Azealia Banks Blasts ‘Slave-Master’ Azalea’s Troubleman Co-Signer!

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“Rap ain’t real. These n*ggas are all fronters.” -Azealia Banks

Not only is Tip beefin’ with a woman, he’s beefing with a Black woman — whose name he ripped-off for his Australian rapper/self-noted “Slave-Master” — ordering Azealia Banks to bounce from Atlanta!

The pair’s on-going beef dates back to when Azealia Banks blasted Tip’s great white hope, The New Classic-one, denouncing the Aussie’s place on XXL’s “Freshmen Class” list.”

Just yesterday, Banks set it off on T.I. — referencing his “No Mediocre” track featuring Iggy. Banks has since deleted the tweet, but here’s how it read: “You want no mediocre but… Have you seen your wife?” she tweeted to T.I.”

Here’s how Troubleman responded:

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And Banks blasted back…

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iggy-azalea-vs-azealia-banks xxl-breakouts


  1. Tip should have bit his tongue, or his fingers, on the diss tweet(although it was funny) and remained silent. He is winning, and when you are winning you should lay back and count your money.

  2. Azaelia Banks is a devil worshipper all seeing eye satan freak, but she got swag….u cant front on her b/c THEY DID rip off her name to give it to the white bitch who not even 3% as talented as Azealia…ask Jacky Jasper, yall saw that video of Iggy on dancing with the stars…”Something’s wrong with my ears”, u got that right snowflake….they stole the spotlight from Azealia & she pissed the f*ck off, I would be too if i sold my soul & gotta be hollywoods whore for some edomite hoe to not only STEAL YOUR NAME, but then to have these corny ass rappers give her the glory, over a TRULY talented black woman…Ooo well Azealia u signed ur name in blood & Satan lied to you, b/c he hates humanity & he hates ISREALITES even more…u got used, played, & abused,…. welcome to hollywood.

    • Until black men get over their inflated hyper masculine selves (aka egos) to humble himself and respect and honor his source of LIFE who is the black woman….Mr. Charlie will continue to keep his foot up his ass and use him to make him rich.

      • There was Adam before there was Eve so please get over yourself.Source of Life?How do women get pregnant and produce kids?Men,that’s how.I rest my case.

        • When has ‘Y’ EVER preceded ‘X’? You are confused with ‘krakka deceptions’ based on LIGHT ILLUSIONS. It’s time to go into your BLACK MIND, into the DARKNESS to see REALITY.

          The story of Adam and Eve is a LIE. Black nature does NOT produce LIES. Black NATURE is entirely SCIENTIFIC because it’s NUMBERS.

          What’s wrong? Why can’t you COUNT or tell TIME? Remove BLACK from your screen name. You lack INTELLIGENCE–which is BLACK in its TRUE NATURE.

          • Go and sit your retarded ass down somewhere.Adam in the Hebrew is the word Adoma which means ground.All nations at one point were dark skinned and came from Adam.Go a seat with the Gibberish you speak. The bible clearly tell you the male is the seed carrier.Call Me When Your Sober

            • I’ve studied the Hebrew and Torah…and study where those writings came from. The Adam and Eve story is an allegory not substantiated by Nature. Now go sit your ass down somewhere and learn something other than the western interpretations of ancient texts.

            • O
              12:52….your study of the Torah tells me everything I need to know about you, mainly that you are a LIAR. That said, I get why you people have problems with the whole origin of the species bit…I would too if I wasn’t fully human. But no one really cares about your cave man blood because no one except one of your own is going to breed with you.

            • @BlackAnastasia – It is YOU who writes RUBBISH. You are scientifically incompetent. Your anger and aggression is MOOT. Your IDIOT-kation and religious indoctrination has dumbed you significantly. You are NOT alone in this caper.

              I write fractals that can be AUTHENTICATED by NATURE FACTS. It challenges what you have been conditioned to BELIEVE because you do not know your culture. What I type is foreign to you–and others–because you are STILL trapped in ‘krakka illusions’. You have an IDENTITY CRISIS. It’s not your fault. However, RECOVERY is your responsibility.

