name something else before he supposedly faked his own death and Reincarnated as Alex Jones?

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            • I’ve never had sex with a celebrity, dick blower. Now run and tell that.

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            • You wish someone would stalk you. More than one person has pulled your card on this site. I thank them for it.

              Paralegals are a lawyer’s right hand. You can do everything they do except litigate a matter. The irony about your ignorant comment is that firms, for the past 5 years, have been telling prospective hires that they do not want JDs as paralegals/legal assistants. If I was an office secretary, I couldn’t afford 1/100th of what I’ve acquired.

              Now, what is your occupation again? Where did you attend school/what is your educational background? Enlighten the forum. What do you drive? Where do you live? What is your family background? Do you have a financial portfolio, property that you own outright, a business or businesses, licenses, certificates, etc? I’m here.

            • ^^^^ Not anonymous.

              Typing ‘ROTFLMAO’ is hardly attention seeking. As most males with Low T, you are in your feelings. I can assure you, you’ve f*cked someone’s husband before I have. I don’t share food, more or less dick. It becomes taxing to even share my thoughts some days.

              What I won’t do is tiptoe for a single, solitary fatherf*cker here, yourself included. You can continue to attempt to slander anyone here who disagrees with your bullshit. No one is ever who they claim to be here but you. Yet you are the most disingenuous nigga on the board aka a f*cking fraud. Keep on faking it until you make it, if you ever get there.

            • Proverbs 9:13 A Foolish Woman Is Clamorous:She Is Simple And Know ETH Nothing.

            • One minute, you’re cursing folks out and telling us to stick a toothpick through your cocktail sausage. The next minute, you’re quoting scripture in attempts to justify your ignorance. I’m not sure if you have a church home or a wise religious counselor, but you need one.

              Stop quoting scripture and start learning what the Word truly is so you can start living it. You have yet to live what you have newly learned. Try tithing. Try responding to people in an intelligent manner. Better yet, ignore people when you think you’re being slighted. You’re not evolved. You are a very Cro-Magnon era-esque knuckle dragger. I’ve taken dumps that are smarter than you. Lol

            • What’s the shit you plan on showing me in your account that I’ve never seen before, multiple NSF/overdrafts?!. Yes, show me, because that is unfamiliar territory. Lol

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            • That explains why your master had you microchipped and snipped. Sweet. I hope you enjoy your new collar. If it chokes you to death, I will just accept it as God’s will.

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            • Calling a Black woman with a thick, long, healthy head of hair “baldheaded” is petty and predictable. It is typical nigga shit. I won’t dare perpetuate the stereotype by questioning your heterosexuality and your virility. All I will say is, most men who have high levels of testosterone don’t behave as you do. Marinate on that.

            • Give it up BA, you’ve been KO’d. ‘Somebody get him some Demerol…..and make sure it’s the good stuff’

            • ^^^WOW, The “Divide and Conquer Mentality iz Strong up N here 2 Day.

              Willie Lynch would B so Proud.

            • Every disagreement on this site is not a result of Willie Lynch Syndrome or the white man’s attempt to so-called “divide and conquer” Black people. I don’t hear white men running around telling white women to suck their d*cks and all of the ignorant things nigga males do when they think a Black woman cares enough to attempt to emasculate them. A lot of these niggas figuratively, if not literally, castrate themselves. I have too much respect for the Creator and creation to go there. But what I will never do is lay down like my forehead reads “welcome” to make another organism feel comfortable. Nope.

            • You already went there. So much anger and so much insecurity. Tell us more about all your stuff. We are all so jealous of the allmighty bella.

            • @ BA aka Willie L Jr –

              “they think a Black woman cares enough to attempt to emasculate them”

              THIS Says all I need 2 know bout U.

              Black Folks come out of the Womb with 2 Strikes against them, and knowing this condition, you would attempt 2 emasculate instead of uplift????

  6. Why do so-called wealthy negros feel the need to be co-signed by white folks? They live the good life because of us, get right sistas and brothas? Our black asses they should be kissing, not the other way around. It’s a waste of time, miserable people will never be comfortable around others…Never!

  7. Maria Shriver gives me the creeps. She looks like those women in the movie ‘Devils Advocate’ when they were morphing into demons.


      arnie could have gotten a better looking mexical maid he can afford it.

    • she looks like the charactar from star trek deep space nine. the brown skined with the nose spaced out



  8. Oprah is 1 of the GREATEST, but she is still a member of an oppressed race and that is a FACT

  9. Hmm let’s see:

    Black person has $1, whites are disrespectful
    BLack person has $1BB, white are disrespectful
    Black person become US President, whites are still disrespectful…

    See the pattern…

    Now do y’all really think Oprah gives 2 flucks what ANYONE thinks about her. Hellll No! If she did she wouldn’t be successful.

    And to all y’all coons on hear celebrating a woman being disrespected… I’ll just file y’all in the ” Misery Loves Company” box.