              AfRAkan DNA emerged from the ETERNITY of NATURE. NATURE is energy and forces. Energy and forces are NUMERICAL PERMUTATIONS. This is what OPERATES the Universe. Every action, motion and movement indicates that a FORCE exists. Otherwise, you would NOT be a living, breathing organic entity.

              I assert and affirm that the SOUND HOAX called ‘GOD’ does not exist. AfRAkans, the ORIGINAL PEOPLE, on THIS planet, did NOT invent ‘GOD’. We were too civilized and intelligent–especially since ALL science codes reside in AfRAkan linga (SOUND DIALECTS).

              It is not healthy to remain ignorant.

              AfRAkan FACTS will prevail against IGNORANCE, LIES, DECEPTIONS and ILLUSIONS propagated by Western Pathology and Western Science.

            • Dooky you can calm down. Everyone knows when it comes to Africans, Black Anastasia, has no f*cks to give. It’s ok if you believe in nature and sound magic because we ate not the same group of people.

          • Bullshit. You krakkas need to Stfu. Always trying to debunk the bi me and superimpose your fake science o to everything just to justify your existence

            • @Anonymous – June 18th, 2014 at 14:10

              If your comment is directed to me, I can assure you that I am NOT Caucasian. I have INDIGENOUS AfRAkan DNA. I am AUTHENTIC BLACK. I have ZERO Type Blood—NOT the ANIMAL BLOOD TYPES –> A/B/AB. I am GENETICALLY and SPIRITUALLY linked to INDIGENOUS BLOOD ROOTS who are the AUTOCHTHONS on this planet. I am a proud DAUGHTER of AfRAka. I KNOW my ORIGINAL CULTURE is NUMBERS. It was specifically the BLACK WOMAN who IDENTIFIED numbers and ORIGINATED MA’AThematics.

              NATURE does not invent lies or religion. I question the INTELLIGENCE of any person who claims that the Y gene existed BEFORE the X gene. A brain that possesses such thinking has not had a REAL EDUCATION or exposure to REAL SCIENCE.

              I challenge THINKING. AfRAkan FACTS will prevail!

          • Cosign….radio host (white) today was talking about the math sequences in flowers,water, asteroids, etc.

            • @Cao – Whites can ‘talk’ about ‘math sequences’ in flowers, water and asteroids, but they STILL lack the WISDOM of UNDERSTANDING to align with nature facts. Otherwise, they would have NEVER theorized the “Higgs Boson GOD-particle”–another LIGHT ILLUSION.

          • @Stupid Dukes I’ve told your dumb ass several tines american blacks to cone from a faggot named Ham whom is the progenitor of those stinking hamites.We are from the seed of Shem so have a seat you stupid FCK.

            • @BlackAnastasia – You can continue saying that until you turn blue in the face. DNA provides FACTS. Every BLACK on the planet carries a GENETIC SIGNATURE that links him/her to one or more INDIGENOUS BLOODLINES.

              That fraudulent Hebrew nonsense doesn’t change this.

            • At Daisy , I really don’t get your point. Assuming all life Africa and there was a biblical or primordial Eve, all humans on the planet are related and can trace their lineage back to Africa if that’s where life began. Many many migrations out is how the world was populated. There are norweigians and Swedes with African hap groups…this doesn’t make them the same as Nigerians or Kenyans ..or does it to you? Why are you trying to claim American blacks?. We really are not your people just because we share a similar phenotype. Japanese and Chinese resresemble, no one suggests they are the same. So what’s your point?

          • @Dumb Dukes Genetic Signature?You do know that the word Signature means to Sign your Nature Right?Please tell me what the FCK does that have to do with science or people?Wow.You’re the Queen if Dumb.

        • The QUESTION you should be asking is HOW did we get here? GOD/SUPERMAN (Caucasian’s alter-ego) had absolutely NOTHING to do with OUR appearance on the 3rd planet from the SUN.

          You have the WRONG education.
          * * * * * *

          SOUND causes ACTION. Language is comprised of SOUND CODES whose DNA ROOTS are found in MAGNETIC WAVE-based AfRAkan linga (among INDIGENOUS BLOODLINES) that synchronizes with the FORCES that CAUSE space and time.

          Yet many are deceived through electrical particle-based SOUND FRAUDS–English, Arabic, Hebrew and Greek–for example.

          It is easy to see why there are neurological challenges among Blacks who speak a language that is NOT indigenous to their DNA. They BELIEVE in things that do NOT exist in space nor time. They are not sync’d with MAGNETIC NATURE where ALL facts reside.


            • @Anonymous – June 18th, 2014 at 14:21

              I do not recognize your intelligence. You are speaking from the perspective of CAUCASIAN PATHOLOGY. Your psyche is not fine-tuned with AfRAkan fRAktal LOGIC which is MA’AThematical and the PRECEDENT for INTELLIGENCE.

              Let’s see how you handle NON-DECEPTIONS…

              What eternal-governing FORCES are CAUSING this Sound [GOD] that CAUSES the Duty that calls a “MALE Supreme Being” [physical entity called ‘God’] into ACTION [energy]? In other words, where is GOD getting HIS energy and SOUND referencing?

            • Spiky, I don’t care what you recognize. Go back to listening to rocks and vibrations or whatever blows your wig back. We ate not the same religion, ans do not worship the same God. It’s cool. You will never catch me on some African weblog yattering about regurgitated in Christian science cus no one cares what you all believe in. So don’t worry about us either.

            • @Anonymous – June 18th, 2014 at 20:35

              You have POOR reading comprehension skills and impaired logic. Religion and SPIRITUALITY are unrelated. Black folks are innately spiritual and have WISDOM embedded in our DNA code that synchronizes with nature. Those who are products of genetic mutation have difficulty relating to NATURE. That is why THEY are more attuned to the material world and invented the SOUND HOAX ‘GOD’ and religion (through which they propagate CRIMINALITY). Nature does NOT invent CRIME.

              From a perspective of AfRAkan fRAktal logic, SPIRITUALITY is the SCIENCE OF THINKING (via CONCENTRATION) that engages COMMUNICATIONS (Astral-Neural-DNA). SPIRITUALITY expands INTELLIGENCE–by boosting THINKING EFFICIENCY–and empowers the individual to be SELF-GUIDED/DIRECTED. Christian Science?? What an oxymoron.

              Religion REQUIRES believers–not THINKERS. That’s why you couldn’t answer my question.

            • Will Smith calls himself and alchemist and he is a scientologist. So Stfu because you just made yourself look like an idiot.

          • You both are essentially saying the same thing….just from different and divergent perspectives. Scientology is a religious institution as is Christianity, Catholicism or Greek Orthodox. Religion was created as the masses expanded and became harder to control ( because at the end of the day our Nature is animalistic). As religion has subsided towards free thinking, the powers that be (same ones controlling religious AND financial institutions) went back to the ancient texts ( not the ones they display for people but the ones that were copied then burned) to implement a new mechanism for control which is what Daisy is referencing. Frequencies and vibrations affect people. That’s scientific fact but it’s also the reason Buddhist monks chant and speak “Om”. So to reiterate 14:21 as God spoke things into existence, as Gods children, we too must be mind-full of what wrote say, think, and do…as God’s children…made in His image.

            • @Cao – I disagree that ANONYMOUS and I are saying the same thing. I speak from PHYSICS–which is the fRAktal Geometry of FORCES. NATURE/Universe is AUTONOMOUS and traverses the ENTIRE Electrical (Particle VIBRATION)/Magnetic (Wave FREQUENCY) SPECTRUM. This is SCIENCE–NOT religion. Anonymous speaks from a REGURGITATION of 3rd party sources–not from his/her OWN internal UNDERSTANDING of the XX-genetic signature of NATURE. That is why he/she identifies with a MALE DEITY whose supposed to come back?? Where did he go? That male deity called ‘GOD’ does NOT equate to ETERNITY–which can not be created or destroyed. That male deity called ‘GOD’ does NOT have the qualities of omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, omni-magnificence, omni-directional or omni-undulating. PURE BLACK CARBON MAGNETIC ENERGY WAVES do.