      • Thank you honey. I can’t stand “crabs in a barrel” mentality. It’s so counterproductive.

    • You’re right, Oprah does not care. People in here celebrating the disrespect of a self made woman who kept her clothes on and still made it to the top. I may not agree with everything they do but I respect Oprah and I also respect Condi Rice. I don’t want to think about what they probably had to go through to get where they are.

        • I don’t know anything about her lady parts but what I do know is it’s pretty lame of you intimating she slept her way to the top.

          • Say C….If I am Lame, Then U R a Mushroom. (ie Kept in the Dark and Fed Bullshit)

            • Why? Is it because I refuse to discuss Condi’s sex life with you?
              There were so many other counterpoints you could’ve come up with regarding Condi but the only thing you tried to do was marginalize her by talking about who she slept with. Who cares?
              I am far from blind but I refuse to let my reality stop me from recognizing and supporting intelligent, Black women. I don’t agree with some of Condi’s political moves nor do I believe everything she puts out to the media because Condi is after all a politician. I do still commend her for being the smart and strong woman that she is. If I’m a “mushroom” for that then so be it.

            • Say Cheese I couldn’t agree with you more if I WAS you. It sickens me to see people throw out “Condi’s a dyke” as if(even if it were true)that negates her great achievements and
              life history. I am starting to think that for all that folks here like to perpetuate the notion that they are black positive and all about lifting blacks, that simply isn’t the case. I can barely think of 3 people who have been celebrated here or not called sell outs.

              #very disturbing

  10. I would live inside of Oprah’s ass for free! Who is with me? Are you with me Jack?

  11. Clowns in here are really defending Oprah, a woman who wouldn’t give you the time of day or spit on you if you were on fire? Fuck is wrong with ya’ll?

    • I for one am not defending Oprah, I just don’t appreciate people in here celebrating the disrepect of another Black woman. And this one has brains!

      • I agree about not disrespecting black women in general, but when this one is a part of the Bilderberg group, a group in which one of its goals is the extermination of ALL blacks worldwide (Including ‘Ofrah’ when they no longer have no use for her), all gloves are off. So again, I say: ‘Fuck is wrong with ya’ll?’

        • That is not what the Bilderberg group is about. Where are you getting your information from?

          • As the Bilderberg Group is an arm of White Supremacy that is largely concerned with population control, I made a logical inference.

            • You are correct, population control is one of their many agendas but they aren’t looking to exterminate ALL blacks. That’s a very broad and inflammatory statement. The Bilderbergers want to get rid of the poor and the dregs of society both Black and White.

            • No offense, but keep telling yourself that. To paraphrase Dr. Umar Johnson, when has White Supremacy ever put blacks into groups? The goal is to kill us ALL, including the ‘affluent/successful’ ones they use against us like Oprah and co. That’s what I meant in my original post–‘Black woman’ or not, I refuse to defend race-traitors, especially ones who became traitors because they were/still are of the belief that they’ll somehow be spared when the extermination ramps up. Funny how all that (White) money and ‘power’ was given to her & others by the same people who are trying to destroy all of is, yet we’re somehow supposed to exalt them for that?

  12. She has the power to put any image she wants onscreen but chooses slaves butlers misogyny. Why is that?

  13. All of these Obama Ass kissers on this site has no idea whom he really is.He was Selected by the Jesuits not Elected.The Pope and the Queen of England has more say so I’m America than odumbo could ever dream of having.Destruction to all hamites.

  14. oprah dont care for blk folks, i knew this when michael died, she said oj was guilty and does not promote positive blk films or shows unless you eat the crack of her ass or tasting her pus like gayle does. Dick Gregory spoke the truth!!!!!!!!!

    • datruth, but Michael and OJ didn’t give a damn about black people either, so what in the world is your point? Fuck all of them. That’s truly how I feel about these lost black devils

    • oj won the case and still dated white girls like he was doing something.

      mj prefeered white girls where are all these so called black women who sexed mj.

      all these fake love kids like miki howards son we all knew mj nwever hit miki howard.

      • Ha!!!!!!!!You got jokes. I don’t believe MJ ever had sex with any women of any color.

        • me neither my opinion has always been mj liked the little boys he would have Justin bieber.

    • Do you know how many young black males and females this woman has put through college?…. what the f***

  15. One more thing…Oprah issues an apology because she was CAUGHT IN A LIE. She was not refused service at that store. She’s a liar and has been for years. There is a lot of dirt on her but people don’t want to believe it.

    • I DO Know that she got run out of Baltimore after being caught by the wife of the Co-Host, Richard Sher of the WJZ-TV Show called People Are Talking.

      Then Dated Max Robinson, who later died of AIDS, then Ebert of Siskel and Ebert Fame, who told her to Syndicate her show, and the rest is History.

      So she started out as an Adulterer, then a Beard.

  16. Nothing demeans Oprah more than acting in these movies. She is a globally connected, intelligent, uber-wealthy woman. WTF is she on the screen?