              The NATURE of Black people is NOT ‘animalistic’. That is NOT our DNA code. By nature, we [BLACKS] are ‘animists’. Animism deals with MOVEMENT–ANIMATING FORCES!! I don’t have the patience to entertain foolish, unintelligent talk of GOD, religion and BUY-BULL. That is for CALCIFIED brains entertained by the philosophies of LIGHT. LIGHT is FRAUD. Active pineals engage the MIND in DARKNESS (via CONCENTRATION) to EXTRACT/EDUCE facts from the INTELLIGENCE [MAGNETIC FORCES] of Nature/Universe.

              AfRAkan FACTS will prevail…

          • Where in the Bible can I find the word African?You do know that the word African comes from a whiteman named Leonardo Sipious Africanos.So tell me,how could your black ass be of the lineage of a white man named africanos?Are you his cousin or niece?No,you’re a dummy”

        • Ok, the Adam and Eve story is not scientifically or medically possible and black people need to mature in understanding spirituality. The story is based on Sumerian texts and is an allegory for specific creation. It is medically and scientifically proven that a male has NEVER produced an organic being on its on. It has happened in humans and nature countless times in the female gender…it’s called Parthenogenesis. Man is formed as a living human within the womb of his mother. His very cells are kept alive throughout his life through the mitochondria DNA…which all humans EVER inherit from the Mother. After death the only DNA trace to identify a person after many years is the DNA from the mother. Man comes out of a vagina, all humans come to earth through the blood of the Mother. Men need to grow up and get over their insecurities and fears. The woman is first and the womb of life. So what…deal with it or ask the Creator why She/He made it so (Creator is androgynous).


            • Why do people always feel the need to respond in capitals with something that they don’t truly understand?

            • @ cao-caca….here are small caps for your small brain. Now Stfu, lame ass punctuation police.

            • Facts, science and nature isn’t slick talk…it’s called cognitive thought, research and reasoning…something most literal believers of scripture run from. Adam was created as much as Sponge Bob Square Pants…they’re allegories/fiction. Check out the series called ‘Slave Sermons’ and you’ll see why you’re stuck on fiction. Smh

            • Lol…I like how you are attacking Adam because you can’t explain way Eve , and every woman on the planets connection to her. You anti Christ trolls are very dedicated. It’s almost a shame your effort us totally wasted. You guys propaganda might be more effective if it wasn’t so transparent.

            • “Ok, the Adam and Eve story is not scientifically or medically possible and black people need to mature in understanding spirituality.” <<<–Bingo!! Thanks, Anonymous 13:31.

            • Ok, the Adam and Eve story is biblically , scientifically and medically possible….if you know God. Black people, if you are Israelites, know this. If you are African go on worshiping ancestors and listening to rocks vibrate or whatever

    • you sound like a white girl hater thats all lmao !! good bye number 1 2 and 3 have many seats

    • I think both those hoes weak and tired. The black one seems petty and a sociall media beefer and the white f*cking for wack track with an even wacker style. TI need to dead both these hoes career.

    • Well if black men stop doing stupid shit that warrant the police being called, this would be a moot point. Please stop blaming sista for your short comings as man.

      • Look that blk woman has been working with the devil since day sagainst that blk man … You taking this shit some kind of way I clearly can’t be talking all blk women … You know jack shit about my short comings

        • Let’s see, you brothers have done a great job in convincing black women to shut up and let you lead. But let’s see where all that shutting black women up as gotten you. Your leadership has resulted in not ONE economic sector you control after being here and working nearly 500 years, you control nothing in sports or music, you lead in divorce in this nation married to black or white women, 98% of you who do work have Mr. Charlie signing your checks, 7 out of 10 black babies are in fatherless homes, your sons are now wearing dresses, you lead in infecting women with STD’s, but you da man so we’ll obey and shut up to feed your ego. Here’s a hint…Nature has balance, the male and female species work TOGETHER to create. But I’m sure your sexism and mysogyny has this going over your head. Hyper masculinity is ugly…life is about BALANCE.

        • 13:51 you didn’t have to call him out like that [snickers]. The part about balance is what people need to know and implement in their lives. If not then the powers that be will stop their clock.

      • Yeah,its the blackmans fault when blackwomen Run to the child Support office also, right?Black women are nothing but snitches,white Jesus worshipping loud mouths and very few of them can say they’ve been with the same man for the past 10 years.They use the system to destroy black men and that’s a traitor if I’ve ever knew one.

        • Lol…snitches! You told child support I won’t take care kids…Wahhh wahhhh wahhhh…see that’s what you get for having all those “wives” hahahahahaaaa

    • Let’s see, you brothers have done a great job in convincing black women to shut up and let you lead. But let’s see where all that shutting black women up as gotten you. Your leadership has resulted in not ONE economic sector you control after being here and working nearly 500 years, you control nothing in sports or music, you lead in divorce in this nation married to black or white women, 98% of you who do work have Mr. Charlie signing your checks, 7 out of 10 black babies are in fatherless homes, your sons are now wearing dresses, you lead in infecting women with STD’s, but you da man so we’ll obey and shut up to feed your ego. Here’s a hint…Nature has balance, the male and female species work TOGETHER to create. But I’m sure your sexism and mysogyny has this going over your head. Hyper masculinity is ugly…life is about BALANCE.

      • Amos 7:17 accuses blackwomen of being harlots(whores)and the reason young blackmen and women are dying in the streets so who’s really to blame in the black community?

      • Damn there are a lot of freaky cult beliefs here on this blog. Very weird. Yall are as bad as the mormons with their magic underwear.

      • Damn, that was gangster! I was about to tell all these slow people getting off the subject, trying to impress each other with their knowledge of religion, to drink several bottles of bleach, until i ran across ur post, now thats bible, damn! I understand Tip being upset while his family is in
        turmoil, she has a point to be upset, however, looking and acting like 50 cent living off beef is kinda boring and played out, praying for them all, NOT! ! Rich peoples problems,

        • Lol, Cynthia. Do you often run about advocating suicide? How very Christian of you.

    • You need your head checked if you’re serious. LMMOTHAFUCKINAO!!!! You are coo-coo!

  3. Why does tiny always have to be the human shield. Dang! TI must look good to her if she has to come for wifey.

  4. ^^^^^^Tip’s nostril ain’t no joke!!!! I could park my car up in there. Damn!

        • I always got a gay vibe from TI, always.

          I am not gonna go in on all black men because my little naïve azz is just discovering that the black men with the White or Asian girls are DL bi or str8t DL gay. These f*ckin’ undercover homos are wreaking havoc and we just yellin’ at each other. They are in more places than you know and they are always gonna promote WHITE. They are what destroyed rap, they erased the beautiful sistas of all shades from the screen in the 1990s, they are pushing the gay agenda and the DREAM Act shit, they are pushing the negative images of black women, by being close to the power behind the camera and in front.

          I didn’t realize how many of these interracial marriages are with gay black men and the wife don’t know it.

          As for snitchin’, look, ain’t shit changed since the crack days so if I see some shit go down, I am gonna say some shit. You think I’m gonna adhere to some no snitchin’ shit when for years y’all been working frenemies with the cops and the jhews who want to gentrify the neighborhood and kick all the black folks out, FOH!

          We really don’t know our enemy and he is closer to us than you think.

  5. iggy azealia is just another white trash who’s copying a black women. she raps like a black women bytvh wishes she was black
    put the pasty bitch looks busted!! black men stop worshiping these black women wannabes

      • @Anonymous you again?? damn you must like this pasty looking white girl she’s old looking do’t you think??? oh of course you
        have little think for this white trash do’t you??? on the count you was dancing to her music with high heels on and corset with that
        wig you was wearing????

        remember you have big hips and you wear a girdle to hid it they call you BIG HIPS MARCUS!!

    • I tried to listen to this Australian broads Album and all I can say that trying to make it thru her entire album was strenuous and I failed.Home girl is hard on the ears and if she was a black woman from Australia she wouldn’t have gotten signed period!

      • she’s just a white trash who think she’s got talent!! rapping like black women come on really?????
        white women like to out do black women. is because white women are jealous which i do’t know why all i know is
        white women are put on a pedal stool and their still not happy?