    She needs to much shine which I why she don’t need the white man to disrespect her. She is already far out in front on that, disrespecting herself.

    She is stealing roles from real black actresses and it seems she hasn’t matured. She should be way past the days of needing to be in front of the camera.

  17. So no one else is questioning the validity of the source that talks like that…much less that it was supposedly written verbatim? Are y’all kidding me?

  18. This media outlet showed you a picture tells you some words and you automatically believe what the f*** you read….seriously, really is that where we’re at now as people?

  19. In other words, house slave Oprah knows her place. She has already had two n***er wake up calls. Oprah will not do anything to piss off rich powerful white people. That’s why she hasn’t done jack shit to solve the crisis in Southside Chicago!

  20. Fact: All boules and Prince Hall masons are disrespected and degraded by rich powerful white people.

    Definition of boule: Advisor to the king.

  21. One word: Self-hate. BA is a sick individual. Probably a closet case as well. He must have found some sort of acceptance with his moot-bat cult and his doughy brain soaked up their drivel like a sponge. He has not one original thought except about his (and others’) nether regions and what he wants done to them. He’s not even ha-ha dumb like CB. He’s annoying and comes off as unhinged. BA, if you can afford it, get help. A person who ends a statement with the words ‘Destruction to hamites’ can’t be very right in the head. A sandwich short of a picnic, are we, eh, BA?

  22. TPTB?? Aww, I’m flattered. I suppose I should have you sacrificed for outing me, even though, numb-nuts, the ‘little male’ comment was directed at BA.

  23. I respect Mr. Gregory as an elder but his actions often contradicts his words. I can’t believe this story is coming from the same man who called Spike Lee a thug and a punk for speaking out against Django Unchained. I guess its senility/senior moment outburst.

  24. You seem to Obsessed try Ex lax. That dildo went wasn’t made by me I have a clone here who’s just as obsessed as you are.Calm down it’ll be OK.

  25. African brothers?Smh.Why don’t your African brothers in america live near you or stand up for you?You don’t find that odd?!Why haven’t the African military sent troops here to america to save us from the oppression of White America?They are our brother right?Why would your brother treat you that way and leave you hanging?Idiot.

    • Ok WTF is the ‘African Military’? Look here, a village somewhere is missing its idiot…..Phone Home, BA

        • Africa is a continent, BA. Why are you so dense? How can you keep asserting BS so confidently? You’re constantly on the attack – you even attacked faux-jacky’s writing – and yet you are wrong about 80% of the time. Its sad that you appear to be on the internet 24/7 but limit yourself to questionable conspiracy sites, not even bothering to fact-check and verify things before you hop on your shaky soap-box and begin to pontificate. Say your tales WERE true (which they aren’t), doesn’t an individual reserve his/her right to accept or reject them? You can’t bully people into agreeing with you.

          • I didn’t write that to Jacky my clone did.Secondly,I’m well aware that Africa is a continent so ask yourself this,is Africa is a continent how could it be a race and black Americans claim a land as their race that they’ve never seen or even visited?You just contradicted yourself honey because I’m sure you identify yourself as a African american whom BTW,are the names of two white men.Please be seated.

  26. Maybe you need to go and research the SubSaharan Slave Trade and find that your so-called African brothers sold us amongst other African tribes all over Africa.Those are your brothers,right?Do brothers sell other brothers?.My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

  27. Co sign ‘blackanastasiaisdumb’… It’s so easy for me to tells man from a women by way of dialect and it wasn’t even a question for me that she was born a man. Men cannot replace women no matter how hard they try or degrade them.

  28. don’t forget Judah had sex and impregnated his daughter in law who was a slut.

    simeon and levi killed the guy who raped their sister Dinah.

    good old father god or Jehovah, elohim whatever you wanna call him convinced father Abraham that if you wanna serve me you have to cut your foereskins.

    boy that had to hurt back then.

  29. when Jehovah was angry with folks who didn’t believe in him he tell his followers to go kill them their wives, children, and cattle and take theior riches or whatever currency it was back then.

    god had a lot of people killed or he did it himself.





    • There’s no letter J in the Hebrew so the Name or person Jehovah can’t be a authentic person or a name.That’s a name made up by Religion Pimps.

  30. My issue with BA is he told us the bible was the white mans version of events which hid our true place at the forefront of civilization but his ass is always posting biblical quotes. That niggas confused.

    • I didn’t tell you shit!I told everyone the bible is the book and history of the Israelites.I think you got me twisted.



  31. Nice job deleting BAisdumb’s comments, HSK. I guess the plan is to let stupidity reign supreme on a popular Black blog. SMDH

  32. Looks like my comments are not welcome on this blog. Kinda disheartening. #Bows out

  33. Oprah worked her way to where she is now, nobody gave her nothing. She took all that “white money” that she’s made over the yrs & she helps & does for blacks with it

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