        • White women shouldn’t dare think they’re Utopian above black women because the white woman is born to the Bronze Skinned Black woman named Rebekah.So,if they come from a blackwoman how the hell are they better than black women? That’s ridiculous.

          • @BA i agree with white women ain’t special sadly the society that will live in puts white people in a special category

  6. Tip is a sellout he needs to go crawl somewhere and just die and take that iggy bitch with you. This type of foolery is unacepptable from a grown man.

  7. I think tip misses prison. I hope that tweet threatening Azealia was a parole violation to send his little manorexic ass back to jail.

  8. Wow. So Tip really doesn’t like brown-skinned black women, huh? It’s ok. Everyone has their preference. Most ladies don’t like dudes under 5’9 who look like they weigh 130 lbs soaking wet.

    • Tip likes women period. If you were from ATL you’d know that he’s an equal opportunity man slut.

      • He likes to have sex. That doesn’t mean he likes women. If he liked and respected women, he wouldn’t knowingly infect his unsuspecting conquests with herpes.

        • *applauding* And yes, I live in the ATL. Brookhaven, a couple of miles from Buckhead.

  9. Azalea Banks is a zero she isn’t moving up in the ranks for some reason! She need to fix her joke of a rap “career” and stop beefing with people who have one..

    • iggy azeeliza sexed up the ranks like most dirty white girls do to be on top

      azealiza banks is doing it the old fashion way not sleeping around just to be famous

        • More like if you bought it, flaunt it. Black males will go to the ends of the earth for the white man’s garbage (Iggy, Jenna Shea, Elke the Stallion, etc.). At what point, as a man, do you hate yourself so much that you will risk your life and health over a piece of ass or several pieces of ass that have been passed around like a pile of powder cocaine backstage at a rock concert? The shit is sad.

    • Azaelia B was HUGE overseas but then signed with Lady Gagas managr. Nick Minaj was being pimped out at the same time and her style was similar to Banks. Her .PR people changed her style and gave her a very dark image. Ultimately she didn’t translate to this audience. TI…. Is just the black co signer as is Usher with Justin Bieber and Akon with Lady gaga. Basically white acts need a black person to co sign them so that they can make black music without upsetting the black community. Perfect example blurred lines by Robin Thicke it would have been more of an issue had Pharrell not produced that track.

      • Its already been validated that Akon had very little to do with GaGa’s success. Vincent Herbert is the man behind her success.

  10. America’s greatest export was founded in the Bronx, hip hop.
    Our homegrown genre has been co-opted and now black artists are obsolete.

  11. Black artists kept co-signing from pop artists and now black artists can not win an R&B or Hip Hop Grammy.

  12. Any blackman that stabs a blackwoman in the back to push a white chick to the masses is not worthy of membership in our race. We’ve tolerated these sellouts for a long time, it’s time to throw them to the sharks. Our greatest enemy is self-loathing men like Tip…Always Have Been! Iggy Azalea is a prime example of their dysfunction. Whitewomen seek to destroy any and all they touch, blackmen included. But, these pigeons have too much wax in tbeir ears to hear me…Tick Tock!!!

      • Loyalty Is Everything…When I Need You, Have My Back At All Times! Brothas need to open their eyes, blackwomen are the only human beings that truly love us…The Truth!

    • iggy is typcal white women is jealous of black women point blank period these white women wannabe like a black women
      so they take our men and act black just because their married to a black men

    • Tyrone…check out some if what Bobby Hemmit says about these characterz….essentially they are just that.

      • @Cao

        Good Lookin’ Out! Sadly, i know them oh’ so well. Used to run with these dudes back in high school. Back then, didn’t know any better…Live & Learn!

  13. Azealia Banks has some hits under her belt. Her songs Liquorice, 212, 1991, Luxury, are some classics. Azealia Banks gets over 4 million views and has a great following not just in the states but around the world.

  14. Iggy looks likes she stinks. Why would you put fix a flat in your ass? It cant feel right sitting down. Nick Young please run far from this chic. She’s just using the black man for notoriety.

  15. Why everytime I see & hear of this broad, she’s on Twitter arguing with someone with her mouth open? What is her day job again, or does she even have one?

    • She has the #1 record in the world. Why would she have another job? She’s been steady touring for 3 years now.

      #Grand Hustle

        • Yeah, and I have just as much contempt for that Gecko-looking broad Iggy. I know she’s T.I.’s last-ditch effort to keep Grand Hustle alive, especially since B.O.B. came and went, but the broad is nothing but another fraudulent female ‘rapper.’

      • Absolutely. That still doesn’t justify her arguing with and barking on EVERYONE she has a problem with on Twitter (Jim Jones, Lil’ Kim, a producer of hers, and now T.I. and his pet Gecko).

    • i agree. she needs to leak her album. she vowed to put it out if her record company did not release it by a certain date. later she chickened out. she has feuded with almost every singer in the hip hop world as well as rock. bitch needs to put her music where her hating mouth is.

  16. I just came here to say that all of this Twitter back and forth crap means nothing.
    The main thing is Iggy’s music sucks and Banks can’t get any project off the ground because of her lack of focus. She’s more concerned with beefing with TI and Iggy than she is putting out quality singles and albums. Now she’s bringing TI’s wife into it. Why? Tiny shouldn’t be in it at all.
    Jean Grae where you at baby?

    • I just listened to a few Banks’ songs on you tube and SHE SUCKS TOO!!!!
      I feel sorry for these kids today being force fed all this BS corporate rap (I just can’t call THIS stuff hip hop).

      • I know you didn’t just seriously direct your comments to black women? And here we got this coonin’ little f*cker who is out here pulling a becky from the sticks up the record charts and cheating on his wife (who is half white but apparently that is not good enough for him)?? But black women is the problem? GTFOH. These coonin as black men have ruined rap and the black race with their deep lust for white flesh.

        • Fuk TI some of y’all just catching on it’s his obligation to celebrate a white hoz over you sista … You just seeing this now ??

      • you are a dumb f*ck. she has songs out. what the f*ck have you done with your life other than slavishly coming on here and writing everyday?

  17. I quietly heart that nut and she reminds me of my favorite baby cousin who will say anything to anyone anywhere. Lol I taller than you in my heels. Tip loses points for this. Banks is ugly so what is Iggy?

    • Right?? I thought her responses were COMEDY!! She delivered her one lined jabs excellently. Lololololololololol.

  18. Unfortunately this is the culture of rap you have to beef with other artists to be relevant. I dont agree with it. If you have real talent there’s no need for this nonsense.

  19. Leave Tiny out of this. She’s done nothing to deserve this. TI needs to get it together that’s your wife. A. Banks you could have talked about his mistress Azalea but not his wife. Smh

  20. Tip needs to be smacked for putting this wack bitch on. Ole ugly ass wannabe Black pale ass ho

  21. why is the main concern for black people other black people and its never in a good way

  22. When is TI going to explain his presents on that Stand in Cincinnati to testify at that murder Trial.

  23. Let’s see, you brothers have done a great job in convincing black women to shut up and let you lead. But let’s see where all that shutting black women up as gotten you. Your leadership has resulted in not ONE economic sector you control after being here and working nearly 500 years, you control nothing in sports or music, you lead in divorce in this nation married to black or white women, 98% of you who do work have Mr. Charlie signing your checks, 7 out of 10 black babies are in fatherless homes, your sons are now wearing dresses, you lead in infecting women with STD’s, but you da man so we’ll obey and shut up to feed your ego. Here’s a hint…Nature has balance, the male and female species work TOGETHER to create. But I’m sure your sexism and mysogyny has this going over your head. Hyper masculinity is ugly…life is about BALANCE.

  24. Question: if white people were slaves do you think they would of survived??????!!!!!

  25. Shouldn’t they both be working on an album or at least a single?? Nobody cares what artists have to say beside in their work. Speak to us through your work, and leave gossip and social media to the basic untalented ppl of the world who have no life. All of celebs doing the social media has taken away from their bigger than life status. They look and sound better when they don’t speak on the next, or period most often.

  26. the devil is not real. poor banks should just shut the f*ck up and leak her LP already. all of us are writing..

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